Deborah Ann TEMPLE (private).17721

Spouse: Douglas Evans BROWN-160861.

Deborah Ann TEMPLE was born on 25 September 1953 in New York City, New York, NY.3109 She died on 28 September 1953 at the age of 0 in New York City, New York, NY.3109 Parents: Robert Harriott (Robert) TEMPLE-42324 and Laura Virginia (Larrie) DOUGLAS-42325.

Deborah Ann TEMPLE (private).10914 Parents: Howard Daniel TEMPLE-117760 and Nellie M. BROGDON-117763.

Spouse: Roger Dale BAKER-117762. Children were: Benji Dale BAKER-117771, Jesse Daniel BAKER-117772.

Deborah Ann TEMPLE (private).29162 Parents: Alvin Lee TEMPLE-86363 and Marlene Joyce HUIZINGA-86366.

Spouse: Lawrence H. MC MULLEN-127329.

Deborah Ann (Deb) TEMPLE (private).19029 Parents: Gary Lee TEMPLE-63954 and Pat A. (Patsy) WOLFE-63956.

Spouse: Scott David ERIKSEN-63961. Children were: Ryan ERIKSEN-122405, Steve ERIKSEN-122406.

Deborah Ann (Debbie) TEMPLE (private). Parents: Carey Costleman TEMPLE-85627 and Tommie Lou SAXON-85674.

Spouse: Kenneth Joseph TAYLOR-96188.

Spouse: Larry Wayne ADAMS-85681.

Deborah Anne TEMPLE (private).41433 Parents: Billie Gene (B.G.) TEMPLE-48170 and UNKNOWN-109590.

Spouse: John Wayne REDMOND-48179. Children were: Peggy REDMOND-109577, Mark REDMOND-109578, Matthew REDMOND-109579, David REDMOND-109580.

Deborah Anne TEMPLE was born on 22 April 1959 in Darby, Delaware, PA.90346 She died on 19 January 2000 at the age of 40.90347 Parents: Richard J. TEMPLE-84400 and Nancy FULLMER-126025.

Spouse: DONKIN-126033.

Deborah B. TEMPLE (private).61577 Parents: Clifford Eugene TEMPLE-57457 and Barbara Bea NITZ-57458.

Spouse: DELF-57465.

Deborah Beauton TEMPLE (private).90348 Parents: Lonnie Charles TEMPLE Sr.-184334 and Venell O'NEAL-184336.

Deborah C. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Brian K. BARNES-177429.

Deborah Carol (Debbie) TEMPLE (private).52778 Parents: James Wiley TEMPLE-65733 and Carolyn Ann LEWIS-65738.

Spouse: Roger Dale BAILEY-65741. Children were: Brandon BAILEY-119103.

Deborah Carole TEMPLE (private).39011 Parents: Robert Edwin TEMPLE-34637 and Valerie Elva FERRILL-109782.

Spouse: David Lawrence MAINZ Jr.-121171.

Deborah D. (Debbie) TEMPLE (private). Parents: Harry Roy TEMPLE-114355 and Bonnie WISE-114821.

Spouse: Jeffrey W. (Jeff) SMITH-114824.

Deborah Earline (Debbie) TEMPLE (private).51391 Parents: Marvin Earl TEMPLE-84660 and Imojean (Jean) -88874.

Spouse: William Gary (Gary) LAMBERTH-88892. Children were: William Gary LAMBERTH II-93190, Valerie Elise LAMBERTH-93191.

Deborah Eileen TEMPLE (private).

Children were: Derrick Edward TEMPLE-159114.

Deborah Elaine (Deb) TEMPLE was born on 6 October 1956 in Muncy, Lycoming, PA.90349 She died on 31 May 2016 at the age of 59 in Muncy, Lycoming, PA.90349 Parents: George Eugene TEMPLE-45104 and Lois D. RUPERT-113403.

Spouse: JOE-113416. Children were: Casey L. JOE-113417.

Deborah F. TEMPLE (private).6603

Spouse: John N. GRIEBENOW-146134.

Deborah Faye (Debra) TEMPLE (private).90350 Parents: Lawrence (Dutch) TEMPLE-29125 and Geraldine SMITH-29148.

Spouse: John GREBENOW-29191.

Deborah G. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Sherman HARDEMAN-177340.

Deborah Jean TEMPLE (private).89442 Parents: Lawrence TEMPLE-48077 and UNKNOWN-61651.

Spouse: LIGOTTI-74806.

Deborah Jean TEMPLE (private).40149

Spouse: Elige Avon HAMM-162776.

Deborah Joyce TEMPLE (private).82459 Parents: Billy Wayne TEMPLE Sr.-81397 and UNKNOWN-81400.

Spouse: Richard BUSH-81407.

Deborah K. TEMPLE (private). Parents: Glynn Michael (Glynn) TEMPLE-18834 and Mary Katherine ZARUBA-45234.

Spouse: ALI-116312.

Deborah K. TEMPLE (private).39249

Spouse: Robert F. GUGEL-146665.

Deborah Kay TEMPLE (private).74763 Parents: Harry Edward (Harry) TEMPLE-44460 and Virginia Ann SPRENG-56538.

Spouse: Bill EDMISTER-98292. Children were: Collette EDMISTER-98293, Michele EDMISTER-98294, Garrett EDMISTER-98295.

Deborah Kay TEMPLE (private).90351 Parents: James TEMPLE-178402 and Bernice -178403.

Deborah Kay (Debbie) TEMPLE (private). Parents: Louis Henry (Lou) TEMPLE-56347 and Margaret Louise MOORE-68130.

Spouse: Daniel Wayne (Dan) LYKENS-68134. Children were: David LYKENS-68137.

Deborah L. TEMPLE (private).21148

Spouse: Joe L. CARTER-146669.

Deborah L. TEMPLE (private).36083

Spouse: Michael A. GARCIA-146667.

Deborah Lea TEMPLE (private).15305

Spouse: James William (Billy) BOLTON-155257.

Deborah Lee TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: John Andrew DOWD-165054.

Spouse: George Luis MONTADA-165250.

Deborah Lee TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Norman Edwin NIXON-165123.

Deborah Lee TEMPLE (private).71047 Parents: Dennis Lee TEMPLE-66986 and Elaine Marie SCHMIDT-66989.

Spouse: James Patrick DIGGINS-66993. Children were: Joseph DIGGINS-66994.

Spouse: Donald Dean SCHRACK Jr.-100287.

Deborah Lee TEMPLE (private).12251

Spouse: Steven John BATEWELL-165373.

Deborah Louise TEMPLE (private).8943,8944

Spouse: Glenn Thomas AMICK-146671. Children were: Timothy Joel AMICK-154694, Matthew Glenn AMICK-154695, Paul Nathaniel AMICK-154696.

Deborah Lynette TEMPLE (private).24092

Spouse: Stephen Gerard COLLINS-144786.

Deborah Lynn TEMPLE (private).6603

Spouse: Curtis Wayne JOHNSON-146140.

Deborah Lynn TEMPLE (private).23517 Parents: James McDuffie (Mack) TEMPLE Jr.-59802 and Betty Viola SETTLE-125182.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-125185.

Spouse: Keith Alan COCHRANE-125184.

Deborah Lynn TEMPLE (private).23 Parents: Walter TEMPLE-29098 and Karleen Marie JOHNSON-38566.

Spouse: Jon Thomas LUKEY-48769. Children were: Terese Raschel LUKEY-74083.

Deborah Lynn (Debbie) TEMPLE was born on 14 December 1962 in San Diego, San Diego, CA.90352 She lived in TX in 1976.90353 She died in October 1985 at the age of 22.90353

Spouse: KELLER-170883.

Deborah M. TEMPLE (private). Parents: Ernest George TEMPLE Sr.-10186 and Jane LYNCH-10235.

Spouse: Kenneth VAN DERHOOF-10243. Children were: Michael VAN DERHOOF-10245, Tonya VAN DERHOOF-10246.

Deborah M. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Robert R. TEMPLE-166519.

Deborah Marie TEMPLE (private).66078 Parents: Kearie Eugene TEMPLE-22081 and Gretchen Louise BRANDT-84980.

Spouse: Granville Eugene PRESGRAVES-100069.

Deborah Ruth TEMPLE (private).72830 Parents: John Elton (Elton) TEMPLE-34020 and Betty Joyce (Betty) SIMPSON-34023.

Spouse: James Edward (Corky) SHEARER-65111. Children were: Leslie Dawn SHEARER-77184, Clifton James SHEARER-77185.

Deborah S. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Edwardo O. MARSIGLI-177138.

Deborah Sue TEMPLE (private).58858

Spouse: Ronald Edward MILLIKEN-172260.

Deborah Sue TEMPLE (private).41002 Parents: Carey (I.J.) TEMPLE-93426 and Lera BUTTREY-93431.

Spouse: Freddie W. HARRIS-93441.

Deborah Susan TEMPLE (private).23 Parents: Irvin Gilbert (Irvin) TEMPLE-3592 and Margaret Frances MUISE-3662.

Spouse: Stephen E. GROSS-49175.

Deborah Yvonne (Deborah) TEMPLE (private).57870,90354 Parents: TEMPLE-140507 and Phyllis A. WALLS-140508.

Spouse: Kevin D. MEDLEY-140326. Children were: Justin Scott MEDLEY-162253, Kelly Brook MEDLEY-162254.