William J. SQUIER lived in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1913.74823

Spouse: Ethel R. TEMPLE-171207. Ethel R. TEMPLE and William J. SQUIER were married before 1913. Children were: Barbara Phyllis SQUIER-171209.

Elizabeth A. SQUIRE (private).695

Spouse: Tony W. TEMPLE-83193.

John S. SQUIRE24738 was born in Bangor, Penobscot, ME.

Spouse: Georgianna (Georgie) TEMPLE-13168. Georgianna (Georgie) TEMPLE and John S. SQUIRE were married on 16 January 1897 in Bangor, Penobscot, ME.24738 Probably a second marriage for her.

SQUIRES (private).

Spouse: Beatrice Arlene BLAUVELT-82948.

Frederick W. SQUIRES (private).

Spouse: Donna L. BLODGETT-73998. Children were: Tasha Ann SQUIRES-73996.

Michael Lee SQUIRES (private).74834,74835

Spouse: Karen K. TEMPLE-61917.

Spouse: Christine E. GAUNT-61919.

Tasha Ann SQUIRES (private).74836 Parents: Frederick W. SQUIRES-73997 and Donna L. BLODGETT-73998.

Spouse: Eric Bradley TEMPLE-73995.

Gladys SRAMM74837 died.

Spouse: Thomas STONE-117075. Gladys SRAMM and Thomas STONE were married before 1936. Children were: Janett Pearl STONE-103452.

Stephen Henry SRODAWA (private).

Spouse: Shelly Rae STENFTENAGEL-112549.

Helen Marie (Helen) SROUPE74838 was born on 18 May 1932.4908,74839 She lived in OH before 1951.74839 She died on 9 June 1980 at the age of 48 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.4908,74839,74840 Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Louisville, KY. She had twins who died at birth. Maiden name also interpreted as Sroufe.

Spouse: Harold TEMPLE-49787. Helen Marie (Helen) SROUPE and Harold TEMPLE were married on 5 February 1949 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.74841 Children were: James Earl TEMPLE-92659, Rhonda Sue TEMPLE-92660, Harold TEMPLE Jr.-83656.

Marjorie Diane ST. ANDRE (private).695

Spouse: William Ronald (Ronnie) TEMPLE-82832.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-82835. Children were: Shanna -82836, Sylena -82837.

Matthew ST. ANGELO (private).

Spouse: Tracy Lynn TEMPLE-153830.

Arthur ST. CLAIR2278 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Martha (Mattie) TEMPLE-30419. Martha (Mattie) TEMPLE and Arthur ST. CLAIR were married before 1911.2278,74842

Jonathan David ST. CLAIR (private). Parents: Timothy ST. CLAIR-83722 and UNKNOWN-83723.

Spouse: Abby Michele TEMPLE-83714.

Martha ST. CLAIR74351 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John SNYDER-100041. Martha ST. CLAIR and John SNYDER were married before 1880. Children were: Annie Bella SNYDER-100030.

Timothy ST. CLAIR (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-83723. Children were: Jonathan David ST. CLAIR-83715.

Frank P. ST. CYR7838 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Hazel M. MENDENHALL-129037. Hazel M. MENDENHALL and Frank P. ST. CYR were married before 1929. Children were: Lois Mae ST. CYR-129034.

Lois Mae ST. CYR was born on 14 January 1929 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN.7838 She lived in MN before 1951.74843 She died on 24 January 2006 at the age of 77 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.74843 Parents: Frank P. ST. CYR-129036 and Hazel M. MENDENHALL-129037.

Spouse: Harlan John TEMPEL-48216. Lois Mae ST. CYR and Harlan John TEMPEL were married on 26 April 1947 in Shannon, Carroll, IL.7838,74844

Mary Felaninse ST. CYR was born on 15 March 1860 in Canada.74845,74846 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Fallon, Churchill, NV.74845 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Fallon, Churchill, NV.74847 Mary died on 23 July 1937 at the age of 77 in Fallon, Churchill, NV.74846 Buried in Churchill County Cemetery, Fallon, NV, Plot: Section 39 Lot 5 Space 4. Mary had an earlier marriage, possibly to a St. Cyr. In 1930, she was living with her granddaughter, Dodo L. St. Cyr. Her parents were both from France in 1920.

Spouse: Robert M. TEMPLE-71668. Mary Felaninse ST. CYR and Robert M. TEMPLE were married after October 1916. They were divorced before 1930.74848 Said to be widowed in 1940 and his death certificate, he was divorced in the 1930 census, married in 1920 and widowed in 1910. Robert must have had two wives.

Rebecca Denise ST. CYR (private).

Spouse: La Verne TEMPLE Sr.-141005. Children were: Arlena Nicole TEMPLE-141007, La Verne TEMPLE Jr.-159337.

Ann ST. DENIS (private).

Spouse: Edward F. WILCOX-48885. Children were: Edward Frederick WILCOX III-48884.

Dianne N. ST. JEAN (private).74849

Spouse: Michael A. TEMPLE-147118.

ST. JOHN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Charlotte Anne TEMPLE-53704. Charlotte Anne TEMPLE and ST. JOHN were married about 1945. They were divorced before 30 August 1947.62285

Carol ST. JOHN (private).

Spouse: Ronald Duane (Ronald) TEMPLE-66869.

Isaac Cleveland ST. JOHN64096 died before 1900.

Spouse: Sarah (Sallie) PAYNE-55758. Sarah (Sallie) PAYNE and Isaac Cleveland ST. JOHN were married on 17 April 1892 in Franklin Co., TN.64096

Mary ST. JOHN5830 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Millington Marion SCROGGINS-27698. Mary ST. JOHN and Millington Marion SCROGGINS were married before 1860. Children were: Virginia Aldora (Dora) SCROGGINS-20919.

Raymond Wesley ST. JOHN3926 was born on 21 June 1919. He died on 27 November 1997 at the age of 78 in OR.

Spouse: Lucene -162501. Lucene and Raymond Wesley ST. JOHN were married about 1939.

Spouse: Doris M. TEMPLE-144836.

Roy J. ST. JOHN74850 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Teresa WARNER-97270. Teresa WARNER and Roy J. ST. JOHN were married before 1912. Children were: Teresa LeRoy ST. JOHN-62244.

Teresa LeRoy ST. JOHN74851 was born on 25 May 1912 in NY.74852,74853 She lived in Detroit, Wayne, MI on 1 April 1935.74853 She lived in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1936.74850 Teresa appeared in the census in April 1940 in Orange, Essex, NJ.74853 She lived 16 West End Avenue in Summit, Union, NJ on 16 October 1940.74854 She died on 28 April 2003 at the age of 90 in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA.74852 Parents: Roy J. ST. JOHN-97269 and Teresa WARNER-97270.

Spouse: Willard Henry (Willard) TEMPLE-44863. Teresa LeRoy ST. JOHN and Willard Henry (Willard) TEMPLE were married on 22 August 1936 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.74850,74851 Willard's brother Ralph was one of the witnesses. Children were: Bonnie S. TEMPLE-62245, Cynthia L. TEMPLE-62247, Patricia A. TEMPLE-62250.

ST. MARIE (private).

Spouse: Faith TEMPLE-83988.

Albertine Marie (Al) ST. MARTIN was born on 13 February 1919 in Escanaba, Delta, MI.36997,74855,74856 In April 1940 she was a tavern barmaid in Grover, Marinette, WI.74856 She lived in Dickinson Co., MI in 1984.74855 Albertine died on 23 November 2012 at the age of 93 in Norway, Dickinson, MI.36997 Buried in Dickinson County Memorial Gardens, Iron Mountain, MI. Parents: Richard ST. MARTIN-85129 and Clorvina BADGER-85130.

Spouse: Richard Allen (Dick) TEMPLE-42784. Albertine Marie (Al) ST. MARTIN and Richard Allen (Dick) TEMPLE were married on 14 December 1935 in Escanaba, Delta, MI.36997,74857 Children were: Richard (Dick) TEMPLE-85131, Thomas (Tom) TEMPLE-85132, William John (Bill) TEMPLE Sr.-81988, Suzanne M. (Susie) TEMPLE-85133, Peggy TEMPLE-85134, Pat TEMPLE-85135.

Richard ST. MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Clorvina BADGER-85130. Children were: Albertine Marie (Al) ST. MARTIN-81987.

Catherine ST. PIERRE (private).

Spouse: Emil ODVOODA-137248. Children were: Emily Mathilda ODVOODA-136435.

STAACK (private).

Spouse: Rosemary TEMPLE-97509.

Hannah STABARD died before 1819. Death is assumed on the basis of Ebenezer's subsequent marriage.

Spouse: Ebenezer TEMPLE-23881. Hannah STABARD and Ebenezer TEMPLE were married about 1807. Date is assumed based on Albert's birth date. Children were: Albert TEMPLE-50210, Eleanor TEMPLE-61723.

Jane STABLER (private).

Spouse: Robert J. NEWELL-38075. Children were: Gertrude Florence (Gertrude) NEWELL-38074.

Robert STABLER (private).

Spouse: Wanda TEMPLE-85590.

Rebecca STACEY10920 was born in 1810. She died in 1884 at the age of 74.

Spouse: Lucius Hubbard BREED-17694. Rebecca STACEY and Lucius Hubbard BREED were married in 1839.

Rhoda STACEY74858,74859 was born on 18 July 1792 in Westmoreland, Cheshire, NH.33363,53743,74860,74861 She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Fort Ann, Washington, NY.53743 She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Fort Ann, Washington, NY.74861 Rhoda appeared in the census in June 1865 in Fort Ann, Washington, NY.74862 Living with her daughter Jane. She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Fort Ann, Washington, NY.74860 Living with her daughter Jane. She died on 15 October 1882 at the age of 90 in Fort Ann, Washington, NY.33363,74863

Spouse: Joseph TEMPLE-1113. Rhoda STACEY and Joseph TEMPLE were married on 1 December 1812 in Westmoreland, Cheshire, NH.8301,33363,74858,74864 In Parkhill Church, Westmoreland, NH. Children were: Jane B. TEMPLE-1538, Jerusha TEMPLE-1542, Joseph H. TEMPLE-1540, Sarah (Sally) TEMPLE-1541, Rhoda TEMPLE-1539, Martha TEMPLE-1543, Abel S. TEMPLE-1544, Abraham TEMPLE-46876, Horace TEMPLE-1545, Mary TEMPLE-1546, Sidney TEMPLE-1547, Adeline TEMPLE-1548, Isaac TEMPLE-1549, Emeline A. (Emily) TEMPLE-28820.

STACK (private).

Spouse: Janet SCHWARZ-84407.

James H. STACK (private).36942

Spouse: Gail Kay GIBSON-151494.

Mary Alice STACK was born on 29 July 1935.11429

Spouse: Richard Lewis (Dick) TEMPLE-26973. Mary Alice STACK and Richard Lewis (Dick) TEMPLE were married on 3 July 1952.11429

Nicholas R. STACK (private).74865

Spouse: Georgia Jane (Georgia) TEMPLE-158933.

STACKHOUSE (private).

Spouse: TEMPLE-51037. Children were: Bertha STACKHOUSE-51039.

Amos Harvey STACKHOUSE74866 was born on 2 April 1897 in Chester Co., PA.11641 He died on 13 February 1925 at the age of 27 in South Coatesville, Chester, PA. Parents: George Henry STACKHOUSE-92492 and Sarah W. (Sallie) TEMPLE-50857.

Bertha STACKHOUSE was born in August 1879 in PA.28280 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Jordan Twp., Lycoming, PA.28280 She died. Parents: STACKHOUSE-51038 and TEMPLE-51037.

Clinton E. STACKHOUSE was born in February 1893 in PA.11641 He died. Parents: George Henry STACKHOUSE-92492 and Sarah W. (Sallie) TEMPLE-50857.

George H. STACKHOUSE was born in February 1895 in PA.11641 He died. Parents: George Henry STACKHOUSE-92492 and Sarah W. (Sallie) TEMPLE-50857.

George Henry STACKHOUSE74867 was born in August 1844 in PA.11641 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Charlestown, Chester, PA.11641 He died. His parents were both from PA. Given as Joseph in his daughter Jane's death certificate.

Spouse: Sarah W. (Sallie) TEMPLE-50857. Sarah W. (Sallie) TEMPLE and George Henry STACKHOUSE were married in 1889 in PA.11641 Children were: Joseph T. STACKHOUSE-92493, Jennie L. STACKHOUSE-92494, Clinton E. STACKHOUSE-92495, George H. STACKHOUSE-92496, Amos Harvey STACKHOUSE-92497.

Jennie L. STACKHOUSE was born in February 1891 in PA.11641 She died. Parents: George Henry STACKHOUSE-92492 and Sarah W. (Sallie) TEMPLE-50857.