Larry Everette TEMPLE (private). Parents: Lonnie Everette (Lonnie) TEMPLE-44735 and Geadelia WOLFE-72266.

In 1920 Larry F. TEMPLE was a clerk for the district engineers.103985 He a passenger from Honolulu to San Francisco in 1920.103985 He was on a USA Transport, the Great Northern, which departed Honolul for San Francisco 31 Oct 1920. He was apparently a civilian employee for the local Army district engineers. He a passenger from San Francisco to Honolulu in 1929.103986 He departed San Francisco aboard the Chateau Thierry, and arrived in Honolulu. In his 1920 transshipment papers, he was given only with initials L.M., indicating he might be the Lawrence M. Temple who was with the Engineers in WWI.

Larry F. TEMPLE9692,33501 was born in September 1929 in MO.33502,33505 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Jackson, Gentry, MO.33502 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Leavenworth, Leavenworth, KS.33505 Larry lived in San Antonio, Bexar, TX in 1995.33504 He lived in San Antonio, Bexar, TX in 2018.9691 Parents: Rolla Morgan (Rolla) TEMPLE-21939 and Mary Ruby (Ruby) FRY-25775.

Spouse: Ruthella ASHBY-110997. Ruthella ASHBY and Larry F. TEMPLE were married. Children were: Raymond William (Ray) TEMPLE-110993, Kathy Eileen (Kathy) TEMPLE-110994.

Larry G. TEMPLE (private).3750

Spouse: Judith H. -153554.

Larry G. TEMPLE (private).254

Spouse: Betty J. -139944.

Larry G. TEMPLE (private).536

Spouse: Anna E. -153634.

Larry Gene TEMPLE (private).28065 Parents: Bob Bentford TEMPLE-70819 and UNKNOWN-84227.

Larry Gene TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Karen Dawn LESHER-162743.

Larry Gene TEMPLE48563 was born on 22 November 1948 in Gloster, Amite, MS.84220 He lived in Walker, Livingston, LA in 1997.70519 He died on 3 February 2021 at the age of 72 in Brookhaven, Lincoln, MS.84220 The place requires proof. Buried in Mary Springs Cemetery, Busy Corner, MS. Allocation of his children to his different wives was confused by conflicting obituaries. Parents: Henry Elijah (Henry) TEMPLE-20574 and Edwina STERLING-20580.

Spouse: Patricia -71684. Children were: Veronica Lynn (Vickie) TEMPLE-71686, Barry TEMPLE-71687, Hansel TEMPLE-71688, Logan TEMPLE-71689.

Spouse: Iris -71690.

Spouse: Sandra TURPIN-81630. Sandra TURPIN and Larry Gene TEMPLE were married before 2011.

Larry Gene (Larry) TEMPLE was born on 29 March 1939 in Grundy Center, Grundy, IA.14161,68902,68904,103987,103988,103989 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Grundy Center, Grundy, IA.14161 He lived in Charles City, Floyd, IA in 1982.103988 Larry died on 10 April 1982 at the age of 43 in Olmsted Co., MN.68902,68904,103988 Buried in Sunnyside Memory Garden, Charles City, Floyd, IA. Parents: Frank TEMPLE-60608 and Gertie SMITH-60609.

Spouse: Dianna Lee JAEGER-60664. Children were: TEMPLE-60665.

Larry Glen TEMPLE (private). Parents: Frank TEMPLE-20364 and Linnie Bell FREEMAN-20429.

Spouse: Donnis WELLS-20432.

Larry James TEMPLE (private).36901 Parents: James Waldo (James) TEMPLE-52634 and Ruby Marie GUESSFORD-75796.

Spouse: Priscilla SERENCHA-75804. Children were: Scott Allen TEMPLE-75805, Shawna Marie TEMPLE-75806.

Larry Jerome TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Laraine A. WARD-175601.

Spouse: Earnestine Mary BELL-175198.

Larry Joe TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Jessica Marie BEYER-162745.

Larry Keith (Larry) TEMPLE was born on 16 April 1937 in Mitchell, Rice, KS.51999 The Rollins genealogy gives the date in 1939. He died on 5 October 1994 at the age of 57 in Geneseo, Rice, KS.18967 Buried in Lyons Municipal Cemetery, Lyons, KS. Parents: Marion Keith (Keith) TEMPLE-39200 and Margaret Rebecca CAIN-63324.

Spouse: Karen Jean ALLISON-69351. Children were: Joann Rebecca TEMPLE-79825, Keith Eugene TEMPLE-79826, Victoria Lynn TEMPLE-79827, Laura Ann TEMPLE-79828, Scott Aden TEMPLE-79829.

Larry Keith (Larry) TEMPLE (private).9884 Parents: Robert Thomas TEMPLE Sr.-40973 and Edith Esther KELLY-59963.

Spouse: Cheryl Lynn (Cheryl) WYMER-59979.

Larry L. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Tini L. -147765.

Larry L. TEMPLE was born on 8 March 1945.103990 He lived in AR in 1962.103990 He died on 16 March 2008 at the age of 63 in Cordova, Walker, AL.103990 Possibly related to Dorothy W. Temple, who died in Cordova, AL in 2009.

Larry Lee TEMPLE was born on 22 November 1947 in Norfolk City, VA.16348,103991 He died on 25 November 1947 at the age of 0 in Norfolk City, VA.4282,97871 Died of erythroblastosis fetalis and icterus gravis due to baby being Rh+ but mother Rh-. Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, 8100 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA. Parents: James Earle TEMPLE Sr.-27994 and Mary Elizabeth CORNETTE-28003.

Larry Lee TEMPLE (private).8853 Parents: Harold TEMPEL-45174 and Wilma Mae CARPENTER-45214.

Larry Mark TEMPLE (private).6513

Spouse: Linda Kay LUNDAHL-145305. Children were: Michael Wayne TEMPLE-145325, Christopher Adam TEMPLE-145348, Mark Lynn TEMPLE-145395.

Larry R. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Anne M. CHICHESTER-179479.

Larry R. TEMPLE103992 was born on 3 July 1935. He died on 6 November 1999 at the age of 64 in Bellevue, Jackson, IA. Buried in Saint Josephs Catholic Cemetery, Bellevue, IA.

Spouse: Pamela S. -155725.

Larry Ray TEMPLE was born on 24 March 1965 in Raleigh, Wake, NC.103993 He died on 15 October 2003 at the age of 38 in Albertson, Duplin, NC.103994

Larry Richard TEMPLE Jr. (private).69013 Parents: Larry Richard TEMPLE Sr.-20684 and Karen WEAVER-20689.

Spouse: Chelsey -119308.

Larry Richard TEMPLE Sr.15363 was born on 27 January 1949 in Magnolia, Pike, MS. He died on 21 February 2016 at the age of 67 in Magnolia, Pike, MS.69013,103995 Buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Magnolia, MS. Parents: Harvey Franklin TEMPLE-20673 and Louise Irene (Louise) BOYD-20678.

Spouse: Karen WEAVER-20689. Children were: Larry Richard TEMPLE Jr.-119307, Aaron TEMPLE-119309.

Larry Robert TEMPLE (private).32617 Parents: Robert Walter TEMPLE Sr.-61301 and Eldeen HARRISON-90477.

Spouse: Arlene Ruth FOSTER-103645.

Larry Russell TEMPLE (private).103996

Larry Samuel TEMPLE Jr. (private).3729 Parents: Larry Samuel TEMPLE-28675 and Joyce -63150.

Larry Samuel TEMPLE8504 was born on 17 September 1964 in Muncy, Lycoming, PA.3729,103997 He lived in Hughesville, Lycoming, PA in 2008.103997 He died on 14 March 2008 at the age of 43 in Williamsport, Lycoming, PA.3729,103997,103998 Buried in Twin Hills Memorial Park, Muncy, PA. Parents: Milerd Larue (Milerd) TEMPLE-23023 and Lottie Marie (Lottie) STACKHOUSE-23028.

Spouse: Joyce -63150. Children were: Amber N. TEMPLE-63151, Larry Samuel TEMPLE Jr.-63152.

Larry W. TEMPLE103999 was born on 20 March 1917. He died on 15 April 1947 at the age of 30 in Lycoming Co., PA. Buried in Lungerville Cemetery, Lycoming Co., PA.

Larry W. TEMPLE34893 was born on 22 April 1948 in Celina, Mercer, OH.5848 He lived in St. Mary's, Auglaize, OH in 2003.34893 He died on 17 September 2019 at the age of 71 in St. Mary's, Auglaize, OH.5848 Buried in Botkins Cemetery, Montezuma, OH. Parents: Guy Eugene (Guy) TEMPLE-42570 and Doris Irene HOUTS-42571.

Spouse: Mary -44631. Children were: Larry TEMPLE-119675, Terry Lee TEMPLE-119676, Sherry TEMPLE-119677, Doris TEMPLE-119678.

Spouse: Joyce (Joy) HILL-HUNT-119674.

Larry Wayne TEMPLE (private).58608 Parents: Earl Emmanuel TEMPLE-54366 and Betty M. OUSLEY-54368.

Spouse: Dorothy I. -76027.

Spouse: Donna -54371.

Larry Wayne TEMPLE was born on 13 January 1940 in Gary, Lake, IN.69371,69373 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Gary, Lake, IN.69373 He died before 2020 at the age of 80.79751 Parents: William Isaac TEMPLE-107074 and Thelma Agnes SMITH-107079.

Spouse: Betty -114977.

Larry Wayne TEMPLE (private).66394 Parents: Donald Leroy (Don) TEMPLE-125222 and Carolyn Ann SMITH-125226.

Spouse: Debora Jean DODSON-125225.

Larry Wayne TEMPLE (private).104000

Larry Wayne TEMPLE77958 was born on 17 July 1969 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE. He died on 16 October 2012 at the age of 43 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE.77958 Buried in Lincoln Memorial Park, Lincoln, NE. Parents: Charles Gary (Gary) TEMPLE-61678 and Linda WAY-84777.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-84785. Children were: Ashley Dawn TEMPLE-84786, Nicolas TEMPLE-84787, Jesse TEMPLE-84788.

Larry Wayne (Larry) TEMPLE (private). Parents: Alonzo Franklin (Lonnie/Leon) TEMPLE-57347 and Dorothy Irene DONAHUE-57348.

Larry Zane TEMPLE was born on 21 April 1941 in Richwood, Union, OH.58605,104001 The place was said to be "near Richwood." He died on 24 November 1950 at the age of 9 in Mt. Victory, Hardin, OH.58605,104001 Killed in a car-train accident (see his mother's obituary for the story.) Buried in Price Cemetery, Richwood, OH. Parents: Donald Lee (Don) TEMPLE-27057 and Bernice M. OTTOBER-27059.

LaRue TEMPLE12588 was born on 26 February 1908 in Norcatur, Decatur, KS.12588,12589,12590,12591,104002 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Lincoln Twp., Decatur, KS.12591 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Bethany, Lancaster, NE.12589 LaRue appeared in the census in April 1930 in Omaha, Douglas, NE.12590 She lived in Omaha, Douglas, NE in 1979.12596 She died on 25 January 2006 at the age of 97 in Whitesboro, Grayson, TX.104002,104003 Buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Omaha, Douglas, NE. Parents: William Leslie (Leslie) TEMPLE-3378 and Sarah Lucille (Sadie) BELL-25632.

Spouse: Edwin N. (Eddie) LEWIS-25661. LaRue TEMPLE and Edwin N. (Eddie) LEWIS were married on 28 September 1926 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE.12588,29664

Larue Franklin (Larue) TEMPLE9320 was born on 26 July 1918 in Millville, Columbia, PA.38905,85098 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Millville, Columbia, PA.85098 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Millville, Columbia, PA.38905 Larue died on 28 October 1932 at the age of 14 in Mahoning, Montour, PA.104004,104005 Died of tetanus. Buried in Salem Cemetery, Unityville, PA. Grave marker gives his name with german spelling. Parents: Doctor Thomas (Dock) TEMPLE-22956 and Della Mae (Della) WHITMOYER-22989.

Larue S. TEMPLE (private).104006

Spouse: Norma J. TURNER-146151.

Larura TEMPLE (private).104007

Lashae TEMPLE (private).30716 Parents: Cleat August TEMPLE-81419 and Barbara EVANS-81665.

Spouse: DUPRE-81675.

Lashonda Denitria TEMPLE was born on 14 October 1997 in New Orleans, Orleans, LA.3634 She died on 3 June 2020 at the age of 22 in New Orleans, Orleans, LA.3634 Buried in Holt Cemetery, New Orleans, LA. Parents: Louis ROACH-127846 and Kim TEMPLE-127847.

LaTanya TEMPLE (private). Parents: Reverend Hilliard TEMPLE-125867 and Mildred -125868.

Spouse: Warren CORPENING-125888.

Latanya Renae TEMPLE (private).104008

Laticia Renee TEMPLE was born on 23 December 1977. She died on 25 December 1977 at the age of 0 in Delray Beach, Palm Beach, FL.104009 Buried in Delray Beach Memorial Gardens, Delray Beach, FL.

LaTisha Christine TEMPLE (private).57452 Parents: Hiram Duane (Duane) TEMPLE-41023 and Betty Rae NICHOLS-97114.

Latoya Monique TEMPLE (private).17565 Parents: Gregory Tyrone TEMPLE-158901 and Wanda Renae WALKER-158902.