Elaine TEMPLE (private).87322

Elaine C. TEMPLE was born on 23 July 1925 in Bronx, Bronx, NY.66306,66307,87323 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Bronx, Bronx, NY.66306 Identification of Elaine, daughter of Saul and Lena (Schlamowitz) Temple of the Bronx in 1930 as Elain C. Temple who married Lawrence Feldman in 1946 is based on her name and location in the Bronx. However, there was another Elaine in NYC at the time, and she was the daughter of Philip and Etta Temple, b 1927, but last found in Brooklyn in 1940. Parents: Saul TEMPLE-134712 and Lena H. SCHLAMOWITZ-134713.

Spouse: Lawrence FELDMAN-175289. Elaine C. TEMPLE and Lawrence FELDMAN were married in June 1946 in Bronx, Bronx, NY.31432

Elaine J. TEMPLE (private).87324

Elaine Louise TEMPLE was born on 8 August 1931 in San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA.27293,87325 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Redlands, San Bernardino, CA.87325 Enumerated with her grandparents. Parents: Max TEMPLE-147536 and Emma DEWEY-147537.

Spouse: William B. STANLEY-147541. Elaine Louise TEMPLE and William B. STANLEY were married on 16 March 1951 in San Bernardino Co., CA.70178 Children were: Mark Belden STANLEY-147542, Gregory John STANLEY-147543, Kimberly Sue STANLEY-147544.

Elaine M. TEMPLE (private).36847 Parents: Vernon Israel (Vernon) TEMPLE-44259 and Wilma GRUBE-55062.

Spouse: Carl Edwin FENSKY-65588.

Elaine M. TEMPLE53136 was born on 23 February 1944 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.22 She lived in Westborough, Worcester, MA in 2007.57680 She died on 12 December 2016 at the age of 72 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.87326 Parents: Donald LaVerne (Donald) TEMPLE-29088 and Barbara Ann MC DIARMID-36988.

Spouse: BUZZI-119249.

Spouse: Dennis D. COUGHLIN-43464.

Elaine S. TEMPLE was born in October 1927 in Clinton Co., PA.66902,66903 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Bald Eagle Twp., Clinton, PA.66902 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Bald Eagle Twp., Clinton, PA.66903 Elaine lived in Youngstown, Mahoning, OH in 1949.37291 Parents: Sherman Oscar (Sherman) TEMPLE-22925 and Harriet Margaret SELFE-41134.

Spouse: WADSWORTH-123623. Elaine S. TEMPLE and WADSWORTH were married before 1949.

Elaine W. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: David M. KOVACH-177471.

Elam Glenn TEMPLE (private).8686 Parents: Calvert Caswell TEMPLE-40555 and Bethany Louise (Louise) BAREFOOT-51541.

Spouse: Frances Jeannette ALTMAN-51560. Children were: Junior Glenn TEMPLE-118369, Sharon Lynn TEMPLE-51564, Carolyn Ann TEMPLE-51561, Clinton Caswell TEMPLE-118368.

Elam Reamuel (Elam) TEMPLE Sr. was born on 27 May 1880 in Ingrams, Johnston, NC.52178,52179,52180,59156,59158,59159,59160,59161,87327 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Ingrams, Johnston, NC.52179 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Four Oaks, Johnston, NC.52180 Elam registered as a voter on 18 October 1902 in Ingrams, Johnston, NC.87328 In April 1910 he was a farmer in Ingrams, Johnston, NC.59160 In January 1920 he was a farmer in Four Oaks, Johnston, NC.59158 In April 1930 Elam was a farmer in Ingrams, Johnston, NC.59159 In April 1940 he was a farm operator in Ingrams, Johnston, NC.59161 He died on 23 May 1964 at the age of 83 in Four Oaks, Johnston, NC.52178,80078,87327 Buried in Caswell Temple Cemetery, Four Oaks, NC. Related in some way to Caswell Temple. His obituary gave his middle name as Rice. Parents: Caswell TEMPLE-31154 and Mary Hawkins (Mary) MASSENGILL-31155.

Spouse: Carrie Ella (Ella) PARKER-40552. Carrie Ella (Ella) PARKER and Elam Reamuel (Elam) TEMPLE Sr. were married in 1909 in NC.59159 Children were: Raymon Hughes TEMPLE-40553, Vernon Ris (Vernon) TEMPLE-40554, Calvert Caswell TEMPLE-40555, Bernice Ira (Bernie) TEMPLE(S)-40556, Nora Hawkins TEMPLE-40557, Elam Reamuel (Reamuel) TEMPLE Jr.-40558, Elwood Bright TEMPLE-44686.

Elam Reamuel (Reamuel) TEMPLE Jr. was born on 3 March 1919 in Four Oaks, Johnston, NC.59158,59159,59161,87329,87330,87331 SSDI puts the date in 1919, but he claimed it in 1920 in his SSAN application. He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Four Oaks, Johnston, NC.59158 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Ingrams, Johnston, NC.59159 Elam appeared in the census in April 1940 in Ingrams, Johnston, NC.59161 He was educated Campbell College in October 1940 in Buie's Creek, Harnett, NC.87332 He served in the military between 1941 and 1946.946,87332,87333 Drafted in the Army of the US on 22 Jul 1941 at Fort Bragg, NC as a private. Promoted to technical sergeant. Discharged 12 Jan 1946.
Service # 33552564. In July 1941 Elam was an actor.87333 He lived Campbell College in Buie's Creek, Harnett, NC in 1942.87334 He lived in Four Oaks, Johnston, NC in 1964.80078 Elam lived in NM before 2001.87330 He died on 25 December 2001 at the age of 82 in Four Oaks, Johnston, NC.87330,87335 Buried in Caswell Temple Cemetery, Four Oaks, NC. Appears with the terminal S in birth records but not thereafter. Parents: Elam Reamuel (Elam) TEMPLE Sr.-39954 and Carrie Ella (Ella) PARKER-40552.

Elanor TEMPLE died on 14 June 1944 in Abilene, Taylor, TX.87336 Buried in Abilene Municipal Cemetery, Abilene, TX.

Elayne M. TEMPLE lived in Great Falls, Cascade, MT in 1946.44327 She died before 1999.

Spouse: Harold E. JOHNSTON-151534. Elayne M. TEMPLE and Harold E. JOHNSTON were married before 1946. Children were: Randy A. JENSEN-151535.

Elayne Marie TEMPLE was born on 2 September 1927 in Sylvan, Cass, MN.12113,33017,33019,37884,87337 She gave 23 Sep 1925 in her marriage to Howard Johnston. SSACI says 2 Sep 1927, which agrees with (and may be from the same source as) the MN death index. The 23 Sep may be more correct than the 2 Sep, but she apparently fudged the year when she married to be age 20. In her marriage to Howard Johnston, she claimed Brainard, MN. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Scandia Valley, Morrison, MN.33017 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Scandia Valley, Morrison, MN.33019 Elayne died on 11 July 1991 at the age of 63 in Todd Co., MN.87337,87338 Parents: Anno John (Anno) TEMPLE-60614 and Ellen Amanda Marie FRANZEN-60615.

Spouse: Howard C. JOHNSTON-112852. Elayne Marie TEMPLE and Howard C. JOHNSTON were married on 22 December 1945 in Great Falls, Cascade, MT.12113

Spouse: HANELINE-103265. Elayne Marie TEMPLE and HANELINE were married before May 1950.37884

Spouse: SWANSON-103266. Elayne Marie TEMPLE and SWANSON were married before January 1954.37884

Spouse: CHEANEY-103267.

Spouse: GILMORE-103268.

Spouse: Charles R. WEINRICH-103264.

Elbert A. TEMPLE (private).29919 Parents: Charles Pullman TEMPLE-91104 and Ruth Irene EKANGER-91112.

Elbert A. TEMPLE was born on 7 June 1882 in Nettleton, Lee, MS.64332 He died on 13 August 1882 at the age of 0 in Nettleton, Lee, MS.55234,64332 Buried in Gray's Cemetery, Nettleton, MS. He was a twin. Parents: Milton M. TEMPLE-17015 and Rebecca Louisa (Lou) ROBERTS-17016.

Elbert Alexander (Elbert) TEMPLE was born on 5 January 1895 in Port Burwell, Elgin, Ontario, Canada.30833,30834,30835,87339,87340 He appeared in the census in 1901 in Bayham, Elgin East, Ontario, Canada.30833 In 1911 he was a fisherman in Port Stanley, Elgin, Ontario, Canada.30834 In 1912 Elbert was a sailor.87341 He lived in Chattanooga, Hamilton, TN in 1912.87342 He was in the US for 6 months, leaving in October, 1912. He immigrated on 14 November 1912 to Detroit, Wayne, MI.87341 He gave no specific destination, except that he was going to Atlanta, GA. In 1914 Elbert was a laborer in Port Stanley, Elgin, Ontario, Canada.30835 He was going to stay with his mother. In 1917 he was a whaling sailor for North Pacific Sea Products Company in Akutan, Aleutians East, AK.87343 He lived in Seward, Kenai Peninsula, AK in 1917. Elbert lived in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH in April 1917.87344 In June 1917 he was an unemployed seaman in Duluth, St. Louis, MN.87339 He died. Given name also shown as Albert as in birth records, 1911 and in his WWI draft registration. He claimed exemption in his draft registration because he was against war. He registered for the draft twice. Parents: Arthur TEMPLE-115526 and Margaret (Maggie) EVELAND-115527.

Elbert Ernest (Elbert) TEMPLE79240 was born on 29 March 1881 in Hammond, Piatt, IL.7510,11062 In April 1910 he was an express wagon driver in Sapulpa, Creek, OK.7510 He died on 6 May 1914 at the age of 33 in Hammond, Piatt, IL.7508,87345 Buried Hammond Cemetery, Hammond, IL. Elbert moved in Ficklin, Douglas, IL.11062 Parents: Leonard M. (Len\Lynn) TEMPLE-5422 and Mary C. (Mollie) GREEN-5605.

Spouse: Nellie May (Nellie) ABERCROMBIE-49740. Nellie May (Nellie) ABERCROMBIE and Elbert Ernest (Elbert) TEMPLE were married on 3 December 1902 in Lincoln Co., OK.7510,7514 Registered in marriage book 6, line 137. Children were: Milton Glenn (Glen) TEMPLE-49741, Floyd Lynn TEMPLE-49742.

Elbert Jonathan TEMPLE was born on 22 April 1883 in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL.62173,62174,62176,62177,62181,64304,64319,82011 Death records gave his age as 59, yielding 1883 as his birth year, which agrees with his WWI draft registration, but not the censuses. He was born on the family homestead. In June 1900 he was a farm laborer in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL.64304 In April 1910 he was an odd job laborer in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL.64319 In 1918 Elbert was a caregiver for his invalid father in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL.62176 In January 1920 he was a laborer in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL.62173 In April 1930 he was a farmer in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL.62174 In 1942 Elbert was a farmer in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL.62177 He died on 7 December 1942 at the age of 59 in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL.62181,87346,87347,87348 Died at home from an undisclosed illness that had lasted seven months. Buried in Middle Creek Cemetery, Winnebago, IL. His parents were both from PA. Parents: John Henry (Henry) TEMPLE-91108 and Mary Ellen ROBERTS-91109.

Spouse: Frances Clarinda PULLMAN-91097. Frances Clarinda PULLMAN and Elbert Jonathan TEMPLE were married on 12 September 1915 in Conroe, Montgomery, TX.62174,62179,62180,62181 Children were: Thomas Elbert TEMPLE-91098, John Henry TEMPLE-91099, Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-91103, Charles Pullman TEMPLE-91104, William Warren TEMPLE-91105.

Elberta G. TEMPLE lived in Providence, Providence, RI in 1892.27943

Spouse: Charles E. DOLAN-171453. Elberta G. TEMPLE and Charles E. DOLAN were married before 1892. Children were: Earl Vern DOLAN-171454.

Elbridge TEMPLE2162,7549 was born on 27 December 1887 in Harrisburg, Saline, IL.25482,68431,83461,87349,87350,87351,87352,87353 Gave the year as 1886 in his WWII draft registration. VA beneficiary file gve the date as 29 Dec 1886. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Brushy Twp., Saline, IL.68431 In April 1910 he was a farm laborer in Carrier Mills, Saline, IL.87349 In 1917 Elbridge was a farmer in Harrisburg, Saline, IL.87350 He served in the military in 1918/9.87352,87354 Enlisted 6 Sep 1918. He was assigned to the Camp Forrest October Automatic Replacement Draft, Company 5, Engineers & Sappers when he departed Hoboken for Europe aboard the George Washington in 1918. As a private assigned to Company B, 116th Engineers, he departed Brest aboard the USS Kansas on 4 Feb 1919. He was released 11 Mar 1919.
Service # 301 79 20, Pension # 543 689. In January 1920 he was a farm laborer in Brushy Twp., Saline, IL.25482 Enumerated working on the farm of his brother Ira. In April 1930 Elbridge was a farmer in Brushy Twp., Saline, IL.83461 In April 1940 he was a farmer in Brushy Twp., Saline, IL.87353 In 1942 he was a farmer in Harrisburg, Saline, IL.87351 Elbridge lived in Harrisburg, Saline, IL in 1964.7549 He died on 7 January 1970 at the age of 82 in IL.2162,87352,87355 Buried in North America Baptist Church Cemetery, Harco, IL, which may also be referred to as New Ebenezer Cemetery, Harrisburg, IL, which was where his headstone was sent. Unmarried in 1910. His military records give his name as Elbridge but some places give Eldridge. Parents: Alva Seth (Alva) TEMPLE-5539 and Margaret Ann SLEMAKER-48316.

Spouse: Ella -125320. Ella and Elbridge TEMPLE were married after 1942.

Elbridge Jones TEMPLE25267,25270 was born on 28 July 1826 in Webster, Penobscot, ME.22,25267,82069,87356,87357 In 1850 he was a millman in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME.25269 Age given as 23, would make his birth year 1827. In June 1860 he was a ship wright in Farmingdale, Kennebec, ME.25267,25270 Elbridge died on 31 May 1868 at the age of 41 in Lisbon Falls, Androscoggin, ME.422,7731,21495,25267,87357,87358 Rise of the Temples listed death from drowning, but gave place as "at sea." Other research indicates he may have slipped into insanity, and drowned himself at Lisbon Falls. Buried in Littlefield Cemetery, Lisbon Falls, ME. He has reference number RLT # 532.10242 He was a farmer.25267 Middle initial from the 1860 census. Parents: Joseph TEMPLE-1110 and Elizabeth (Betsey) RICKER-1496.

Spouse: Isabell Purington (Isabell) CURTIS-2167. Isabell Purington (Isabell) CURTIS and Elbridge Jones TEMPLE were married on 15 November 1846 in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME.20965,25267,25268,25275 Children were: Clara Isabelle (Clara) TEMPLE-2168, Frances (Fannie) TEMPLE-2169, John F. TEMPLE-2170, Ella C. TEMPLE-2171, Ida L. TEMPLE-2172, Morrill Elbridge (Elbridge) TEMPLE-2173, Walter Earnest TEMPLE-2174, Viola G. TEMPLE-2175, Isabelle L. (Belle) TEMPLE-13184, Nelly B. TEMPLE-46591.

Elda TEMPLE was born in 1894 in Alberta, Canada.34121 She appeared in the census in 1916 in Cardston, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.34121

Spouse: Arthur Joseph GARNER-154422. Elda TEMPLE and Arthur Joseph GARNER were married before 1916.

Elda Alice TEMPLE26909,26910 was born on 3 October 1887 in Norcatur, Decatur, KS.26908,26909,59628,87359 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Rock Branch, Norton, KS.59628 She lived in Ashland, Ashland, OH in 1919.59631 Elda lived in Topeka, Shawnee, KS in 1956.76323 She died on 29 December 1972 at the age of 85 in Topeka, Shawnee, KS.26908,87359 The Deeter Genealogy gives 27 Dec 1972. Parents: David TEMPLE-3377 and Louisa Melvina (Louisa) PARTCH-21758.

Spouse: Reverend Watson Robbins DEETER-27250. Elda Alice TEMPLE and Reverend Watson Robbins DEETER were married on 26 May 1907 in Norcatur, Decatur, KS.26908 Some sources give the location as Topeka, KS. Children were: Loyde Elmer DEETER-27276, Vaile E. DEETER-27277.

Elden Mc. TEMPLE87360 was born in 1895 in Madison Co., OH. He died on 12 September 1897 at the age of 2 in Lafayette, Madison, OH. Buried in Deer Creek Township Cemetery, Lafayette, OH. Parents: Edward Milton (Edward) TEMPLE-45633 and Florence May (Florence) MC CLIMANS-45634.

Elderina W. TEMPLE7127,50004 was born in 1836 in VA.75527 Gave her age as 22 in 1860. She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Prince George Co., VA.75527 In June 1860 she was a seamstress in Prince George Co., VA.8729 Elderina died. Parents: Henry TEMPLE-22101 and Martha Vianna (Martha) AMBROSE-22110.

Spouse: William James (Jonas) LIVESAY-72873. Elderina W. TEMPLE and William James (Jonas) LIVESAY were married. Children were: Orlando S. LIVESAY-72874, Laura B. LIVESAY-72875, Rufus Franklin LIVESAY-72876, William H. LIVESAY-72877, Jesse LIVESAY-72878, Junius Milford LIVESAY-72879.

Eldon E. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Nora TAYLOR-163428.

Eldon Edward (Eldon) TEMPLE was born on 17 September 1918 in Stanberry, Gentry, MO.49902,54218,54219,68382,87361 The date was in 1918 in SSACI, but he claimed it in 1919 for his WWII draft registration. He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Wilson Twp., Gentry, MO.49902 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Cooper, Gentry, MO.68382 In April 1940 Eldon was a Works Progress Administration road construction laborer in Cooper, Gentry, MO.54218 In October 1940 he was an unemployed in Stanberry, Gentry, MO.54219 He lived in Bakersfield, Kern, CA in 1961.87362 Eldon died on 23 October 2002 at the age of 84 in Bakersfield, Kern, CA.87363 Parents: Edward W. (Ed) TEMPLE-37819 and Alma Maydonne SLAGLE-38309.

Spouse: Virginia Faye MEEK-71694. Virginia Faye MEEK and Eldon Edward (Eldon) TEMPLE were married about 1937.54220 Marriage recorded in Marriage Book 11, p. 100, but no date was given. A marriage given on p. 173 of the same book was 23 Apr 1938, so the date could have been late 1937 or early 1938. Children were: Dorothy Faye TEMPLE-87083, Alma Arlene TEMPLE-71691, Orinda Darlene (Darlene) TEMPLE-87084, Jerry TEMPLE-87085.

Spouse: Georgia H. JENNINGS-59887. Georgia H. JENNINGS and Eldon Edward (Eldon) TEMPLE were married in 1967.44277 They44277 were divorced in September 1969 in Kern Co., CA.44277 They44277 were divorced in October 1974 in Kern Co., CA.44279 The reason for two divorce proceedings is unclear.

Eldon F. TEMPLE (private).87364

Eldon Francis TEMPLE22244 was born on 21 February 1934 in Axtell, Marshall, KS.22247,87365 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Elm Creek Twp., Marshall, KS.22247 He served in the military between 1968 and 1970.22249,29083,87366 Dates not inclusive - served in the Army for 20 years. Served in the Army in Vietnam. Awarded the Army Commendation Medal 16 Sep 1969. Stationed at Fort LEonard Wood, MO, in Mar 1970. Eldon lived in Salina, Saline, KS in 2014.87367 He died on 16 May 2019 at the age of 85 in Olathe, Johnson, KS.87368 Buried in Roselawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Salina, KS. Parents: Oliver Berlyn (Berlyn) TEMPLE-25637 and Erma Fern (Erma) COCHRAN-27447.

Spouse: Maxine Mae DURYEE-91300. Maxine Mae DURYEE and Eldon Francis TEMPLE were married on 3 July 1954 in Abilene, Dickinson, KS.29083 Children were: Melissa TEMPLE-91303, June TEMPLE-91304.

Eldon L. TEMPLE87369 was born in 1944. He died in 1945 at the age of 1 in Union City, Randolph, IN. Buried in Union City Cemetery, Union City, IN. Association with Jacob Allen and Ethel (Foreman) Temple is based on location and timing, and the fact that they were the only Temples living in Union City at the time of his birth. Parents: Jacob Allen TEMPLE-63945 and Ethel M. FOREMAN-63947.

Eldora Exina (Dora) TEMPLE was born on 13 December 1918 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.22,49400,55977 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.55977 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.49400 Eldora lived in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA in 1991.49402 She died on 6 August 2001 at the age of 82 in Worcester, Worcester, MA.87370 Buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Marlboro, MA. Parents: George Freeman (George) TEMPLE-4685 and Elizabeth Elmira (Lizzie) MORIARTY-4892.

Spouse: SCHNEIDER-4994. Eldora Exina (Dora) TEMPLE and SCHNEIDER were married in 1937 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.49402,66381 Also registered in Hudson, MA. They49402,66381 were divorced.22

Eldred Benjamin (Eldred) TEMPLE was born on 20 February 1903 in Gadsden, Etowah, AL.44794,44796,50812,50813,87371 Gave 1905 in 1920. He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Reed Brake Twp., Marshall, AL.50813 In January 1920 he was a cotton mill sweeper in Alabama City, Etowah, AL.50812 In April 1930 Eldred was a rock quarry laborer in Moulton, Lawrence, AL.44794 In April 1940 he was a rock crusher laborer in Decatur, Morgan, AL.44796 In February 1942 he was an employee of Cothren's Crusher in Decatur, Morgan, AL.87371 Eldred was ill with blindness in his left eye in February 1942.87371 His WWII draft registration noted that his blindness was not obvious to any extent. He lived Route 5 in Spring Hill, Mobile, AL in November 1946.87372 He died in 1993 at the age of 90 in Mobile Co., AL.87373 Buried in Serenity Memorial Gardens, Theodore, AL. Eldred has reference number RLT # (None).87374 Parents: Thomas Terrell TEMPLE-50335 and Lillian (Lillie) LUMKIN-53383.

Spouse: Lula Mae JOHNSON-53394. Lula Mae JOHNSON and Eldred Benjamin (Eldred) TEMPLE were married on 28 May 1927 in Morgan Co., AL.44794,44798 In Morgan County Marriage Book T, p. 498. The marriage index did not give his wife's maiden name. Children were: Lee J. TEMPLE-53393, Raymond TEMPLE-85639.

Eldridge TEMPLE45078 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Berta JONES-128645. Berta JONES and Eldridge TEMPLE were married on 20 November 1903 in Smith Co., TX.43350,45078,45079 Marriage book 15, p. 626. An unreliable Ancestry database of TX marriages incorrectly says 26 Dec 1903, probably recording the minister's return.

Eleanor TEMPLE (private). Parents: Sir Grenville TEMPLE-16302 and Mary BARING-50082.

Eleanor TEMPLE (private).21320 Parents: Jacob TEMPLE-89885 and Mary HOLLINGER-89890. Parents: Matthew William (Matt) TEMPLE-89888 and Emily KAMMER-89894.

Spouse: Henry BOHAY-89900.

Eleanor TEMPLE (private). Parents: Michael (Mike) TEMPLE-120250 and Elizabeth HOLLINGER-120260.

Spouse: John HEUCHART-120269.

Eleanor TEMPLE (private).87375 Parents: Levie Greene TEMPLE-53088 and Elsie Mae WALSTON-83058.

Spouse: SULLIVAN-122375.

Spouse: Charlie DE PEW-122376.

Eleanor TEMPLE (private). Parents: Charles John Garmansway (John) TEMPLE-124791 and Elsie Blanche DAVIS-124795.

Eleanor TEMPLE51739 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Isaiah MARREW-132607. Eleanor TEMPLE and Isaiah MARREW were married on 7 June 1846 in Washington Co., OH.51739

Eleanor TEMPLE was born (date unknown). I think she must be closely related to Joseph and Elizabeth (Ricker) Temple, because they named one of their sons, Morrill Clark Temple, after Eleanor's husband. That probably means she is a first cousin of Joseph. The timing is tough, but she is perhaps a daughter of Stephen and Alice (Keen) Temple.

Spouse: Morrill CLARK-133601. Eleanor TEMPLE and Morrill CLARK were married on 7 June 1843 in Webster, Penobscot, ME.9272 The place may be Androscoggin Co., ME.

Eleanor TEMPLE lived in Plattsburgh, Clinton, MO in 1918.27755

Spouse: Samuel DIXON-148831. Eleanor TEMPLE and Samuel DIXON were married on 16 June 1918 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, MO.27755

Eleanor TEMPLE lived in Jersey City, Hudson, NJ in 1920.14420

Spouse: Augustus BOCK-167768. Eleanor TEMPLE and Augustus BOCK were married before 1920.14420 Children were: Robert Augustus BOCK-167769.

Eleanor TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Richard REHEELDT-177323.

Eleanor TEMPLE lived in Winnipeg, Greater Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in December 1926.14775 Parents: J. TEMPLE-180514 and UNKNOWN-180515.

Eleanor TEMPLE died in 1856 in Meriden, Cherokee, IA.87376 Buried in Meriden Cemetery, Meriden, IA. Temple may not be her maiden name.

Eleanor TEMPLE died on 5 June 1946 in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.25975 Buried in Mountain View Cemetery and Crematorium, Vancouver, BC. Possibly related to Alexander Frank Temple, also buried in the Jones plot in Mountain View Cemetery and Crematorium, Vancouver, BC.

Eleanor TEMPLE was born in 1805 in NY.14187 She appeared in the census in October 1850 in Maine, Broome, NY.14187 Parents: TEMPLE-133579 and UNKNOWN-137760.

Spouse: Aaron R. BLISS-133582. Eleanor TEMPLE and Aaron R. BLISS were married on 10 January 1822 in Fonda, Montgomery, NY.8415 Children were: Washington BLISS-137758, Jerome BLISS-137759.

Eleanor TEMPLE78053 was born on 16 July 1805 in Warwick, Orange, MA.22,34290,78054 She died on 19 March 1853 at the age of 47 in Richmond, Chittenden, VT.22,34290 Buried in Middletown Cemetery, Richmond, VT. Parents: Daniel TEMPLE-5783 and Hannah WOODCOCK-5825.

Eleanor TEMPLE34000 was born in 1809 in Wayne, Steuben, NY.34000 She died on 20 March 1888 at the age of 79 in Cameron, Steuben, NY.34000 She died at her son's house in Cameron, NY.

Spouse: John T. KNAPP-129290. Eleanor TEMPLE and John T. KNAPP were married after 1835.

Spouse: Alfred GARDINER-129291. Eleanor TEMPLE and Alfred GARDINER were married on 6 December 1829 in Wayne, Steuben, NY.34001 Children were: Sanford Alfred GARDINER-129292, Charlotte J. GARDINER-129293.