Inez S. (private).

Spouse: William S. PLACE-80000. Children were: Bertha E. PLACE-38350.

Irene (private).

Spouse: Albert PARKER-8274.

Irene (private).

Spouse: Bernard Evans/Herky TEMPLE Sr.-3159.

Irene3340 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William Arthur (William) TEMPLE-3167. Irene and William Arthur (William) TEMPLE were married before 1930.3340

Irene (private).

Spouse: Herbert F. HANNA-40747.

Irene (private).

Spouse: James Marvin TEMPLE-64062. Children were: Katelyn TEMPLE-64064, Sarah Kathryn TEMPLE-64065.

Irene3341 died.

Spouse: Alvin RUTH-118818. Irene and Alvin RUTH were married before 1924. Children were: Howard A. RUTH-102878.

Irene (private).

Spouse: Earl SEWALL-163141. Children were: Jerry Alfred SEWALL-145332.

Irene lived 721 Manistique Street in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1943.3342 She lived 714 Manistique Street in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1967.3343 She died on 6 April 1967 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.3343,3344 Buried in Gethsemane Cemetery, detroit, MI. Parents: UNKNOWN-124680 and UNKNOWN-124681.

Spouse: William Hillery (Will) TEMPLE-113686. Irene and William Hillery (Will) TEMPLE were married before 1943. Children were: Sandra Kay TEMPLE-118928.

Irene was born in April 1827 in KY.3345,3346 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Milton, Umatilla, OR.3345 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Portland, Multnomah, OR.3346 Irene died.

Spouse: BOZARTH-50427. Children were: Samantha Effa (Mattie) BOZARTH-50425.

Irene was born in April 1863 in IL.3347,3348,3349 Gave her age as 35 in 1910. Find-A-Grave says she was born in Canada which disagrees with her census responses in 1900 and 1910. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN.3347 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN.3348 Irene died on 1 February 1911 at the age of 47 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN.3349,3350 Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Saint Paul, MN. Her parents came from England (father) and IL (mother)., except in 1910, when they were from IA (father) and WI (mother). By 1910, she had had no children.

Spouse: Frank Edgar (Frank) TEMPLE-132345. Irene and Frank Edgar (Frank) TEMPLE were married in 1895.3348

Irene was born in 1880. She died on 19 December 1933 at the age of 53 in Chicago, Cook, IL.3351

Spouse: Henry TEMPLE-176911. Irene and Henry TEMPLE were married before 1933.

Irene was born in 1889 in KS.3352 She lived in Guthrie, Logan, OK in 1929.3352

Spouse: TEMPLE-173284. Irene and TEMPLE were married before 1929.

Spouse: Ed SHAW-173286. Irene and Ed SHAW were married on 11 March 1929 in Guthrie, Logan, OK.3352

Irene was born in 1899 in NC.3353

Spouse: Reid MERRILL-60462. Irene and Reid MERRILL were married. Children were: Charles MERRILL-51420.

Irene was born in 1903 in IL.3354 In April 1930 she was a grocery company clerk in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.3354 Her parents were both from IL.

Spouse: TEMPLE-136701. Irene and TEMPLE were married in 1925.3354

Irene was born in 1917 in IA.3355 She lived in Kansas City, Jackson, MO on 1 April 1935.3355 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Springfield, Greene, MO.3355

Spouse: Donald Montreal (Donald) TEMPLE-67531. Irene and Donald Montreal (Donald) TEMPLE were married before 1940.

Irene1676 was born on 29 March 1918.3356 She died on 21 January 2009 at the age of 90 in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.3356

Spouse: G.E. (Ted) TEMPLE-124807. Irene and G.E. (Ted) TEMPLE were married. Children were: Arline TEMPLE-124808, Adele TEMPLE-124809, Bruce TEMPLE-124810.

Irene3357 was born in 1930. She died on 20 September 2012 at the age of 82.

Spouse: TEMPEL-156767.

Irene (Rena) was born on 24 January 1902 in Greece.3358,3359,3360,3361 She immigrated in 1930.3360 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Crosby, Crow Wing, MN.3360 Irene appeared in the census in April 1940 in Crosby, Crow Wing, MN.3361 She lived in MN before 1951.3358 She lived in Crosby, Crow Wing, MN in 1975.3358 Irene died on 22 February 1975 at the age of 73 in Enumclaw, King, WA.3358,3359,3362 Buried in Lakewood Cemetery, Crosby, MN.

Spouse: James TEMPLES-132546. Irene (Rena) and James TEMPLES were married in 1929.3360 Possibly in Greece. Children were: Anna TEMPLE-156644, George TEMPLE-156645, Angelo TEMPLE-142907, Alexander G. (Aleck) TEMPLE-156646.

Irene B. was born on 26 November 1926 in Mc Cleary, Grays Harbor, WA.3363,3364,3365 The Washington State Archives, the WA Secretary of State's online digital archives, listed only one female named Irene born in WA between 1925 and 1927. She was Irene Noland, b 20 Apr 1927. She lived in Shelton, Mason, WA in October 1962.3363 She died on 7 June 2010 at the age of 83 in Puyallup, Pierce, WA.3364,3366 Buried in Tahoma National Cemetery, Kent, WA. Temple was probably not her maiden name. Her birth in WA seems unlikely, despite her claims - there are no census or birth records showing her in WA prior to her marriage in 1962. Perhaps the 1950 census will help when released.

Spouse: TEMPLE-179679. Irene B. and TEMPLE were married about 1948. They were divorced before 8 October 1962.3367 Irene's husband may have been a Temple.

Spouse: Chester A. BARGER-179678. Irene B. and Chester A. BARGER were married on 12 October 1962 in Olympia, Thurston, WA.3363 License is in MArriage Book 15, p. 480.

Irene Elizabeth was born in IN.3368

Spouse: Clifford James EDMONSON-110038. Irene Elizabeth and Clifford James EDMONSON were married before 1951. Children were: Anna Gail EDMONSON-110019.

Irene H. was born on 12 February 1904 in MN.3369,3370 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.3369 She lived in Howell, Livingston, MI in 1977.3370 Irene died on 18 December 1977 at the age of 73 in Superior, Washtenaw, MI.3370,3371 Buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Howell, MI.

Spouse: George Edward TEMPLE-64741. Irene H. and George Edward TEMPLE were married before April 1940.

Irene Josephine (Irene)3372 was born on 8 August 1922 in Scott Co., IA.3372,3373,3374 Find-A-Grave says 6 Aug but provided no proof. She lived in IA before 1951.3374 She died on 16 January 2010 at the age of 87 in Sanford, Seminole, FL.3373,3374 Buried in Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, FL, Plot: 609 0 2337. Parents: Elmer Ray YOUNG-122109 and Naomi Ione MUHS-122110.

Spouse: Joseph Lee (Lee) TEMPLES-105603. Irene Josephine (Irene) and Joseph Lee (Lee) TEMPLES were married on 26 April 1947 in Davenport, Scott, IA.3372

Irene Nelle was born in 1908 in IL.3375,3376 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in University City, St. Louis, MO.3375 In April 1940 she was a retail clothing store credit adjuster in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.3376 Irene lived 6063 Clemens Avenue in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO in October 1940.3377 Her parents were from IL (father) and IA (mother).

Spouse: William Brothers (William) TEMPLE-133030. Irene Nelle and William Brothers (William) TEMPLE were married in 1927.3375 Children were: Janice L. TEMPLE-136694.

Irene W. was born in 1884 in VA.3378 She died.

Spouse: GREEN-108326. Irene W. and GREEN were married. Children were: John Eustace GREEN-108324.

Ireta was born in 1884 in IA.3379,3380 Gave 1886 in 1920. She appeared in the census in 1915 in Glenwood, Mills, IA.3379 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Nezperce, Lewis, ID.3380 Her parents were both from the US. I don't understand her given name, but the writing was fairly clear, and it said Iratid in 1920. The enumerator in 1915 seemed to have written her name as Areta, and then overwritten the A to make it an I. It is not clear what her name was.

Spouse: Jesse Wade TEMPLE-134020. Ireta and Jesse Wade TEMPLE were married in 1909. Children were: Corinne TEMPLE-134022.

Iris (private).

Spouse: Larry Gene TEMPLE-20583.

Iris3381 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Raleigh Lee BYRUM-79191. Iris and Raleigh Lee BYRUM were married before 1945. Children were: Marion Eucell (Eucell) BYRUM-79189.

Iris (private).

Spouse: Jesse TEMPLE-159184.

Iris Roberta was born on 27 January 1932 in Ladysmith, Ontario, Canada.3382 She died on 29 December 2004 at the age of 72 in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.3382

Spouse: Herbert James TEMPLE-150918.

Irma (private).

Spouse: Frank TEMPLE-138892.

Irvie Mae was born in 1890 in LA.3383 She died.

Spouse: Jack L. HUMBLE-78749. Irvie Mae and Jack L. HUMBLE were married. Children were: Irvie Lee HUMBLE-78740.

Isabel (private).

Spouse: John H. ELLIS-98336. Children were: Benjamin L. ELLIS-80931.

Isabel3384 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Daniel SHUMAKER-118373. Isabel and Daniel SHUMAKER were married before 1886. Children were: Lula L. (Lulu) SHUMAKER-27018.

Isabel lived Samson Road in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada in 1914.3385 She is confused with Isabel, wife of Harold Temple.

Spouse: George Snowden (George) TEMPLE-138005. Isabel and George Snowden (George) TEMPLE were married before 1914. Children were: George TEMPLE-138031, James Donald TEMPLE-138033.

Isabel lived in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada in 1914.3386 She is confused with Isabel, wife of George Snowden Temple.

Spouse: Harold TEMPLE-138046. Isabel and Harold TEMPLE were married before 1914.

Isabel3387 was born about 1785 in MS.3388,3389,3390 Date based on 1850 census. Gave her age as 73 in 1860. Gave AL in 1860, where her surname appears as Semple. She appeared in the census in 1830 in Wilkinson Co., MS.3391 Appears as the eldest female in the household of John T. Temple, her son. She appeared in the census in July 1850 in Wilkinson Co., MS.3388,3390 Temple People, Vol. II, incorrectly identifies Isabel Temple as being Isabella Fain, wife of Josiah Temple. I believe it is far more likely that the Isabel Temple of the 1850 census was actually the wife of William Temple. this is further backed up by her appearance near her children in 1860. In 1860 Isabel was a planter in Woodville, Wilkinson, MS.3389 She died.

Spouse: William TEMPLE-20710. Isabel and William TEMPLE were married before 1810. Children were: Robert TEMPLE-20708, John T. TEMPLE-20709, James TEMPLE-20730, William L. TEMPLE(S) Sr.-20734.

Isabel was born in August 1852 in England, United Kingdom.491,3392,3393,3394 She immigrated in 1882.3392 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Hot Springs, Garland, AR.491,3394 Isabel appeared in the census in April 1910 in Denver, Denver, CO.3393 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Hot Springs, Garland, AR.3392 She had no children.

Spouse: Thomas TEMPLE-132043. Isabel and Thomas TEMPLE were married in 1873 in England, United Kingdom.3393

Isabel was born in 1920 in UT.3395 She lived in Oakland, Alameda, CA on 1 April 1935.3395 In April 1940 she was a retail restaurant waitress in Oakland, Alameda, CA.3395 Isabel lived 832 51st Street in Oakland, Alameda, CA in October 1940.3396 She lived 1749 Oxford Street in Berkeley, Alameda, CA after October 1940.3396

Spouse: Eugene Melvin (Gene) TEMPLE-130345. Isabel and Eugene Melvin (Gene) TEMPLE were married before 1939.

Isabel H. (private).

Spouse: Walter CHRISTIAN-57817. Children were: Florian Edward CHRISTIAN-57816.

Isabel J. was born in 1857 in PA.3397 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.3397

Spouse: MC SLISSICH-134974. Isabel J. and MC SLISSICH were married. Children were: Myrtle J. MC SLISSICH-134973.

Isabella1848 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William BERRY-54864. Isabella and William BERRY were married before 1861. Children were: Eliza Jane (Eliza) BERRY-36159.

Isabella3398 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Daniel ELLIS-64735. Isabella and Daniel ELLIS were married before 1865. Children were: Mary Ann ELLIS-64701.

Isabella (private).

Spouse: William K. LEMONS-97706. Children were: William (Frank) LEMONS-47015.

Isabella (private).

Spouse: Frank SCOTT-100354. Children were: Winfield L. SCOTT-100353.

Isabella (private).

Spouse: Nicholas PHILIPS-149920. Children were: John PHILLIPS-149896.

Isabella3399 was born on 24 August 1782 in PA.3399 She died on 16 June 1854 at the age of 71 in Kosciusko, Attala, MS.3399 Buried in the Old B.J. Conner Plantation, 6 miles NW of Kosciusko, MS on Highway 35.

Spouse: Captain Burwell TRAWICK-62994. Isabella and Captain Burwell TRAWICK were married. Children were: Anne Lunsford TRAWICK-63006, Martha TRAWICK-63007, Ignatius Andrew TRAWEEK-63008, TRAWICK-63009, Hardin TRAWICK-63010, Purnell TRAWICK-63011.

Isabella was born in 1812 in OH.3400 She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Marion, Marion, OH.3400

Spouse: James COCHRAN-60366. Isabella and James COCHRAN were married. Children were: Julia Ann COCHRAN-52540.

Isabella was born in 1841 in Durham, England, United Kingdom.3401 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Salt Creek, Davis, IA.3401

Spouse: William TEMPLE-140082. Isabella and William TEMPLE were married. Children were: William TEMPLE Jr.-140084, John T. TEMPLE-140085.

Isabella was born in September 1850 in Scotland, United Kingdom.3402,3403,3404 Gave Scotland in 1900. In 1910 and 1920, the census gave 1860 and NY. She immigrated in 1870.3403 In June 1900 she was a washer woman in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY.3403 Isabella appeared in the census in April 1910 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY.3404 She inmate in the Hudson River State Hospital in April 1910 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY.3404 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY.3402 Isabella inmate in Hudson River State Hospital in January 1920 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY.3402 She died on 4 April 1922 at the age of 71 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY.3405 Her parents were both from NY in 1910 and 1920. I think she must be the same Isabella enumerated as a washer woman in 1900, but her information is inaccurately given. In 1900, she and her parents were all from Scotland, and she was born in Sep 1850. As an inmate in the state mental hospital, it might be understandable that her information was inaccurate in 1920.

Spouse: TEMPLE-134643. Isabella and TEMPLE were married.