Vila7445 died before June 2020.7445

Spouse: James Allison (Buck) TEMPLE-87280. Vila and James Allison (Buck) TEMPLE were married about 1951. They were divorced on 20 September 1972 in Wake Co., NC.975 Children were: Andrew Clay TEMPLE-110450, Steven Allson (Steve) TEMPLE-110451, Elaine TEMPLE-123327, Jewel TEMPLE-123328.

Spouse: James DUPREE-122363. Vila and James DUPREE were married after 20 September 1972.

Villa was born in 1896 in OH.7446 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Youngstown, Mahoning, OH.7446

Spouse: Dale Virgil TEMPLE-70781. Villa and Dale Virgil TEMPLE were married about 1917 in OH. Children were: Catherine FAY-70785.

Vincencie7447 was born in Czechoslovakia.

Spouse: John KROPACEK-125815. Vincencie and John KROPACEK were married before September 1888. Children were: John A. KROPACEK-125814.

Vinnie71 was born in 1885 in NM.7448 She appeared in the census in March 1920 in Callahan Co., TX.7448 Her parents were both from TX.

Spouse: CARTER-59159. Vinnie and CARTER were married about 1902 in TX. Children were: Earl CARTER-59162, Belle CARTER-59163, Phalby CARTER-59070.

Spouse: Louis C. HAYHURST-59161. Vinnie and Louis C. HAYHURST were married about 1921 in AZ. Date is assumed based on the children in the 1920 census, and therefore requires proof. Children were: Susie HAYHURST-59164, John L. HAYHURST-59165, Crystina HAYHURST-59166, Frankie HAYHURST-59167, Vernice HAYHURST-59168.

Vinnie Mae was born on 29 January 1904.7449 She died on 23 June 1925 at the age of 21 in Rayville, Richland, LA.7449 Buried in Horn Cemetery, Rayville, LA. She had a child - her grave marker is annotated "mother."

Spouse: TEMPLE-156351.

Viola was born in October 1861 in IL.7450,7451 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Benton, Polk, MO.7450 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Benton, Polk, MO.7451 Viola died.

Spouse: Charles SERGENT-128496. Viola and Charles SERGENT were married before 1895. Children were: Jessie Louise (Jessie) SERGENT-128495.

Viola was born in 1875 in GA.7452 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Mc Lennan Co., TX.7452

Spouse: James P. BOMAR-60898. Viola and James P. BOMAR were married. Children were: Jesse D. BOMAR-60895.

Viola (Vyly)7453 was born about 1880.

Spouse: Samuel KAHN-42. Viola (Vyly) and Samuel KAHN were married. Children were: Milton KAHN-121678, Jerry KAHN-121679.

Viola M.7454 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Max Eugene (Max) TEMPLE-41934. Viola M. and Max Eugene (Max) TEMPLE were married on 1 September 1942.7454,7455 When Max was inducted, he claimed to be married. They7454,7455 were divorced on 17 July 1945 in Jackson Co., OR.7454 Viola sued for divorce on the grounds of cruelty and was granted the divorce. No children were affected.

Viola R.6491 died before 2022.

Spouse: Ellis Lee TEMPLE-186192. Viola R. and Ellis Lee TEMPLE were married.

Violet7456 died.

Spouse: Rex BROWN-109016. Violet and Rex BROWN were married before 1933. Children were: Ruby Delila (Ila) BROWN-31382.

Violet (private).

Spouse: Johnny Robert TEMPLE-109376.

Violet7457 died.

Spouse: Melvin BYRD-115226. Violet and Melvin BYRD were married. Children were: Connie BYRD-115223.

Violet (private).7458

Spouse: Brandon Allen TEMPLE-158981.

Violet was born in 1888 in AZ.7459 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.7459 Her parents were from Scotland (father) and England (mother). By 1910, she had had 1 child who survived.

Spouse: Michel A. TEMPLE-139187. Violet and Michel A. TEMPLE were married in 1904.7459 Children were: Margaret F. TEMPLE-139189.

Violet7460 was born in 1916. She died in 1997 at the age of 81 in Olds, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.7460 Buried in Olds Cemetery, Olds, AB.

Spouse: Peter TEMPLE-151700. Violet and Peter TEMPLE were married before 2002.7461

Violet R. was born in 1892 in OK.7462

Spouse: Claud R. BALLARD-74182. Violet R. and Claud R. BALLARD were married. Children were: Lola BALLARD-74180.

Virgie was born on 12 July 1921 in AR.7463,7464 She died on 5 November 1988 at the age of 67 in Youngstown, Mahoning, OH.7463,7464

Spouse: TEMPLE-142356.

Virgie O.71 was born in 1897 in AR.7465 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Floyd Co., TX.7465 Her parents were from AR (father) and IL (mother).

Spouse: Samuel BOX-59218. Virgie O. and Samuel BOX were married. Children were: Mary E. BOX-59220, Winnie C. BOX-59221, Jewell B. BOX-59222, Sammie E. BOX-59223, Willie J. BOX-59224, Jonell BOX-15065, Charles W. BOX-59225.

Virgin Nicole (private).7466

Spouse: David Porter TEMPLE-51314.

Virginia (private).

Spouse: J.D. LITTLE-79053. Children were: Tracy LITTLE-79052.

Virginia (private).

Spouse: Earl MARTIN-79063. Children were: Deborah Dale (Debbie) MARTIN-75433.

Virginia (private).

Spouse: John L. TEMPLE-82855.

Virginia (private).

Spouse: Dan REVILS-89215. Children were: REVILS-89214.

Virginia was born in Dinwiddie Co., VA.7467 She died.

Spouse: William E. LEE-110836. Virginia and William E. LEE were married before 1863. Children were: Ida Virginia LEE-22416.

Virginia (private).

Spouse: Thomas TEMPLE-147615.

Virginia (private).

Spouse: Gregory Lynn TEMPLE-136445.

Spouse: RUTH-150056. Children were: Michael RUTH-150057, Shannon RUTH-150058.

Virginia (private).

Spouse: Timothy TEMPLE-159689.

Virginia (private).

Spouse: TRAVIS-162759. Children were: Frances Jane TRAVIS-140501.

Virginia (private).

Spouse: Joseph STOKES-181800. Children were: Carol Jane STOKES-181795.

Virginia was born in November 1819 in MO.7468 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Benton Co., MO.7468 Enumerated as a boarder. Virginia's parents were both from MO.

Spouse: TEMPLE-134048. TEMPLE and Virginia were married about 1840.

Virginia was born in 1838 in KY.7469 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in South Carrollton, Muhlenberg, KY.7469

Spouse: G.W. COOMBS-55686. Virginia and G.W. COOMBS were married. Children were: Martha Jane COOMBS-38372.

Virginia was born in 1861 in IN.7470 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Lakewood, Cuyahoga, OH.7470 Enumerated with her daughter Ida and her family.

Spouse: GIRARD-135963. Virginia and GIRARD were married. Children were: Ida Maude (Ida) GIRARD-135961.

Virginia was born in 1952.7471 She died on 27 August 1995 at the age of 43 in Cobb Co., GA.7471

Spouse: TEMPLE-132277.

Virginia Ann was born in 1931.

Spouse: KELLER-109767.

Spouse: Lamar Eugene TEMPLE-103631. Virginia Ann and Lamar Eugene TEMPLE were married on 27 April 1962 in Houston, Harris, TX.7472

Virginia B. was born in June 1845 in VA.7473,7474 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.7474 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.7473 Although she gave no occupation, she claimed to have her own income. Her parents were both from VA in 1900 and 1910. By 1910, she had had 6 children, all of whom survived. Her surname is possibly Mc Bride. In 1910, she was enumerated with a cousin, Robert Mc Bride, from IN, and several of her children had M for middle initials.

Spouse: Charles TEMPLE-143769. Virginia B. and Charles TEMPLE were married in 1873.7474 Children were: Alex B. TEMPLE-143771, Mary S. TEMPLE-143772, Charles H. TEMPLE-143773, Virginia M. TEMPLE-143774, William M. TEMPLE-143775.

Virginia B. was born on 16 May 1925.7475,7476,7477 She lived in Jamaica, Queens, NY in 1993.7477 She died on 3 January 1993 at the age of 67 in Calverton, Suffolk, NY.7476,7477 Buried in Calverton National Cemetery, Calverton, Suffolk, NY, Plot: 10, 2705.

Spouse: Augustus C. TEMPLE Jr.-157062. Virginia B. and Augustus C. TEMPLE Jr. were married before 1965.7478 Children were: Joya C. TEMPLE-142640.

Virginia C. died on 27 January 1939 in Anderson Co., TX.7479

Spouse: TEMPLE-143628.

Virginia E.M. (private).

Spouse: Graydon TEMPLE-135812.

Virginia G. (private).7480

Spouse: David L. TEMPLE-140993.

Virginia H. was born in 1913 in NC.7481 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Garland, Sampson, NC.7481

Spouse: Joseph R. TEMPLE-157113. Virginia H. and Joseph R. TEMPLE were married about 1932 in NC. Children were: Joseph R. TEMPLE Jr.-157115, Jackie TEMPLE-157116.

Virginia K. (private).

Spouse: Joseph Alton (Joe) TEMPLE II-17256.

Virginia Kathryn lived 1020 West 64th Street in Texarkana, Bowie, TX in October 1940.7482

Spouse: Delburt Murl/Earl TEMPLE-39705. Virginia Kathryn and Delburt Murl/Earl TEMPLE were married before October 1940.

Virginia L. (private).7483

Spouse: Victor Harrison TEMPLE-119901. Children were: Kristin TEMPLE-119903, Karen TEMPLE-119904.

Virginia Lee (private).

Spouse: BRITTLE-69490. Children were: Elson Cooper BRITTLE-67611.

Virginia Lee was born (date unknown).

Spouse: W.E. TEMPLE-144103. Virginia Lee and W.E. TEMPLE were married before 1946. They were divorced in 1946 in Hillsborough Co., FL.7484

Virginia M.7485 was born on 26 January 1920.7486 She died on 7 September 1977 at the age of 57 in Dexter, Stoddard, MO.7486 Buried in Dexter Cemetery, Dexter, MO.

Spouse: Ralph Verlin TEMPLES-38534. Virginia M. and Ralph Verlin TEMPLES were married before 1988.

Virginia M. was born in 1954 in OH.7487,7488 She lived in Toledo, Lucas, OH in 1983.7487 She died on 7 July 1984 at the age of 30 in Toledo, Lucas, OH.7488 Murdered by spree killers Alton Coleman and Debra Denise Brown. Buried in Forest Cemetery, Toledo, OH, Plot: Sec 34, Row 9, Grave 23.

Spouse: Raymond TEMPLE-154162. Children were: Rachelle Marie TEMPLE-158614.

Virginia P. (private).

Spouse: Norris Edward TEMPLE Sr.-184887. Children were: Norris Edward TEMPLE Jr.-184889.

Virginia R.7489 was born in 1876. She died on 20 June 1924 at the age of 48 in Bath Co., VA. Buried in Williamsville Cemetery, Bath Co., VA.

Spouse: Lucius TEMPLE-183907.