Tamory (Tammy) TEMPLE (private).117090 Parents: Thomas Robert TEMPLE-131138 and Mary Frances BLEVINS-141334.

Spouse: Lawrence Albert Baldwin CORRY Jr.-141336.

Tamra L. TEMPLE (private).50886

Spouse: Michael P. LUNNEY-139480.

Tana TEMPLE was born on 21 October 1892 in Chicago, Cook, IL.117091

Tana Mae TEMPLE (private).6624 Parents: Golden Hugh (Tad/Gold) TEMPLE-33358 and Helen Louise RUMBOLZ-62154.

Spouse: Byron WAGNER-90595.

Spouse: Jack TENOLD-33364.

Tandra G. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Marshall H. HAAS-165666.

Tandy Gwynne TEMPLE (private).101281 Parents: William Walter TEMPLE-45117 and Mona BRYANT-45302.

Tangela (Tangie) TEMPLE (private).58521 Parents: Charles Lester TEMPLE-135622 and UNKNOWN-179689.

Spouse: Stan CAPERTON-179692.

Tangela Mechelle TEMPLE (private).117092 Parents: Billy R. TEMPLE-140656 and UNKNOWN-140657.

Tanika Renee TEMPLE (private).63982

Spouse: Maurice Lavaughn RIDLEY-144770.

Tannis A. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Rodney M. GUILFORD-165447.

Tannon TEMPLE (private).6755 Parents: Terry TEMPLE-65571 and Linda Carol GLASS-115837.

Spouse: Amanda -115839. Children were: Tobin TEMPLE-115840, Everett TEMPLE-115841, Paxton TEMPLE-115842.

Tanua Jean TEMPLE (private).117093

Tanya Marie TEMPLE (private).44216 Parents: Elmer E. TEMPLE-81510 and Carolyn Ann JENKINS-81574.

Spouse: Eddie ALLEN-81605.

Tanya Mellissa TEMPLE (private).42654

Spouse: Steven Matthew HUBBS-174384.

Tanya Sherrie TEMPLE (private).101890 Parents: Kenneth Raye (Ken) TEMPLE-68985 and Carolyn Virginia DELLINGER-68986.

Tanyss TEMPLE (private).3731 Parents: Glenn TEMPLE-150319 and Joyce -150320.

Spouse: Chuck BAIN-150326.

Tara TEMPLE (private). Parents: William E. TEMPLE-125119 and Marie PARTRIDGE-125120.

Tara-Lyn TEMPLE (private).28127

Spouse: Gary R. DORIA-144772.

Tara A. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Winston C. WEBB-148168.

Spouse: William A. STEPHENS-148169.

Tara Cabrini TEMPLE (private).117094

Tara Laree TEMPLE (private).117095 Parents: Michael Ferr TEMPLE-158827 and Della Merri ROBERTSON-158828.

Tara Leigh TEMPLE (private).79818 Parents: Dr. Donald Kelly (Don) TEMPLE-24147 and Brenda Joyce PUGH-24155.

Spouse: Brandon HANSON-114199.

Tara T. TEMPLE (private).102613 Parents: Joseph Franklin (Joe) TEMPLE-75736 and Susan Ellen (Susan) KING-75737.

Spouse: Allan Thomas ETTINGER III-75731.

Taralyn TEMPLE (private). Parents: George Ernest (Ernest) TEMPLE III-3347 and Joan DAUGERT-3385.

Tarra TEMPLE (private).28893 Parents: Chris Wayne TEMPLE-69013 and UNKNOWN-123415.

Taryn Jae TEMPLE (private).676

Spouse: Anthony William HOLT-158560.

Taryn Rae TEMPLE (private).1600 Parents: Gregory Paul TEMPLE-158595 and Connie Lynn JAMISON-159031.

Tase TEMPLE was born in 1882.40457 He lived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK in 1915.40457

Spouse: El Reo HEWITT-173277. El Reo HEWITT and Tase TEMPLE were married on 4 December 1915 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK.40457

Tasha TEMPLE (private). Parents: John TEMPLE-63571 and Lana -116107.

Spouse: BRIGGS-116115.

Tasha Jo Ann TEMPLE (private).8665 Parents: Harry Thomas (Harry or Tommy) TEMPLE Jr.-127305 and Kathy ALSBERRY-127314.

Tasha Maria TEMPLE (private).117096 Parents: Richard Lane (Ricky) TEMPLE Sr.-51543 and Cynthia Jean MEDLIN-51544.

Spouse: Billy MANGUM Jr.-65326. Children were: B. MANGUM-65331, Chloe MANGUM-65332.

Tasha Renee TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Brady R. BRIGGS-144774.

Tatum Norah TEMPLE (private).84517 Parents: Richard Edward (Rick) TEMPLE-102348 and Christie Ann MONROE-102349.

Tavener Faulkner R. (Tavner) TEMPLE11554 was born on 10 August 1853 in Grundy Co., MO.67642,77499 He gave Aug 1856 in the 1900 census. He appeared in the census in July 1860 in Washington, Grundy, MO.95300 He lived in Berlin, Bourbon, KS in 1885.117097 In June 1900 Tavener was a day laborer in Hannibal, Marion, MO.77499 He died on 19 July 1907 at the age of 53 in Hannibal, Marion, MO.67642,117098 Buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Hannibal, Marion, MO. Name given as Tabner in the 1860 census. He and Mellie had 4 children, of whom 3 survived to 1900. Spelling is from his grave marker, but it also appears as Tavner. Initial R found only in his son John's marriage papers. Parents: Andrew Walker TEMPLE-21998 and Mary BURT-23178.

Spouse: Amanda M. (Mellie) VAN SLIFER-37833. Amanda M. (Mellie) VAN SLIFER and Tavener Faulkner R. (Tavner) TEMPLE were married on 5 July 1885 in Bronson, Bourbon, KS.77499,117097 Children were: John Earl Grenville TEMPLE-30988, Arnold S. TEMPLE-37834, James Henry TEMPLE-37835.

Tawn E. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Wayne SIDLEUS-144585.

Taylnne Raven TEMPLE (private).10563 Parents: Shawn Lowe TEMPLE-120171 and Carol Elizabeth DUNN-120177.

Taylor TEMPLE (private). Parents: Steven TEMPLE-63899 and Jana TARVER-63902.

Taylor TEMPLE (private). Parents: Matt TEMPLE-65655 and Angie -65656.

Taylor TEMPLE (private).43299 Parents: Barry Frank TEMPLE-87891 and Amy -87894.

Taylor TEMPLE (private). Parents: Michael (Mike) TEMPLE-53179 and Veronica BORMAN-119621.

Spouse: Elijah PRICE-119633.

Taylor TEMPLE76762 was born on 4 March 1814 in Port Brandywine, York, PA.8603,33610,33611,55851 He claimed he was from OH in 1850. In October 1850 he was a carpenter in Hanoverton, Columbiana, OH.33610 He appeared in the census in July 1870 in Hanoverton, Columbiana, OH.33611 Taylor died on 16 December 1876 at the age of 62 in OH.10327,55851 He has reference number RLT # 203.25932 Parents: John TEMPLE-5195 and Rebecca TAYLOR-5390.

Spouse: Nancy FULTS-30423. Nancy FULTS and Taylor TEMPLE were married on 1 December 1840 in Columbiana Co., OH.455,9081 Children were: Jacob F. TEMPLE-5627, William Edgar TEMPLE-35371, Erwin Cromwell TEMPLE-5628, Edgar TEMPLE-5629.

Taylor TEMPLE9444 was born about 1905. He died on 18 December 1929 at the age of 24 in Matagorda Co., TX.117099

Spouse: Jerlean ROSS-125612. Jerlean ROSS and Taylor TEMPLE were married on 7 September 1929 in Matagorda Co., TX.64957 Children were: Taylor TEMPLES Jr.-125613.

Taylor (Taylor) TEMPLE was born in 1853 in Early Co., GA.7217 Gave his age as 30 in 1880. He appeared in the census in June 1870 in Early Co., GA.7217 Enumerated in the household of Andrew and Theresa Temple of Blakely, GA. He died on 14 January 1934 at the age of 81 in Early Co., GA.21984 It is not clear what happened to Nancy Freeman, but they were clearly married in 1878. Appeared with the terminal S in his marriage papers with Lizzie Wright.

Parents: Andrew TEMPLE(S)-34082 and Theresa -51155.

Spouse: Nancy FREEMAN-67951. Nancy FREEMAN and Taylor (Taylor) TEMPLE were married on 1 January 1878 in Early Co., GA.8449 In Early County Marriage Book V, p. 141.

Taylor Allen TEMPLE (private).103487 Parents: Steven Allen TEMPLE-144752 and Jana Lynn DILLON-144753.

Taylor Danielle TEMPLE (private).117100 Parents: Danny Ray TEMPLE-110221 and Tonya Lee EDWARDS-110223.

Taylor G. TEMPLE was born on 22 August 1851 in KY.24533,48052 He appeared in the census in June 1860 in Hawesville, Hancock, KY.48052 In August 1870 he was a farm laborer in Pellville, Hancock, KY.403 Taylor died on 26 March 1874 at the age of 22 in Hancock Co., KY.24533 Buried in Pellville Cemetery, Hancock Co., KY. Parents: William TEMPLE-21087 and Susanna (Susan) CRENSHAW-34948.

Spouse: Ann -47172. Ann and Taylor G. TEMPLE were married before 1870. Children were: Guy TEMPLE-113693.

Taylor Lamar TEMPLE8197 was born in 1987.117101 He died on 16 February 2011 at the age of 24 in Royston, Franklin, GA.117101 Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Royston, GA. Parents: Tony Lamar TEMPLE-78329 and Denise ALEXANDER-78334.

Children were: Xander WILSON-78341.

Taylor Me'Shell TEMPLE (private).23230 Parents: Paul Crouch TEMPLE-76178 and Cheryl Anne HAMILTON-88866.

Spouse: Chad Austin COOK-110340.

Taylor Morgan TEMPLE (private).54785

Spouse: Albert A. MILLER-176015.

Taylor Rae TEMPLE (private).103487 Parents: Travis Wayne TEMPLE-159104 and Duel Delilah WALKER-159105.

Spouse: Austin T. NORMAN-181005.