Randolph E. HAZELTON (private).41964

Spouse: Annette TEMPLE-146511.

Robert A. HAZELTON (private).41965

Spouse: Carrie F. TEMPLE-146585.

HAZELWOOD (private).

Spouse: Judith A. -154790.

Aletha HAZELWOOD41966 was born about 1913. Parents: Porter HAZELWOOD-102108 and Gertrude Lee (Gertie) TEMPLE-37818.

John Wyett HAZELWOOD35763 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Malissa F. GABBERT-102110. Malissa F. GABBERT and John Wyett HAZELWOOD were married before 1885. Children were: Porter HAZELWOOD-102108.

Porter HAZELWOOD35763 was born in 1885. He died in 1959 at the age of 74. Parents: John Wyett HAZELWOOD-102109 and Malissa F. GABBERT-102110.

Spouse: Gertrude Lee (Gertie) TEMPLE-37818. Gertrude Lee (Gertie) TEMPLE and Porter HAZELWOOD were married on 12 December 1912 in Stanberry, Gentry, MO.35763,41967 Children were: Aletha HAZELWOOD-124123.

HAZEN was born (date unknown). Her existence is circumstantial and remains to be proved.

Spouse: Eugene Percival TEMPLE III-37944. HAZEN and Eugene Percival TEMPLE III were married about 1955. Children were: Susan Louise TEMPLE-90963.

Cynthia HAZEN (private).

Spouse: Samuel H. FARNSWORTH-129933. Children were: George Parsons FARNSWORTH-129932.

Harold HAZEN8175 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Anna Ruth (Anna) TEMPLE-23138. Anna Ruth (Anna) TEMPLE and Harold HAZEN were married after January 1920.

Mary HAZEN41968 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Charles SCHIFFER-110244. Mary HAZEN and Charles SCHIFFER were married before 1918. Children were: Dorothy Catherine (Dorothy) SCHIFFER-37448.

Sarah HAZEN41969 was born in 1787. She died in 1858 at the age of 71.

Spouse: KNOWLES-88189. Children were: Almira KNOWLES-5268.

Genevieve E. HAZLE15797 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: BOVET-168306. Genevieve E. HAZLE and BOVET were married before 1931. Children were: Mary Ellen BOVET-159838.

Sarah Jane HAZLETT (private).

Spouse: Oscar Willis SHARP-25434. Children were: Roy Ellyson SHARP-18247.

Mary Green HAZZARD (private).

Spouse: Frederick F. PARKER-11842.

Myrtle Marie (Myrtle) HAZZARD was born on 11 August 1896.37003 She lived in Lawrence, Douglas, KS in November 1915.41970 She died on 11 March 1959 at the age of 62 in Lawrence, Douglas, KS.37003,41971 Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence, KS. With dates similar to Lela Alice Temple, also buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, there is a chance they are related. Her Find-A-Grave memorial incorrectly indicates Temple as her maiden name and her married name as Gifford, when in fact both surnames are married names.

Spouse: Donovan Gordon (Don) TEMPLE-47522. Myrtle Marie (Myrtle) HAZZARD and Donovan Gordon (Don) TEMPLE were married about November 1915.41970 They took out their license on or just before 27 Nov 1915. Children were: Donald Montreal (Donald) TEMPLE-67531, Charlotte Marie TEMPLE-123288, Charlene Betty (Melodie) TEMPLE-66509.

Spouse: Elzo T. GIFFORD-66508. Myrtle Marie (Myrtle) HAZZARD and Elzo T. GIFFORD were married after April 1930.

Edithanne HEAD41972 lived Maple Lane and Cedar Avenue in Chatwood Twp., Chester, PA in 1948.21468

Spouse: George Allison TEMPLE Jr.-87713. Edithanne HEAD and George Allison TEMPLE Jr. were married before 1948.

Eldon Thomas HEAD Jr. (private).

Spouse: Carol Ann TEMPLE-144623.

Elizabeth Gertrude HEAD was born on 15 December 1911 in Daviess Co., KY.4908,41795,41973 She lived in Daviess Co., KY before 1997.4908 She died on 3 February 1997 at the age of 85 in Lewisport, Hancock, KY.4908,41795,41973 Cemetery records indicate Owensboro, KY. Buried in Mater Dolorosa Cemetery, Owensboro, KY. Temple may not have been her maiden name. SSDI gave her middle initial as H. Parents: Henry Everett HEAD Sr.-81123 and Inez Gertrude HAYDEN-81124.

Spouse: Horace LaFoe (Sunny) TEMPLE-74284. Elizabeth Gertrude HEAD and Horace LaFoe (Sunny) TEMPLE were married on 27 August 1942 in Charleston, Charleston, SC.41974,41975

Emma Frances HEAD41976,41977 was born on 10 November 1898 in Saltilla, Hopkins, TX.41978,41979,41980,41981,41982 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Lamar Co., TX.41979 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Coffeyville, Montgomery, KS.41980 Emma appeared in the census in April 1940 in Coffeyville, Montgomery, KS.41981 She died on 2 June 1996 at the age of 97 in Coffeyville, Montgomery, KS.41983,41984 Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Coffeyville, Montgomery, KS. Her parents were from IN (father) and TX (mother) in 1920, but both from TX in 1930. Parents: William H. HEAD-102368 and Mary E. WOODARD-102369.

Spouse: John Daniel TEMPLE-26355. Emma Frances HEAD and John Daniel TEMPLE were married in 1917.41980 The date of his first marriage is based on John's claim of being 26 when he was first married - which put a marriage 10 years earlier than the one to Emma. Children were: Wesley William TEMPLE-41410, Ethel Mabel TEMPLE-41405, Hazel B. TEMPLE-42365, Floyd Olland TEMPLE-41404, Geraldine M. TEMPLE-42366, Wesley TEMPLE-42367.

George R. HEAD (private).

Spouse: Mary E. WAUGH-142305. Children were: Robert Thompson HEAD-142303.

George T. HEAD41985 was born in 1907 in NY.41986,41987 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Manhattan, New York, NY.41987 Parents: Robert Thompson HEAD-142303 and Jean TEMPLE-142302.

Henry Everett HEAD Sr.41795 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Inez Gertrude HAYDEN-81124. Inez Gertrude HAYDEN and Henry Everett HEAD Sr. were married before 1911. Children were: Elizabeth Gertrude HEAD-81122.

John HEAD was born in NC.41988 He died.

Spouse: Jane TAYLOR-107399. Jane TAYLOR and John HEAD were married before December 1859. Children were: Nancy Jane HEAD-47050.

Mark Dale HEAD (private).41989

Spouse: Susan Ruth TEMPLE-49819.

Nancy Jane HEAD35669 was born on 11 December 1859 in NC.31016,41988,41990,41991,41992 Gave IN in 1880. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Polk, Monroe, IN.31016 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Bloomington, Monroe, IN.41992 Nancy appeared in the census in April 1910 in Bloomington, Monroe, IN.41991 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Bloomington, Monroe, IN.41990 She lived 812 South Lincoln Street in Bloomington, Monroe, IN in 1940.41993 Nancy died on 4 May 1946 at the age of 86 in Richmond, Montgomery, IN.41988,41994,41995 Died of generalized cancer at the home of her daughter Ida. Buried in Mount Ebal Cemetery, Bloomington, IN. Her parents were both from NC in 1910, but both from VA in 1880, and VA (father) and NC (mother) in 1900. By 1900, she had had 5 children, 4 of whom survived, which remained true in 1910. Parents: John HEAD-107398 and Jane TAYLOR-107399.

Spouse: Milton Green TEMPLES-47049. Nancy Jane HEAD and Milton Green TEMPLES were married in 1878 in Monroe Co., IN.41990,41991,41992 Children were: John William TEMPLES-47046, Ida May TEMPLES-55924, Izella (Zella) TEMPLES-107368, Elza Green (Elzie) TEMPLES-47043.

Robert Thompson HEAD was born on 3 April 1870 in Leesburg, Loudoun, VA.41985,41986,41987,41996 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Washington, DC.41996 Enumerated living with his mother and sister, but without his wife. He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Manhattan, New York, NY.41987 Robert appeared in the census in January 1920 in Yonkers, Westchester, NY.41986 Parents: George R. HEAD-142304 and Mary E. WAUGH-142305.

Spouse: Jean TEMPLE-142302. Jean TEMPLE and Robert Thompson HEAD were married in 1906.41987 Children were: George T. HEAD-142306.

Spouse: Fannie Cooper HEISTAND-142307. Fannie Cooper HEISTAND and Robert Thompson HEAD were married in 1890 in Washington, DC.41985 Children were: Robert Thornton Cooper HEAD-142308.

Robert Thornton Cooper HEAD was born on 4 February 1892.41985 Parents: Robert Thompson HEAD-142303 and Fannie Cooper HEISTAND-142307.

Sally F. HEAD (private).695

Spouse: George W. TEMPLE-160637.

Susan HEAD (private).41997

Spouse: John P. TOMICH-147551.

William H. HEAD (private).

Spouse: Mary E. WOODARD-102369. Children were: Emma Frances HEAD-41403.

Bette Honorine (Bette) HEADLAND41998,41999,42000 was born (date unknown). Parents: Robert HEADLAND-128528 and UNKNOWN-128529.

Spouse: Lieutenant Robert Howard TEMPLE-105632. Bette Honorine (Bette) HEADLAND and Lieutenant Robert Howard TEMPLE were married on 31 October 1941 in Massillon, Stark, OH.1006,42000

Robert HEADLAND42000 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-128529. UNKNOWN and Robert HEADLAND were married before 1923. Children were: Bette Honorine (Bette) HEADLAND-105642.

Emaline HEADLEE10911 was born in Mt. Morris, Greene, PA.42001 She died.

Spouse: Jonah STEPHENS-75616. Emaline HEADLEE and Jonah STEPHENS were married before 1882. Children were: Rhoda Jane STEPHENS-45022.

Emma Catherine HEADLEE (private).

Spouse: George Garland LEMLEY Sr.-66060. Children were: George Garland LEMLEY Jr.-66059.

Furman HEADLEY (private).

Spouse: Mary B. TEMPLE-170723. Children were: William Walter TEMPLE-170721.

John HEADLEY was born in 1881.42002

Spouse: Rosetta TEMPLE-134955. Rosetta TEMPLE and John HEADLEY were married on 6 September 1905 in New Orleans, Orleans, LA.42002

Marjorie Cecil HEADLEY42003 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Edwin Allen TEMPLE-133286. Marjorie Cecil HEADLEY and Edwin Allen TEMPLE were married on 11 December 1913 in Vernon, North Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada.42003 Children were: Ralph Hedley TEMPLE-151075.

Mary E. HEADLEY was born on 22 March 1895 in VA.42004,42005 Gave 1894 in the census. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Washington, DC.42004 She lived in Washington, DC on 1 April 1935.42005 Mary appeared in the census in April 1940 in Washington, DC.42005 She died on 12 September 1975 at the age of 80.42006 Buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Suitland, MD. Her parents were both from VA. The 1900 census included three Marys Headley in VA born in 1893 or 1894, and one of thse was Mary L. Headley, daughter of Napolian B. and Anna F. Headley of Washington, VA, born Mar 1894.

Spouse: John E. TEMPLE-96858. Mary E. HEADLEY and John E. TEMPLE were married on 1 December 1923 in Washington, DC.42004,42007 Children were: Raymond O. TEMPLE-122627.

Frank S. HEADRICK6211 was born in 1872 in NE.6210 He lived in King Co., WA in 1909.6211 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Seattle, King, WA.6210

Spouse: Nellie -160725. Nellie and Frank S. HEADRICK were married on 12 May 1909 in Tacoma, Pierce, WA.6211

Megan M. HEADRICK (private).42008

Spouse: Ashton C. TEMPLE-180769.

Albert Henry HEADY42009 was born on 4 March 1933 in Macon Co., TN. He died on 29 April 1948 at the age of 15 in Red Boiling Springs, Macon, TN. Parents: Delmus HEADY-93286 and Mai TEMPLE-93285.

Delmus HEADY was born in 1912 in Clay Co., TN.42009,42010 He lived in Red Boiling Springs, Macon, TN in 1948.42009 Surname spelled Heaty in his marriage papers.

Spouse: Mai TEMPLE-93285. Mai TEMPLE and Delmus HEADY were married on 13 December 1930 in Macon Co., TN.42010 Children were: Albert Henry HEADY-93287, William HEADY-104635, Willard HEADY-93288.

Willard HEADY42011 was born on 1 March 1937 in Red Boiling Springs, Macon, TN. He died on 30 March 1938 at the age of 1 in Red Boiling Springs, Macon, TN. Parents: Delmus HEADY-93286 and Mai TEMPLE-93285.

William HEADY was born on 17 January 1935 in Red Boiling Springs, Macon, TN.42012 He died on 20 November 2002 at the age of 67.42012 Parents: Delmus HEADY-93286 and Mai TEMPLE-93285.

Joe B. HEAGIN42013 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Minnie L. POUNDS-171980. Minnie L. POUNDS and Joe B. HEAGIN were married before 1908. Children were: Mattie Mae HEAGIN-171978.

Mattie Mae HEAGIN was born on 2 August 1908 in Aiken Co., SC.42013 She died in April 1995 at the age of 86 in North Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC.33259 Parents: Joe B. HEAGIN-171979 and Minnie L. POUNDS-171980.

Spouse: MEDLIN-171981. Mattie Mae HEAGIN and MEDLIN were married before May 1953.

Spouse: TEMPLES-171977.

Loraine HEAL (private).

Spouse: Willis Fremont PARKER-27323.

HEALD3263 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Henrietta -51354. Henrietta and HEALD were married about 1852. Children were: John H. HEALD-51356.

Ann HEALD was born on 14 March 1791.38784 She died on 2 November 1859 at the age of 68.38784

Spouse: Jacob GREGG-56203. Ann HEALD and Jacob GREGG were married on 29 October 1816 in Noble Co., OH.38784

Dorothy HEALD11158 was born in 1704. Parents: Gershom HEALD-448 and Hannah PARLIN-441.

Spouse: Joseph BUTTERFIELD-10333. Dorothy HEALD and Joseph BUTTERFIELD were married on 14 May 1727.11158