William Henry JUSTICE was born in 1846.48571 Parents: Beverley JUSTICE-90020 and UNKNOWN-90021.

Bella JUSTMAN (private).8853

Spouse: Maxim BRODSKY-164108. Children were: Raveli BRODSKY-131508.

John Robert (Bert) JUVENAL48580 was born in 1882 in KS.48581 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Hampton, Rush, KS.48581

Spouse: Ada Belle MURNAHAN-60132. Ada Belle MURNAHAN and John Robert (Bert) JUVENAL were married. Children were: Ruby N. JUVENAL-60123.

Ruby N. JUVENAL15914 was born on 21 March 1910 in Mc Cracken, Rush, KS.48580,48581,48582 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Hampton, Rush, KS.48581 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Arlington, Kiowa, CO.48582 Ruby died on 7 November 1967 at the age of 57 in Halstead, Harvey, KS.15914 Her obituaries are confusing, giving a couple of different dates, the other possibilities being 30 Sep and 30 Nov 1967. Buried in McCracken City Cemetery, KS. Her parents were both from KS. Parents: John Robert (Bert) JUVENAL-60131 and Ada Belle MURNAHAN-60132.

Spouse: Dean E. TEMPLE-60108. Ruby N. JUVENAL and Dean E. TEMPLE were married in 1929.48582

Alice KAAT (private).

Spouse: Ralph PLOUGHMAN-96877. Children were: Fred PLOUGHMAN-96876.

Travis J. KAATZ (private).48583

Spouse: Averi R. TEMPLE-180729.

Anne KABEALO (private).

Spouse: Tom REES-98904. Children were: Diane Elizabeth (Diane) REES-56835.

Harry KABLER was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lillie B. TEMPLE-175189. Lillie B. TEMPLE and Harry KABLER were married in August 1919 in Manhattan, New York, NY.48584

Mary KABLER (private).

Spouse: TEMPLE-168202. Children were: Flora TEMPLE-168201.

Beatrice KACHKEY was born in 1865 in Russia.685 She died on 27 July 1926 at the age of 61 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.685 Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Westboro, MA. Parents: Morris KACHKEY-140172 and Sarah -140173.

Spouse: Samuel TEMPLE-140170. Beatrice KACHKEY and Samuel TEMPLE were married.

Morris KACHKEY (private).

Spouse: Sarah -140173. Children were: Beatrice KACHKEY-140171.

John KACZMARCZYK was born in Poland.33557 He died.

Spouse: Elizabeth FIEDEN-95944. Elizabeth FIEDEN and John KACZMARCZYK were married. Children were: Stanley J. (Stan) KACZMARCZYK-61504.

Keith KACZMARCZYK (private). Parents: Stanley J. (Stan) KACZMARCZYK-61504 and Virginia Elizabeth TEMPLE-55274.

Stanley J. (Stan) KACZMARCZYK21582 was born in 1919 in New Kensington, Westmoreland, PA.33557 He lived 4572 1/2 West Avenue 40 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1946.33557 In 1946 he was a policeman in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.33557 Parents: John KACZMARCZYK-95943 and Elizabeth FIEDEN-95944.

Spouse: Virginia Elizabeth TEMPLE-55274. Virginia Elizabeth TEMPLE and Stanley J. (Stan) KACZMARCZYK were married on 5 October 1946 in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA.21582,33557 Children were: Keith KACZMARCZYK-67643, Timothy KACZMARCZYK-67644.

Timothy KACZMARCZYK (private). Parents: Stanley J. (Stan) KACZMARCZYK-61504 and Virginia Elizabeth TEMPLE-55274.

KADDERLY (private).

Spouse: Dorothy M. DENMAN-150149.

Margaret KADDOAD (private).

Spouse: James M. MADDEN-18230. Children were: Mary Elizabeth MADDEN-18229.

Edward E. KADEL48585 was born about 1911. Parents: Ernest KADEL-132131 and Hazel Irene TEMPLE-132130.

Ernest KADEL12803 was born in 1883 in Germany.48586,48587 He immigrated in 1901.48586 He lived in Lincoln, Placer, CA in 1908.48587 Ernest appeared in the census in April 1910 in Lincoln, Placer, CA.48586 He died in 1959 at the age of 76.48585 Parents: S. KADEL-164119 and ROEMER-164120.

Spouse: Hazel Irene TEMPLE-132130. Hazel Irene TEMPLE and Ernest KADEL were married on 10 August 1908 in Stockton, San Joaquin, CA.48586,48587 Children were: Thelma E. KADEL-132132, Edward E. KADEL-158771.

George William KADEL43573,48588 was born on 3 July 1892 in Terre Haute, Vigo, IN.48589 He died on 8 April 1951 at the age of 58 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.48589 Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN.

Spouse: Helen RAY-127864. Helen RAY and George William KADEL were married in 1924.48590

Spouse: Marybelle TEMPLE-48365. Marybelle TEMPLE and George William KADEL were married on 28 October 1937 in Frankfort, Clinton, IN.7838,48591

S. KADEL was born in Germany.48020

Spouse: ROEMER-164120. ROEMER and S. KADEL were married before 1883. Children were: Ernest KADEL-132131.

Thelma E. KADEL was born on 27 April 1909 in Placer Co., CA.12803,48586 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Lincoln, Placer, CA.48586 Parents: Ernest KADEL-132131 and Hazel Irene TEMPLE-132130.

David Samuel KADONOFF (private).48592 Parents: Gerald KADONOFF-100180 and Joan PESNER-100181.

Spouse: Amy Jo TEMPLE-100045.

Gerald KADONOFF (private).

Spouse: Joan PESNER-100181. Children were: David Samuel KADONOFF-100048.

Regina M. KADY (private).

Spouse: John W. SIDLEY-99307. Children were: John Joseph SIDLEY-99306.

Dusty Marie KAEFER (private).6603

Spouse: Charles Thomas TEMPLE-146145.

KAES lived in Paterson, Passaic, NJ in 1922.48593 In 1920, there were only two daughters living with Charles and Frieda KAes. One was Pauline, ae 16, the other was Mildred, ae 14. It is more likely that Pauline was the one who married a Temple. Parents: Charles KAES-180469 and Frieda -180470.

Spouse: TEMPLE-180439. KAES and TEMPLE were married before 1922. Children were: Marie A. TEMPLE-180441, William TEMPLE-180455, Frank TEMPLE-180456, Charles TEMPLE-180457, news Robert TEMPLE-180458, Richard TEMPLE-180459, Harry TEMPLE-180460, Norma TEMPLE-180461, Pauline TEMPLE-180462, Anna TEMPLE-180463, Joan TEMPLE-180464, Beverly TEMPLE-180465, Jean TEMPLE-180466, Barbara TEMPLE-180467, Betty Jane TEMPLE-180468.

Charles KAES was born in 1880 in Germany.48594 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Clifton, Passaic, NJ.48594 He lived in Clifton, Passaic, NJ in 1960.48593

Spouse: Frieda -180470. Frieda and Charles KAES were married in 1899.2842 Children were: KAES-180440.

Bruce Eric KAETZ (private).1160

Spouse: Lesley Anne TEMPLES-78551. Children were: Bryan Evan KAETZ-78555, Kirsten Emily KAETZ-78556.

Bryan Evan KAETZ (private).1160 Parents: Bruce Eric KAETZ-78554 and Lesley Anne TEMPLES-78551.

Kirsten Emily KAETZ (private).1160 Parents: Bruce Eric KAETZ-78554 and Lesley Anne TEMPLES-78551.

Louise Bertha KAETZ (private).

Spouse: Theodore William KORNE-97408. Children were: Roy Theodore KORNE-97407.

KAGEL (private).

Spouse: WINSTON-131972. Children were: Bernece Anita WINSTON-131971.

KAGELER (private).

Spouse: Bobbie Rea TEMPLE-117655.

Levia B. KAHL was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George TEMPLE-175349. Levia B. KAHL and George TEMPLE were married in November 1918 in Manhattan, New York, NY.48595 It is not clear when this marriage took place, but they took out a license, # 32384, 23 Nov 1918.

Alberta Fannie (Fannie) KAHN48596 was born in May 1898 in Norfolk City, VA.7013,13528,13529,13530 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Norfolk City, VA.13528 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Norfolk City, VA.13529 Alberta appeared in the census in April 1930 in Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA.13530 Her family were livign next door to her sister Mary's family. She died. In 1920, Fannie's sister Mary and her family were sharing a house at 309 London Street, Portsmouth, VA, with Harry and Alberta Land - possibly related to Fannie's husband? Parents: Solomon KAHN-7 and Ida BERKOWITZ-17153.

Spouse: Harry LAND-121622. Alberta Fannie (Fannie) KAHN and Harry LAND were married on 6 January 1918 in Norfolk City, VA.7013,13530 Children were: Margie LAND-121646, Roslyn LAND-121645.

Estell KAHN48597 was born in 1915 in Norfolk City, VA. Date of birth is not clear - census record is illegible Parents: Louis KAHN-43 and Bertha L. -67.

Spouse: Ben IMBERG-121674. Estell KAHN and Ben IMBERG were married.7453 Children were: Harvey IMBERG-121675, Bonnie IMBERG-121676.

Esther KAHN48598,48599,48600 was born on 12 March 1880 in New York City, New York, NY.12403,13528,13529,35381,35392,48601,48602 Her gravemarker gives 1880, based on death certificate, but family records said the date was in 1881, and 1881 appears in the 1900 census. She lived 522 Church Street in Norfolk City, VA between 1896 and 1904. Dates estimated. Her address was a block away from her husband-to-be Charles Friedman. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Norfolk City, VA.13529 Esther appeared in the census in January 1920 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth, NC.35392 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Washington, DC.35381 She died on 12 November 1955 at the age of 75 in Norfolk City, VA.48603,48604 Died of a cerebral thrombosis.

Her obituary lists two brothers alive in 55: Louis Kahn in Norfolk, and August Kahn, living in Danville (no state but probably VA). Two sisters, Mrs. Harry Land (Portsmouth VA), and Mrs. Mary Weiner, in Baltimore (MD).

Buried at H.D. Oliver Funeral Apartments, 1501 Colonial Avenue, Norfolk, VA. Buried in a concrete vault, wearing a dress, in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Norfolk, VA. Owned 2 lots in Hebrew Cemetery, Section D, paid for ($ 175) on 19 Feb 48, but place of burial was Forest Lawn Cemetery. Her daughter Dorothy remembered her this way: "She was everything you would want a mother to be. Always kind, gentle, loving and understanding. I never heard her say anything in anger. Now that I think of it, she could have been with her friends doing things she would like to do in her middle age-instead she was washing diapers and making formulas for a tiny baby.
"She was born in New York City on March 12, 1881. Her mother died when she was born. She had a brother named Sam and two stepbrothers named August and Louis. Her father was remarried a very beautiful and kind lady (never heard her name-always Mother and Grandmother)--who had Mary, Alberta, Louis and Gus. Aunt Mary and Aunt Alberta lived in Portsmouth, Virginia with grandmother. (I never knew my grandfather-not even his name.) "Uncle Sam lived in Baltimore, Maryland, Uncle Augustus in Lynchburg, Virginia and Uncle Louis lived in Norfolk, Virginia. I think at this point I should explain that I don't know about some of these people well---I was too young to ask questions about my family background.
Uncle Sam was a traveling salesman and used to bring samples of toys, household goods, etc. There is a story behind that statement. I was told Uncle Sam brought Brother a drum and Jeannette a parasol. Jeannette proceeded to jump into Brother's drum and he got even by tearing the spokes out of her parasol. Those two never did get along. My poor mother and father had to "put up" with those two, and I'm sure they prayed I would be a little better behaved child.
"I did know my Uncle Louie. When I was married and living in Norfolk, he and Aunt Bertha lived there too. We saw a lot of them when I had Frankie. They loved having Frank and me over to dinner so they could play with Frankie. They were truly entertained by our smart little show-off. Their daughter, Estelle, lived next door to Frank and me when we first got married. She was a good friend. She was married to Ben Imberg. They had two children, Harvey and Bonnie. Then they moved around the block from us when we bought our home on Newport Avenue. When Aunt Bertha died, Uncle Louie lived with Estelle. He used to walk to our house and visit with us. We loved having him. (If you would ask Uncle Louis how he was feeling, he always answered "I'm sticking together.")
"Unfortunately, I never had the sense to ask mother about her life with her family. I don't believe she would want to talk about it. I know she had to leave school after the 6th grade because there was so much work to be done in the household. I have a feeling now that the "sisters" didn't feel as though she was really their sister. When we lived in Washington, we saw Uncle Sam (her real brother) a lot. My brother would drive Mother, Dad and me to Baltimore, Maryland which is not too far from Washington. Uncle Sam lived in a lovely house and we always had a good time with them. His wife's name was Viola which I always thought was a funny name. Uncle Sam and Aunt "Vyly" had two sons (Milton and Jerry) who became very prominent architects in Baltimore.
"My mother was my best buddy for many years Just not enough. It must have been difficult for her to "keep up" with me. She was 43 years older than I. But we had many "adventures" together.
"She was such a good sport about doing things I wanted to do. Example: There was an ice cream shop (Gifford's) in Silver Spring which was a few miles from where we lived on the "district line" of Maryland and Washington, DC. She was always ready when I wanted to walk to Giffords for a hot fudge sundae. I can still taste that concoction. They put the ice cream in a big glass bowl, put the chocolate on a little "burner" which kept the fudge hot and put a little dish of pineapple or cherries on the side. You made your own sundaes and they were delicious.
"We used to go to the fish market on Georgia Avenue. We went on the streetcar. When you went to buy fish, it was not like it is today. The market had great big vats of water and the fish were alive and swimming when you picked out the one you wanted and the man with a big net "caught" him for you. All mother had to do was point to the fish she wanted. Needless to say, we always had fresh fish to eat. There was no such thing as a freezer, so if you wanted fresh fish you had to get on a streetcar. I loved that.
"Mother shopped for groceries at the Piggly Wiggly which was right around the corner from our apartment house. We would buy our groceries and then go next door to Pittle's Bakery to get our dessert. I always thought that was such a funny name. One day I was thinking of that when I came up with a slogan for Mr. Pittle-Pittle Around in Pittle's-(By the way, he made it into a sign and hung it in the store). I was delighted to see it.
"We also went "downtown" every Saturday. We put on our hats and gloves (that was the thing to do in those times), got on a bus or a streetcar depending on whether we were going clothes shopping or to the movies and lunch. Sometimes we only went for lunch and shopping for yarn or material. In those days, the department stores had an "art" department where you could sit with your purchase and learn how to do the latest pattern in vogue. There was a lady there who would help you pick out the yarn and the pattern and then show you how to do the stitches if you needed it. It was always magical to me. I loved being with all the ladies sitting at a tremendous table and knitting, crocheting, needlepointing, embroidering, etc. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.
"Mother was very industrious about making things-(her hands were never idle. She made 3 bedspreads, baby blankets, baby layettes, sweaters for Jeannette and me (until I learned how to make my own). We always had something to do with our hands. I remember reading crochet instructions to mother because she couldn't learn the pattern while she was trying to read the book. She always was right and never forgot the pattern. I remember her making a daisy baby blanket (wish I knew where it is) for Faye's baby. It was made on a wheel with spokes pointing out on which you would wrap the yarn around the spokes and then "secure" the center of the flower before removing the spokes from the "gadget". She soon had me making the flowers and I had fun doing that.
"I must elaborate about the 3 bedspreads-one for each of her children. They were beautiful. I remember her making a crocheted circle and piling it up with all the rest she had made-then she counted them. (One of these days, I'm going to get mine out of the cedar chest and count just how many she had to make to make a double bedspread. While in the cedar chest you will find the gorgeous "cutwork" masterpieces she made. She taught me how to embroider, crochet, knit, cross-stitch but she gave up with the sewing machine. I never was able to get the hang of it. Jeannette loved to make her clothes for many years so evidently mother got through to her. I still remember the gold lame' dress Jeannette made for the rehearsal dinner when Frank III got married. No designer could make a lovelier dress. She even made SUITS!!!!! Mother was a good teacher.
"She was so talented. She could knit, crochet, embroider and was a whiz at the Singer sewing machine. There was a foot pedal almost on the floor that she would put her feet on and rock the pedal back and forth which made the needle by her hand go up and down and put the stitches in. She made all my skirts which were made from the remnants of my father's suits (which he had to have made). They were stitched down to the hip and then deeply pleated. She made Jeannette a dress to wear to a Valentine party. It was long, white and she cut red hearts out of a different kind of material and sewed them all over that dress. What a beauty that was. I still remember Jeannette in it. But I was the best dressed girl in Roosevelt High School.
"All the department stores had a luncheon area where we would sit and eat wonderful sandwiches and take all the time in the world to do it. I always asked for the dessert menu first. I remember now that some of the tables had smaller chairs for my size person. They also had dot-to-dot books in case the little ones got bored with the conversation. There was a department store in Norfolk (Smith & Welton) which made the Piquent Cheese Sandwich. Sissy (Frank's sister) finally talked someone there to give her the recipe. It was American cheese laced with pimentos and a little taste of onion. Haven't made that in a long time. In fact, I just thought of it.
"There was one exception to our Saturday routine. Mother wasn't as excited about seeing Frank Sinatra as I was. She didn't want to stand in line around the block waiting for the long line to get to the box office. He was performing at the Earle Theater. She was very wise. So I went with my friends. We waited a long time, but we finally got in the theater and found pretty good seats near the stage. I SAW FRANK SINATRA IN PERSON. He was so skinny, the microphone almost blotted him out. BUT HE SANG AND WE SCREAMED.
"I believe (I hope) I was no trouble to my mother. Now that I look back on it (from my age) I can see where I might have been more attentive to her in my teens when I was working and going downtown sometime with my co-workers instead of my mother. I probably could have "helped out" with some of the household expenses but it never entered my mind. Why do you think of these things when it is too late?
"Mother and Dad moved to Norfolk and found an apartment just a block or two from where we lived. I think that brought on mother's death much earlier than it should have. Mother didn't want to leave her apartment in Washington where I grew up. She was used to it and it was "uncharted territory." She was "uprooted." But I think Dad was feeling deserted and a little bit afraid of what was to come, so he insisted they move to Norfolk to be near Frank and me. When I think of having to move from my home at this time of my life, I can understand just how she felt.
"By that time, we had Frankie and Charles to take care of and were busy with our lives. I would try to get to see her as much as possible. But is it ever enough?
"Mother had a stroke in 1955 never was able to move or speak after that. She loved a certain kind of candy so Frank used to bring it to her. I think he loved her as much as I did. She would pat his hand and smile at him. She died 6 months after the stroke. Dad was not able to take care of her. She was completely paralyzed on her left side. He finally decided to put her in a nursing home where she died. I think she had that stroke because some quack doctor my father was friends with told her she didn't have to take the medicine our doctor prescribed for her. It was such a sad time for me. I lost my "best friend in this world"…never a harsh word…never a demand….always a smile and a hug. How sweet she was!!" Parents: Solomon KAHN-7 and Ida BERKOWITZ-17153.

Spouse: Kulmann (Charles Kolman) FRIEDMAN-5. Esther KAHN and Kulmann (Charles Kolman) FRIEDMAN were married on 22 March 1904 in Norfolk City, VA.12403,35413 Charles listed age as 24 on marriage license. Not consistent with birth in 1879. Esther listed age as 24, not consistent with birth in 1881. Children were: Herbert Moses FRIEDMAN-51, Jeannette Beatrice (Jeannette) FRIEDMAN-5088, Dorothy Marion FRIEDMAN-52.

Fisher KAHN48605 was born in 1911 in Norfolk City, VA.2485 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Norfolk City, VA.2485 Parents: Gustavis (Gustave\Gus) KAHN-44 and Estha -70.

Gustavis (Gustave\Gus) KAHN48606,48607 was born on 4 March 1885 in NY.2485,13528,13529,48608 Gave his age as 30 in 1920. In June 1900 he was a salesman in Norfolk City, VA.13528 In April 1910 he was a shoe merchant in Norfolk City, VA.13529 In January 1920 Gustavis was a ladies' clothing merchant in Norfolk City, VA.2485 He lived in Danville, Danville, VA in 1955.48603 He died in April 1963 at the age of 78 in VA.48608 Gustavis was also known as August KAHN.48608 In 1920 census, listed parents as coming from Germany, living at 912 Matonka (?) St.

Also known as August Kahn, according to Obituary of Esther Kahn Friedman, 1955. Living in Danville, VA at the time. Parents: Solomon KAHN-7 and Ida BERKOWITZ-17153.

Spouse: Estha -70. Estha and Gustavis (Gustave\Gus) KAHN were married in 1910. Children were: Fisher KAHN-71, Laurain KAHN-72.

Hiller KAHN (private).

Spouse: Freida GOLDBERG-100079. Children were: Jeffrey KAHN-100077.

Jeffrey KAHN (private).28074 Parents: Hiller KAHN-100078 and Freida GOLDBERG-100079.

Spouse: Juliet Elizabeth (Julie) TEMPLE-87666.

Jerry KAHN (private).7453 Parents: Samuel KAHN-42 and Viola (Vyly) -121677.

Laurain KAHN48609 was born in November 1917 in Norfolk City, VA.2485 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Norfolk City, VA.2485 Parents: Gustavis (Gustave\Gus) KAHN-44 and Estha -70.

Louis KAHN48610,48611 was born on 4 July 1884 in NY.13528,13529,48612,48613 Grave marker made the date 4 Jul 1884, but the 1900 census made it Apr 1883. Claimed birth in VA in 1910. In June 1900 he was a salesman in Norfolk City, VA.13528 In April 1910 he was a shoe merchant in Norfolk City, VA.13529 Louis died on 20 August 1971 at the age of 87 in Norfolk City, VA.878,48614 Buried in Hebrew Cemetery, Norfolk, VA, Section 6, Block 6, Lot 75, Space LOUIS. Given as Lewis in 1910. Parents: Solomon KAHN-7 and Ida BERKOWITZ-17153.

Spouse: Bertha L. -67. Bertha L. and Louis KAHN were married in 1913. Children were: Stanley KAHN-68, Estell KAHN-69.

Mary KAHN48615,48616 was born on 25 May 1888 in VA.13528,13529,13530,13531,48617 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Norfolk City, VA.13528 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Norfolk City, VA.13529 Mary appeared in the census in January 1920 in Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA.13531 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA.13530 She died on 29 April 1984 at the age of 95 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.20108,48617 By 1910, she had had 2 children, both of whom survived, but only one of which was enumerated with her.
Listed as living in Baltimore in 1955, in Obituary of Esther Kahn Friedman. Parents: Solomon KAHN-7 and Ida BERKOWITZ-17153.

Spouse: Abe KAMINSKY-121625. Mary KAHN and Abe KAMINSKY were married about 1906.13529 The 1910 census was retraced by the enumerator, making it somewhat illegible. Mary's amrried name appeared to be Cominsky, but the retracings added some bizarre alterations. One was that Mary's mother's parents, the Berkowitzs, were both said to have been born in Australia, which was well wide of the actual mark. The reason for belaboring this is that two doors from Marya nd her siblings and mother was a family surnamed Salomonsky - and althoughnone in the family were enumerated as married, it may be that Mary's first husband was from that family. The Salomskys lived between Mary and her sister Esther's family - all on Fen Church Street in Norfolk. There were no Cominskys anywhere nearby. Children were: Selma KAMINSKY-64, Solomon B. (Sol) KAMINSKY-65.

Spouse: Joseph Milton WEINER-63. Mary KAHN and Joseph Milton WEINER were married before 1919. This marriage may have taken place as early as 1910, after the Apr 1910 census. Children were: Selma KAMINSKY-64, Solomon B. (Sol) KAMINSKY-65, Robert WEINER-66, Beverly WEINER-121647.

Milton KAHN (private).7453 Parents: Samuel KAHN-42 and Viola (Vyly) -121677.

Minnie KAHN48618 was born in January 1888 in VA.13528,13529,48619 Her grave marker says 1890. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Norfolk City, VA.13528 In April 1910 she was a dry goods bookkeeper in Norfolk City, VA.13529 Minnie died in 1950 at the age of 62 in WV.48619 Buried in Monte Vista Park Cemetery, Bluefield, WV. Parents: Solomon KAHN-7 and Ida BERKOWITZ-17153.

Spouse: Benjamin Daniel LENETT-121621. Minnie KAHN and Benjamin Daniel LENETT were married after April 1910. Children were: Sidney Joseph LENETT-121641, Marvin Saul LENETT-121642.

Miriam Gene KAHN4144 was born on 24 May 1924.140 She died on 24 December 1998 at the age of 74 in Tucson, Pima, AZ.140,48620 Buried in Evergreen Memorial Park, Tucson, AZ, Plot: Block 45 - Lawn Crypts. Parents: Thomas KAHN-120283 and Lillian -120284.

Spouse: Richard Dan TEMPLE-120275. Miriam Gene KAHN and Richard Dan TEMPLE were married before 1960. Children were: Dr. Scott Dean TEMPLE-120277, Karen Sue (Karen) TEMPLE-120278.

Samuel KAHN was born about 1825. Date estimated from Solomon Kahn's birth date. Father may have been Aron Behr Kahn, Matte Wulf Kahn, or Jettel Kahn. These three were listed as the three heads of households among the Jews in Memel in 1813. There were 19 Jewish families with 45 people living in Memel at that time. Source is a book in German by Johannes Sembritzke, entitled "Geschichte der Koniglich Preussischen See und Handelsstadt Memel," 1st edition 1900, 2nd edition 1926.

Spouse: Mary -21. Children were: Solomon KAHN-7.