Edwin R. TEMPLE lived in Columbus, Franklin, OH in 1937.58928 At present, he is known only from his mention in his engagement newspware article.

Spouse: Roberta MILLS-182846. Roberta MILLS and Edwin R. TEMPLE were married on 11 June 1937 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.58928

Edwin R. TEMPLE was born in 1839 in MA.92929 In November 1850 he was a sailor on the Schooner Charles S. Williams in Stonington, New London, CT.92929 He has reference number RLT # (None).52322

Edwin Ray TEMPLE92930 was born on 19 June 1944 in Jackson, Paulding, OH.45259,92931,92932 He died on 3 September 2013 at the age of 69 in Paulding, Paulding, OH.30409,92931,92932 Buried in St. Paul Cemetery, Paulding, OH. He served in the military.30409 Served in the Air Force in Vietnam, dates and rank unknown. Identification of Edwin R. Temple as the Edwin who married Carol Elaine Thomas is based on location, name similarity, no other known Edwins in the area, but still requires proof. Parents: Raymond Andrew (Ray) TEMPEL-47071 and Avanelle Maple HOWELL-75724.

Spouse: Carol Elaine THOMAS-75720. Children were: Nathan Ray TEMPLE-75727, Matthew Allan TEMPLE-75728, James Edwin TEMPLE-75729.

Edwin Rollin (Edwin) TEMPLE was born in November 1850 in Temple, Rock, WI.8771,17933,26474,49989,49990,64673,64674,92933,92934 In his WWI draft registration, his son Floyd said the place was Old Union Town, WI. He appeared in the census in 1856 in Osage, Mitchell, IA.64674 He appeared in the census in June 1860 in Cedar, Mitchell, IA.92933 Edwin appeared in the census in July 1870 in Cedar, Mitchell, IA.64673 In 1892 he was a laborer in Walla Walla Co., WA.73296 Between 1897 and 1900 he was an engineer watchman and shop hand for the Northern Pacific Railway in WA.92935 He signed on starting 1 Jun 1897, and held this position until he was promoted on 1 Apr 1900. Between 1900 and 1920 Edwin was a pumper in WA.92935 He was promoted to pumper on 1 Apr 1900, and held that position through 7 Jun 1920 and beyond. By 1913, he was judged to be too old for promotion. In June 1900 he was a day laborer in Wallula, Walla Walla, WA.26474 Enumerated a few doors away from James and Caroline A. Temple. In April 1910 he was a railroad pumpman for the Northern Pacific Railway in Wallula, Walla Walla, WA.49990 Edwin moved in November 1912 in Lind, Adams, WA.92935 The railroad ws going to close the pumping station at Hunts Junction, WA, where he had been, so they were moving him to Lind. He lived in Cunningham, Adams, WA between 1913 and 1921.92934,92936 He was moved by the railroad to Cunningham in Jan 1913 due to a realignment of stations. In January 1920 he was a steam railway pumper in Cunningham, Adams, WA.49989 Edwin was ill in December 1921 in Cunningham, Adams, WA.92935 While shovelling coal from atop a frozen coal pile, he fell and severely injured his shoulders and hips. His employer, who said he was 74 years of age, estimated he would lose about 10 days of work. He was put in the hospital at Pasco, WA. In an undated letter, he released the railroad from any and all liability for damages as they evaluated his fitness for return to work. It is not clear if he ever returned to work. He died on 1 February 1922 at the age of 71 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA.9594,53716,58403,92937,92938 Died as a result of his accident in December. Buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Walla Walla, WA. Name given as Edwin R in 1910 and Edwin in 1856 and 1892, and in his marriage records, but occasionally as Edward. Parents: Albert TEMPLE-50210 and Susannah (Susan) PETERMAN-50211.

Spouse: Elizabeth Ellen Marie (Libby) MIDGELEY-50224. Elizabeth Ellen Marie (Libby) MIDGELEY and Edwin Rollin (Edwin) TEMPLE were married on 3 July 1875 in Dry Run, Mitchell, IA.7739,26474,49990,58405 Also recorded in WI, and a day later. Children were: Nellie Marie (Nellie) TEMPLE-56455, Lillian Ethel (Lillie) TEMPLE-50241, Goldie E. TEMPLE-56456, Milton Earl TEMPLE-56457, Violet Scott (Violet) TEMPLE-56462, Lola Marie (Lola) TEMPLE-50233, Floyd Edwin (Floyd) TEMPLE-50227.

Edwin Roswell TEMPLE67286 was born on 23 December 1839 in Oak Orchard, Orleans, NY.67286,67287,70249,92939 Gave his age as 39 in 1880. Some Temple Pedigrees cites two different birth places. He appeared in the census in August 1850 in Milford Twp., La Grange, IN.28083 In June 1860 he was a farm laborer in Lima Twp., Lagrange, IN.92940 Enumerated on the farm of Daniel and Malvina E. Cole, of no known relationship. In June 1870 Edwin was a farmer in Milford Twp., La Grange, IN.70249 Enumerated with his brother George. He moved before 1873 in La Grange, La Grange, IN.21092 In 1880 he was a Sheriff in La Grange, La Grange, IN.67286 In June 1880 Edwin was a farmer in Milford Twp., La Grange, IN.67287 He died on 15 February 1884 at the age of 44 in La Grange, La Grange, IN.21092,67286,92941 Some sources give the date as 29 Feb 1884. Buried in Lake View Cemetery, Kendallville, IN. He has reference number RLT # 774.4434 Served in Civil War, enlisting in Company A, 21st Regiment, Indiana Volunteers in Jun 1861. He served until Dec 1865. Parents: Luther TEMPLE-1484 and Sarah DE FOREST-2099.

Spouse: Mary A. REAM-3253. Mary A. REAM and Edwin Roswell TEMPLE were married on 6 February 1873 in La Grange, La Grange, IN.67286,67289 Children were: Philip Luther (Phil) TEMPLE-3254.

Edwin S. TEMPLE was born in 1831 in PA.92942,92943 In September 1850 he was a wagon maker in Paris Twp., Stark, OH.92943 He died on 3 April 1855 at the age of 24 in Salem, Columbiana, OH.92942 Hope Cemetery, Perry Twp., Salem, OH. Edwin has reference number RLT # (None).946 Buried near Ella Temple Callahan, 1854-1872. The relationship is unclear whether she was a daughter, or he married a Callahan, or she was named in honor of him (or some combination). Based on location, he might be related to Benjamin and Maria (Cunningham) Temple./

Edwin Thomas TEMPLE was born on 30 May 1930.92944,92945 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Union, Union, NJ.72175 He lived in NJ before 1951.92945 Edwin served in the military in 1962.70911,92944 Served as a specialist 4 in the Army. At the time of his sister Margaret's death in 1962, he was stationed in KY. He died on 20 September 1963 at the age of 33.92944,92945 Buried in Beverly National Cemetery, Section Y Site 2847. Parents: James Milton TEMPLE-48601 and Margaret E. SHERLOCK-83733.

Spouse: Marjorie A. MARNETT-83740. Marjorie A. MARNETT and Edwin Thomas TEMPLE were married in 1950.55202 They55202 were divorced after 1957.55202 Children were: Thomas Michael TEMPLE-83741, John Paul TEMPLE-83742, James Gustav TEMPLE-83743.

Edwin Thorp TEMPLE34904 was born on 14 June 1886 in La Salle, La Salle, IL.7838,34905,34906,34908,34909,92946,92947,92948,92949 Gave 1891 in 1920. In June 1900 he was a farm laborer in Dimmick, La Salle, IL.92948 In May 1910 he was a farm laborer in Westfield, Clark, IL.92947 Enumerated with his mother. Edwin served in the military between 1917 and 1919.34911,92950 Enlisted 26 Aug 1917. As a 2nd lieutenant in casual status, he departed for France aboard US Transport # 33 (which appears to have been the Pocahontas) leaving Hoboken on 14 Mar 1918. He became a captain in the Veterinary Field Unit, 79th Field Artillery, 7th Division. He was originally scheduled to depart Brest aboard the USS America on 4 Mar 1919 and arrive at Hoboken 13 Mar 1919, but he was transferred to the 9th Field Artillery Brigade on 6 Feb 1919. He apparently returned aboard the Imperator. Discharged 15 Jul 1919. In 1917 he was a veterinary surgeon in Tampico, Whiteside, IL.92949 In January 1920 he was a farm laborer in Westfield, Clark, IL.92946 In January 1920 Edwin was a veterinarian in Tampico, Whiteside, IL.34905 Apparently enumerated twice. In April 1930 he was a postmaster in Tampico, Whiteside, IL.34906 In April 1940 he was a veterinarian in Tampico, Whiteside, IL.34908 In 1942 Edwin was a veterinarian in Tampico, Whiteside, IL.34909 He died on 26 June 1953 at the age of 67 in Sterling, Whiteside, IL.34911,34912 Buried in Tampico Memorial Cemetery, Tampico, IL. His parents were from OH (father) and PA (mother) in 1920, but in 1930 his mother was from IL. Parents: John TEMPLE-52242 and Elizabeth (Lizzie) THORP-52243.

Spouse: Margaret Lucille (Margaret) FRANCE-52241. Margaret Lucille (Margaret) FRANCE and Edwin Thorp TEMPLE were married on 27 December 1915.34904,34906 Children were: Raymond Eddy TEMPLE-52251, Edythe TEMPLE-52254, Betty Ellen (Betty) TEMPLE-52255, Donald LaVerne (Don) TEMPLE-52256, Marilyn TEMPLE-77329.

Edwin Verne TEMPLE91129 was born on 16 January 1888 in Chicago, Cook, IL.9687,38520,38521,38522,54202,54204,54205,92951 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Cairo, Alexander, IL.54205 He moved in 1905 in Gregg Co., TX.54202 In April 1910 Edwin was a farmer in Gregg Co., TX.54204 In 1917 he was a farmer in Elderville, Gregg, TX.38521 He appeared in the census in 1920 in Longview, Gregg, TX.91129 In April 1930 Edwin was a farmer in Gregg Co., TX.38522 In April 1940 he was a farmer in Gregg Co., TX.38520 He lived Route # 3 in Longview, Gregg, TX in November 1944.92952 Edwin lived in Tyler, Smith, TX in 1989.92951 He died on 1 April 1989 at the age of 101 in Lakeport, Gregg, TX.109,9687,54202,92951 Buried in Peatown Cemetery, Lakeport, Gregg, TX. Gave his middle name as Verne in his WWI draft registration, but it appears in other places as Vernon. Parents: Edwin Fussell (Edwin) TEMPLE-23128 and Ida Ellen (Ida) LUKER-28425.

Spouse: Mary Ellen GRAYBILL-62329. Mary Ellen GRAYBILL and Edwin Verne TEMPLE were married on 24 December 1915 in Gregg Co., TX.38522,38523 Children were: Dora Louise (Jennie) TEMPLE-28428, Robert Le Roy TEMPLE Sr.-28429, Edward Rayburn (Edward) TEMPLE Sr.-28427, Margaret Loraine (Loraine) TEMPLE-45380, Vernon Maurice TEMPLE-45381.

Edwin Washington TEMPLE81460 was born on 25 November 1843 in Watertown, Middlesex, MA.23,10342 He died on 23 May 1848 at the age of 4 in Watertown, Middlesex, MA.685,10342 Parents: Isaac Francis B. TEMPLE-5904 and Harriet Augusta (Harriet) STOWE-6174.

Edwin Webster TEMPLE was educated Bellevue Hospital Medical College in 1884 in New York City, New York, NY.92953

Edwin Wright (Edwin) TEMPLE92954 was born on 14 September 1921 in Nettleton, Lee, MS.8017,63930,63931,92954,92955 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Lee Co., MS.63930 In April 1940 he was a farmer in Lee Co., MS.63931 Edwin served in the military between 1942 and 1945.92956 Dates approximate. Enlisted in the Reserves on 25 Nov 1942 at Columbus Army Air Field, MS, as a private int he Air Corps. Deferred until 1943. Service # 14150600. In November 1942 he was a general office clerk in Lee Co., MS.92956 He died on 5 May 1987 at the age of 65 in Tupelo, Lee, MS.8017,92955,92957 Buried in Lee Memorial Park, Verona, MS. Edwin was a manager for Borden's Ice Cream Company.8017 Parents: Eula David TEMPLE-18842 and Annie Pearl (Pearl) PATTERSON-18850.

Spouse: Zimmie Sue LANEY-46337. Zimmie Sue LANEY and Edwin Wright (Edwin) TEMPLE were married on 4 June 1950.8017 Children were: Edwin Marshall TEMPLE-46338.

Edwina TEMPLE (private).92958

Dr. Edwina R. TEMPLE (private). Parents: Edward Stanley (Ed) TEMPLE-183666 and Charlie B. LAW-183667.

Edyce Inez (Eddy) TEMPLE32452,46197,58378,58381 was born on 28 February 1915 in Amite Co., MS.52570,58379,92959 Mar 1915 results from age given in 1920. SSDI gave the date as 27 Feb. She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Pike Co., MS.58379 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Pike Co., MS.52570 Edyce lived in Woodville, Wilkinson, MS in 1957.58378 She died on 29 July 1979 at the age of 64 in Magnolia, Pike, MS.92959 Buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Magnolia, MS. Name also given as Ettice. Her father's obituary listed her as a son named Eddie. Her mother's obituary said her married name was Houston. Parents: Harvey Levi (Harvey) TEMPLE-20600 and Arcania Lucretia (Connie\Camie) MIDDLETON-19160.

Spouse: Thomas Leslie HUTSON-20675. Edyce Inez (Eddy) TEMPLE and Thomas Leslie HUTSON were married on 21 November 1934.16113 Children were: Cania Celeste HUTSON-62706, LaVonne H. HUTSON-62707, Thomas Leslie HUTSON II-62708, Terry H. HUTSON-62709, Brenda H. HUTSON-62710.

Edyth Alyce (Alice) TEMPLE47421 was born in 1902 in PA.68055,68058 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Polk, Venango, PA.68058 In January 1920 she was an employee, State Home for the Feeble-Minded in Polk, Venango, PA.92960 Enumerated twice. Edyth appeared in the census in January 1920 in Polk, Venango, PA.68055 She lived in Oil City, Venango, PA in May 1929.12914 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Oil City, Venango, PA.47422 Edyth died before 1968 at the age of 66 in PA. Not listed in her mother's obituary as a survivor. Parents: Lewis Elwood (Lew) TEMPLE-5548 and Margaret Ida (Ida\Nan) RICE-37648.

Spouse: Arvid Oscar (A.O.) JOHNSON-122669. Edyth Alyce (Alice) TEMPLE and Arvid Oscar (A.O.) JOHNSON were married about January 1925 in PA.47421 Children were: Barbara A. JOHNSON-128170.

Edythe TEMPLE was born on 9 September 1922 in Tampico, Whiteside, IL.34906,34908,76643,76644 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Tampico, Whiteside, IL.34906 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Tampico, Whiteside, IL.34908 Edythe appeared in the census in April 1950 in Shannon, Carroll, IL.76643 She lived in Shannon, Carroll, IL in 1969.34912 She died on 22 November 2011 at the age of 89.76644 Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Freeport, IL. Parents: Edwin Thorp TEMPLE-52240 and Margaret Lucille (Margaret) FRANCE-52241.

Spouse: Robert Paul SWINGLEY-77327. Edythe TEMPLE and Robert Paul SWINGLEY were married on 6 May 1945 in Dixon, Lee, IL.76642 The newspaper account of their marriage said the bride's father was Dr. George Temple of Prophetstown, which was almost certainly an error. Children were: Susan D. SWINGLEY-129069, Robert P. SWINGLEY-129070, David E. SWINGLEY-129071.

Edythe A. TEMPLE15750 was born in July 1876 in Bangor, Penobscot, ME.47043,47044 In June 1900 she was a telegraph office clerk in Bangor, Penobscot, ME.47044 She lived in Bangor, Penobscot, ME in 1908.4396 Edythe appeared in the census in April 1910 in Bangor, Penobscot, ME.47043 She died before 1949 at the age of 73.86610 By 1910, she had had no children. Parents: Joseph Frank (Frank) TEMPLE-13512 and Laura Evelyn JELLISON-13770.

Spouse: Edwin G. JOHNSON-13775. Edythe A. TEMPLE and Edwin G. JOHNSON were married on 17 June 1908 in Bangor, Penobscot, ME.4396,47043 Children were: Thelma Celestia JOHNSON-104319.

Edythe Belle TEMPLE26312 was born on 7 April 1924 in Boyds Creek, Sevier, TN.13367,61805,92961 Her mother said she was 28 in 1940, which is quite wrong. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Sevier Co., TN.13367 She lived in Seymour, Sevier, TN in 1938.80523 Edythe appeared in the census in April 1940 in Sevier Co., TN.61805 She died on 26 September 2007 at the age of 83 in Sevierville, Sevier, TN.92962,92963 Buried in Atchley Seymour Memory Gardens, Seymour, TN. Parents: Albert Jordan (Albert) TEMPLE-33690 and Jennie Maude (Maude) NORTON-33691.

Spouse: Charles Harold ATCHLEY Sr.-33697. Edythe Belle TEMPLE and Charles Harold ATCHLEY Sr. were married on 7 April 1944 in Seymour, Sevier, TN.10065 Children were: Charles Harold ATCHLEY Jr.-79857, Patricia Ann ATCHLEY-79859, James Albert ATCHLEY-79860, Thomas George ATCHLEY-79861, David Joseph ATCHLEY-79862, Jamie Lee ATCHLEY-79858.

Edythe I. TEMPLE81045,92964 was born in 1902 in MI.36476,36478,92965 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Ridgeway, Lenawee, MI.36478 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.36476 In April 1940 Edythe was a department store salesgirl in Detroit, Wayne, MI.92965 She died. Seemed to be Helen B. in 1920. Also given as Edith. Given as Laura Edith in her father's obituary. Parents: Herbert H. TEMPLE-515 and Martha F. (Mattie) GAY-640.

Spouse: L.C. LANDON-96477. Edythe I. TEMPLE and L.C. LANDON were married about April 1940.28727

Spouse: William R. DENNIS-96478. Edythe I. TEMPLE and William R. DENNIS were married on 16 July 1949 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.28727

Edythe Jane (Edythe) TEMPLE45649 was born on 2 November 1904 in Guernsey Co., OH.10095,31862,36932,36934 Gave 1906 in 1910 and 1908 in 1920. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Wheeling, Guernsey, OH.36934 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Wheeling, Guernsey, OH.36932 Edythe lived 1471 Lover's Lane in Akron, Summit, OH in 1925.71463 She lived 1747 Seventeenth Street in Cuyahoga Falls, Summit, OH on 1 August 1933.92966 She lived 209 North Church Street in Tucson, Pima, AZ on 7 December 1934.92966 Edythe lived in Akron, Summit, OH in 1936.36937 She lived in Akron, Summit, OH in 1967.55908,92967 She ordered a Veteran's Headstone for her brother John's grave. She died in Cuyahoga Falls, Summit, OH.10095 Parents: LaFayette TEMPLE-31589 and Ella Mariah (Ella) GIBSON-31590.

Spouse: John Ivan SECREST-66820. Edythe Jane (Edythe) TEMPLE and John Ivan SECREST were married on 18 November 1925 in Summit Co., OH.71463

Spouse: Robert HUGHES-90827. Edythe Jane (Edythe) TEMPLE and Robert HUGHES were married on 3 December 1969 in Akron, Summit, OH.45649 This was a second marriage for both.

Edythe Jean TEMPLE was born in February 1929 in PA.12827,12829 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.12827 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.12829 Edythe lived in Berwyn, Chester, PA in 2009.45088 Parents: Amor Eaton (Amor) TEMPLE-49936 and Ada R. BEEBEE-49940.

Spouse: Howard Russell HOUSWORTH III-70851. Edythe Jean TEMPLE and Howard Russell HOUSWORTH III were married on 11 August 1951 in Germantown, Philadelphia, PA.45089

Edythe K. (Edith) TEMPLE7838 was born on 29 May 1892 in Buffalo, Erie, NY.7838,38075,38076,38077 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Weehawken Twp., Hudson, NJ.38075 She appeared in the census in June 1915 in Weehawken Twp., Hudson, NJ.38077 Edythe appeared in the census in April 1940 in Oneonta, Otsego, NY.38076 She died. Parents: Henry E. (Harry) TEMPLE-35809 and Adelaide D. GOULD-51944.

Spouse: Charles S. ROBINSON-87402. Edythe K. (Edith) TEMPLE and Charles S. ROBINSON were married in August 1919 in Manhattan, New York, NY.68888 They took out license 21858 on 30 Jul 1919, which may be the date of marriage. Children were: Gene C. ROBINSON-87403.

Edythe L. TEMPLE died on 21 March 1924 in Franklin Co., OH.843

Edythe Lowber (Edith) TEMPLE9522 was born on 18 March 1895 in Palmyra, Burlington, NJ.9523,9524,29284,29285 Gave her age as 23 in 1920. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Palmyra, Burlington, NJ.29284 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.29285 Edythe appeared in the census in January 1920 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.9523 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.9524 She lived 48 West Ashmead Street in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA in 1932.15218 She was the informant on her mother's death certificate. Edythe died on 27 January 1989 at the age of 93 in Williamsport, Lycoming, PA. Died in Sycamore Manor. Buried in Muncy Cemetery, Muncy, Lycoming, PA. Parents: Robert Lowber (Robert) TEMPLE-47326 and Mary Ella (Ella) DISMANT-47338.

Spouse: Charles Scott (Charles) APP-47328. Edythe Lowber (Edith) TEMPLE and Charles Scott (Charles) APP were married on 24 October 1917 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.9523,9524,9525 Children were: Donald APP-69740.

Edythe Nell (E.T.) TEMPLE was born on 13 September 1945 in Winnsboro, Franklin, LA.71311 She lived in Farmerville, Union, LA in 2015.16306 She died on 1 August 2018 at the age of 72 in Farmerville, Union, LA.71311 Parents: Odis Eugene (Otis) TEMPLE-45922 and Willie Mae (Willie) SCOTT-91607.

Spouse: Marvin STEWART-100767. Edythe Nell (E.T.) TEMPLE and Marvin STEWART were married. Children were: Roy STEWART-115230, Lynn STEWART-115231, Darrell STEWART-115232.

Effie TEMPLE9549 was born in 1867 in PA. Parents: Charles S. TEMPLE-22753 and Mary Elizabeth (Mary) SMITH-22754.

Effie TEMPLE was born on 25 December 1868 in Edwardsville, Madison, IL.15955,70351,92968 Cemetery records gave her place of birth as St. Charles, MO, but it is more likely this was her place of death. She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Edwardsville, Madison, IL.15955 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Edwardsville, Madison, IL.70351 Effie lived in Rolla, Phelps, MO in 1894.31586 She died on 11 June 1896 at the age of 27 in St. Charles, St. Charles, MO.22711,92968 Died from shock following an operation. Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, St. Charles, MO. Parents: Samuel W. (Sam) TEMPLE-24500 and Julia Ann SAPPINGTON-24499.

Spouse: Waller EDWARDS-65974. Effie TEMPLE and Waller EDWARDS were married on 13 November 1894 in Rolla, Phelps, MO.31542,31586 Marriage records say the date was 12 Nov, which may be when it was recorded, becuase the Rolla, MO, newspaper reported that it took place Monday afternoon, 12 Nov. In 1894, the 12th was a Monday.

Effie TEMPLE was born in January 1877 in MI.444 She died on 1 July 1879 at the age of 2 in Muskegon, Muskegon, MI.444,78220 Died of diphtheria. Temple may not be her maiden name. However, she may have been one of the children of Jacob and Henrika Temple of Muskegon, MI. Parents: Jacob TEMPLE-172869 and Anna -172870.

Effie TEMPLE was born in 1877.92969,92970 She died on 2 January 1906 at the age of 29 in Denver, Denver, CO.92969,92970 Buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, CO. There is a chance she is the daughter of Anna M. Temple, who died in Denver and was buried in the same cemetery in 1900. Alternatively, she may be a daughter of Joseph R. and Effie Temple. Temple may not be her maiden name.

Effie TEMPLE45219 was born on 8 August 1878 in Hudson, Middlesex, MA.23,92971,92972 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hudson, Middlesex, MA.92971 In June 1900 she was a shoe stitcher in Hudson, Middlesex, MA.92972 Effie died on 9 August 1938 at the age of 60 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.23 Buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Marlboro, MA. Parents: Marshall Ney (Marshall) TEMPLE-2116 and Margaret MOYNIHAN-2687.

Spouse: Henry Chandler TUCKER-38065. Effie TEMPLE and Henry Chandler TUCKER were married on 5 September 1904 in Hudson, Middlesex, MA.23,92973 Children were: Prescott Samuel TUCKER-38068.

Effie TEMPLE was born in August 1886 in VA.894 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Ashland, Hanover, VA.894 Parents: Henry TEMPLE Sr.-185842 and Bertie -185843.

Effie TEMPLE61403 was born on 26 April 1890.92974,92975 She died on 20 January 1983 at the age of 92 in Holladay, Benton, TN.92974,92975

Effie Ann TEMPLE43753 was born on 6 March 1889 in Asheville, Buncombe, NC.43753,92976,92977 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Chapel Hill, Orange, NC.92976 She died on 30 April 1981 at the age of 92 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA.92978 She did not appear with the family in 1910. Parents: William Alfred (William) TEMPLE(S)-18837 and Fannie Emeline (Fannie) WORTHAM-33247.

Spouse: Dr. Adolphe VERMONT-67597. Effie Ann TEMPLE and Dr. Adolphe VERMONT were married on 1 September 1908 in Chapel Hill, Orange, NC.92979 The were married on the lawn of the bride's family home. Children were: Fannie Louise VERMONT-67598, Albert VERMONT-67599, Venable VERMONT-67600, Adolphe VERMONT-67601.

Effie E. TEMPLE76098 was born on 19 August 1872 in Lee Co., MS.9830,68503 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Shannon, Lee, MS.9830 She died on 30 October 1904 at the age of 32 in Itawamba Co., MS.68503 Buried in New Chapel Cemetery, Amory, Itawamba, MS. Parents: Matthew D. (Doc) TEMPLE-17014 and Philorah A. (Eda) RILEY-18857.

Spouse: D.C. STRICKLAND-18862. Effie E. TEMPLE and D.C. STRICKLAND were married on 24 December 1903 in Lee Co., MS.68503,76098 Children were: D.L. STRICKLAND-30799.

Effie E. Stanley TEMPLE was born on 1 December 1929.75029 She died in 1939 at the age of 10 in Johnston Co., NC.75029 Parents: Bill Ranse TEMPLE-132212 and P. -132213.

Effie Fallie (Fallie) TEMPLE32986 was born on 23 December 1888 in NC.50642,58342,92980 She gave Dec 1886 in 1900. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Reedy Creek, Davidson, NC.50642 She died on 7 September 1976 at the age of 87 in Lexington, Davidson, NC.58342,92980 Buried in Pauls Chapel Memorial Cemetery, Davidson, NC. Parents: Davidson R. TEMPLE-10012 and Mary Ann KOONTZ-10016.

Spouse: Ernest Edgar MICHAEL-25051. Effie Fallie (Fallie) TEMPLE and Ernest Edgar MICHAEL were married on 17 December 1908.10880 Children were: Cleveland McCall MICHAEL-27890, Zora Arlene MICHAEL-29333, Mary Elizabeth MICHAEL-29334, Harry Ernest MICHAEL-27891, Lula Inez MICHAEL-29335, James Calvin MICHAEL-29336, Hoy Lee MICHAEL-29337.

Effie G. TEMPLE23 was born on 23 April 1860 in Heath, Franklin, MA.3108,26023,92981 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Heath, Franklin, MA.3108 In June 1880 she was a domestic servant in Conway, Franklin, MA.92981 Effie died in 1927 at the age of 67 in MA.26024 Buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Templeton, MA. Unnamed at the time of the 1860 census. Parents: George TEMPLE-1309 and Jane M. LANFAIR-1842.

Spouse: Asaph W. (Asa) CRITTENDEN-17498. Effie G. TEMPLE and Asaph W. (Asa) CRITTENDEN were married on 17 March 1883 in Deerfield, Franklin, MA.23,26023 Children were: Florence Hattie CRITTENDEN-35681, Ray Alvah CRITTENDEN-35682, Ray Henry CRITTENDEN-35683.

Effie Iola (Iola) TEMPLE16672 was born on 7 February 1862 in North Hebron, Washington, NY.30766,36814 She appeared in the census in June 1865 in Hebron, Washington, NY.21317 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Hebron, Washington, NY.36814 Effie died on 26 July 1936 at the age of 74 in Hebron, Washington, NY.92982 In 1909, she was a member of the North Hebron book club. Some sources say she was buried in Burch Hill Cemetery, North Hebron, NY, others say North Hebron Cemetery, Hebron, NY, which is apparently the new neame for the cemetery. Find-A-Grave reports the date in 1935. Find-A-Grave interpreted her name as Lola. Parents: Merritt Case (Merritt) TEMPLE-2076 and Euphemia D. GETTY-2995.

Spouse: George Henry DURHAM-18341. Effie Iola (Iola) TEMPLE and George Henry DURHAM were married on 3 March 1880.16672,30766 Children were: Daisy Mildred DURHAM-29339, Mabel Alice DURHAM-29340, Merritt Temple DURHAM-29341, Clarence A. DURHAM-29342, Lucille Euphemia DURHAM-29343, DURHAM-46023, Albert L. DURHAM-29338, Anna Lorraine DURHAM-29344.

Effie J. TEMPLE79980 was born on 11 December 1855 in Spiceland, Henry, IN.32480,66893,66894 She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Spiceland, Henry, IN.66893 She appeared in the census in September 1870 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.66894 Effie lived in Joplin, Jasper, MO in 1881.75377 She lived in Kansas City, Jackson, MO in 1892.92983 She died on 9 October 1933 at the age of 77 in Kansas City, Wyandotte, KS.75387 Mentioned as living in the will of her uncle Frederick H. Ramsey 1 Feb 1892 and her aunt Nancy R. (Ramsey) Holland on 6 Oct 1896. Buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Kansas City, KS. Parents: John Calvin (J.C.) TEMPLE Jr.-5351 and Lydia RAMSEY-5518.

Spouse: Oscar T. STEPHENSON-19695. Effie J. TEMPLE and Oscar T. STEPHENSON were married on 29 May 1877 in Jasper Co., MO.1173,32480,75388 Children were: Fern STEPHENSON-35166, Roberta STEPHENSON-35167.

Effie L. TEMPLE was born on 14 August 1900 in Byhalia, Union, OH.19938,19940,39176,75797,75798 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Washington Twp., Union, OH.19940 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Washington Twp., Union, OH.19938 Effie lived in Byhalia, Union, OH in 1926.19937 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in York, Union, OH.75797 She lived in Bellefontaine, Logan, OH in 1948.19944 Effie died in 1953 at the age of 53.75798 Buried in Byhalia Cemetery, Byhalia, OH. Parents: George D. TEMPLE-27068 and Alpharetta (Alpha) CAHILL-27071.

Spouse: Lawrence C. STOKES-96359. Effie L. TEMPLE and Lawrence C. STOKES were married on 24 December 1920 in Marysville, Union, OH.39176 Children were: William STOKES-96362, Lois STOKES-96363.

Effie M. TEMPLE6468,61923 was born on 28 January 1894 in Hancock Co., OH.61922,64046,64047 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Marion Twp., Hancock, OH.64046 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Eagle, Hancock, OH.64047 In 1915 Effie was a cigar maker in Findlay, Hancock, OH.61923 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Toledo, Lucas, OH.61922 She died after 1960 at the age of 66 in Toledo, Lucas, OH.18306 Gave her middle initial as B in her marriage to Miles Nusser. Parents: Charles H. (Charley) TEMPLE-27156 and Orpha (Ofa) PAULSELL-27165.

Spouse: Miles S. NUSSER-27173. Effie M. TEMPLE and Miles S. NUSSER were married on 26 July 1915 in Monroe, Monroe, MI.61923,61924 Children were: Bessie O. NUSSER-74157.

Effigine TEMPLE was born in 1877 in VT.3190 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in New Haven Twp., Addison, VT.3190 Enumerated with the family of Sials D. and Alice Doud, of no known relationship, and without sign of her parents. Enumerated near Helen Temple, who was enumerated without her husband. Her parents were both from VT. Identification as the daughter of Helen is based on proximity in 1880 and lack of other candidates. Parents: TEMPLE-141359 and Helen -141360.

Eian Ali TEMPLE (private).83261

Eileen TEMPLE (private). Parents: Elmer Edward (Elmer) TEMPLE-54089 and Mary F. HEATH-103362.

Eileen TEMPLE was born on 1 April 1926.62274 She lived in MO in 1963.62274 She died on 28 August 2000 at the age of 74.62274 Temple may not be her maiden name. If it was, she might be the daughter of Joseph V. and Geraldine N. Temple.

Eileen TEMPLE was born in 1941.92984 She died in 1991 at the age of 50 in Canada.92984 Buried in Selkirk Lutheran Cemetery, Selkirk, Selkirk, MB. Temple may not be her maiden name.

Eileen Depazzi TEMPLE52135,92985 was born on 22 February 1927 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT.7390,52138,52139,92619 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT.92619 She lived 52 Oak Street in Waterbury, New Haven, CT in April 1942.92616 Living with her father. Eileen lived in Waterbury, New Haven, CT in 1967.7390 She died on 13 March 1990 at the age of 63 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT.92986,92987 After her mother's death in 1928, she was taken in and raised by her great aunt Nora Leary Roche. Parents: Edward Joseph (Edward or Ned) TEMPLE Sr.-48953 and Eileen D. LEARY-48955.

Spouse: Malcolm G. RUPF-103259. Eileen Depazzi TEMPLE and Malcolm G. RUPF were married on 4 February 1967 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT.1308,7390,52138,69763 This was a first marriage for both.

Eileen Elsie TEMPLE was born on 1 October 1916 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom.38026,38027,64265 She immigrated in 1920.64265 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Wyandotte, Wayne, MI.64265 In 1936 Eileen was a student in Dayton, Montgomery, OH.33656 In 1942 she was a clerk, Wright Field in Dayton, Montgomery, OH.92988 She died on 24 March 1990 at the age of 73 in MI.38026 Place of death uncertain. Buried in St. Stephen's Memorial Garden, Wyandotte, MI. Parents: Thomas Charles (Thomas) TEMPLE-130411 and Sarah Ann PEDDLE-135581.

Spouse: MANNING-170378. Eileen Elsie TEMPLE and MANNING were married before October 1954.38027

Spouse: Richard Francis GOSSELIN-160564. Eileen Elsie TEMPLE and Richard Francis GOSSELIN were married before October 1955.38027 Children were: Donald T. GOSSELIN-160565.

Eileen Kay TEMPLE (private).92989