George Henry HASTINGS was born on 9 October 1812 in Waltham, Middlesex, MA.23,40874 Parents: Eliphelet HASTINGS Jr.-27741 and Dorothy (Dolly) TEMPLE-1122.

Harriet Maria HASTINGS was born on 6 October 1819 in Oakham, Worcester, MA.23 Parents: Joseph HASTINGS-20983 and Dorothy Andrews (Dolly) TEMPLE-20955.

Hollis HASTINGS7613 was born on 8 May 1807. Parents: Thomas HASTINGS-9620 and Nabby ABBOTT-9621.

Huney HASTINGS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dixon TEMPLES-178277. Huney HASTINGS and Dixon TEMPLES were married on 7 January 1818 in Pike Co., OH.41542

John HASTINGS17007 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lydia Ann BRIGHAM-2114. Lydia Ann BRIGHAM and John HASTINGS were married before 1835.

John Kittridge HASTINGS7613 was born on 17 March 1816. Parents: Thomas HASTINGS-9620 and Nabby ABBOTT-9621.

John Lieman HASTINGS41543 was born in 1882 in NY.41544 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Queens, Queens, NY.41544 He died. His parents were both from NY.

Spouse: Laura Ora (Laura) TEMPLE-23058. Laura Ora (Laura) TEMPLE and John Lieman HASTINGS were married about October 1905 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.41543,41544 This was his first and her second marriage. The report of their honeymoon in Long Branch, NJ, said they had married a few weeks previous, and the article was published 22 Nov 1905.

Joseph HASTINGS9331 was born on 10 August 1792 in Boylston, Worcester, MA.23,41538 He died in 1865 at the age of 73.23 Buried in Mt. View Cemetery, Shrewsbury, MA. He also had 3 children with Mary Wilder. Parents: Eliakim HASTINGS-23775 and Patience MORSE-23776.

Spouse: Dorothy Andrews (Dolly) TEMPLE-20955. Dorothy Andrews (Dolly) TEMPLE and Joseph HASTINGS were married on 17 April 1817 in Boylston, Worcester, MA.9331,41538 Hastings genealogy gave 16 April. Children were: Dolly Julia Ann HASTINGS-45237, Harriet Maria HASTINGS-46402, Joseph Emmery HASTINGS-46403, Alfred Hastings HASTINGS-46404, Marshall Hayden HASTINGS-46405, Lydia Temple HASTINGS-46406, Caroline HASTINGS-46407, Lydia Temple HASTINGS-46408.

Spouse: Mary WILDER-45238. Mary WILDER and Joseph HASTINGS were married in December 1835.41538

Joseph Emmery HASTINGS was born on 2 July 1822 in Oakham, Worcester, MA.23 Parents: Joseph HASTINGS-20983 and Dorothy Andrews (Dolly) TEMPLE-20955.

Josiah HASTINGS7613 was born on 25 July 1813. Parents: Thomas HASTINGS-9620 and Nabby ABBOTT-9621.

Lila HASTINGS (private). Parents: HASTINGS-36708 and Caroline A. (Carrie) MORGAN-2730.

Lucy HASTINGS (private).

Spouse: Jonathan TAYLOR-32186. Children were: Thankful TAYLOR-6756.

Lydia Temple HASTINGS was born on 12 August 1829 in Oakham, Worcester, MA.23 She died before 1834 at the age of 5. Parents: Joseph HASTINGS-20983 and Dorothy Andrews (Dolly) TEMPLE-20955.

Lydia Temple HASTINGS was born on 12 November 1834 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.23 Parents: Joseph HASTINGS-20983 and Dorothy Andrews (Dolly) TEMPLE-20955.

Marshall Hayden HASTINGS was born on 16 April 1827 in Oakham, Worcester, MA.23 Parents: Joseph HASTINGS-20983 and Dorothy Andrews (Dolly) TEMPLE-20955.

Mary A. HASTINGS (private).

Spouse: William BAIR-97160. Children were: Harold F. BAIR-97159.

Mary Frances (Frances) HASTINGS was born in 1926 in Pawhuska, Osage, OK.41540,41545 Parents: Edward L. HASTINGS-84983 and Essie Irene (Irene) TEMPLE-50163.

Otis Fisk HASTINGS7613 was born on 18 November 1818. Parents: Thomas HASTINGS-9620 and Nabby ABBOTT-9621.

Patsy Ruth HASTINGS was born on 17 August 1930 in Fernwood, Dallas, TX.7185,41546,41547 She died on 30 April 2004 at the age of 73 in Mesquite, Dallas, TX.7185,41546 Buried in Grove Hill Memorial Park, Dallas, Dallas, TX. Parents: Alexander Washington HASTINGS-65297 and Lillie Mae HAYES-65298.

Spouse: William Hubert (Bill) TEMPLE Sr.-45377. Patsy Ruth HASTINGS and William Hubert (Bill) TEMPLE Sr. were married in 1949.7185,41546 Children were: William Hubert (Billy) TEMPLE Jr.-65299, Barbara TEMPLE-65300, Linda Faye TEMPLE-65301, Glenda TEMPLE-65302.

Samuel Abbott HASTINGS7613 was born on 24 October 1803. Parents: Thomas HASTINGS-9620 and Nabby ABBOTT-9621.

Sarah HASTINGS31035,41548 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Samuel HOLLAND-16910. Sarah HASTINGS and Samuel HOLLAND were married on 9 May 1745 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.41549 Children were: Elizabeth HOLLAND-1065.

Tamar HASTINGS was born about 1789 in Boylston, Worcester, MA.

Spouse: Luke PARKER-12073. Tamar HASTINGS and Luke PARKER were married in 1811 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.8450 Intention filed 21 Jul 1811. Children were: Levi M. PARKER-16571.

Thomas HASTINGS7613 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nabby ABBOTT-9621. Nabby ABBOTT and Thomas HASTINGS were married on 3 April 1803.7613 Children were: Samuel Abbott HASTINGS-9622, Colonel William HASTINGS-9623, Hollis HASTINGS-9624, Thomas HASTINGS Jr.-7831, Eliphalet HASTINGS-9625, Josiah HASTINGS-9626, John Kittridge HASTINGS-9627, Otis Fisk HASTINGS-9628, Dexter HASTINGS-9629.

Thomas HASTINGS Jr.7613 was born on 18 April 1809 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.7613,41550 He died in 1886 at the age of 77.4544 Parents: Thomas HASTINGS-9620 and Nabby ABBOTT-9621.

Spouse: Eliza Ann PARKER-7830. Eliza Ann PARKER and Thomas HASTINGS Jr. were married on 12 November 1835 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.4544,41537 Children were: Courtland Evarts HASTINGS-9630, Frederick Ashburton HASTINGS-9631, Ella Webster HASTINGS-9632.

Washington HASTINGS17336 was born on 18 February 1810 in Boylston, Worcester, MA.23,41551 He died on 6 April 1863 at the age of 53 in Worcester, Worcester, MA.23,41551 Buried in Rural Cemetery, Worcester, MA. Parents: Eliakim HASTINGS-42921 and Patience MOORE-42922.

Spouse: Lydia TEMPLE-20956. Lydia TEMPLE and Washington HASTINGS were married on 3 May 1838 in Boylston, Worcester, MA.17336,41551

Colonel William HASTINGS7613 was born on 15 June 1805. Parents: Thomas HASTINGS-9620 and Nabby ABBOTT-9621.

Cheryl A. HASTY (private).

Spouse: Bennett A. TEMPEL-75333.

Don HASTY was born in 1895.6294 He lived in Ardmore, Carter, OK in 1931.6294

Spouse: Oda Jewell (Odie) -173171. Oda Jewell (Odie) and Don HASTY were married on 12 June 1931 in Ardmore, Carter, OK.6294

Homer R. HASTY (private).

Spouse: Sandra S. TEMPLE-148655.

Before 1935 Susanna HASWELL was an actress.41552 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:AKA]41552 Her stage name as an actress was Charlotte Temple.

Spouse: W. ROWSON-149912.

Arthur HATAWAY22304 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Veda CHILDRESS-179786. Veda CHILDRESS and Arthur HATAWAY were married before 1946. Children were: Shirlon Ann HATAWAY-163988.

Shirlon Ann HATAWAY was born on 6 February 1946 in Mc Lennan Co., TX.22304,41553 She died on 29 June 2020 at the age of 74 in Waco, Mc Lennan, TX.22304 Buried in Chapel Hill Memorial Park, Waco, TX. Parents: Arthur HATAWAY-179785 and Veda CHILDRESS-179786.

Spouse: GRANTHAM-179787. Children were: Dwayne GRANTHAM-179788, Sherry GRANTHAM-179789, Dorinda GRANTHAM-179790.

Spouse: Willie R. TEMPLE-163923.

HATCH23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Gloria Irene (Gloria) GROSS-3615. Gloria Irene (Gloria) GROSS and HATCH were married before November 1943.39122

HATCH (private).

Spouse: Beth TEMPLE-128243.

Belinda HATCH was born on 25 February 1790 in Alstead, Cheshire, NH.41554 Parents: Judah HATCH-29971 and Catherine BECKWITH-29972.

Spouse: Isaac Adams TEMPLE-25785. Belinda HATCH and Isaac Adams TEMPLE were married on 10 April 1814 in Randolph, Orange, VT.41554 Children were: Sarah E. TEMPLE-29973, Orange Henry (O.H.) TEMPLE Sr.-29974.

Spouse: Captain John TIFFANY-29970. Belinda HATCH and Captain John TIFFANY were married in 1828.41554

Carl HATCH41555 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-128512. UNKNOWN and Carl HATCH were married before 1923. Children were: John Russell HATCH-16607.

Carrie Estella HATCH was born on 20 July 1866 in Wells, York, ME.41556 In 1870, the Carrie S. Hatch in Wells, ME, was the daughter of Albert G. and Ella G. Hatch. Parents: Evart HATCH-129697 and Tryphene TEMPLE-129696.

Chester W. HATCH Sr. was born in 1888 in MA.1465 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Salisbury, Essex, MA.1465 He held the title of Sr..

Spouse: Clara E. -154283. Clara E. and Chester W. HATCH Sr. were married. Children were: Chester W. HATCH Jr.-137879.

Chester W. HATCH Jr. was born in 1912 in MA.1465 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Salisbury, Essex, MA.1465 He lived in Salisbury, Essex, MA in 1948.6051 Chester held the title of Jr.. Parents: Chester W. HATCH Sr.-154282 and Clara E. -154283.

Spouse: Laura TEMPLE-137878. Laura TEMPLE and Chester W. HATCH Jr. were married on 12 June 1948 in ME.6051

Elizabeth HATCH (private).

Spouse: Frank SPRAGGE-64283. Children were: Herbert Gordon SPRAGGE-64282.

Evart HATCH41556 was born (date unknown). In 1860, the only Evart Hatch was ae 63, and was probably the father of this Evart Hatch.

Spouse: Tryphene TEMPLE-129696. Tryphene TEMPLE and Evart HATCH were married before 1866 in Wells, York, ME.41556 Children were: Carrie Estella HATCH-129698.

Fannie A. HATCH (private).

Spouse: L.C. HARVEY-31028. Children were: Evelyn Cleo (Cleo) HARVEY-19951.

Francis T. HATCH (private).

Spouse: Ola M. BUFFUM-43841. Children were: Judith Rae HATCH-37945.

John HATCH (private).

Spouse: Cora L. MOORE-37355. Children were: Ralph W. HATCH-16600.

John Russell HATCH40560 was born in 1924 in ME.41557 He lived in Pittsfield, Somerset, ME in 1941.4396 He appeared in the census in April 1950 in Newport, Penobscot, ME.41557 Parents: Carl HATCH-128511 and UNKNOWN-128512.

Spouse: Barbara Frances (Barbara) TEMPLE-3584. Barbara Frances (Barbara) TEMPLE and John Russell HATCH were married on 9 August 1941 in Pittsfield, Somerset, ME.40560,41555 Children were: Larry G. HATCH-128575.

Judah HATCH (private).

Spouse: Catherine BECKWITH-29972. Children were: Belinda HATCH-29969.

Judith Rae HATCH (private).23 Parents: Francis T. HATCH-43840 and Ola M. BUFFUM-43841.

Spouse: Eugene Percival TEMPLE III-37944. Children were: William Reed TEMPLE-43842, John Anthony TEMPLE-43843.

Larry G. HATCH (private).41557 Parents: John Russell HATCH-16607 and Barbara Frances (Barbara) TEMPLE-3584.

Lucy J. HATCH23,41558 was born in 1847 in VT.41559 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Jacksonville, Windham, VT.41559 She was enumerated with her daughter Leola.

Spouse: Edward E. PUTNAM-31973. Lucy J. HATCH and Edward E. PUTNAM were married. Children were: Leola Irene (Leola) PUTNAM-6556.

Spouse: HOSKINS-50096. Lucy J. HATCH and HOSKINS were married before 1910. They were divorced before 1910.41560

Mary Ann (Mary) HATCH9516 was born in 1829 in England, United Kingdom.41561 She appeared in the census in November 1850 in Hancock Co., IL.41561 She died before 1860 at the age of 31. Some research indicates she and John never came to the Us and died in Kent, England. They were, however, in the US for the 1850 census and birth of three of their children.

Spouse: John TEMPLE-38487. Mary Ann (Mary) HATCH and John TEMPLE were married about 1845. Children were: John G. (John) TEMPLE-38486, William TEMPLE-52137, George Henry TEMPLE-60094.