Dr. David C. WATTS Sr.35797,99055 died before 2005. He held the title of Sr..

Spouse: Lovene TEMPLE-184454. Lovene TEMPLE and Dr. David C. WATTS Sr. were married in 1950 in Volusia Co., FL.112360 Children were: Carolyn WATTS-184461, Norma WATTS-184462, Johnice WATTS-184463, Annette WATTS-184464, David C. WATTS Jr.-184465, Benjamin WATTS-184466.

Dorothy Hearn WATTS was born about 1899.133526 Parents: Major William Harry (Harry) WATTS-31016 and Sophie DeWolf TEMPLE-31014.

Reverend E.E. WATTS89201 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-128291. UNKNOWN and Reverend E.E. WATTS were married before 1920. Children were: Reverend Ivan WATTS-94303.

Eliza A. WATTS (private).

Spouse: Taylor JAMISON-77470. Children were: William B. JAMISON-77468.

Elmer Rankin WATTS was born on 16 May 1928 in Chatham, Jackson, LA.81749 Parents: Joseph Roy WATTS-20012 and Amy E. TEMPLE-20004.

George WATTS (private).

Spouse: Mary -75206. Children were: Major William Harry (Harry) WATTS-31016.

Harry Temple WATTS was born on 20 January 1896.133526 Parents: Major William Harry (Harry) WATTS-31016 and Sophie DeWolf TEMPLE-31014.

Hattie L. WATTS9549 was born about 1870 in Franklin Twp., Lycoming, PA. She died in May 1892 at the age of 22. Parents: Amos P. WATTS-47843 and Anna E. -47844.

Spouse: Thomas Ellis (Thomas) TEMPLE-22853. Hattie L. WATTS and Thomas Ellis (Thomas) TEMPLE were married on 1 January 1888 in Franklin Twp., Lycoming, PA.9549 Children were: Ollie M. TEMPLE-22857, Harry Amos (Happy) TEMPLE-22859.

Reverend Ivan WATTS was born in Cheboygan, Cheboygan, MI.133520 Parents: Reverend E.E. WATTS-128290 and UNKNOWN-128291.

Spouse: Cora E. TEMPLE-94297. Cora E. TEMPLE and Reverend Ivan WATTS were married on 28 December 1936 in Frackville, Schuylkill, PA.89201 Children were: WATT-94304.

James Houston WATTS Jr. (private). Parents: James Houston WATTS Sr.-74438 and Mary Velma ARNOLD-74439.

Spouse: Leathea Ann TEMPLE-20392. Children were: Cullen WATTS-74440.

James Houston WATTS Sr. (private).

Spouse: Mary Velma ARNOLD-74439. Children were: James Houston WATTS Jr.-20397.

Jean T. WATTS was born in 1915 in Salem, Essex, MA.49354 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Salem, Essex, MA.49354 Parents: WATTS-40314 and Margaret May TEMPLE-18388.

Jerilene WATTS was born on 3 January 1924 in Sikes, Winn, LA.81749 Parents: Joseph Roy WATTS-20012 and Amy E. TEMPLE-20004.

John WATTS79292 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: TEMPLE-184236. TEMPLE and John WATTS were married before 1890. Children were: Manthis WATTS-184238.

Captain John H. WATTS (private).

Spouse: Zolella TEMPLE-21326. Children were: Octavia WATTS-22233, Zenobia Bell WATTS-22234.

John H. WATTS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Florence TEMPLE-166620. Florence TEMPLE and John H. WATTS were married on 17 December 1885 in Marion Co., IN.95581

John H. WATTS was born in 1847.82183

Spouse: Anna E. TEMPLE-141793. Anna E. TEMPLE and John H. WATTS were married on 1 September 1873 in Northampton Co., NC.82183

John W. WATTS was born in November 1856 in KY.4469 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Harrisonville, Shelby, KY.4469

Spouse: Lucy -55541. Lucy and John W. WATTS were married before 1878. Children were: Lura Bell (Lura) WATTS-55535.

Johnice WATTS (private). Parents: Dr. David C. WATTS Sr.-184457 and Lovene TEMPLE-184454.

Joseph WATTS (private).

Spouse: Ollie Irene WALSWORTH-24782. Children were: Joseph Roy WATTS-20012.

Joseph Roy WATTS2061,81749 was born on 30 June 1898 in Jonesboro, Jackson, LA.81749 Parents: Joseph WATTS-24783 and Ollie Irene WALSWORTH-24782.

Spouse: Amy E. TEMPLE-20004. Amy E. TEMPLE and Joseph Roy WATTS were married. Children were: Otha Roy WATTS-39454, Jerilene WATTS-39455, Elmer Rankin WATTS-39456.

Lura Bell (Lura) WATTS33335,71970 was born in October 1878 in Anderson Co., KY.4469,18554,56280,92650,112616,129650 She lived in Anderson Co., KY in 1899.129650 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Harrisonville, Shelby, KY.4469 Lura appeared in the census in May 1910 in Mt. Eden, Spencer, KY.112616 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Illini, Macon, IL.92650 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Shelbyville, Shelby, KY.56280 Lura appeared in the census in April 1940 in Mt. Eden, Spencer, KY.18554 She lived in Mt. Eden, Spencer, KY in 1945.129649 She died on 19 February 1962 at the age of 83 in Shelbyville, Shelby, KY.133527,133528 Died at home of undisclosed causes. Buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, KY. By 1910, she had had 3 children, all of whom survived. Her parents were both from KY. Also given as Laura, as in 1940, her marriage papers, and her obituary. Given as Lena as in her son Paul's marriage records. Parents: John W. WATTS-55540 and Lucy -55541.

Spouse: George William TEMPLE(S)-55531. Lura Bell (Lura) WATTS and George William TEMPLE(S) were married on 18 August 1899 in Lawrenceburg, Anderson, KY.4469,56280,92650,112616,129650 This was a first marriage for both. Children were: Christina TEMPLES-55532, Paul Watts (Paul) TEMPLE-55537, Lucy May (Lucy) TEMPLE-55533, William Thomas TEMPLE-55536, Edward Lee (Edward) TEMPLE-55538.

Maggie Ava (Ava) WATTS24571 was born on 22 March 1884 in AR.6187,24572,83306,83307,83308,104307 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Gum Wood Twp., Lonoke, AR.6187 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Barton, Phillips, AR.83306 In April 1930 Maggie was a farmer in Henton, Arkansas, AR.83307 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Henton, Arkansas, AR.83308 She lived in Humphrey, Arkansas, AR in October 1940.104637 Maggie died on 8 December 1967 at the age of 83 in Lonoke Co., AR.24572,104307 Buried in Frazier Cemetery. She has reference number RLT # (None).133529 Her parents were from GA (father) and TN (mother). Parents: William M. WATTS-57940 and Nannie A. -57941.

Spouse: James Isaac (James) TEMPLE-33027. Maggie Ava (Ava) WATTS and James Isaac (James) TEMPLE were married on 9 November 1904 in Scott, Pulaski, AR.8660,24571,104308 Children were: Orville Monroe (Orville) TEMPLE-33039, James Robert TEMPLE-33040, Kenneth Delbert TEMPLE-33041, Grace Mae (Gracie) TEMPLE-33042, Elsie I. TEMPLE-33043, Audrey Lucille TEMPLE-33044, Ollie Marie (Ollie) TEMPLE-33045.

Manthis WATTS was born before 1890.79292 Parents: John WATTS-184237 and TEMPLE-184236.

Mary (Polly) WATTS (private).

Spouse: Berry SEARCY-78032. Children were: Mildred (Milly) SEARCY-60702.

Mary Agnes WATTS was born about 1894.133526 Parents: Major William Harry (Harry) WATTS-31016 and Sophie DeWolf TEMPLE-31014.

Mary Anna WATTS (private).

Spouse: Henry Clay LOWRANCE-70088. Children were: Cecelia Ann (Celie) LOWRANCE-63198.

Mildred M. WATTS (private).

Spouse: James Kenneth MARTIN-119615. Children were: Opal Jean (Opal) MARTIN-119613.

Norma WATTS (private). Parents: Dr. David C. WATTS Sr.-184457 and Lovene TEMPLE-184454.

Octavia WATTS (private). Parents: Captain John H. WATTS-22232 and Zolella TEMPLE-21326.

Oliver Lee WATTS9549 was born on 16 November 1904.43391 He died in April 1976 at the age of 71 in Dundee, Yates, NY.43391

Spouse: Carrie Alice TEMPLE-22679. Carrie Alice TEMPLE and Oliver Lee WATTS were married on 2 March 1929.9549

Ollie James WATTS (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth Belle MAHURIN-69064. Children were: Shirley Ann WATTS-68159.

Otha Roy WATTS was born on 12 October 1918 in Sikes, Winn, LA.81749 Parents: Joseph Roy WATTS-20012 and Amy E. TEMPLE-20004.

Ralph Henry WATTS8686 was born on 23 March 1923 in Lycoming Co., PA. He died on 11 June 1983 at the age of 60 in PA. Parents: Charles Elias WATTS-23015 and Eva Elery TEMPLE-23012.

Sarah WATTS9393 was born on 10 August 1816 in NY.6468 She died on 30 May 1843 at the age of 26 in OH.6468 Buried in Dublin Cemetery, Dublin, OH.

Spouse: James TEMPLE-21637. Sarah WATTS and James TEMPLE were married about 1835. Children were: William (Ned) TEMPLE-21731, Mary Jane (Jane) TEMPLE-21732, Thomas TEMPLE-21733, John TEMPLE-21734.

Sarah Ann WATTS was born on 23 August 1870.28697

Spouse: Johnathan DENNEY-76824. Sarah Ann WATTS and Johnathan DENNEY were married. Children were: Gussie Lou DENNEY-76812.

Sarah Francis WATTS (private).

Spouse: Dennis O'CONNELL-98104. Children were: Walter Lee O'CONNELL-69017.

Shirley Ann WATTS (private). Parents: Ollie James WATTS-69063 and Elizabeth Belle MAHURIN-69064.

Spouse: Hubert TEMPLE-55545.

Sullivan WATTS114637 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary C. TEMPLE-182542. Mary C. TEMPLE and Sullivan WATTS were married about April 1922 in Sun, St. Tammany, LA. The place was wehre they resided when they took out their license and therefore requires proof that it was the place they married. They took out their license on or just before 8 Apr.

Major William Harry (Harry) WATTS133526 was born in 1860 in Islington, London, England, United Kingdom.123457,133530 Research by Penny Temple-Watts, <penny_tw@bigpond.com>, revealed a 1924 Statutory Declaration from William Harry Watts (her great grandfather), along with a copy of his 1914 Attestation Papers for the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force. In these documents, WH Watts states that he was born in Islington, London, Middlesex, England, not Islington, Canada. He moved in 1877 in Bermuda.133530 He moved in 1881 in Canada.133530 In 1893 William was a musician in Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada.123457 He died on 4 May 1938 at the age of 78 in Victoria, Capital Region, British Columbia, Canada.133530 In his wedding announcement, he was referred to as Professor, due to his being the organist at the Central Methodist Church in Moncton. Parents: George WATTS-75205 and Mary -75206.

Spouse: Sophie DeWolf TEMPLE-31014. Sophie DeWolf TEMPLE and Major William Harry (Harry) WATTS were married on 7 June 1897 in Bedford, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada.123457,123459,123460,123461 Some sources give only 1893 which may be a handwriting issue. However, that same source gave the place as Halifax, NS. Children were: Mary Agnes WATTS-31017, Harry Temple WATTS-31018, Dorothy Hearn WATTS-31019.

William M. WATTS was born in November 1855 in GA.6187 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Gum Wood Twp., Lonoke, AR.6187

Spouse: Nannie A. -57941. Nannie A. and William M. WATTS were married in 1879.6187 Children were: Maggie Ava (Ava) WATTS-33038.

Zenobia Bell WATTS16616,92172 was born on 1 December 1877 in Brunswick Co., VA.6344,82504,82505,94642,129375,133531 Gave NC in 1930. Gave her age as 28 in 1910. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Tillmans Twp., Brunswick, VA.82505 She lived in White Plains, Brunswick, VA in 1918.120573 Zenobia appeared in the census in January 1920 in Lillmans Twp., Brunswick, VA.82504 In April 1930 she was a farmer in Meherrin, Brunswick, VA.94642 In April 1940 she was a farmer in Meherrin, Brunswick, VA.6344 Zenobia lived in White Plains, Brunswick, VA in October 1940.107615 She died on 14 March 1967 at the age of 89 in Blackstone, Nottoway, VA.129375,133531 Died of dyhydration and shock with severe intractable gastroenteritis. Buried in Temple Family Cemetery, Brodnax, VA. Her parents were both from VA. Initials were Z.B. in 1910. By 1910, she had had 5 children, 4 of whom survived. Her death certificate confuses her maiden name, and makes it Temple. Parents: Captain John H. WATTS-22232 and Zolella TEMPLE-21326.

Spouse: Robert Early (Early) TEMPLE-22235. Zenobia Bell WATTS and Robert Early (Early) TEMPLE were married on 4 July 1898 in Brunswick Co., VA.82505,120576 They were first cousins, once removed. Children were: Annie Berllow TEMPLE-22247, Vernon Thomas (Thomas) TEMPLE-22248, Jesse Drury (Dewey) TEMPLE-45485, Ervin Robert (Ervin) TEMPLE-22249, Ruby Jewel TEMPLE-41467, John Malvin (Johnnie) TEMPLE-41468, TEMPLE-88104.

Mary Elizabeth WAUCHOPE (private).

Spouse: Harry Robert MELENDY-70963. Children were: Fred Austin MELENDY-70930.

Henry WAUGH (private).57440

Spouse: Christena MC LEARY-64587. Children were: Sarah WAUGH-64562.

Lottie WAUGH was born in 1941 in Cleveland, Rowan, NC.48705 She lived 1604 Prentis Avenue in Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA in 1960.48705 Parents: Ray Martin WAUGH-100916 and Ruby Josephine KARRIKER-100917.

Spouse: William Wade (Bill) TEMPLE Sr.-51457. Lottie WAUGH and William Wade (Bill) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 24 March 1956 in Dillon, Dillon, SC.128961 They128961 were divorced on 3 December 1958 in Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA.48705,128961 Absolute divorce granted to Lottie on the basis of desertion. They had separated 2 Sep 1957. Children were: William Wade TEMPLE Jr.-110825, Edward Allen TEMPLE-110826, Sandra Kay TEMPLE-110827.

Spouse: Mike Leroy KANASH-100918.

Mary E. WAUGH41985 was born in February 1838 in Washington, DC.41996 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Washington, DC.41996

Spouse: George R. HEAD-142304. Children were: Robert Thompson HEAD-142303.

Ray Martin WAUGH (private).

Spouse: Ruby Josephine KARRIKER-100917. Children were: Lottie WAUGH-100915.

Sarah WAUGH133532 was born on 9 October 1861 in Warwick, Lambton, Ontario, Canada.57440,102125,133533 Death records gave 1871, but when she married in 1885, she said she was 24, making the year 1861. She appeared in the census in 1911 in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada.102125 She died on 14 February 1927 at the age of 65 in Watford, Lambton, Ontario, Canada.57440,133533 Buried in Warwick Methodist Cemetery, Warwick, Lambton, ONT. Parents: Henry WAUGH-64586 and Christena MC LEARY-64587.

Spouse: Jacob TEMPLE-64561. Sarah WAUGH and Jacob TEMPLE were married on 23 December 1885 in Warwick, Lambton, Ontario, Canada.97555 Children were: Ida Everett TEMPLE-64563, Howard D. TEMPLE-98172, Lena May TEMPLE-64567.

Alice Frances (Tootie) WAWNER54195 was born on 23 February 1922 in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA.54194,54195 She lived 716 Kirkham Street in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA in July 1941.95275 She died on 20 June 2020 at the age of 98 in Colonial Heights, Colonial Heights, VA.54195 Buried in Southlawn Memorial Park, Prince George Co., VA. Parents: Frank Frederick WAWNER-98786 and Alice LUFSEY-98787.

Spouse: Everette Lee TEMPLE Sr.-41492. Alice Frances (Tootie) WAWNER and Everette Lee TEMPLE Sr. were married on 1 December 1939 in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA.54194 Children were: Everette Lee TEMPLE Jr.-99270, Woodrow Wilson TEMPLE Sr.-99354, Linda Kay (Linda) TEMPLE-99443.

Barbara Ann WAWNER was born on 23 November 1934 in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA.133534,133535 She died on 6 January 1994 at the age of 59.133535 Parents: Lloyd W. WAWNER-63344 and Doris L. TEMPLE-45529.