Robert C. TEMPLE was born in 1928.120416 He died in 2014 at the age of 86 in Cass Co., MI.120416 Buried in Birch Lake Cemetery, Calvin Center, MI. He is pretty clearly Robert Clarence Temple, but the two Find-A-Grave memorials for him tie to wives with teh same names but radically different dates.

Spouse: Gertrude L. -182969. Gertrude L. and Robert C. TEMPLE were married.

Robert C. TEMPLE15528 was born on 27 December 1928 in Wood Twp., Clark, IN.13058,84436,120417 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Wood Twp., Clark, IN.13058 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Wood Twp., Clark, IN.84436 Robert lived in Starlight, Wood, Clark, IN in 2016.23919 He died on 26 May 2019 at the age of 90 in Borden, Clark, IN.71222,120418 Buried in Chapel Hill Christian Church Cemetery, Floyds Knobs, IN. Parents: Lawrence Earl TEMPLE-48378 and Maude Olive BELL-25342.

Spouse: Betty Jean SCOTT-107029. Betty Jean SCOTT and Robert C. TEMPLE were married on 19 November 1945.71222 Children were: Karen A. TEMPLE-107020, Robert (Bobby) TEMPLE-107032, James E. TEMPLE-107033, Michael (Mike) TEMPLE-107034.

Robert C. TEMPLE (private).37316

Spouse: Gloria G. GIROD-147231.

Robert C. TEMPLE Jr (private).

Spouse: Charneli W. -160664.

Robert Calvin (Robert) TEMPLE43819 was born on 12 December 1925 in Serena, La Salle, IL.43821,43823,120419,120420 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Serena, La Salle, IL.43821 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Serena, La Salle, IL.43823 On 13 December 1943 Robert was a farmer in Serena, La Salle, IL.120420 He lived in Serena, La Salle, IL in 2009.36681 He died on 4 August 2012 at the age of 86 in Ottawa, La Salle, IL.120419 Buried in West Serena Cemetery, Serena, IL. Parents: William Murdock (William) TEMPLE-61581 and LaVina Maude (Maude) HITE-61585.

Spouse: Mercedes Winona GEORGE-70741. Mercedes Winona GEORGE and Robert Calvin (Robert) TEMPLE were married on 5 May 1946 in Leland, La Salle, IL.36681 Children were: Barbara Kay TEMPLE-114800, Betty TEMPLE-70744, Brad TEMPLE-70745.

Robert Carl TEMPLE120421 was born on 17 August 1918 in Beaver Co., PA.40778 He died on 10 April 1919 at the age of 0 in West Bridgewater, Beaver, PA.40778 Died of pneumonia. Buried in Beaver Cemetery and Mausoleum, Beaver, PA. Parents: Edwin Glenn (Edwin) TEMPLE-3083 and Gertrude B. HARPER-49927.

Robert Carl TEMPLE (private).9247 Parents: Chester Welding TEMPLE-39950 and Doris Beryl SLATER-70017.

Spouse: Twila Jean ANDERSON-112889.

Robert Carl TEMPLE65679 was born on 17 June 1948 in Columbus, Muscogee, GA.6615,120422 He died on 20 July 2014 at the age of 66 in Seale, Russell, AL.120422 Died of cancer. He served in the military. Served in the Air Force as a pilot in both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Highest rank was major. Served in the first Gulf War - DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM. He retired from the Air Force. Units and exact dates unknown. Parents: Roy Lee TEMPLE Sr.-45396 and Mary Louise POOR-81743.

Spouse: Susan VOGT-92600. Children were: Jeffrey TEMPLE-92604.

Robert Carl (Robert) TEMPLE70445 was born on 23 March 1917 in Peru, Miami, IN.9258,70446,71477,73300,100360,120423 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Peru, Miami, IN.70446 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Peru, Miami, IN.73300 In April 1940 Robert was an electrical equipment press man in Peru, Miami, IN.9258 He served in the military between 1941 and 1945.1006,120424 Dates approximate. Enlisted in the Army of the US on 17 Dec 1941 at Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN as a private in the Air Corps. Service # 15083572. He lived in Miami Co., IN in 1941.1006 Robert died on 18 December 1982 at the age of 65 in Peru, Miami, IN.71478,120423,120425 Died of an acute myocardial infarction. Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Peru, IN. Parents: Harry Edward TEMPLE-56644 and Edna Marie (Edna) SMALLEY-56645.

Spouse: Rubie Marie (Ruby) SEE-56651. Rubie Marie (Ruby) SEE and Robert Carl (Robert) TEMPLE were married on 10 October 1941.71478 Children were: Roberta TEMPLE-56662, Theresa S. TEMPLE-56663, Patricia TEMPLE-56664, Ann TEMPLE-80735.

Robert Carlyle TEMPLE11710 was born on 15 February 1928 in Alton, Madison, IL.11707,11710 He lived in South Bend, St. Joseph, IN on 1 April 1935.11707 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in South Bend, St. Joseph, IN.11707 Robert served in the military between 1946 and 1948.120426 Served in the Navy. He lived 1011 DeMaude Street in South Bend, St. Joseph, IN on 15 February 1946.11710 He died on 19 December 2014 at the age of 86.120426 Parents: Floyd Hillsman TEMPLE-97816 and Marvel Margaret BARNES-97842.

Spouse: Gertrude L. (Gertie) MAJOR-120603. Gertrude L. (Gertie) MAJOR and Robert Carlyle TEMPLE were married on 27 August 1949 in St. Joseph Co., IN.54818 Children were: find Jan TEMPLE-120604, Gerry TEMPLE-120605.

Robert Carter (Carter) TEMPLE was born on 22 February 1887 in Harmony, Johnson, AR.27110,27112,64956,64958,64959,64961,71791,120427 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Horsehead, Johnson, AR.27112,71791 In April 1910 he was a farm laborer in Horsehead, Johnson, AR.27110 In 1917 Robert was a circuit clerk in Clarksville, Johnson, AR.64956 In January 1920 he was a county clerk in Clarksville, Johnson, AR.64957 In April 1930 he was a bank clerk in Lamar, Johnson, AR.64958 Robert lived in Fort Smith, Sebastian, AR on 1 April 1935.64961 In April 1940 he was an alcohol tax investigator in Park Hill, Pulaski, AR.64961 He died in September 1981 at the age of 94 in Johnson Co., AR.64962,120427 Buried in Kendall Cemetery, Horse Head, AR.

There is a chance he is the son of Levi E. and Emily R. Temple. Parents: John Lee (Lee) TEMPLE-28850 and Emily E. (Emma) DANIELS-33263.

Spouse: Edna L. PHILLIPS-39741. Edna L. PHILLIPS and Robert Carter (Carter) TEMPLE were married in 1911 in AR. Children were: Lee Douglas (Douglas) TEMPLE-39742, Rachil Louise (Bobbie) TEMPLE-39743.

Robert Charles TEMPLE (private).50619 Parents: Charles William TEMPLE-65242 and Delores Ann KOLUNIE-65243.

Spouse: Patty -65246.

Robert Charles TEMPLE (private).40337

Spouse: Gail Marie HANKINS-145489.

Spouse: Rebecca Leigh OLSON-145490.

Robert Charles TEMPLE Sr. (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-181869. Children were: Robert Charles TEMPLE Jr.-181870.

Robert Charles TEMPLE was born on 10 December 1878 in London, London, England, United Kingdom.120428,120429,120430 His naturalization records put the date in 1878, but his WWI draft registration put it in 1880. However, the date was in 1882 by his WWII draft registration. In 1918 he was a transfer man in Boston, Suffolk, MA.120429 In 1919 he was a packer.120428 Robert lived 948 Parker Street in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA in 1919.120428 He was naturalized on 12 May 1919 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.120428 In 1942 he was a postal employee in Boston, Suffolk, MA.120430 Robert lived 11 Midland Street in Boston, Suffolk, MA in 1942.120430 He was unmarried in 1919, but he might have been the Robert C. Temple who married an unknown woman in Boston in 1923. Parents: William TEMPLE-152963 and UNKNOWN-152964.

Private Robert Charles TEMPLE120431 was born on 13 March 1921 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA.1006,40598,40599,80399,120431 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA.40598 In April 1940 he was a grocery store clerk in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA.40599 In October 1941 Robert was a steel mill worker in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA.38686 In February 1942 he was an employee of Central Iron and Steel Company in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA.120431 He lived 518 South 13th Street in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA in February 1942.120431 Robert lived in Dauphin Co., PA in 1943.1006 He served in the military in 1943/4 in France.1006,38687,120432,120433 Dates approximate. Drafted in the Army of the US on 7 Oct 1943 at Harrisburg, PA as a private. Private in the 357th Infantry, 90th Division. He was admitted for treatment in Aug 1944 for wounds received from an artillery shell in the thorax. Killed in action. Received the Purple Heart.
Service # 33871715. He died on 6 August 1944 at the age of 23 in France.80399 Buried in St. James Cemetery, also known as Brittany American Cemetery, France, in Block B, Row 1, Grave 5. Parents: George Josiah (George) TEMPLE-47909 and Marion Frances HARDY-47910.

Spouse: Treva Constantine GREENAWALT-53978. Treva Constantine GREENAWALT and Private Robert Charles TEMPLE were married on 28 October 1941 in Hagerstown, Washington, MD.1006,38686,38689 The newspaper account of the wedding was published in the Harrisburg Telegraph on 15 Nov 1941, but said the ceremony had been "today," which disagrees with Hagerstown records.

Robert Charles TEMPLE Jr. (private).29191 Parents: Robert Charles (Robert) TEMPLE Sr.-60590 and Anna Jean (Anna) DILLE-60601.

Robert Charles TEMPLE Jr. (private). Parents: Robert Charles TEMPLE Sr.-181868 and UNKNOWN-181869.

Robert Charles (Rob) TEMPLE113035 was born on 31 October 1947 in Altoona, Blair, PA.120434,120435 He died on 21 May 2007 at the age of 59 in Williamsport, Lycoming, PA.31943,120436 Buried in St. Ann's Church, Williamsport, PA. Parents: Robert Asa TEMPLE-49891 and Naomi Adaline (Naomi) KELLER-91180.

Spouse: Karen JONES-91182. Children were: Adrian TEMPLE-91175, Robyn Lynne TEMPLE-91183.

Robert Charles (Robert) TEMPLE Sr.29189 was born on 27 April 1913 in Bluffton, Wells, IN.29191,29192,84671,86726,120437,120438,120439 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Toledo, Lucas, OH.86726 In April 1930 he was an auto plant laborer in Lake Twp., Wood, OH.84671 In January 1936 Robert was a painter in East Toledo, Lucas, OH.29192 In April 1940 he was a coal machine oiler in Rossford, Wood, OH.29191 He lived in Toledo, Lucas, OH in 1962.13899 Robert lived in Northwood, Wood, OH in 1993.120438 He died on 20 October 1993 at the age of 80 in Maumee, Lucas, OH.13899,120437,120438,120440 Buried in Lake Township Cemetery, Walbridge, OH. Parents: Charles Dependence (Charles) TEMPLE-60586 and Ida Caroline (Ida) ZOLL-60587.

Spouse: Anna Jean (Anna) DILLE-60601. Anna Jean (Anna) DILLE and Robert Charles (Robert) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 4 January 1936 in Bowling Green, Wood, OH.29192 Children were: Robert Charles TEMPLE Jr.-87581, Shirley Jean TEMPLE-87582, Ronald Duane (Ronald) TEMPLE-66869.

Robert Chester (Bob) TEMPLE Sr.7555,53000 was born on 22 May 1872 in Jones Co., MS.7071,7556,24793,40862,76351,120441 His grave marker gives 22 May 1868, but the earliest date in the census was 1873. An 1868 date would interfere with his elder sibling Sarah. He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Jones Co., MS.24793 In June 1900 he was a farm laborer in Jones Co., MS.7556 In May 1910 Robert was a farmer in Jones Co., MS.7071 He moved after 1911 in Winnsboro, Franklin, LA.95940 In February 1920 he was a farmer in Franklin Parish, LA.76351 Robert appeared in the census in April 1940 in Franklin Parish, LA.40862 Enumerated as a widower. He lived in Winnsboro, Franklin, LA in 1951.67581 He died on 22 February 1958 at the age of 85 in Winnsboro, Franklin, LA.4697,95940,120442 Buried in Harris Cemetery, Swampers, LA. Karen McDaniel Ward, who provided the additional information on this line, was the great granddaughter of Robert Chester. Her data indicates the children of Robert and Frances were: Della, Siena, Eugene, Barney, Chester, Warner and Oliver. She indicated that the sisters, Della and Siena, were in addition to Bessie and Rosa (known as Rosie). Della Arsenia Temple Ulmer was her grandmother. Parents: William L. TEMPLE(S) Jr.-20771 and Annis C. (Annie) REEVES-20772.

Spouse: Frances (Fannie) SUMRALL-20829. Frances (Fannie) SUMRALL and Robert Chester (Bob) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 24 December 1894 in Jones Co., MS.76348 Children were: Barney E. TEMPLE-20830, William Warner (Warner) TEMPLE(S)-20831, Bessie TEMPLE-20832, Rosa TEMPLE-20833, Thomas Eugene (Eugene) TEMPLE-20834, Oliver O. TEMPLE-20835, Johnie TEMPLE-20836, Chester TEMPLES-75292, Della Arsenia TEMPLE-44945, Laura Senate (Senie) TEMPLE-68660.

Spouse: Pearl (Pearlie) ULMER-27336. Pearl (Pearlie) ULMER and Robert Chester (Bob) TEMPLE Sr. were married after February 1920. Children were: Robert Chester (Poss) TEMPLE Jr.-27337, Forrest Wayne (Wayne) TEMPLE-27338, Sybil A. TEMPLE-27339, Verna TEMPLE-77405.

Robert Chester (Poss) TEMPLE Jr.68287,95940 was born on 26 October 1930 in Winnsboro, Franklin, LA.40862,120443,120444,120445 Sources differ on the day being 25 or 26. He claimed 26 Oct in his draft regisitration. He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Franklin Parish, LA.40862 In 1948 he was a cotton and corn farmer in Swampers, Franklin, LA.120445 Robert lived in Wisner, Franklin, LA in 2001.68292 He lived in Winnsboro, Franklin, LA in 2006.53000 He died on 14 November 2007 at the age of 77 in Winnsboro, Franklin, LA.120443 Buried in Harris Cemetery, Winnsboro, LA. Robert was a truck driver.120443 Parents: Robert Chester (Bob) TEMPLE Sr.-20784 and Pearl (Pearlie) ULMER-27336.

Spouse: Wilma Jean HUCKABEE-109972. Wilma Jean HUCKABEE and Robert Chester (Poss) TEMPLE Jr. were married.

Spouse: Edna RICHMOND-109973. Edna RICHMOND and Robert Chester (Poss) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 5 February 1953 in Franklin Parish, LA.68288 Children were: Robert Lynn TEMPLE-109976, Gracie TEMPLE-109974, Amy E. TEMPLE-109975, Darren TEMPLE-109986.

Robert Clair TEMPLE was born on 10 May 1923 in Newton Hamilton, Mifflin, PA.33150,54345,99894,120446,120447 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.120446 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Crafton, Allegheny, PA.54345 Robert served in the military between 1942 and 1945. Dates approximate. Served as a staff sergeant in the Marine Corps in WWII. In June 1942 he was an employee of Pittsburgh Coke and Iron in Neville Twp., Allegheny, PA.99894 He lived 19 North Emily Street in Crafton, Allegheny, PA in June 1942.99894 Robert lived in PA before 1950.120448 He died on 7 October 2002 at the age of 79 in Redlands, San Bernardino, CA.120448 Buried in Montecito Memorial Park, Colton, CA. Identification as the Robert C. Temple enumerated in 1930 in Pittsburgh is based on timing and circumstantial evidence, requiring proof. Parents: Harold Cramer (Harold) TEMPLE-52158 and Eva L. LUTZ-52178.

Spouse: Leona M. ASHLEY-59907. Leona M. ASHLEY and Robert Clair TEMPLE were married in 1946.9977 They9977 were divorced in November 1967 in San Bernardino Co., CA.9977

Spouse: Rae L. FASANA-59864.

Robert Clarence TEMPLE was born on 29 July 1899 in PA.1101,5788,29224,29226,76222,120449,120450 Cemetery records give the date in 1900, but SSDI gave it in 1899 which matches his claim in his 1945 enlistment papers. Enumerated in 1915 and the date was in 1900 and the birthplace was PA. Claimed PA in 1940. Claimed WY in one census, but that may have been misread for WV. He appeared in the census in June 1915 in Camden, Camden, NJ.76222 He served in the military between 1918 and 1952.1006,29224,120451,120452 He was a staff sergeant in the Engineers when his wife was transported from New York to San Francisco in 1934. Re-enlisted in the Regular Army on 15 Nov 1945 at Fort Lewis, WA as a master sergeant in the Corps of Engineers with prior service in the National Guard. Served as a warrant officer 1 in the Army, with service from 12 Feb 1918 to 31 Mar 1952. Service # 06046850. In 1918 Robert was a hall boy for the Players Club in New York City, New York, NY.5788 In April 1930 he was a surveyor in Zapata, Zapata, TX.1101 He lived in Port Angeles, Clallam, WA on 1 April 1935.29226 In April 1940 Robert was a U.S. Army Engineers surveyor in Portland, Multnomah, OR.29226 He lived in Multnomah Co., OR in 1945.1006 He lived in OR before 1951.120449 Robert lived in Portland, Multnomah, OR in 1959.76223 He lived in Zapata, Zapata, TX in 1972.108729 He died on 10 February 1987 at the age of 87 in San Antonio, Bexar, TX.109,29224,120449 Buried in Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery, Section 8 Site 660. Death date is given as 10 or 11 Feb 1987. His parents were both from England in one census. In his WWI draft registration, he listed Mrs. Mary Studholme of PA as his next of kin, as she was his grandmother. She was Mary S. Studholme in 1910, b 1849 in England. She immigrated in 1868, and was married to Robert Studholme in 1870. That is as far as I could reasonably take the connection - she had 7 children, and they do not appear in the censuses.
Robert Clarence Temple may also be an adopted name, as his birth predates the marriage of Annie Studholme Aldred/Eldred to William Temple.
A possibility also exists that his self-reported birthplace of WY is wrong. In the 1910 census, there was one and only one Robert Temple, b 1898, with parents born in England. They were Robert and Rose Temple of Denver, CO, and it is they who might be the correct parents. Parents: William Henry TEMPLE-135609 and Anna E. (Annie) STUDHOLME-135610.

Spouse: Hope D. DILLY-138535. Hope D. DILLY and Robert Clarence TEMPLE were married about 1929. They did not give an age of marriage in 1930. Children were: Ruth Carmen (Ruth) TEMPLE-158604, Hope Diane TEMPLE-146822.

Robert Clarence TEMPLE216 was born on 22 May 1934 in Mankato, Blue Earth, MN.21560,32176,70664,120453,120454 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Garden City, Blue Earth, MN.70664 He died on 25 May 2013 at the age of 79 in Rochester, Olmsted, MN.32176,120454 Cremated by Ranfranz and Vine Crematory. Buried in Hammond Lutheran Cemetery, Hammond, MN. Robert served in the military.14159,32176 Served in the Navy as a MR2 aboard the USS Enterprise, dates unknown. Parents: Clarence George (Clarence) TEMPLE-47061 and Laura Eva SCHACK-48280.

Spouse: Lois Geraldine (Lois) ENGELIEN-93030. Lois Geraldine (Lois) ENGELIEN and Robert Clarence TEMPLE were married in 1963.32176 Children were: Cynthia Marie TEMPLE-93035, Lisa TEMPLE-93036.

Spouse: Leona Theresa BIRNBAUM-93034.

Robert Clarke TEMPLE Jr. was born on 24 May 1942 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.68456,90202,120455,120456 He served in the military in 1964. Served in the Navy, dates and units unknown. He was in the Navy when he married Gayle Holoway. He lived 3314 Wonder View Drive in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA in 1964.120455 Robert died on 1 July 2007 at the age of 65 in Avondale, Maricopa, AZ.90202,120457 Buried in Green Hills Memorial Park, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Parents: Robert Clarke (Robert) TEMPLE Sr.-24085 and Florence Grace (Florence) TOWER-44288.

Spouse: Gayle Lynn HOLLOWAY-90923. Children were: William TEMPLE-90926, Scott TEMPLE-90927.

Spouse: Sandra R. RIGGS-90921.

Robert Clarke (Clark) TEMPLE15538 was born on 26 July 1881 in IL.66487,66488,66489,66492,75587 Gave OK in 1930. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Hennessey, Kingfisher, OK.75587 He lived in Alva, Woods, OK in 1904.15539 He was a witness for his sister Anna's wedding. Robert lived in Arkansas City, Cowley, KS in 1905.66491 In April 1910 he was a lumber dealer in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS.66489 He lived 802 Nimms Avenue in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS in 1912.114780 In 1918 Robert was a general manager in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS.66492 In January 1920 he was a manager in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS.66487 He died on 13 June 1928 at the age of 46 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.120458 Buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA.

His parents were from IL (father) and NJ (mother).

Parents: Thomas Henry TEMPLE-24071 and Martha Durrell (Martha\Maria) STEWART-24072.

Spouse: Maude Florence (Maude\Flora) PURDUM-24084. Maude Florence (Maude\Flora) PURDUM and Robert Clarke (Clark) TEMPLE were married on 3 June 1905 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK.15538,66488,66489,66491,66494 Indicated 1904 in 1930. Recorded in Oklahoma County Marriage Book 8, p. 360. Children were: Robert Clarke (Robert) TEMPLE Sr.-24085, Frances Marion TEMPLE-24086, Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-24087, John Stewart (Stewart) TEMPLE-24088, Thomas Henry (Tom) TEMPLE-24089, James Frederick (James) TEMPLE-24090.

Robert Clarke (Robert) TEMPLE15538,120459 was born on 4 September 1821 in Mt. Cory, Hancock, OH.33782,33783,33784,33785,45031 In October 1850 he was a merchant in Ohio Twp., Clermont, OH.33784 In September 1860 he was a farmer in Perry, Pike, IL.33782 In June 1870 Robert was a farmer in Perry, Pike, IL.33783 In June 1880 he was a farmer in Perry, Pike, IL.33785 He died on 30 March 1900 at the age of 78 in Lincoln Twp., Decatur, KS.15538,120460,120461 Died at home after an unspecified extended illness. His obituary was unclear about whether he was in Lincoln Twp. in Decatur Co. or Cloud Co. when he died. Buried in Garnett Cemetery, Garnett, KS. Robert has reference number RLT # 24i.27457 He was named after his grandmother's family. Parents: Robert TEMPLE-4472 and Apphia HANSCUM-4547.

Spouse: Adeline S. FISHER-10902. Adeline S. FISHER and Robert Clarke (Robert) TEMPLE were married on 5 October 1842 in Clermont Co., OH.465,10092,33787 Some sources give the year as 1843. Children were: Lucy Anne TEMPLE-24067, Dr. Leonidas C. (Lee) TEMPLE-33271, Sarah Alice (Alice) TEMPLE-24068, Elizabeth A. (Lizzy) TEMPLE-24069, James E. TEMPLE-24070, Thomas Henry TEMPLE-24071.

Robert Clarke (Robert) TEMPLE Sr.15538 was born on 9 March 1906 in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS.66487,66489,115041,115042,120462,120463,120464 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS.66489 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS.66487 Robert lived in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1927.120465 In April 1930 he was an automobile tire company advertizing man in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.115041 He lived in El Monte, Los Angeles, CA on 1 April 1935.115042 In April 1940 Robert was an advertising solicitor in El Monte, Los Angeles, CA.115042 In October 1940 he was an employee of Raymond R. Morgan Company in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.120464 He lived 569 North Rossmore Street in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1953.31724 In 1964 Robert was a president of "Queen for a Day," Inc. in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.31723 He died on 9 June 1985 at the age of 79 in Burbank, Los Angeles, CA.7885,120463 His parents were from IL (father) and KS (mother). Parents: Robert Clarke (Clark) TEMPLE-24073 and Maude Florence (Maude\Flora) PURDUM-24084.

Spouse: Florence Grace (Florence) TOWER-44288. Florence Grace (Florence) TOWER and Robert Clarke (Robert) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 20 June 1927 in Glendale, Los Angeles, CA.115041,120465 They115041,120465 were divorced before 1955. Children were: Mary Joy (Marijoy) TEMPLE-44289, Robert Clarke TEMPLE Jr.-90920.

Spouse: Helen Elizabeth OLSSON-66035. Helen Elizabeth OLSSON and Robert Clarke (Robert) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 6 November 1953 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.31724,48743

Spouse: Louise E. WOLF-59863. Louise E. WOLF and Robert Clarke (Robert) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 24 April 1971 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.120462

Robert Clifton TEMPLE died before 18 August 2020 in MS.120466 Buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Meridian, MS.

Robert Comer TEMPLE was born on 21 June 1925 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.23,19305,19306,120467 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in New Bedford, Bristol, MA.19306 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in New Bedford, Bristol, MA.19305 Robert served in the military between 1942 and 1946.35180 Dates approximate. At the time of his engagement in Feb 1946, he was a petty officer first class in the Naval Reserve. He lived in MA before 1950.120468 He died on 15 August 2002 at the age of 77 in Las Vegas, Clark, NV.120468 Parents: Clarkson Wilberforce (Clarkson) TEMPLE Jr.-6262 and Eleanor Marie (Marion) BURREBY-36026.

Spouse: Anne Bevans FREEMAN-128944. Anne Bevans FREEMAN and Robert Comer TEMPLE were married about July 1946.35180 Their engagement was announced 10 Feb 1946 and the date was to be some time in the early summer.

Robert Craig TEMPLE was born on 22 September 1925 in Elk Point, Union, SD.23706,29732,29734,120469 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Elk Point, Union, SD.29732 He lived in Ute, Monona, IA on 1 April 1935.29734 Robert appeared in the census in April 1940 in Ute, Monona, IA.29734 He served in the military between 1943 and 1946.120470,120471 Enlisted in the Navy on 17 Sep 1943 at Sioux City, IA. Assigned to Naval Training station, ID. Sent ot service school at Great Lakes, IL. Served overseas from 6 Jun 1944 to 3 Jun 1946. Served as a Torpedoman's Mate 3 aboard the USS Brister (DE 327) in the Atlantic until 8 Jun 1945 when she was assigned to duty in the East China Sea. On 8 Apr 1946, the Brister returned to Charleston, SC, after which it was inactivated. Discharged 5 Jun 1946. Service # 621 99 18. He lived in Ute, Monona, IA in 1943.120471 Robert lived 45 Stuart Avenue in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA in 1949.120471 He lived in IA before 1951.120469 He died on 2 June 2010 at the age of 84 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA.120469,120470 Buried in Calvary Cemetery, Sioux City, IA. Secondary sources give his middle initial as P, but SSDI gave C. Parents: William Logan (Bill) TEMPLE-52942 and Alice Elizabeth (Alice) DONNELLY-52943.

Spouse: Constance W. (Connie) WOOD-52955. Constance W. (Connie) WOOD and Robert Craig TEMPLE were married on 4 June 1949 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA.23708,120472 Children were: Craig William TEMPLE-75840, Thomas Logan (Tom) TEMPLE-75841, Elizabeth Abigail TEMPLE-75842, William Lee (Bill) TEMPLE-75843, Catherine Anne (Cathy) TEMPLE-75844.

Robert Crichton TEMPLE (private). Parents: Gilbert C. TEMPLE-139037 and Amey C. LEE-174913.

Spouse: Mary Douglas FREW-181493.

Robert D. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Sue LIVINGSTON-148813.

Robert D. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Chrystal M. BAKER-148815.

Robert D. TEMPLE (private).56703 Parents: Robert E. TEMPLE-152739 and Betty Sue MC DANIEL-152755.

Robert D. TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-159993. UNKNOWN and Robert D. TEMPLE were married in 1917 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.120473

Robert D. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Kathryn F. -163610.

Robert D. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Cheri D. ASKELAND-179167.

Robert D. TEMPLE (private).120474,120475

Robert D. TEMPLE was born in 1881 in PA.36037 In April 1910 he was a rug company laborer in Dunmore, Lackawanna, PA.36037 His parents were both from Germany.

Spouse: Rue M. GANGNER-140112. Rue M. GANGNER and Robert D. TEMPLE were married in 1906 in PA.36037

Robert D. TEMPLE (private).36929 Parents: Donald Lee (Don) TEMPLE-27057 and Elizabeth J. (Betty) GIBSON-63200.

Spouse: Stephanie J. -118948.

Robert Dale TEMPLE was born on 23 August 1990 in Eureka, Humboldt, CA.148,120476 He died on 3 December 1994 at the age of 4 in Humboldt Co., CA.148,120477,120478 Buried in Ocean View Cemetery, Eureka, CA, Plot: Redwood Section, Row 20. Parents: TEMPLE-132083 and PETERS-132084.

Robert Dale (Robert) TEMPLE was born on 8 June 1950 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN.24940,120479,120480 He lived in MN in 1965.120481 He died on 22 October 2001 at the age of 51 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN.24940,120481,120482 Buried in Saint Vincent Cemetery, Osseo, MN. Parents: Gerald Cecil (Cecil) TEMPLE-21291 and Marion Kathryn (Marion) CORBIN-57507.

Robert Dameron TEMPLE (private).46292 Parents: Dr. Dennis Michael TEMPLE-71194 and Joycelyn MERCHANT-79974.

Spouse: Catherine Mary IACHINI-79981. Children were: Isabella Angelique TEMPLE-79984, Madeline Martha TEMPLE-79985.

Robert Daniel TEMPLE (private).75786

Spouse: Debra Leigh STOKES-174491.

Robert Daniel TEMPLE (private).120483

Spouse: Jana Kay JORDAN-159126. Children were: Jillanne TEMPLE-159127.

Spouse: Nancee Jean (Nancy) JACKSON-159335. Children were: Jerrod Daniel TEMPLE-159336.

Robert Darrel TEMPLE was born on 27 March 1923 in Pomeroy, Meigs, OH.61234,120484,120485,120486,120487 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Chicago, Cook, IL.61235 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Xenia, Greene, OH.120485 Robert a pupil in the Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans Home in April 1940 in Xenia, Greene, OH.120485 He served in the military between 1943 and 1945.1006,120484,120487,120488 Drafted 26 Jan 1943 at Columbus, OH as a private. Admitted for treatment in Feb 1944 for acute laryngitis. Treated and returned to duty in 1944. Service # 35625629. In January 1943 he was a farm hand.120487 Robert died on 18 May 1998 at the age of 75 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.120484,120489 Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH. Middle name was illegible in 1940. Parents: John Wesley (John) TEMPLE-47345 and Iva Torrence (Iva) NEWELL-79572.

Spouse: Helen Lucille BOWMAN-79588. Helen Lucille BOWMAN and Robert Darrel TEMPLE were married on 30 June 1951 in Hamilton Co., OH.16017,16018 SSACI shows she changed her name to Temple in Jan 1951, which was before the date of marriage in OH marriage records. The source did not discriminate between marriage dates and filing dates - this may be the date the minister's return was filed. If so - that only makes the SSACI date less explanable. Children were: Robert B. TEMPLE-79589, Arin L. TEMPLE-79590, Melissa G. TEMPLE-79591.

Robert Darrell (Bob) TEMPLE was born on 8 January 1935 in Lewellen, Garden, NE.29243,118062,120490 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Lewellen, Garden, NE.118062 He served in the military between 1955 and 1957.29243,47645 Served in the Army. Robert moved in 1970 in Laramie, Albany, WY.29243 He moved in August 1972 in Ogallala, Keith, NE.29243 He lived in Ogallala, Keith, NE in 1987.55966 Before 1997 Robert was a Keith County Land Surveyor in Ogallala, Keith, NE.29243 He died on 25 February 2018 at the age of 83 in Ogallala, Keith, NE.47645 Buried in Kowanda Cemetery, Garden Co., NE. Parents: Paul Dewitt (Paul) TEMPLE-2630 and Gladys Violet WITTEMAN-45150.

Spouse: Joann (Jo) JOHNSON-45154. Joann (Jo) JOHNSON and Robert Darrell (Bob) TEMPLE were married on 1 February 1959 in Monterey Co., CA.29243,47645,47647 Children were: Robert Paul (Rob) TEMPLE-45155, James Donovan (J.D.) TEMPLE-45156, John Ernst (Jet) TEMPLE-45157, Kathleen Jo (Kathy) TEMPLE-45158, Mark TEMPLE-113480.

Robert David TEMPLE Jr. (private).41120 Parents: Robert David TEMPLE Sr.-79412 and Joyce Karleen MIXON-79421.

Spouse: Mindy -79430.