William Burgan TURNER Jr.106638 was born in 1918 in Asheville, Buncombe, NC.106639 He died after April 1945 at the age of 27. Parents: William Burgan TURNER Sr.-98733 and Lillie Estelle THORNTON-98734.

Spouse: Mae Elizabeth (Mae) TEMPLE-41489. Mae Elizabeth (Mae) TEMPLE and William Burgan TURNER Jr. were married on 8 July 1939 in Petersburg City Co., VA.106639

William H. TURNER2726 was born in 1856.108570 He died in 1931 at the age of 75.108571

Spouse: Mary L. TEMPLE-56381. Mary L. TEMPLE and William H. TURNER were married on 15 May 1898 in Crawford Co., AR.2726,108570

William Jackson TURNER125626,125628 was born in 1824 in SC.82480 In June 1860 he was a farmer in Hamilton Co., TN.82480

Spouse: Charlotte TEMPLE-177058. Charlotte TEMPLE and William Jackson TURNER were married before 1845 in TN. Children were: Albert J. TURNER-177060, Mary J. TURNER-177061, William Perry TURNER-177062, Martha TURNER-177063, Elizabeth TURNER-177064, Charles TURNER-177065, Emma Rebecca TURNER-177066, Samuel R. TURNER-177067.

William P. TURNER was born on 11 September 1847 in Hamilton Co., IL.82482 He was a Farmer.82482 Parents: Williamson Jackson TURNER-129961 and Charlotte TEMPLE-129958.

William Perry TURNER was born on 11 September 1847 in GA.82480,125626 He died on 15 May 1929 at the age of 81 in Parkersburg, Richland, IL.125626 Parents: William Jackson TURNER-177059 and Charlotte TEMPLE-177058.

Williamson Jackson TURNER82483 was born in 1823 in SC.82482 Parents: TURNER-129963 and UNKNOWN-129964.

Spouse: Charlotte TEMPLE-129958. Charlotte TEMPLE and Williamson Jackson TURNER were married before 1847. Children were: William P. TURNER-129962, Mary Jane TURNER-150627.

Wilson TURNER72075 died.

Spouse: Susan TEABOUT-102511. Susan TEABOUT and Wilson TURNER were married. Children were: Ada TURNER-44727.

Zeborick TURNER125629 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sadie TEMPLE-152569. Sadie TEMPLE and Zeborick TURNER were married about 1855.

TURNEY died before 1900.7187

Spouse: Teresa -114737. Teresa and TURNEY were married before 1862. Children were: Marie E. TURNEY-54692.

Donna M. TURNEY (private).

Spouse: Lee A. TEMPLE-164175.

Marie E. TURNEY89193,125630 was born in July 1862 in OH.7187,125387 She lived in Chicago, Cook, IL in 1887.77332 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Chicago, Cook, IL.7187 Marie died. Her son Eugene's death records give her maiden name as Tenney, but the source often has problems with handwriting. In 1990, Marie and her second husband, Thomas Tobey, were enumerated with Thomas' mother-in-law, one Teresa Turney. Parents: TURNEY-114736 and Teresa -114737.

Spouse: Anson Stager (Anson) TEMPLE-47042. Marie E. TURNEY and Anson Stager (Anson) TEMPLE were married on 23 February 1884 in Cook Co., IL.77334 Children were: Marie L. TEMPLE-54693, Harry T. TEMPLE-114738, Eugene Anson TEMPLE-114731.

Spouse: Thomas TOBEY-114733. Marie E. TURNEY and Thomas TOBEY were married on 7 June 1898 in Chicago, Cook, IL.7187,125387,125388 License issued 6 Jun 1898, consummation requires proof.

Mary Ann TURNEY52271 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George Frederick MATHIOT-30355. Mary Ann TURNEY and George Frederick MATHIOT were married on 1 January 1840 in Greensburg, Westmoreland, PA.52271 Children were: Hannah Frances (Frances) MATHIOT-5597.

Bellarmino TURNIE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elvia Agnes (Elvie) COLE-21140. Elvia Agnes (Elvie) COLE and Bellarmino TURNIE were married on 18 March 1884.22477 Children were: Mary Lizzett (Maria) TURNIE-35501.

Mary Lizzett (Maria) TURNIE22477 was born in 1885 in VA.9816,9817,9818 Gave 1888 in 1920. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Richmond City, VA.9818 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Richmond City, VA.9816 Mary appeared in the census in April 1930 in Richmond City, VA.9817 She died. She was adopted. The source, Temple People, Volume II, was not clear about whether she was adopted as a Turnie, or as a Temple. By 1910, she had had 1 child who survived. She was the informant on her mother's death certificate, but she is out of place among the issue of Daniel H. Temple. Parents: Bellarmino TURNIE-21569 and Elvia Agnes (Elvie) COLE-21140. Parents: Daniel H. TEMPLE-21137 and Minnie M. MASON-41517.

Spouse: Sidney Earnest (Earnest) ATKINS-54028. Mary Lizzett (Maria) TURNIE and Sidney Earnest (Earnest) ATKINS were married in 1907 in VA.9817,9818 Children were: William E. (Willie) ATKINS-54029.

Donna TURNIPSEED50252 died.

Spouse: Wayne LONG-117955. Donna TURNIPSEED and Wayne LONG were married before December 1926. Children were: Corwin Wayne LONG-114856.

TURNLEY (private).

Spouse: Alice Faye TEMPLE-26751.

Doris Loranne TURNLEY (private).

Spouse: Van Cade MARSH-78218. Children were: Loranne MARSH-78217.

Laurette Petrizia TURNMYRE (private).

Spouse: James Albert TEMPLE-140775.

TURNSTALL (private).

Spouse: Maria TEMPLE-155125.

TURPIN (private).

Spouse: Peggy BEACH-164807.

Billie TURPIN (private). Parents: Billy Franklin TURPIN-81632 and Dorothy (Dot) TARVER-23407.

Spouse: STEIN-124138.

Billy Franklin TURPIN125631 died before 2014.

Spouse: Dorothy (Dot) TARVER-23407. Dorothy (Dot) TARVER and Billy Franklin TURPIN were married before 1954. Children were: Linda TURPIN-81633, Billie TURPIN-81634, Sandra TURPIN-81630, Wanda TURPIN-81636.

Dora L. TURPIN (private).125632

Spouse: Herbert O. (Buddy) TEMPLES-81300.

James TURPIN (private).

Spouse: Janine -75446. Children were: Richard TURPIN-75444.

Linda TURPIN (private). Parents: Billy Franklin TURPIN-81632 and Dorothy (Dot) TARVER-23407.

Spouse: MOLDER-124137.

Richard TURPIN (private). Parents: James TURPIN-75445 and Janine -75446.

Spouse: Melissa Kay (Missy) TEMPEL-75441.

Sandra TURPIN125633 was born on 25 August 1954 in Brookhaven, Lincoln, MS.125631 She died on 24 May 2014 at the age of 59 in Brookhaven, Lincoln, MS.125631 Buried in Riverwood Memorial Park, Brookhaven, MS. Parents: Billy Franklin TURPIN-81632 and Dorothy (Dot) TARVER-23407.

Spouse: Larry Gene TEMPLE-20583. Sandra TURPIN and Larry Gene TEMPLE were married before 2011.

Spouse: LAURICH-91766. Children were: James Scott (Scott) LAURICH-91767, Heidi LAURICH-91768.

Spring L. TURPIN (private).

Spouse: Danny T. TEMPLE-147884.

Wanda TURPIN (private). Parents: Billy Franklin TURPIN-81632 and Dorothy (Dot) TARVER-23407.

David Alexander TURRENTINE67336 was born in 1847 in TN.67338 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Bedford Co., TN.67338 He died. Surname given as Tunentine in 1910.

Spouse: Mary Frances (Mollie) SHEARIN-50009. Mary Frances (Mollie) SHEARIN and David Alexander TURRENTINE were married before 1881. Children were: Lucia Ellen (Lucy) TURRENTINE-41314.

Lucia Ellen (Lucy) TURRENTINE88592 was born on 20 February 1881 in Bedford Co., TN.22593,67335,67338,75247 Gave her age as 49 in 1930 but made the year 1885 in earlier censuses. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Bedford Co., TN.67338 She lived RFD 1 in Shelbyville, Bedford, TN in 1918.75249 Lucia appeared in the census in January 1920 in Bedford Co., TN.22593 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Bedford Co., TN.75247 She died on 25 January 1931 at the age of 49 in Shelbyville, Bedford, TN.67335,67337 Died at home of pellegra. Buried in Crowell's Chapel Cemetery, Bedford Co., TN. Her parents were both from TN. By 1910, she had had 2 children, 1 of whom survived. In his SSAN application, her son Emmett said her given name was Mary L. Parents: David Alexander TURRENTINE-50008 and Mary Frances (Mollie) SHEARIN-50009.

Spouse: Albert Frierson (Abb) TEMPLE-35356. Lucia Ellen (Lucy) TURRENTINE and Albert Frierson (Abb) TEMPLE were married on 13 September 1902 in Bedford Co., TN.67336,67338,75247,75253 License issed 13 Sep 1902, there was no minister's return. Children were: Virginia Steele TEMPLE-41315, William David (David) TEMPLE-41316, Albert Turrentine TEMPLE-41317, Mary Margaret TEMPLE-41318, Alice Anne (Alice) TEMPLE-41319, Emmett Smiley TEMPLE-45180.

Honorable Joel TURRILL lived in Oswego, Oswego, NY.84136

Spouse: Mary -50198. Mary and Honorable Joel TURRILL were married before 1840. Children were: Mary Hubbard (Mary) TURRILL-6024.

Mary Hubbard (Mary) TURRILL57347 was born in 1840 in Oswego, Oswego, NY.5204,93418,125634,125635 Her obituary gave her age at death as 77y7m22d, which translates to, give or take a day, 29 Apr 1839. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.5204 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Fresno Co., CA.93418 Mary died on 21 December 1916 at the age of 76 in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA.125635 Her parents were from VT (father) and NY (mother). By 1910, she had had 1 child, who survived. Parents: Honorable Joel TURRILL-34648 and Mary -50198.

Spouse: Reverend Daniel H. TEMPLE-5664. Mary Hubbard (Mary) TURRILL and Reverend Daniel H. TEMPLE were married on 8 October 1872 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.20830,57347,84136 Children were: Grace D. TEMPLE-48085.

Jack TURSO (private).19887

Spouse: Florence CARROLL-172606. Children were: Louis J. TURSO-172604.

Louis J. TURSO (private).19887 Parents: Jack TURSO-172605 and Florence CARROLL-172606.

Spouse: Whitney Brooke TEMPLE-139686.

Arthur David TUSSEY was born on 15 June 1890 in Davidson Co., NC.10540 He died on 25 November 1939 at the age of 49. Parents: David Lee TUSSEY-68490 and Amanda EVERHART-68491.

Spouse: Laney Day TEMPLE-25044. Laney Day TEMPLE and Arthur David TUSSEY were married on 20 January 1915 in Davidson Co., NC.10540 Children were: Lula May TUSSEY-68492, Lloyd Harold TUSSEY-68493, Clatie Edna TUSSEY-68494, Ruby TUSSEY-68495, David Arthur TUSSEY-68496, Clyde Holland TUSSEY-68497, Audrey Jean TUSSEY-68498.

Audrey Jean TUSSEY (private). Parents: Arthur David TUSSEY-25052 and Laney Day TEMPLE-25044.

Clatie Edna TUSSEY (private). Parents: Arthur David TUSSEY-25052 and Laney Day TEMPLE-25044.

Clyde Holland TUSSEY (private). Parents: Arthur David TUSSEY-25052 and Laney Day TEMPLE-25044.

David Arthur TUSSEY (private). Parents: Arthur David TUSSEY-25052 and Laney Day TEMPLE-25044.

David Lee TUSSEY (private).

Spouse: Amanda EVERHART-68491. Children were: Arthur David TUSSEY-25052.

Lloyd Harold TUSSEY (private). Parents: Arthur David TUSSEY-25052 and Laney Day TEMPLE-25044.

Lucy Jane TUSSEY (private).

Spouse: Henry Hamilton MICHAEL-29331. Children were: Ernest Edgar MICHAEL-25051.

Lula May TUSSEY (private). Parents: Arthur David TUSSEY-25052 and Laney Day TEMPLE-25044.

Ruby TUSSEY (private). Parents: Arthur David TUSSEY-25052 and Laney Day TEMPLE-25044.

Grace Pearle (Pearl) TUSSING66170,102912 was born on 18 September 1882 in Franklin Co., OH.51082,51083,66170,102911,125636,125637 Cemetery records give 1887. In April 1910 she was a cigar store sales lady in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.102910 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Canal Winchester, Franklin, OH.125636 Grace appeared in the census in April 1930 in Madison, Franklin, OH.102911 She lived in Canal Winchester, Franklin, OH in 1943.102913 She an applicant for a veteran's headstone for her husband on 20 July 1943 in Canal Winchester, Franklin, OH.102913 Grace died on 14 November 1946 at the age of 64 in Canal Winchester, Franklin, OH.66170,125637,125638 She died at home of undisclosed causes. Buried in Wesley Chapel, Knox Co., OH, according to Cemetery Records of Knox County, Ohio, but Find-A-Grave shows her headstone in Union Grove Cemetery, Canal Winchester, OH. Her obituary said she was to be buried in Union Grove Cemetery, so the Wesley Chapel burial is either a mistake, someone else, or a cenotaph. Her parents were both from OH. By 1910, she had had no children. Her first initial seems to be given as B in 1930 and her cemetery records, but there was not a doubt that she was the wife of Joseph W. Temple. The difference in her first given name, then, is unclear. Parents: Phillip C. TUSSING-50698 and Jo Anna LYTTLE-50699.

Spouse: Joseph William (Joe Willie) TEMPLE-50691. Grace Pearle (Pearl) TUSSING and Joseph William (Joe Willie) TEMPLE were married on 16 June 1906 in Hamilton Co., OH.102910,102911,102917

Phillip C. TUSSING was born in 1836 in Madison Co., OH.51082

Spouse: Jo Anna LYTTLE-50699. Jo Anna LYTTLE and Phillip C. TUSSING were married on 18 November 1879 in OH.51082 Children were: Grace Pearle (Pearl) TUSSING-50697.

Clara E. TUSTIN (private).

Spouse: Wilbur W. RUTHERFORD-90908. Children were: Ragena Lou (Jenny) RUTHERFORD-64827.

Barbara TUTHILL was born on 16 February 1904 in NJ.38695 She lived 5461 1/2 Fernwood Street in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1924.38695 She died. Parents: J. TUTHILL-95674 and Lucille HARRISON-95675.

Spouse: Dr. Charles Parker (Charles) TEMPLE Jr.-25983. Barbara TUTHILL and Dr. Charles Parker (Charles) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 24 November 1924 in La Puente, Los Angeles, CA.38695

J. TUTHILL (private).38695

Spouse: Lucille HARRISON-95675. Children were: Barbara TUTHILL-95673.