Susan Lynn PITTMAN (private).61169 Parents: Leo Braxton PITTMAN-76932 and Doris Elrie TEMPLE-44821.

PITTS (private).

Spouse: Kay TEMPLE-74784.

PITTS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Frances (Fannie) SUMRALL-20829. Frances (Fannie) SUMRALL and PITTS were married after February 1920.61170 Marriage is known only through her son Barney's SSAN application, where his mother's name was Fannie Pitts.

Bessie Lee PITTS was born on 11 November 1897 in MS.22997,61171,61172 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Oakohay, Covington, MS.22997 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Oakohay, Covington, MS.61172 Bessie died on 5 November 1982 at the age of 84 in Ellisville, Jones, MS.61171,61173 Buried in Welch-Graham Cemetery, Jones Co., MS. Her parents were both from MS.

Spouse: Henry Grady Ates (Grady) TEMPLE(S)-39677. Bessie Lee PITTS and Henry Grady Ates (Grady) TEMPLE(S) were married in 1926 in MS.22997 Children were: Georgia Mae (Mae) TEMPLE-42708, William Ray (Billy Ray) TEMPLE-42709, Burma Fay (Burma) TEMPLE-42710.

Dale Roberts PITTS (private).

Spouse: Kaycee Rae TEMPLE-123043.

Elizabeth PITTS61174,61175 was born on 21 April 1746 in Townsend, Middlesex, MA.10981,11594,31952 She lived in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA before 1772.31952 She moved on 18 April 1773 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.61176 Dismissed from the church on this date. Elizabeth died on 2 July 1829 at the age of 83 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.10981,42459,42461 Some Temple Pedigrees gives year as 1828. Other sources cite her name as Potts. Parents: John PITTS-25806.

Spouse: Lt. Josiah TEMPLE-4392. Elizabeth PITTS and Lt. Josiah TEMPLE were married on 22 April 1772 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.42511,61174,61177,61178 Children were: Josiah TEMPLE-5788, Capt. John TEMPLE-5789, Thomas TEMPLE-5790, Elizabeth (Betsey) TEMPLE-5791, David TEMPLE-5792, Mary B. (Polly) TEMPLE-5796, Elias TEMPLE-5793, Eleanor (Nelley) TEMPLE-5794, William Pitts TEMPLE-5795.

F.M. PITTS was born in August 1852 in AL.88 He died.

Spouse: Addie L. -74964. Addie L. and F.M. PITTS were married before 1888. Children were: Mary Hannah PITTS-74953.

Grady H. PITTS61179 was born in 1928. He died in 1994 at the age of 66.

Spouse: Billy Jane (Jane) TEMPLES-87903. Billy Jane (Jane) TEMPLES and Grady H. PITTS were married on 30 September 1950 in Coffee Co., TN.61180

Helen PITTS29738 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Don EDWARDS-122640. Helen PITTS and Don EDWARDS were married before December 1944. Children were: Donna Lee EDWARDS-80886.

John PITTS (private).

Children were: Elizabeth PITTS-5787.

Mary Hannah PITTS24393,61181,61182 was born on 13 February 1888 in Mt. Olive, Coosa, AL.88,61183,61184,61185,61186,61187 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Mt. Olive, Coosa, AL.88 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Talladega Co., AL.61187 Mary lived in Sylacauga, Talladega, AL in 1918.61188 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Sylacauga, Talladega, AL.61184 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Sylacauga, Talladega, AL.61186 Mary appeared in the census in April 1940 in Sylacauga, Talladega, AL.61185 She lived 410 East 5th Street in Sylacauga, Talladega, AL in June 1942.61189 She died on 12 December 1958 at the age of 70 in Sylacauga, Talladega, AL.61183,61190 Died at home of undisclosed causes, Buried in Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Sylacauga, Talladega, AL, Garden of Devotion, Block 2. Her parents were both from AL. By 1910, she had had 2 children, both of whom survived. Parents: F.M. PITTS-74963 and Addie L. -74964.

Spouse: William Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE(S) Sr.-60987. Mary Hannah PITTS and William Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE(S) Sr. were married on 30 November 1904 in Rockford, Coosa, AL.61181,61184,61187 Children were: Clara TEMPLE-73591, Muriel Catherine (Muriel) TEMPLE-73592, Mary Eddie TEMPLE-74959, William Frank (Frank) TEMPLE Jr.-74960, Julia Frances (Frances) TEMPLE-15616, Carey Costleman TEMPLE-85627, Florence Virginia (Jennie) TEMPLE-74955, Dr. James Pitts TEMPLE-76651, Robert Walter TEMPLE-74956.

Rodney C. PITTS (private).

Spouse: Diana K. TEMPLE-147392.

Robert PITZ (private).

Spouse: Nancy TEMPLE-70848.

Dan PITZO was born in 1917 in OH.61191 Parents: Demeter PITZO-179682 and Anna TEMPLE-179681.

Demeter PITZO61192 was born in 1888 in Czechoslovakia.61191 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Springfield Twp., Mahoning, OH.61191 He died in 1970 at the age of 82.

Spouse: Anna TEMPLE-179681. Anna TEMPLE and Demeter PITZO were married before 1918. Children were: Dan PITZO-179684, Mike PITZO-179683, Juley PITZO-179685.

Juley PITZO was born in 1926 in OH.61191 Parents: Demeter PITZO-179682 and Anna TEMPLE-179681.

Mike PITZO61192 was born in 1918 in OH.61191 He died in 2005 at the age of 87. Parents: Demeter PITZO-179682 and Anna TEMPLE-179681.

PIXLEY (private).

Spouse: Shirley Ann SHIPMAN-55045.

Leonard Levi PIZZEY (private).

Spouse: Sarah Louise CROWLEY-70639. Children were: Robert Edward PIZZEY-70637.

Robert Edward PIZZEY was born on 7 June 1924 in Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada.18716 He died on 29 March 1989 at the age of 64 in Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada.18716 Parents: Leonard Levi PIZZEY-70638 and Sarah Louise CROWLEY-70639.

Spouse: Mable Alfreda TEMPLE-70636. Mable Alfreda TEMPLE and Robert Edward PIZZEY were married.

Allan Albert PIZZI (private).

Spouse: Donna Elene Lango TEMPLE-143962.

PIZZULO (private).

Spouse: Dorothy TEMPLE-103616.

Johanna PLAAT (private).

Spouse: Johannes TEMPEL-161759. Children were: Margaritha TEMPEL-161757.

Alpharetta PLACE (private).

Spouse: Joseph P. ROWLEY-169590. Children were: Catharine May ROWLEY-169587.

Bertha E. PLACE13930 was born on 5 August 1911 in ND.61193,61194 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Ranger, Slope, ND.61194 She died on 3 December 1985 at the age of 74 in Mesa, Maricopa, AZ.14517,61193,61195 The place is also given as Phoenix, AZ. Buried in City of Mesa Cemetery, Mesa, AZ. Parents: William S. PLACE-80000 and Inez S. -80001.

Spouse: Kenneth Raymond (Kenneth) TEMPLE-38349. Bertha E. PLACE and Kenneth Raymond (Kenneth) TEMPLE were married on 24 August 1942.13930 Children were: Lela Rae TEMPLE-38351, Julie TEMPLE-38352, Christine E. TEMPLE-38353, Kenneth J. TEMPLE-38354.

William S. PLACE (private).

Spouse: Inez S. -80001. Children were: Bertha E. PLACE-38350.

Henry B. PLAINS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jessie Mae CASTER-75375. Jessie Mae CASTER and Henry B. PLAINS were married on 7 May 1943 in Hunt Co., TX.20389

Martha J. PLAISTRIDGE (private).

Spouse: William HALL-46086. Children were: Julia Ida (Ida) HALL-2473.

John PLAMMIE (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth STUART-96808. Children were: Margaret M. PLAMMIE-50813.

Margaret M. PLAMMIE was born on 15 May 1880 in MI.21965,61196,61197,61198 Her tombstone was read as 1860. She lived in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1907.61199 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Koehler, Cheboygan, MI.61197 Margaret lived in Indian River, Cheboygan, MI in 1918.61200 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Koehler, Cheboygan, MI.61196 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Koehler, Cheboygan, MI.61198 Margaret died on 13 December 1942 at the age of 62 in Indian River, Cheboygan, MI.21965 Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Indian River, MI. Also known as Indian River Burying Ground, Tuscarora Twp., MI. Her parents were from France (father( and Scotland (mother). She had no children by 1910. Maiden name in country marriage records was Plainey. Parents: John PLAMMIE-96807 and Elizabeth STUART-96808.

Spouse: Frederick Alfred (Fred) TEMPLE-50804. Margaret M. PLAMMIE and Frederick Alfred (Fred) TEMPLE were married on 2 April 1907 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.61196,61197,61199

Ellen Thorn PLANK was born on 30 June 1927 in Bryn Mawr, Delaware, PA.57086,61201 A secondary source gave the date as 20 Jun. She died in June 1985 at the age of 58.61201 Parents: Reyzon Floyd (Floyd) PLANK-39117 and Elizabeth Bartram (Elizabeth) TEMPLE-31440.

Linda Kay PLANK (private).3563

Spouse: Charles Lee TEMPLE-90634.

Lucy Bartram PLANK was born on 15 March 1925 in Christiansburg, Montgomery, VA.57086,61202 She died on 15 December 2001 at the age of 76.61202 Parents: Reyzon Floyd (Floyd) PLANK-39117 and Elizabeth Bartram (Elizabeth) TEMPLE-31440.

Newton Wyatt PLANK57086 was born on 18 October 1865. He died on 29 December 1944 at the age of 79.

Spouse: Allie Lavinia NEFF-76836. Allie Lavinia NEFF and Newton Wyatt PLANK were married. Children were: Reyzon Floyd (Floyd) PLANK-39117.

Reyzon Floyd (Floyd) PLANK11657,61203 was born on 22 May 1891 in VA.57086,61204 He died in January 1977 at the age of 85 in Blacksburg, Montgomery, VA.61204 Parents: Newton Wyatt PLANK-76835 and Allie Lavinia NEFF-76836.

Spouse: Elizabeth Bartram (Elizabeth) TEMPLE-31440. Elizabeth Bartram (Elizabeth) TEMPLE and Reyzon Floyd (Floyd) PLANK were married on 17 October 1922.57086 Children were: Lucy Bartram PLANK-76837, Ellen Thorn PLANK-76838.

Agnes PLANT (private).

Spouse: Joseph LA PLANTE-38751. Children were: Thomas LA PLANTE-38749.

Agnes PLANT4849 was born on 15 December 1880 in Franklin, Merrimack, NH.4849,61205 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Woodford, Bennington, VT.61205 She died on 7 April 1946 at the age of 65 in Woodford, Bennington, VT.4849 Parents: Frank PLANT-74072 and Rosalie SHESTO-74073.

Spouse: George Murray (George) TEMPLE-43051. Agnes PLANT and George Murray (George) TEMPLE were married before 1940.

Spouse: LE BRANIE-123332. Agnes PLANT and LE BRANIE were married about 1900.48829 Date is for sequencing only. Her husband's obituary gave this as her surname, but her maiden name was Plant, so she must have married Le Branie before she married George Temple.

Frank PLANT was born in NY.4849

Spouse: Rosalie SHESTO-74073. Rosalie SHESTO and Frank PLANT were married before 1880. Children were: Agnes PLANT-74070.

Peter PLANT61206 was born in Canada.

Spouse: Elizabeth TEMPLE-173121. Elizabeth TEMPLE and Peter PLANT were married before 1840. Children were: William PLANT-173123.

William PLANT61206 was born on 4 December 1840 in Canada. He died on 1 March 1926 at the age of 85 in Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI. Parents: Peter PLANT-173122 and Elizabeth TEMPLE-173121.

Liza M. PLANTE (private).

Spouse: Adam P. LANOIS-36609. Children were: Agnella Marie (Nellie) LANOIS-4687.

Elsie Jane (Elsie) PLASTRIDGE was born on 6 September 1888 in Northfield, Washington, VT.61207,61208,61209,61210,61211 She gave 30 in 1920. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Bedford, Middlesex, MA.61210 She lived North Road in Bedford, Middlesex, MA in 1917.61212 Elsie appeared in the census in January 1920 in Bedford, Middlesex, MA.61207 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Lexington, Middlesex, MA.61209 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Lexington, Middlesex, MA.61211 Elsie lived 37 Sherburne Road in Lexington, Middlesex, MA in 1955.61213 She died on 28 December 1988 at the age of 100 in Northfield, Washington, VT.61208 Buried in Shawsheen Cemetery, Bedford, MA. Some researchers put the place as White River Junction, VT, but his death certificate put it in Northfield, VT. Her parents were from VT (father) and Scotland (mother). By 1910, she had had 1 child, who survived. Parents: Willard C. PLASTRIDGE-37335 and Mary NORRISON-37336.

Spouse: Walter Francis TEMPLE-36246. Elsie Jane (Elsie) PLASTRIDGE and Walter Francis TEMPLE were married on 24 December 1908 in Bedford, Middlesex, MA.22,61209,61210,61214 Children were: Marjorie Morrison (Marjorie) TEMPLE-37337, Jean TEMPLE-37338, Joyce TEMPLE-37339.

Willard C. PLASTRIDGE22 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary NORRISON-37336. Mary NORRISON and Willard C. PLASTRIDGE were married before 1888. Children were: Elsie Jane (Elsie) PLASTRIDGE-37334.

PLATT49038 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Gwendolyn Pearl (Gwen) LEE-170675. Gwendolyn Pearl (Gwen) LEE and PLATT were married before February 1950.49038

Bertha PLATT42692 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: M.H. HUDNALL-90735. Bertha PLATT and M.H. HUDNALL were married before 1906. Children were: Vera M. HUDNALL-90734.

Deliah PLATT was born in 1906 in IL.2843 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Decatur, Macon, IL.2843 Enumerated with her parents and without her husband, although marital status code did not indicate she was separated. Parents: William PLATT-157578 and Gertrude -157579.

Spouse: TEMPLE-157576. Deliah PLATT and TEMPLE were married before 1940.

George A. PLATT (private).

Spouse: Marie Magdalena DUDENHOEFER-71797. Children were: Magdaline (Malana/Lena) PLATT-28729.

Magdaline (Malana/Lena) PLATT40007 was born on 24 January 1835 in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany.31894,45889,61215,61216,61217,61218 Gave her age as 20 in 1870. Gave her age as 40 in 1880. She gave Hessendarmstadt, Germany in 1860, Germany in 1880, and Zachary, LA in 1910. She immigrated in 1847.45889 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Morgan Twp., Harrison, IN.61215 Magdaline appeared in the census in July 1870 in Morgan Twp., Harrison, IN.61217 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Morgan Twp., Harrison, IN.61219 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Morgan Twp., Harrison, IN.45889 Magdaline appeared in the census in April 1910 in Morgan Twp., Harrison, IN.61216 She died on 20 April 1913 at the age of 78 in Morgan Twp., Harrison, IN.61218 Died of apoplexy. Buried in German Cemetery, Morgan, IN. By 1910, she had had 12 children, 8 of whom survived. Parents: George A. PLATT-71796 and Marie Magdalena DUDENHOEFER-71797.

Spouse: Peter TEMPLE-28728. Magdaline (Malana/Lena) PLATT and Peter TEMPLE were married on 1 September 1855 in Harrison Co., IN.40007,45889,61216 They claimed 52 years in 1910. Children were: Elizabeth K. (Lizzie) TEMPLE-28818, Charles (Charlie) TEMPLE-28819, Louis TEMPEL-28732, Caroline (Carrie) TEMPLE-28726, George TEMPLE-25173, Mary TEMPLE-51360, Joseph TEMPLE-51361, Frank TEMPEL-24536, Laura F. TEMPLE-28730, Louise TEMPLE-42431, Ida TEMPLE-42432.

Timothy R. PLATT (private).61220

Spouse: Sandra S. TEMPLE-144693.

William PLATT was born in 1871 in IL.2843

Spouse: Gertrude -157579. Gertrude and William PLATT were married. Children were: Deliah PLATT-157577.