Thelma6189 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dwight Harold (Pete) TEMPLES-55036. Thelma and Dwight Harold (Pete) TEMPLES were married about 1942. Date is approximate. This marriage was his first. They were divorced.6189

Thelma lived Rt # 1 Box 25 in Canton, Madison, MS in 1929.7206

Spouse: Ed TEMPLES-157245. Thelma and Ed TEMPLES were married.

Thelma was born in 1909 in MO.7207 She lived in Sulphur, Murray, OK on 1 April 1935.7207 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Sulphur, Murray, OK.7207 Thelma died.

Spouse: Charles A. (Tom) TEMPLE-121996. Thelma and Charles A. (Tom) TEMPLE were married about 1930. Children were: T.J. TEMPLE-122001.

Thelma was born in 1910 in OK.7208 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Richards, Comanche, OK.7208 Her parents were both from TX.

Spouse: Oscar TEMPLE-136995. Thelma and Oscar TEMPLE were married in 1927.7208 Children were: Alfred TEMPLE-136997.

Thelma Lorraine7209 died after 1974.

Spouse: ANTHONY-110369. Children were: John ANTHONY-110370, Guy ANTHONY-110371.

Spouse: Harold Fulton TEMPLE-110355. Thelma Lorraine and Harold Fulton TEMPLE were married in July 1966 in Pinellas Co., FL.7210

Thelma W. died on 7 December 1990 in Currituck Co., NC.222,7211

Spouse: Marvin Mann TEMPLE-88363. Thelma W. and Marvin Mann TEMPLE were married.

Theodocia (Docia) lived in Ashley, Steuben, IN in 1943.7212

Spouse: WILSON-180926. Theodocia (Docia) and WILSON were married before 1887. Children were: Effie WILSON-180927.

Spouse: TEMPLE-180924. Theodocia (Docia) and TEMPLE were married before 1943.

Theodora was born on 16 June 1900.7213 She lived in WI in 1973.7213 She lived in Waterford, Racine, WI in 1975.7213 Theodora died on 5 December 1975 at the age of 75 in Racine, Racine, WI.7213,7214

Spouse: Oren Joseph TEMPLE-37815. Theodora and Oren Joseph TEMPLE were married after September 1942.7215

Theodosia7216 died in 1926. Her maiden name may have been Fallass.

Spouse: Edwin T. FALLAS-19379. Theodosia and Edwin T. FALLAS were married in 1908.7216

Theresa (private).

Spouse: John TEMPLE-56521.

Theresa (private).

Spouse: William (Bill) TEMPLE-81584.

Theresa (private).

Spouse: John TEMPLE-85832.

Theresa (private).3127

Spouse: Joseph TEMPLE-123878.

Theresa (private).

Spouse: Ervin C. ROACH-150349. Children were: Phyllis ROACH-149137.

Theresa was born in 1818 in GA.7217 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Early Co., GA.7217 She died.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-51176. Theresa and UNKNOWN were married before 1848. Children were: Mary TEMPLE-51156, Lizzie TEMPLE-51157.

Spouse: Andrew TEMPLE(S)-34082. Theresa and Andrew TEMPLE(S) were married about 1863 in GA. Children were: James TEMPLE-34099, Taylor (Taylor) TEMPLE-51158, George Washington TEMPLE(S)-34103, Henry Mack TEMPLES Sr.-34105, Thomas Jefferson (Thomas) TEMPLES-34104.

Theresa was born in 1880 in IL.7218 She died.

Spouse: Frank W. ZUGSCHWERDT-86435. Theresa and Frank W. ZUGSCHWERDT were married. Children were: Bessie E. ZUGSCHWERDT-40341.

Theresa was born in 1908 in CA.7219 She lived in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA on 1 April 1935.7219 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.7219 Theresa died.

Spouse: Ted Clifton TEMPLE-48707. Theresa and Ted Clifton TEMPLE were married before 1934. Children were: Edmund Ted TEMPLE-113596.

Theresa A. (private).7220

Spouse: Van Warten (Van) TEMPLE-109808.

Theresa C. (private).7221

Spouse: Ira Branch TEMPLE-54528.

Theresa J. was born in 1872 in WI.7222 She appeared in the census in June 1910 in Baraboo, Sauk, WI.7222

Spouse: Mikel W. DEGAN-153288. Theresa J. and Mikel W. DEGAN were married. Children were: Arthur DEGAN-136021.

Theresa L. (Tessie\Tussy)7223,7224,7225,7226 was born on 7 April 1900 in Newport News, Newport News, VA.7227,7228,7229,7230 Death records and SSDI gave 1900, but she claimed 1906 in 1940. She ususally claimed DE, but it was Newport News in her divorce records. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle, DE.7231 She was enumerated as the daughter-in-law of Alwood and Adeline M. Everson, with whom she was staying with her son Richard. Also staying with the Eversons was Clara L. Anglin, also said to be a daughter-in-law. It is not clear how they were daughters-in-law other than they were related to Adeline, whose maiden name is presently unknown. She claimed to be a widow in 1930, but she was actually abandoned and would shortly be divorced, and her former husband was living in Newport News, VA. She lived in Bellemoor, New Castle, DE in 1933.7230 Theresa lived in Richardson Park, New Castle, DE in 1934.7232 She lived in Wilmington, New Castle, DE on 1 April 1935.7228 In April 1940 she was an advertising department clerk in New Castle Co., DE.7228 Theresa lived Appleby Road in New Castle, New Castle, DE in February 1942.7225 She lived RFD # 2 in New Castle, New Castle, DE in June 1946.7226 She lived in Deal Island, Somerset, MD in 1994.7229 Theresa died on 17 September 1994 at the age of 94 in Prince William Co., VA.7227,7229,7233 Buried in Gracelawn Memorial Park, New Castle, DE. She was also known as Richard William Temple.7227,7229,7233 Buried in Gracelawn Memorial Park, New Castle, DE. Middle initial in cemetery records, SSDI, VA death records and her husband's WWII draft registration is L, but appears as M in some places, such as in the 1930 census of Christiana Hundred, New Castle, DE and her divorce records. Her maiden name is therefore considered to have begun with M.

Spouse: Richard William DYKE Sr.-114330. Theresa L. (Tessie\Tussy) and Richard William DYKE Sr. were married on 4 December 1919 in Newport News Co., VA.7230 They7230 were divorced on 27 September 1933 in Newport News, Newport News, VA.7230 The divorce was contested by granted on the basis of desertion. Curiously, the type of divorce was stated to be Viriculo Matrimonie, which isn't a proper usage, and is unexplained in the sources I found. Children were: Richard William DYKE Jr.-114329.

Spouse: James Kennard (Kennard) TEMPLE-114313. Theresa L. (Tessie\Tussy) and James Kennard (Kennard) TEMPLE were married on 30 November 1934 in Wilmington, New Castle, DE.7232 Children were: Richard William DYKE Jr.-114329.

Theresa M.7234 was born on 9 September 1927.7235,7236 She lived in LA before 1951.7236 She died on 16 December 2008 at the age of 81 in Las Vegas, Clark, NV.7235,7236 Buried in Section A2 Row C Site 51 Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Boulder City, NV.

Spouse: Arthur Ray TEMPLE-22078. Theresa M. and Arthur Ray TEMPLE were married. Children were: David TEMPLE-40471.

Therese (private).

Spouse: John RATHGEBER-120238. Children were: Mary RATHGEBER-120237.

Thorene (private).7237

Spouse: Calbert L. TEMPLE-127117.

Thurina was born in 1822 in VA.7238,7239 She appeared in the census in August 1870 in Templeton, Prince George, VA.7239 Enumerated a few doors away from Elverton Eppes Temple. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Templeton, Prince George, VA.7238 Enumerated as the mother-in-law of J.A.C. Belsches. I think she is Thurina Gee, and that this family's genealogist got the surnames confused and reversed.

Spouse: TEMPLE-140420. Thurina and TEMPLE were married. Children were: Virginia F. TEMPLE-140422.

Thurza Mae Frances2512 was born on 21 September 1924. She died on 1 January 2017 at the age of 92 in Sarnia Twp., Lambton, Ontario, Canada. Buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Sarnia, Lambton, ONT, Plot: Section: T, Plot: 36, Lot: 2.

Spouse: James TEMPLE-175090. Thurza Mae Frances and James TEMPLE were married. Children were: Dianna TEMPLE-175092, Jimmy TEMPLE-175093, Sandra Lynn TEMPLE-175094, Linda TEMPLE-175095, Marlene Ann TEMPLE-175096.

Tiffani (private).4687

Spouse: Jamie TEMPLE-124593. Children were: Sophia TEMPLE-124597.

Tiffany (private).

Spouse: Gordon Michael (Michael) TEMPLES-90620. Children were: Hannah Grace TEMPLES-108110.

Tiffany (private).

Spouse: Steffen TEMPLE-116710.

Tiffany (private).

Spouse: John TEMPLE-141908.

Tillie died before 2020.7240

Spouse: Jess PADILLA-122711. Tillie and Jess PADILLA were married. Children were: Antoinette Yvette (Antinutty) PADILLA-56839.

Tim (private).

Spouse: Fiona TEMPLE-150552.

Timothea7241 was born in 1897. She died in 1985 at the age of 88.

Spouse: Otto William DIETZ-116503. Timothea and Otto William DIETZ were married before 1922. Children were: Margaret Mary DIETZ-116501.

Tina (private).5848

Spouse: Steve (Doug) TEMPLE-44626.

Tina (private).

Spouse: Stephen Ray TEMPLE-99290. Children were: Marren Lynn TEMPLE-99292, Carrigan Ray TEMPLE-99293.

Tina (private).

Spouse: Charles TEMPLES Jr.-159319.

Tina was born in 1868 in OH.7242 In April 1930 she was a restaurant laborer in Kenton, Hardin, OH.7242

Spouse: CHAMBERLAIN-137059. Tina and CHAMBERLAIN were married. Children were: Esther M. CHAMBERLAIN-137057.

Tina was born in 1873 in VA.7243 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Guernsey, Laramie, WY.7243 Her parents were both from WV.

Spouse: TEMPLE-139812. Tina and TEMPLE were married about 1893.7243

Spouse: BURKE-139814. Tina and BURKE were married in 1907.7243 This was a second marriage for both.

Tina L. (private).7244

Spouse: Jeffrey W. TEMPLE-153542.

Tina R. (private).7245

Spouse: Roger G. TEMPLE-153578.

Tini L. (private).

Spouse: Larry L. TEMPLE-147764.

Tiny (private).

Spouse: Lee Irving TEMPLE-126366.

Tissue was born in January 1856 in GA.7246 She died.

Spouse: James L. ODOM-76790. Tissue and James L. ODOM were married. Children were: James R. ODOM-76789.

Toni (private).

Spouse: David A. TEMPLE-23376.

Toni (private).

Spouse: Carl TEMPLE-119297. Children were: Wendy TEMPLE-119299.

Tony (private).

Spouse: Roxanne TEMPLE-150231.

Torie (private).

Spouse: Gregory Allen TEMPLE-24641.

Tracee D. (private).

Spouse: David W. TEMPLE-163292.

Tracey (private).

Spouse: Wayne C. TEMPLE-50308.

Tracey (private).

Spouse: John Owen TEMPLE Jr.-163252.