WORTHINGTON (private).

Spouse: Marilyn TEMPEL-79888.

Eleanor Frances (Frankie) WORTHINGTON was born on 17 October 1918 in Kinston, Lenoir, NC.35133,93103,134507 She lived 114 East Peyton Avenue in Kinston, Lenoir, NC in 1942.122018 She died on 24 November 2001 at the age of 83 in Cypress Glenn, Greenville, NC.93103,134508 Buried in Pinelawn Cemetery, Kinston, NC. Parents: Leslie D. WORTHINGTON-63795 and Eleanor FREBIS-63796.

Spouse: Dr. Rufus Henry (Henry) TEMPLE Jr.-17238. Eleanor Frances (Frankie) WORTHINGTON and Dr. Rufus Henry (Henry) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 2 September 1941 in Kinston, Lenoir, NC.26136,122021 Children were: Dr. Rufus Henry TEMPLE Jr.-51601, Eleanor Frances Worthington (Frances) TEMPLE-51592, Herbert Dillard TEMPLE-51596, Thelma Kathryn (Kay) TEMPLE-51602.

Galena WORTHINGTON16643 was born in 1840 in MD.43953 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Harford Co., MD.43953 Enumerated with her daughter.

Spouse: Dr. William Edwin HODGES-21674. Galena WORTHINGTON and Dr. William Edwin HODGES were married before 1871. Children were: Willie Worthington (Willie) HODGES-18672.

Laura WORTHINGTON465 was born in 1847 in OH.36519,53275 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Springfield, Clark, OH.53275 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Springfield, Clark, OH.36519 Laura died before 1920 at the age of 73 in OH.38255 Her parents were both from OH.

Spouse: Cassius M. (Cash) TEMPLE-44769. Laura WORTHINGTON and Cassius M. (Cash) TEMPLE were married on 18 February 1867 in Clark Co., OH.465,86038 Some sources give 3 Dec 1867, but this was probably their intention date. Children were: Ernest TEMPLE-44771, Maud M. TEMPLE-75940, Mary A. TEMPLE-45324.

Leslie D. WORTHINGTON35133 died.

Spouse: Eleanor FREBIS-63796. Eleanor FREBIS and Leslie D. WORTHINGTON were married before 1918. Children were: Eleanor Frances (Frankie) WORTHINGTON-51591.

Marguerite WORTHINGTON68450 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Harold A. RIGGS-112988. Marguerite WORTHINGTON and Harold A. RIGGS were married before 1941. Children were: Harold Stephen RIGGS-88171.

Valeria E. WORTHINGTON lived in Withington, Manchester, England, United Kingdom before 1951.111165

Spouse: William J. TEMPLE-142414. Valeria E. WORTHINGTON and William J. TEMPLE were married before 1951. Children were: Lesley Anne TEMPLE-177655.

Edgar B. WORTHMAN was born in 1851 in PA.93725 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.93725 He died. His parents were both from PA.

Spouse: Ella Mary TEMPLE-2037. Ella Mary TEMPLE and Edgar B. WORTHMAN were married.

Isabella Murchison WORTHY11713 was born (date unknown). Murchison may not have been a middle name, and may either be her maiden name or an earlier marriage.

Spouse: John Newsom BARNES-16216. Isabella Murchison WORTHY and John Newsom BARNES were married before 1890. Children were: Mary BARNES-16041.

Jack WORTHY (private).

Spouse: Norma -65294. Children were: Norma Lisa (Lisa) WORTHY-65292.

Norma Lisa (Lisa) WORTHY (private).85144 Parents: Jack WORTHY-65293 and Norma -65294.

Spouse: Brian Levon TEMPLE-65281. Children were: Aaron Thomas TEMPLE-65290.

Harold F. WOTTON (private).

Spouse: Deon Erica TEMPLE-156022.

Martha WOTTON was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Colonel John Jackson (Jackson) TEMPLE(S)-35429. Martha WOTTON and Colonel John Jackson (Jackson) TEMPLE(S) were married on 21 October 1860 in Stoddard Co., MO.609

Kate WOZNIAK (private).

Spouse: Mike BEDNARSKI-82739. Children were: Marjorie J. BEDNARSKI-82159.

WRAY24152 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Katherine Joyce TENCH-99005. Katherine Joyce TENCH and WRAY were married before July 1948.132325 They132325 were divorced before December 1962.24152,132325

Mabell WRAY was born in 1941.100694

Spouse: Hayward Walter TEMPLE-183380. Mabell WRAY and Hayward Walter TEMPLE were married on 14 August 1958 in Los Angeles Co., CA.100694

Andrew G. WREN was born in 1844 in PA.99770 He died before 1920 at the age of 76. He appeared in the census in April 1920 in Pottsville, Schuylkill, PA.134509 His parents were both from Scotland.

Spouse: Hannah O. TEMPLE-52223. Hannah O. TEMPLE and Andrew G. WREN were married in 1871 in PA.99770

Benjamin F. WREN57756 was born in 1831. He died in 1926 at the age of 95.

Spouse: Elizabeth MC VEY-88116. Elizabeth MC VEY and Benjamin F. WREN were married. Children were: Mary M. WREN-52114.

Mary M. WREN was born on 7 May 1873 in Port Jefferson, Shelby, OH.8621,57756 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Lincoln, Morrow, OH.8621 She died on 7 November 1911 at the age of 38 in Marion, Marion, OH.8620,57756 She died of "nervous trouble" with which she had suffered for several years. She died at her home on Barnhart Street. Buried in Ashley Union Cemetery, Ashley, OH. Her parents were from VA (father) and OH (mother). By 1910, she had had 2 children, 1 of whom survived. In her marriage to Joseph Temple, their license information confused her maiden and prior married names. Her father's surname was given as Allen, when it was in fact Wren. Parents: Benjamin F. WREN-88115 and Elizabeth MC VEY-88116.

Spouse: ALLEN-52115. Mary M. WREN and ALLEN were married before 1894. Children were: George Franklin ALLEN-52116.

Spouse: Joseph Morrison (Joseph) TEMPLE-30416. Mary M. WREN and Joseph Morrison (Joseph) TEMPLE were married on 14 October 1903 in Prospect, Marion, OH.8497,8621,57756,74842 They claimed this was a second marriage for both. Joseph's obituary said the date was in 1893 which disagrees with marriage records.

Karen Louise (Karen) WRENHOLT22212 was born on 26 April 1942 in Seattle, King, WA.134510,134511 She lived in NE in 1958.134512 She died on 5 May 2002 at the age of 60 in Flanders, Morris, NJ.97230,134511,134512 Buried in Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Ashtabula, OH.

Spouse: Frederick Rodgers (Fred) TEMPLE-88441. Karen Louise (Karen) WRENHOLT and Frederick Rodgers (Fred) TEMPLE were married on 11 November 1962 in Clearwater. Antelope, NE.22212 Children were: Michelle Ann TEMPLE-88448, Sok CHENG-88443, Frederick James TEMPLE-127009, Scott Allen TEMPLE-88447, Julie Ann TEMPLE-88444.

Carrie WRENN45819 was born in 1880 in NC.45820 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Fishing Creek Twp., Granville, NC.45820 She died.

Spouse: Benjamin Young (Binnie) HUNT-121205. Carrie WRENN and Benjamin Young (Binnie) HUNT were married. Children were: Mary Gladys HUNT-121198.

Clinton Forrest WRENN7197,125860 was born in 1922 in Brunswick Co., VA.43867 He died in 1989 at the age of 67. Parents: E.T. WRENN-98883 and Alie HOBBS-98884.

Spouse: Virginia Pauline (Virginia\Vashti) TEMPLE-22558. Virginia Pauline (Virginia\Vashti) TEMPLE and Clinton Forrest WRENN were married on 29 June 1940 in Emporia, Emporia City, VA.17390,43867 Children were: Virginia Vashti WRENN-100607.

E.T. WRENN43867 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Alie HOBBS-98884. Alie HOBBS and E.T. WRENN were married before 1922. Children were: Clinton Forrest WRENN-22564.

Emma R. WRENN8897 was born in March 1851 in VA.8898,98565 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Newville Twp., Sussex, VA.98565 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Manchester, Chesterfield, VA.8898 Enumerated living with her daughter Lillian's family. Her parents were both from VA.

Spouse: George W. TEMPLE-141383. Emma R. WRENN and George W. TEMPLE were married about 1872 in VA. Children were: Lillian M. TEMPLE-141385.

Rebecca Virginia WRENN43495 was born on 31 August 1825 in Sussex Co., VA.61255 She died on 29 November 1892 at the age of 67 in Washington, DC.61255

Spouse: Thomas W. NEWELL-32838. Rebecca Virginia WRENN and Thomas W. NEWELL were married on 21 January 1840 in Sussex Co., VA.61255 Children were: Alphonso Murat (Murat) NEWELL-19669.

Thomas J. WRENN Sr.113986 was born in 1823 in TN.113987,113988 Gave his age as 23 in1850, and 37 in 1860. He appeared in the census in October 1850 in Gibson Co., TN.113987 He appeared in the census in August 1860 in Lynn Twp., Cedar, MO.113988 Thomas held the title of Sr.. The family of Thomas and Martha Wrenn may not be accurate as reported. They were certainly Thomas W. Wrenn and Martha A. (Temple) Wrenn in 1850. In 1860, they appeared as Thomas W. and Martha A. Wrenn, with slightly different ages (which is not unusual), but radically different children, and yet they were still from TN. I think what happened is that their first son, Thomas Wrenn, Jr., died before 1860, and the children with them in 1860, Allen G. ae 15 and William A.C. ae 13, were nephews staying with them to work the farm.

Spouse: Martha A. TEMPLE-129823. Martha A. TEMPLE and Thomas J. WRENN Sr. were married on 10 May 1847 in Gibson Co., TN.113989 Children were: Thomas J. WRENN Jr.-162653.

Thomas J. WRENN Jr. was born in 1848 in Gibson Co., TN.113987 He appeared in the census in October 1850 in Gibson Co., TN.113987 He held the title of Jr.. Parents: Thomas J. WRENN Sr.-129824 and Martha A. TEMPLE-129823.

Virginia Vashti WRENN (private).134513 Parents: Clinton Forrest WRENN-22564 and Virginia Pauline (Virginia\Vashti) TEMPLE-22558.

Sarah Ann WRIGGLESWORTH17890 was born on 10 November 1819 in England, United Kingdom.86541,86542,134514,134515 In August 1860 she was a boarding house operator in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.86542 Enumerated twice, though I could not verify. Temples in the Census places her and her family on page 794 in Ward 8 of Louisville, KY, but she is not on that page. She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.86541 Sarah appeared in the census in June 1880 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.17774 Enumerated with the family of her daughter Mary. She died on 30 October 1887 at the age of 67 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.5997,134515 Buried in Cave Hill National Cemetery, Louisville, KY. She has reference number RLT # F.1931 Also given as Rigglesworth, and as Wriggles.

Spouse: Thomas Allen TEMPLE-56584. Sarah Ann WRIGGLESWORTH and Thomas Allen TEMPLE were married on 14 June 1844 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.124400 Children were: Mary Hannah (Mary) TEMPLE-56580, Charles Allen TEMPLE-56581, Henry (Harry) TEMPLE-56579, Anna M. TEMPLE-56590.

WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Loretta WEBER-62903. Children were: Walter P. WRIGHT-62905, Charlotte WRIGHT-62906.

WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Joan G. BOTTOMLEY-85621.

WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Muriel -85709. Children were: Nan WRIGHT-85711.

WRIGHT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Margaret WALLACE-88947. Margaret WALLACE and WRIGHT were married about 1911. Children were: Irvin WRIGHT-88949.

WRIGHT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth McClung (Libby) MORGAN-65608. Elizabeth McClung (Libby) MORGAN and WRIGHT were married about 1959.59732 The place was probably WV, as she moved to FL about 1962. Children were: Carl WRIGHT-126764.

WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Sheila Dawn ARNOLD-99336.

WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Elsie Mae TEMPLES-72291.

WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Joyce TEMPLE-109103.

WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Ouita Morris TEMPLE-88537.

WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Camille EWING-113610.

WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Juanita Louise TEMPLE-121492.

WRIGHT6968 was born in MA.

Spouse: Sarah -140220. Sarah and WRIGHT were married about 1898. Children were: Alvin WRIGHT-140222, Pearl WRIGHT-140223.

WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Barbara TEMPLE-144163.

WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Donna Elizabeth TEMPLE-156687.

WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Leila EADY-170339.

WRIGHT133930 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Shirley Jeanne WHITTLE-171047. Shirley Jeanne WHITTLE and WRIGHT were married before June 1941.133930

WRIGHT was born (date unknown). Parents: John WRIGHT-172251 and Anna Sue -172252.

Spouse: George TEMPLE-144235. WRIGHT and George TEMPLE were married before 1946. Children were: Shirley Doreen TEMPLE-144263, Wayne Dennis TEMPLE-144267.

WRIGHT3864 died before 1915.

Spouse: Kate -127759. Kate and WRIGHT were married before 1885. Children were: Clara Emeline WRIGHT-115592.

WRIGHT died before 1920.103522 Parents: Charles WRIGHT-135170.

Spouse: James TEMPLE-135168. WRIGHT and James TEMPLE were married before 1920.

Abigail WRIGHT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Stephen PARKER-9366. Abigail WRIGHT and Stephen PARKER were married in 1737.362 Children were: Stephen PARKER-9368, Nehemiah PARKER-9371, Caleb PARKER-9372, Mary PARKER-9373, Ruth PARKER-9374, Elizabeth PARKER-9376, Elizabeth (Betty) PARKER-9377, Phebe PARKER-9379, Katherine PARKER-9381, Caleb PARKER-9383, Dorothy (Dolly) PARKER-9384.

Alonza M. WRIGHT36883 died.

Spouse: Mary GIBBS-102616. Mary GIBBS and Alonza M. WRIGHT were married. Children were: Carrie Virginia WRIGHT-51909.