Carry TEMPLE was born in 1890 in NY.80578 In April 1930 he was an actor in Detroit, Wayne, MI.80578 His parents were both from NY. Unmarried in 1930.

Carson Davis TEMPLE (private).26261 Parents: Kelvin Wayne TEMPLE-53743 and Hannah SEAL-88372.

Carson Kroman (Chuck) TEMPLE15588 was born on 16 November 1901 in Aiken, Aiken, SC.64613,67672,67673 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Gracemont Twp., Caddo, OK.64613 In April 1930 he was a tailor in Clovis, Curry, NM.67672 In February 1942 Carson was an owner and operator of Temple Cleaners in Clovis, Curry, NM.67673 Before 1956 he was an owner and operator of Temple Cleaners in Clovis, Curry, NM.15588,80579 He died on 18 June 1956 at the age of 54 in Clovis, Curry, NM.15588,50796 In Steed-Todd Mortuary Records Book 17, p. 256. Buried in Mission Garden of Memories Cemetery, Clovis, NM. Sometimes given as Charles. His parents were both from SC. Parents: Charles Luther (Charlie) TEMPLES-34392 and Montee RODGERS-53992.

Spouse: Ola A. SHIPLEY-53994. Ola A. SHIPLEY and Carson Kroman (Chuck) TEMPLE were married in 1924.67672

Carter TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Martha BLACKWELL-126603. Children were: Carter F.P. TEMPLE-125554, Mattie M. TEMPLE-126615.

Carter TEMPLE (private).80580

Carter TEMPLE died in July 1888 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.80581 Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-126164. Children were: Carter TEMPLE-126165.

Carter TEMPLE died on 17 August 1929 in Simpson Co., KY.65640 Possibly Carter F.P. Temple. Possibly Carter Temple in Indianapolis, IN, in 1870. Parents: Carter F.P. TEMPLE-125554 and Lucy PARIS-125555.

Carter TEMPLE died in 1929 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.80582 Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN. Parents: Carter TEMPLE-126163 and UNKNOWN-126164.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-126166. Children were: Carter F.P. TEMPLE-126167.

Carter F.P. TEMPLE died in April 1941 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.80583 Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN. Parents: Carter TEMPLE-126165 and UNKNOWN-126166.

Carter F.P. TEMPLE was born on 17 February 1879.59011 Parents: Carter TEMPLE-126602 and Martha BLACKWELL-126603.

Spouse: Lucy PARIS-125555. Lucy PARIS and Carter F.P. TEMPLE were married on 16 February 1911 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.17455,59011 Children were: Carter TEMPLE-125553.

Cartia TEMPLE died on 1 April 1932 in Stamford, Fairfield, CT.2367 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Cary TEMPLE74561 died before 2020. Parents: John Sterling TEMPLE Sr.-125741 and Zola Luetta JONES-125742.

Cary TEMPLE4443 was born in 1847 in Bloomington, McLean, IL.4447 He appeared in the census in June 1860 in Bloomington, McLean, IL.4447 Did not appear with this family in 1850. Parents: William H. TEMPLE-26982 and Mildred Elizabeth (Elizabeth) PARKE-26983.

Cary Alvin (Cary) TEMPLE was born in 1868 in OH.28749,28750,28751,28752,28755,30788,80584 He appeared in the census in June 1870 in Nile Twp., Scioto, OH.30788 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Washington, Scioto, OH.80584 In 1895 Cary was a farmer in Northwood, Worth, IA.28755 In June 1905 he was a farmer in Roseau Co., MN.28752 In April 1910 he was a farmer in Roseau Co., MN.28751 In January 1920 Cary was a farmer in Enstrom, Roseau, MN.28749 In April 1930 he was a farmer in Enstrom, Roseau, MN.28750 He died on 5 August 1936 at the age of 68 in Roseau Co., MN.80585 Buried in Malung Cemetery, Roseau Co., MN. Both his parents were from WV (father) and OH (mother), except in 1910 when he did not know his father's birthplace. Middle initial in 1910 was E. Parents: William Evans (William) TEMPLE-21893 and Elizabeth (Lizzie) BURT-21898.

Spouse: Sarah Jane DUNAWAY-48697. Sarah Jane DUNAWAY and Cary Alvin (Cary) TEMPLE were married on 17 December 1892 in Aurora, Hamilton, NE.28750,28751,28758 Children were: Enos TEMPLE-48691, Bessie May TEMPLE-60374, Ervan TEMPLE-48698, Dora Belle TEMPLE-48699, Mildred E. TEMPLE-48700, Julia Grace (Julia) TEMPLE-48701, Pansy TEMPLE-48702, Eugene Debbs (Eugene) TEMPLE-48694, James Jay TEMPLE-48703.

Cary Ann TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William MC CURLEY-131262. Cary Ann TEMPLE and William MC CURLEY were married on 16 June 1857 in Randolph Co., AR.2726

Cary Arthur (Cary) TEMPLE (private).17912,17913 Parents: Clair Arthur (Clair) TEMPLE-39635 and Betty Jean YOUNG-39645.

Spouse: Laverne D. -59884.

Cary Elizabeth TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Joseph Anthony PIERSON-175066.

Cary Grey TEMPLE (private).80586 Parents: Walter Guy TEMPLE-24815 and Kathleen Evelyn CONNER-24822.

Spouse: Maggie Roshelle GRAY-51571. Children were: Michael Cary TEMPLE-51572, Walter Shawn (Shawn) TEMPLE-51574.

Cary Paul TEMPLE (private).80587

Caryn Renee TEMPLE80588 was born on 1 February 1979 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM.80589,80590 She died on 24 June 1992 at the age of 13 in Aliceville, Coffey, KS.28548,80589,80591 She died of leukemia. Buried in Saint Johns Cemetery, Aliceville, KS. Parents: Phillip Gene TEMPLE-39530 and Catherine Elaine CROME-41937.

Casandra M. TEMPLE80592 was born on 27 June 1832 in Pratt's Hollow, Munnsville, Madison, NY.12638,61760 She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Stockbridge, Madison, NY.61760 She died on 10 May 1902 at the age of 69 in Mauston, Juneau, WI.12638,80593 Buried in Mauston Cemetery, Mauston, WI, Plot: Mauston E/1883 Addition - Outside Lt 6. Parents: William TEMPLE-1173 and Maria PRATT-1622.

Spouse: Frederick E. GRIMMER-17389. Casandra M. TEMPLE and Frederick E. GRIMMER were married on 2 December 1856 in Newport, Sauk, WI.36738,36740 Children were: Emma R. GRIMMER-36327, Frederick E. GRIMMER-36328, William A. GRIMMER-36329, Jessie Maria GRIMMER-36330.

Casenia Celia (Carrie) TEMPLE23489,80594 was born on 1 October 1870 in Jones Co., MS.6967,11885,23491,80594 Gave her age as 10 in the 1910 census, but that's clearly too young to have had a 10 year old son. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Jones Co., MS.23491 She appeared in the census in May 1910 in Jones Co., MS.6967 Casenia died. Given name also given as Cascelia, or given middle initial L. No death date on her marker in Sharon Cemetery, Sharon, MS. Parents: Lorenzo J. TEMPLE(S)-20736 and Mary Elizabeth COOPER-20744.

Spouse: SEALEY-101916.

Spouse: PULLIAM-101917.

Spouse: John D. KELLY-20765. Casenia Celia (Carrie) TEMPLE and John D. KELLY were married on 6 August 1892 in Jones Co., MS.46155 Children were: Dansey KELLY-39481, Bessy M. KELLY-39482, Bob KELLY-39483, Mae KELLY-39484.

Casey TEMPLE (private).80595 Parents: Lance Marion TEMPLE-61558 and Karen Arlene JACKSON-61559.

Casey TEMPLE (private).54018 Parents: Kerry McPhee TEMPLE-106074 and Peggy Jean PERRINE-106084.

Private Casey TEMPLE80596 was born on 12 June 1888 in Thomasville, Fulton, GA.80597,80598 He may hae been born in Thomasville, Thomas, GA. He served in the military between 1917 and 1919.25789,49487,80596,80599 Served as a private in Company A. 15th New York Infrantry from 3 Sep 1917 to 5 Feb 1919. He sailed aboard the Pocahontas from Hoboken on 12 Dec 1917. The 15th Infantry was later renamed the 369th Infantry, and was known as the Harlem Hellfighters. When he returned, he was assigned to the Bordeaux Casual Company # 15, and sailed aboard the Chicago. He was sent to Camp Merritt for processing. Camp Merritt was a US Army Training and Embarkation Camp for the port at Hoboken, NJ, both for incoming and outgoing soldiers. His service number was 103 103. Pension C 211 077. In 1942 he was an unemployed in Scranton, Lackawanna, PA.80598 Casey lived 440 Raymond Court in Scranton, Lackawanna, PA in 1942.80597 Gave Sloan Clopton as the person who would always know where he was. Sloan was no relative. Not clear if Casey had evr been married. He was ill with paralyzed left arm in 1942 in Scranton, Lackawanna, PA.80597 He unemployed in April 1942 in Scranton, Lackawanna, PA.80600 Casey lived 405 Penn Avenue in Scranton, Lackawanna, PA in 1946.35633 He died on 27 October 1946 at the age of 58 in Lackawanna Co., PA.25789,35633,49487 Died of an unspecified long illness at Scranton State Hospital. Buried in Moscow Cemetery, Moscow, PA. When he sailed for Europe, he gave Maude Baker as the person to notify, but listed her only as a friend. She was said to be in Cario, GA. On his return, he gave Lizzie Davis, his aunt, as the person to notify, and she was in Thomasville, GA.

Spouse: Bertha LEWIS-126291. Bertha LEWIS and Private Casey TEMPLE were married after 1919. Children were: Alfred W. TEMPLE-127933, Geraldine TEMPLE-127961.

Casey Alaine TEMPLE (private).80601 Parents: Dale Edward TEMPLE-158766 and Catherine Elaine GARDNER-158767.

Spouse: Jason Lee PHILLIPS-143772.

Casey Alan TEMPLE (private).78333 Parents: James Ray (J.T.) TEMPLE-53099 and Helen Jane MASSENGALE-54538.

Spouse: Crystal TYSON-108966.

Casey Earl TEMPLE (private).80602

Casey Helen TEMPLE was born on 12 July 1912 in MS.38558,41542 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Franklin Parish, LA.38558 He lived North Williams Street in Fort Stockton, Pecos, TX in 1953.80603 Casey died on 2 October 1953 at the age of 41 in Fort Stockton, Pecos, TX.41542,80603,80604 Died of heart failure. Buried in Harris Cemetery, Swampers, LA. Death certificate said he was being sent to Winnsboro Cemtery, Winnsboro, LA. Claimed his parents were both from MS in 1930. Enumerated in 1930 as a son, her middle name and TX death certificate indicate she was a daughter. Parents: Jesse Tee (Jesse) TEMPLE(S)-20807 and Bettie May MC MURRAY-75297.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-89706.

Casey M. TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Doris SHIVERS-180121. Doris SHIVERS and Casey M. TEMPLE were married on 26 June 1951 in Franklin Parish, LA.67711

Casey Robert TEMPLE (private).56212 Parents: Robert TEMPLE-120087 and Judy -120088.

Spouse: Tina Lynn BREMER-120086.

Casie D. TEMPLE (private).676

Spouse: Jeffrey S. KNOLL-158658.

Casper Alex TEMPLE80605 was born on 14 September 1888 in PA.25795,27496 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Rochester, Beaver, PA.27496 He died on 14 June 1901 at the age of 12 in Rochester, Beaver, PA.80606 Buried in Beaver Cemetery and Mausoleum, Beaver, PA. Died young. He seems to be the child referred to in the Temple Family Bible as Alex Jr., who died 11 Apr 1900. Parents: Robert Alex TEMPLE-3061 and Emma DIEHL-3081.

Casper Arthur TEMPLE was born in 1932 in Warren Co., PA.42668 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Penn Twp., Clearfield, PA.42668 Parents: Casper Arthur Raymond TEMPLE-47291 and Dorothy Alice (Dorothy) HUBLER-47308.

Spouse: Betty Lucille VORDERLANDWEHR-108118. Betty Lucille VORDERLANDWEHR and Casper Arthur TEMPLE were married on 9 August 1952 in Blaine Co., OK.80607

Casper Arthur Raymond TEMPLE was born on 4 December 1907 in Penn Twp., Clearfield, PA.42665,42668,67631,67632,80608,80609 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Sykesville, Jefferson, PA.67632 He appeared in the census in March 1920 in Quebec, Clearfield, PA.67631 In April 1930 Casper was a refinery bone burner in Mead Twp., Clarendon, Warren, PA.42665 In April 1940 he was a road improvement laborer in Penn Twp., Clearfield, PA.42668 In October 1940 he was an employee of B&B Construction Company in Dubois, Clearfield, PA.42669 Casper died on 3 March 1965 at the age of 57 in PA.80608,80610 Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Harmonsburg, PA. Parents: Austin Elzworth TEMPLE-47288 and Edna Myrtle SHIMP-47289.

Spouse: Dorothy Alice (Dorothy) HUBLER-47308. Dorothy Alice (Dorothy) HUBLER and Casper Arthur Raymond TEMPLE were married in 1929 in PA.42665 Children were: Edna Myrtle TEMPLE-92308, Casper Arthur TEMPLE-87694, Dorothy Annabelle TEMPLE-87695, Jesse H. TEMPLE-87696, Shirley J. TEMPLE-87697, Joan L. TEMPLE-87698.

Cassandra TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Keith W. GREEN-148069.

Cassandra (Cassie) TEMPLE was born on 6 November 1888 in Aurora, Lawrence, MO.5020,80611,80612,80613,80614,80615 Gave her age as 50 in 1940. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Turnback, Lawrence, MO.5020 Enumerated living with her grandparents, J.J. and Martha Lester. She lived in Kaufman, Kaufman, TX in 1918.80616 Cassandra appeared in the census in April 1930 in Rockwall Co., TX.80611 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Rockwall Co., TX.80613 She moved in 1954 in Arlington, Tarrant, TX.80614 Cassandra lived 1003 Belvedere Street in Arlington, Tarrant, TX in 1965.80614 She died on 15 March 1965 at the age of 76 in Arlington, Tarrant, TX.105,80612,80614 Died of myocardial infarction. Buried in Oakland Memorial Park, Terrell, TX. Her parents were from TN (father) and MO (mother). Parents: Barclay T. (Bart) TEMPLE-35351 and Martha J. LESTER-76409.

Spouse: Richard Henry (Dick) TEMPLE-35363. Cassandra (Cassie) TEMPLE and Richard Henry (Dick) TEMPLE were married on 17 October 1910 in Lamar Co., TX.80611 They were first cousins. Children were: Mary Anne TEMPLE-62143, Robert Bell TEMPLE-62144, Richard Henry TEMPLE Jr.-87842.

Cassandra Ann TEMPLE (private).79744 Parents: Duane Louis TEMPLE-158768 and Stephanie Ann MC CONNELL-158769.

Cassandra Faye TEMPLE (private).80617 Parents: Johnnie James TEMPLE-140708 and Alice Faye PLYMOUTH-140709.

Spouse: Ricardo T. CARRION-158496.

Cassandra L. TEMPLE (private).1282

Spouse: James W. WERMUTH-164412.

Cassandra Lorraine TEMPLE (private).38652 Parents: Robert David TEMPLE Sr.-79412 and Joyce Karleen MIXON-79421.

Spouse: Joe Robert NICHOLAS-79426.

Cassandra Lynn TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Kevin Duane SPIERLING-162756.

Cassandra Renee TEMPLE (private).80618

Cassandra Yvonne TEMPLE (private).59868 Parents: Harry Sawyer TEMPLE-109155 and Sandra PATZKE-109156.

Cassidy TEMPLE (private).55411 Parents: Robert TEMPLE Sr.-143494 and Angela Marie MODROVSKY-143495.

Cassidy Ann TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Michael Gary WILLIAMS-163513.

Cassidy Juanita TEMPLE (private).21256 Parents: UNKNOWN-102129 and Allison Rae TEMPLE-102090.

Cassidy Marie TEMPLE (private).73232 Parents: Wendy Georgeann TEMPLE-159142.

Cassie TEMPLE (private). Parents: Dale Roger (Dale) TEMPLE-50931 and Bonnie Angel ODENBACH-50932.

Cassie TEMPLE (private). Parents: Russell TEMPLE-102217 and Evelyn -124491.