Loni Deanna TEMPLE (private).84947 Parents: Lonnie Leroy TEMPLE Jr.-88799 and Rhonda Sue STEVENS-89762.

Spouse: Erech C. LIBBEY-124501.

Lonie Mae (Lona) TEMPLE was born on 20 February 1931 in LA.55923,94778 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Franklin Parish, LA.94778 She died on 1 June 2019 at the age of 88 in Winnsboro, Franklin, LA.55923 Buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Winnsboro, LA. Parents: William Warner (Warner) TEMPLE(S)-20831 and Cora L. (Carrie) WALTERS-42397.

Spouse: J.W. RUSHING-118980. Lonie Mae (Lona) TEMPLE and J.W. RUSHING were married on 6 September 1947 in Winnsboro, Franklin, LA.65327 Children were: Johnny RUSHING-118981, Tommy RUSHING-118982, Jean RUSHING-118983.

Spouse: Vernon MORGAN-94089. Children were: Dennis MORGAN-118979.

Lonly TEMPLE was born in 1889 in English, Crawford, IN.59847 She lived in Patoka, Crawford, IN in 1915.59847 Her given name was not only illegible, nothing like it was found in the censuses from 1900 to 1920 in the Crawford Co., IN, area. It clearly began with an Lo, and ended in ly. She would seem to be related to James Isaac and Margaret (Longest) Temple, since some of their children married Pattons in Crawford Co., IN. However, nothing like her given name appears in their children in the censuses, and her claim for her age in her son James' birth certificate conflicts with Nellie M. Temple (who married Floyd Patton), but with whom she shares little else in common.

Spouse: Arthur PATTON-172890. Lonly TEMPLE and Arthur PATTON were married about 1913. Children were: James PATTON-172891.

Lonnie TEMPLE (private).71199 Parents: Willard Frederick (Buddy) TEMPLE Jr.-81638 and Verna Pauline (Polly) MORGAN-81643.

Lonnie TEMPLE was born (date unknown). Given name might be Lannie.

Spouse: Whitelaw BOYD-126478. Lonnie TEMPLE and Whitelaw BOYD were married on 19 February 1925 in Fayette Co., TN.15407

Lonnie TEMPLE Jr. (private). Parents: Lonnie TEMPLE Sr.-148229 and UNKNOWN-148230.

Spouse: Ella R. WILLIAMS-148223. Children were: Lonnie TEMPLE III-148231.

Lonnie TEMPLE Sr. (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-148230. Children were: Lonnie TEMPLE Jr.-144345.

Lonnie TEMPLE III (private). Parents: Lonnie TEMPLE Jr.-144345 and Ella R. WILLIAMS-148223.

Lonnie TEMPLE was born on 23 April 1916 in Belfast, County Down, Ireland.16267,16269 Shipping records of 1916 indicated he was born in 1914, but his mother's 1916 passport application gave the correct date. The photograph with her passport application verifies that he was under a year old, but he looked older than two months. He back from England in October 1916.16267 Parents: Clyde Kirven (Clyde) TEMPLES-56977 and Georgina BRINES-62121.

Lonnie TEMPLE76275 was born in 1928 in AR.7002 He lived in Ripley, Lauderdale, TN on 1 April 1935.7002 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Ripley, Lauderdale, TN.7002 Parents: Robert TEMPLE-127940 and Seanna -127939.

Lonnie Burline (Lonnie) TEMPLE was born on 1 January 1948 in Grove, Harnett, NC.105605,105606 He died on 31 October 1997 at the age of 49 in NC.105607,105608 Buried in Stevens Chapel Cemetery, Benson, NC. Parents: Lonnie Edward TEMPLE-44672 and Naomi MOORE-53730.

Spouse: Carolyn Sue BEASLEY-53733. Children were: Jenny Lynn TEMPLE-53734.

Lonnie Charles TEMPLE2547,58874 was born on 10 October 1927.2547,58045 His daughter Mary said his given name was Robert when she married Donald Palmer.

Spouse: Venell O'NEAL-126712. Venell O'NEAL and Lonnie Charles TEMPLE were married in October 1948 in Lauderdale Co., TN.58045 License issued on 4 Oct 1948, but there was no minister's return. Children were: Mary Lynn TEMPLE-126713.

Spouse: Venell O'NEAL-127168. Children were: Mary Lynn TEMPLE-126713.

Spouse: Sheila P. -126711.

Spouse: Eva Mae -127169. Eva Mae and Lonnie Charles TEMPLE were married before 1992.

Lonnie E. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Elyce -143130.

Lonnie Edward TEMPLE was born on 2 October 1920 in Elevation, Johnston, NC.222,10650,105609,105610,105611 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Elevation, Johnston, NC.105609 He lived in Benson, Johnston, NC in 1940.946,105612 In April 1940 Lonnie was a farm laborer in Elevation, Johnston, NC.10650 He served in the military between 1942 and 1946.946,55804,105612,105613 Dates approximate. Drafted in the Army of the US on 15 Aug 1942 at Fort Bragg, NC as a private. Stationed at Camp Grant, IL; Scotland, England, France, Belgium, and Germany. Discharged 22 Jan 1946. Service # 34316599. In August 1942 he was an unskilled worker in textile manufacture in Johnston Co., NC.105613 Lonnie lived in Coats, Harnett, NC in 1973.44351 He died on 14 November 1989 at the age of 69 in Erwin, Harnett, NC.222,105611,105614 Buried in Stevens Church Cemetery, Benson, NC. Appeared without the terminal S in his military enlistment papers. Find-A-Grave incorrectly says he was the son of Arthur and Ada (Butler) Temple, but that person was Lonnie Everette Temple. Parents: Lonnie Green (Lonnie) TEMPLES-40077 and Florence TURNER-40530.

Spouse: Naomi MOORE-53730. Naomi MOORE and Lonnie Edward TEMPLE were married about June 1943.20438 Children were: Lonnie Burline (Lonnie) TEMPLE-53731, Betty Ann TEMPLE-53732.

Lonnie Everette (Lonnie) TEMPLE53336,61125 was born on 17 June 1925 in Duke Twp., Harnett, NC.18601,18604,105615,105616 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in East Lumberton, Robeson, NC.18601 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Erwin, Harnett, NC.18604 Lonnie served in the military between 1942 and 1944.105617,105618 Dates may not be inclusive. Enlisted in the Navy as an Able Seaman in Norfolk, VA, 22 Jun 1942. Received aboaard the USS Arkansas from Receiving Station, Norfolk, VA, 3 Aug 1942. Changed rating to S2C 22 Oct 1942. Transferred to Receiving Station Norfolk VA for duty on the flag staff of COMSOLANTFOR 23 Jan 1943. Received aboard the USS Pollux 16 Feb 1943 from Norfolk. Aboard the Pollux as it sailed from Bermuda, British West Indies, his rating changed to S1C on 1 Jul 1943. Transferred to Sub Chaser Training Center, Miami, FL 13 Jul 1943. Received aboard the PC 784 at its commissioning 17 Sep 1943, having come through the Receiving barracks, Portland, OR. Declared a straggler 22 Oct 1943 while the PC 784 was in San Pedro, CA. However, he was present for muster on 31 Dec 1943. His grave marker gives him credit only as an S2. Service # 266-63-69. He lived in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC in 1956.43883 He died on 5 October 2010 at the age of 85 in Asheville, Buncombe, NC.105616,105618 Buried in Dunn Memorial Gardens, Dunn, NC. Parents: Arthur R. TEMPLE-40079 and Ada Jane BUTLER-40523.

Spouse: Geadelia WOLFE-72266. Geadelia WOLFE and Lonnie Everette (Lonnie) TEMPLE were married on 8 June 1946.53336 They53336 were divorced in February 1979.53336 Children were: Larry Everette TEMPLE-72267, Wanda TEMPLE-72268, Stephen Allen TEMPLE-72269.

Lonnie Hartwell TEMPLE was born on 26 February 1925 in England, Lonoke, AR.15609,15611,45008,104774,105619,105620 He lived in Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, MO between 1930 and 1942.105619 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in England, Lonoke, AR.15609 Lonnie appeared in the census in April 1940 in Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, MO.15611 He served in the military between 1943 and 1945.946,105619 Dates approximate. Drafted in the Army of the US on 4 Nov 1943 at Jefferson Barracks, MO as a private. Served in the US Army Signal Corps in the South Pacific. Service # 37627961. He was educated Southeast State College in February 1943 in Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, MO.104774 Lonnie lived in MO before 1948.105621 He moved in 1948 in AK.105619 He died on 3 October 2001 at the age of 76 in Kenai, Kenai Peninsula, AK.105619,105621 Parents: Leonidas Wilson (Lonnie) TEMPLE-33066 and Penzel Irene (Irene) BRADLEY-33067.

Spouse: Jeanne MC DONALD-33092. Children were: Cheryl TEMPLE-77320.

Lonnie Leroy TEMPLE Sr. was born on 7 February 1934 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX.17323,105622,105623,105624 SSDI gave 8 Feb, but cemetery records gave 7 Feb, and he claimed 7 Feb in his SSAN application. He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX.17323 He lived in NE before 1951.105622 Lonnie lived 5481 Santa Marie Street in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX in 1963.105625 He lived in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX in 1973.17321 He died on 13 February 1997 at the age of 63 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX.105,105622,105626 Buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Fort Worth, TX. Parents: Warner (Wonnie/Warnie) TEMPLE-67785 and Virgie Mae BROWN-84799.

Spouse: Rebecca Ann PRYOR-89766. Children were: William Franklin TEMPLE-89767.

Spouse: Temple Jo TAYLOR-109781.

Spouse: Linda Kay FRIEND-87845. Children were: Lonnie Leroy TEMPLE Jr.-88799.

Spouse: Jeanette -94581.

Spouse: Glenda Marlene WARREN-88769. Children were: Steffany Marie TEMPLE-88770.

Lonnie Leroy TEMPLE Jr. (private).54341 Parents: Lonnie Leroy TEMPLE Sr.-87612 and Linda Kay FRIEND-87845.

Spouse: Janice S. MELVIN-94611.

Spouse: Judy Lynn KIRKPATRICK-88800. Children were: Desiree TEMPLE-88801.

Spouse: Rhonda Sue STEVENS-89762. Children were: Loni Deanna TEMPLE-89763.

Spouse: Debra Faye CALDARA-89764. Children were: Lisa Starr TEMPLE-89765.

Lonnie Matthew TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Giselle DIAZ-163326.

Lonnie Matthews TEMPLE (private).105627 Parents: Jones Butler TEMPLE III-52397 and Mary Margaret HILL-52398.

Lonnie Nathan TEMPLE76158 was born on 15 February 1939 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.27999,52222,52224,76158,105628,105629 SSDI put the date in 1939, but he claimed it in 1938 in his SSAN application. He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.27999 He lived in Greenwood, Johnson, IN in 2003.105628 Lonnie died on 22 November 2003 at the age of 64 in Austin, Scott, IN.28003,52222,52224,105628,105630 Died of respiratory failure due to chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema. Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN, Plot: Sec: 53, Lot: 324. He was a truck driver for the Department of Transportation.52224 Parents: Alonzo Franklin (Lonnie/Leon) TEMPLE-57347 and Dorothy Irene DONAHUE-57348.

Spouse: Frances A. MATESICK-57350. Frances A. MATESICK and Lonnie Nathan TEMPLE were married before 1959. Children were: Terrie S. TEMPLE-57352, Jackie Lynn TEMPLE-57353, Shirley A. TEMPLE-57354, Scott Allen TEMPLE-57351, Angela D. TEMPLE-57355.

Lora TEMPLE (private). Parents: Thomas Roland (T.R.) TEMPLE-20484 and Doris Cerell RAY-20495.

Lora TEMPLE (private).85119 Parents: Isaac Gerald (Ike) TEMPLE-44848 and Mary Ann NORMAN-81864.

Spouse: Steve JANAK-120501. Children were: David JANAK-120504, Peter JANAK-120505.

Lora TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Walter Lee BROZE-174669.

Lora Bertile (Bertile) TEMPLE52607 was born on 5 April 1915 in Franklin Co., MS.19341,52608,52609,105631 She appeared in the census in February 1920 in Franklin Co., MS.52608 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Franklin Co., MS.19341 Lora died on 24 December 1982 at the age of 67 in Meadville, Franklin, MS.52609,105631 Buried in Meadville Cemetery, Meadville, MS, though there is not death date. Parents: Thomas Madison (Matt) TEMPLE-19820 and Julia Ivanora (Nora) MC ALLISTER-19825.

Spouse: Robert Lee (Bob) SMITH-19834. Lora Bertile (Bertile) TEMPLE and Robert Lee (Bob) SMITH were married on 20 December 1933.52607

Lora Jeanne (Jeanne) TEMPLE7736 was born on 6 February 1926 in Sedan, Union, NM.7736,61311,61312,105632 A secondary source gave 31 Mar 1924, but she claimed 6 Feb 1926 in her SSAN application. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Union Co., NM.61311 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Sedan, Union, NM.61312 Lora died on 31 May 2006 at the age of 80 in Clayton, Union, NM.7736,105633 Cremated. Parents: Leonard Percival (Leonard) TEMPLE-62598 and Ola Ruth (Ola) POGUE-62599.

Spouse: Carl E. NEWLON-63288. Lora Jeanne (Jeanne) TEMPLE and Carl E. NEWLON were married on 8 June 1947 in Union Co., NM.57351 Marriage book 12, license 6931. Children were: Sandra Faye NEWLON-107747, Janice NEWLON-107748, Janet NEWLON-107749, David NEWLON-107750, Kendall NEWLON-107751.

Lora Lee TEMPLE (private). Parents: Joseph A. (Joe) TEMPLE-83911 and Malinda LANKFORD-83912.

Spouse: TURNER-83915. Children were: Joseph Bradford TURNER-83916.

Lora Mae TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Daniel Lee DUBOIS-174827.

Lora Mae TEMPLE was born on 30 May 1923 in Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO.503,105634 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO.503 She lived in Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO in 1939.37236 Lora died on 15 February 1995 at the age of 71 in Imperial, Jefferson, MO.37234,105635,105636 Buried in Poplar Bluff City Cemetery, Poplar Bluff, MO, Plot: Garner Addition. Also given as Laura Mae. Parents: John A. Logan TEMPLES-53594 and Pearl Myrtle KNEIR-53595.

Spouse: Oscar R. (Jack) HAGER-82133. Lora Mae TEMPLE and Oscar R. (Jack) HAGER were married on 2 December 1939 in Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO.37236

Lora Sue TEMPLE (private). Parents: Glenn Ovid TEMPLE-34712 and Joy C. WILLIAMS-120818.

Spouse: John PHILLIPS-120826.

Lora Violet (Violet) TEMPLE was born on 28 August 1913 in Stanberry, Gentry, MO.19274,49902,68382,105637 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Wilson Twp., Gentry, MO.49902 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Cooper, Gentry, MO.68382 Lora lived in Stanberry, Gentry, MO in 1961.76110 She died on 8 October 2007 at the age of 94 in Albany, Gentry, MO.105638,105639 Buried in High Ridge Cemetery, Gentry Co., MO. Parents: Edward W. (Ed) TEMPLE-37819 and Alma Maydonne SLAGLE-38309.

Spouse: Forrest H. THOMAS-64942. Lora Violet (Violet) TEMPLE and Forrest H. THOMAS were married before 1961.76110 Children were: Robert THOMAS-82534.

Loraida TEMPLE was born in 1866 in CA.11751,60333 Gave Feb 1870 in 1900. She appeared in the census in July 1900 in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA.60333 By 1900, she had had 5 children, 4 of whom survived.

Spouse: Jose PEREZ-143434. Loraida TEMPLE and Jose PEREZ were married on 18 February 1890 in San Gabriel, Los Angeles, CA.60333,60334,60335 Children were: Estanio PEREZ-154037, Coloromiro PEREZ-154038, Ninfa PEREZ-154039, Florence PEREZ-154040.

Loraine TEMPLE was born on 11 February 1922 in Longview, Gregg, TX.36229,105640,105641 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Gregg Co., TX.36231 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Gregg Co., TX.36229 Loraine lived in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX in 1951.59747 She died on 10 February 2008 at the age of 85 in Melissa, Collin, TX.59743,105641 Buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Fort Worth, TX. Parents: Edwin Verne TEMPLE-28426 and Mary Ellen GRAYBILL-62329.

Spouse: Jasper David PATRICK-54162. Loraine TEMPLE and Jasper David PATRICK were married in 1947.59743 Children were: J.D. PATRICK-84796, Roger PATRICK-84797, Lewis Temple PATRICK-89440.

Loralyn M. TEMPLE (private).105642

Spouse: Herman RAY-175383.

Lorana Mane (Lorana) TEMPLE12640 was born on 20 August 1832 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.54771,54772,54773 Gave her age as 16 in 1850. Gave her age as 24 in the 1860 census. By 1870, she claimed only to be 27. She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.54773 She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.54771 Lorana appeared in the census in June 1865 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.54774 Enumerated living with her parents. She appeared in the census in August 1870 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.54772 She died on 7 December 1896 at the age of 64 in Smithfield, Madison, NY.22,105643 Buried in Hillcrest Spring Cemetery, Eaton, NY. Never married. Middle name from cemetery records only. Parents: Solomon TEMPLE-1170 and Marian (Mary) MILLARD-1611.

Lorel S. TEMPLE105644 was born on 12 March 1948 in KS. She died on 30 January 2014 at the age of 65 in Janesville, Bremer, IA. Buried in Finchford Cemetery, Finchford, IA. Parents: Reverend Paul Charles (Paul) TEMPLE-48454 and Iris Aleine WOLFE-48458.

Spouse: David C. MURRAY-90214. Children were: Tammi MURRAY-90215, Tonya MURRAY-90216, Tara MURRAY-90217.

Lorelei TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Abdulkarim ALWAIL-155514.

Lorelei TEMPLE was born on 23 May 1966 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.22,105645 She died on 15 April 1990 at the age of 23 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.22,105645 Died of leukemia. Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Marlboro, MA. Parents: Lester Randolph TEMPLE-36986 and Catherine Eva (Cathy) MORIN-38574.

Spouse: Thomas PASCUCCI-48779.

Loren TEMPLE (private).27978 Parents: George L. TEMPLE-85421 and Alice SCHAVER-86425.

Spouse: Sandra -115025.

Loren TEMPLE died on 2 July 1921 in Stark Co., OH.105646 Possibly Loren Temple b 1838 in Ohio.

Loren TEMPLE11014 was born on 4 September 1810 in Buckland, Franklin, MA.11014,11017,11018,67293,103068,105647 Date of birth from Pension Records is given as 1808. Some sources give 4 Sep, but his grave marker had 4 Aug. In 1850 he was a manufcturer in Adams, Berkshire, MA.11019 He lived in Adams, Berkshire, MA on 4 June 1850.67293 Made affidavit that Stephen Temple was still living in 1850. In July 1860 Loren was a machinist in Adams, Berkshire, MA.11016 In July 1870 he was a machinist in Adams, Berkshire, MA.11018 In June 1880 he was a machinist in Adams, Berkshire, MA.11017 Loren died on 20 February 1895 at the age of 84 in Adams, Berkshire, MA.22,11014,105647 Buried in Maple Street Cemetery, Adams, MA. He has reference number RLT # 437.21620 Whig, then a Republican. Parents: Stephen TEMPLE Jr.-467 and Parnel SHAW-4955.

Spouse: Sarah HATHAWAY-1681. Sarah HATHAWAY and Loren TEMPLE were married in 1828 in Adams, Berkshire, MA.11014,11021 Children were: Mary TEMPLE-17435, Lucy Lyantha TEMPLE-17436.

Spouse: Nancy M. BARBER-1682. Nancy M. BARBER and Loren TEMPLE were married in 1847 in Pownal, Bennington, VT.11014,11015,11021 Children were: Charles Loring (Charles) TEMPLE-31453.

Loren TEMPLE was born in 1838 in OH.105648 He appeared in the census in June 1860 in Pine Rock, Ogle, IL.105648 Not noted with any occupation, but he was staying on the farm of Bennett and Elizabeth Bailey, from PA and OH respectively. He has reference number RLT # (None).49109 Name spelled Lorain in the 1860 census. He might be the father or uncle of Berend Tempel of Forreston, IL.

Loren (Lory) TEMPLE77512,105649 was born on 28 February 1796 in Northborough, Worcester, MA.22 He was baptized on 7 May 1797 in Berlin, Worcester, MA.77512 He served in the military in 1813.105650 Listed as being taken into custody and held at Quebec, 9 Jun 1813. Taken prisoner 3 Jun 1813 at Lake Champlain. Listed on the payroll of Captain MacNeil's Company in the 11th Regiment from New Hampshire, with service dates of 1 May - 31 Aug 1813. He is credited in a roster of Vermonters in the War of 1812 as being from VT. Loren died on 20 December 1825 at the age of 29 in Northborough, Worcester, MA.22 His death has some relationship to New York city. He was described as Described as 5'7", stout, visage round and fair, light hair, grey eyes. Parents: Henry TEMPLE-36874 and Achsah MC BRIDE-36875.

Loren Alfred TEMPLE was born on 17 June 1897 in Enid, Garfield, OK.146,22914,31959,55447,105651,105652,105653 Put the date in 1898 when he registered for the WWII draft. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Enid, Garfield, OK.55448 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Artesia, Eddy, NM.55447 Loren lived in Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA in 1923.31958 In 1923 he was an abstracter.31958 In April 1930 he was a meat cutter in Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA.22914 Loren lived in Mira Loma, Riverside, CA on 1 April 1935.31959 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Mira Loma, Riverside, CA.31959 He lived 1053 Malachite Street in Mira Loma, Riverside, CA in 1942.105653 Loren died on 28 December 1966 at the age of 69 in Riverside, Riverside, CA.146,105654 Buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, CA. When registering for the WW2 draft, he made no mention of his wife, Margaret. Parents: David Devore (David) TEMPLE-54647 and Mary Serena (Minnie) MOHLER-54644.

Spouse: Margaret FISKE-54661. Margaret FISKE and Loren Alfred TEMPLE were married on 4 September 1923 in Santa Ana, Orange, CA.22914,31958 Children were: Beverly Ruth TEMPLE-54662, James Frederick TEMPLE-54663, William Loran (Bill) TEMPLE-54664, Patricia Jean TEMPLE-85887.

Spouse: Mildred Rosellen -88922. Mildred Rosellen and Loren Alfred TEMPLE were married on 29 September 1952 in Orange Co., CA.5863,5864

Loren Arthur TEMPLE14066,19360 was born on 6 May 1887 in Washington Co., IN.7650,17167,54360,54361,63731,63732,105655 Book H-4, p. 10 of IN birth records gives 21 Jan 1892. Gave his age as 29 in 1920. Gave May 1890 in 1900 which agrees with his 1917 draft registration, where he gave 6 May 1890. The birth records make it clear that the unnamed child of Frederick and Mary (Martin) Temple was born on 21 Jan 1892 in Washington Co., IN. The census records tie him to these parents. It is not possible, though, for Loren to have been born on 6 May 1890, because of the date of his sibling, Chester (20 Jan 1890). His marriage records with Mable Richards make the date 6 May 1887, but that was before his parents were married. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Jackson Twp., Washington, IN.54361 In April 1910 he was a farm laborer in Jackson Twp., Washington, IN.54360 In 1917 Loren was a farmer in Borden, Clark, IN.105655 In January 1920 he was a farmer in Jackson Twp., Washington, IN.17167 In April 1930 he was a state road superintendant in Anderson, Madison, IN.63731 Loren died. Given with german spelling in 1900 and his 1917 draft registration. His parents were both from IN. Given as Lorine in 1900.

Family history, from his daughter Fannie Arbell Temple, was that after moving the family to Anderson, IN, he worked at the Pendleton Reformatory, but then left the family. This apparently happened after the 1930 census. He may have remarried in southern IN, and his last known place was Bedford, IN. He may have attended Rose Polytechnic Institute, now known as Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN. Parents: Frederick William (Fred) TEMPLE-25172 and Mary Jane MARTIN-25178.

Spouse: Mable RICHARDS-26197. Mable RICHARDS and Loren Arthur TEMPLE were married on 26 February 1910 in Jeffersonville, Clark, IN.14066,17167,53355,54360,63731,63732 Gave 1913 in 1930. Children were: Mayme Bell (Mamie) TEMPLE-26198, Fanny Arrabelle TEMPLE-26200, Cletis Catherine (Cletis) TEMPLE-26199, Myrtle Janice TEMPLE-40120, Claris Irene TEMPLE-40121, Herman Frederick (Herman) TEMPLE-72965, Loren J. TEMPLE-72966.

Loren B. TEMPLE8983 was born on 12 March 1896. He died before 1899 at the age of 3. Parents: Alfred Lee (Alfred) TEMPLE-2319 and Emma Rebecca (Emma) BARFIELD-2871.

Loren Frederick TEMPLE Sr. (private).93284 Parents: Herman Frederick (Herman) TEMPLE-72965 and Mary Cleone MARSH-78404.

Spouse: Lorrina H. BELL-106038. Children were: Loren Frederick TEMPLE Jr.-106282, Lorrina D. TEMPLE-106326, Keenan Linus TEMPLE-106412, Kyle Lucas TEMPLE-106468.

Loren Frederick TEMPLE Jr. (private).32477 Parents: Loren Frederick TEMPLE Sr.-78406 and Lorrina H. BELL-106038.

Spouse: Julie J. FORD-106283.

Loren J. TEMPLE was born on 17 April 1925 in IN.14704,14707,48758,63731,105656,105657 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Anderson, Madison, IN.63731 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Anderson, Madison, IN.48758 Loren died on 17 July 1980 at the age of 55 in Anderson, Madison, IN.14704,14707,105656,105657 SSDI gives 18 Jul, which is probably late reporting. Died of cardiac arrest due to a myocardial infarction. Buried in Harlan Cemetery, Brown Twp., Hancock, IN. Also given with middle initial M in the census. Parents: Loren Arthur TEMPLE-26196 and Mable RICHARDS-26197.

Spouse: Dolly Louise BONNER-78409. Dolly Louise BONNER and Loren J. TEMPLE were married on 20 February 1943.14704,14709 Children were: Dollena June TEMPLE-78412, Etta Kathaline TEMPLE-78413, Loren Michael TEMPLE-78414, Vicki Anne TEMPLE-78415.

Loren Kenneth (Loren) TEMPLE22244 was born on 1 February 1939 in Axtell, Marshall, KS.22247,105658 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Elm Creek Twp., Marshall, KS.22247 He died on 20 March 2004 at the age of 65 in Salina, Saline, KS.105659,105660 Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Axtell, KS. Parents: Oliver Berlyn (Berlyn) TEMPLE-25637 and Erma Fern (Erma) COCHRAN-27447.