Robert TEMPLE (private).28715 Parents: Paul Leonard (Paul) TEMPLE-50023 and Harriet Maude DENNIS-64039.

Spouse: Carolyn -64042. Children were: Brian TEMPLE-64044.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: Robert Eugene TEMPLE-701 and Shirley Ethel NIERMAN-68904.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: Samuel Briggs (Sam) TEMPLE-45182 and Sarah Elva (Elva) DE MOSS-45185.

Spouse: Suzanne -74903.

Robert TEMPLE (private).3766 Parents: Colonel Kenneth Leo TEMPLE-49050 and Virginia Lee ROSS-49056.

Spouse: Barb -121427.

Robert TEMPLE (private).37012 Parents: Nathan Elzworth (Nathan) TEMPLE-47293 and Dora Ann GIGONE-80252.

Robert TEMPLE (private).43436 Parents: Albert Louis TEMPLE-22678 and Viola MILLER-22683.

Spouse: Barbara -82860.

Robert TEMPLE (private).33377 Parents: George Robert TEMPLE-49731 and Emma Nellora FENTON-84023.

Spouse: Donna -84482.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: Lawrence Edward TEMPLE-88374 and UNKNOWN-88375.

Robert TEMPLE (private).11178 Parents: Bobby Jones TEMPLE-87791 and Shelby Ann BALLENGER-89183.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: Raymond Bloomfield TEMPLE-44332 and June Carolyn SAMMONS-54193.

Spouse: Linda D. -92514.

Robert TEMPLE was born in Ireland.52146 He died.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-93349. Children were: Patrick TEMPLE-93310.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: Robert Burnett TEMPLE-86890 and Geraldine Carolyn (Gerri) BARTON-93800.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: William Paul (Paul) TEMPLE Sr.-43314 and Sarah H. ROBINSON-73028.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: Bruce Anthony TEMPLE-83262 and Joy R. VIATOR-102114.

Spouse: Katie -102118. Children were: Robert B. TEMPLE II-102119, Jonathan W. TEMPLE-102120, Roxanna L. TEMPLE-102121, Elisabeth C. TEMPLE-102124.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: Elmer Edward (Elmer) TEMPLE-54089 and Mary F. HEATH-103362.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: William Irvin TEMPLE-54365 and Mary R. FOUT-54372.

Robert TEMPLE (private).42963 Parents: Richard Irvin TEMPLE-82145 and Sherrill Ruth (Sherrill) HESKETH-107267.

Spouse: Holly -110306.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: Michael TEMPLE-115500 and Janie -115501.

Spouse: Libby -115505.

Robert TEMPLE (private).28256 Parents: Richard J. TEMPLE-116055 and Carolyn Theresa DE SIMONE-116061.

Robert TEMPLE (private).48110 Parents: William Sunday (Billie) TEMPLE-60900 and Dorothy PIKE-115621.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: Harold Lee TEMPLE-42358 and Mary LAZANSKY-94664.

Spouse: Tammy -124050.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: Warren Charles TEMPLE-97053 and Betty -124576.

Robert TEMPLE (private).20467 Parents: Leonard Russell TEMPLE Jr.-45567 and Mary Frances CANNING-119216.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: Sydney TEMPLE-88554 and Mary LAZARUS-125041.

Robert TEMPLE served in the military in 1806 in KY.120078 Commissioned as an Ensign in the 23rd Regiment of Kentucky Militia.

Robert TEMPLE (private).12327 Parents: TEMPLE-130246 and Cora EDWARDS-130247.

Robert TEMPLE1537 was born (date unknown). He may be the father of Joseph B. Temple(s) of Boyle Co., KY, or perhaps only an uncle. He may be related to Robert Webb Temple.

I think he is related to Joseph because they both had daughters who married Halls, and both daughters ended up buried in the he same cemetery in Lizton, IN. They were all from KY, as were their wives.

Spouse: Cornett -131126. Cornett and Robert TEMPLE were married before 1836 in KY.1537 Children were: Martha Jane TEMPLE-131127.

Robert TEMPLE120079 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ann C. WILLS-131162. Ann C. WILLS and Robert TEMPLE were married on 29 November 1836 in Logan Co., KY.120080

Lt. Robert TEMPLE served in the military on 15 August 1809 in Red River, Montgomery, TN.120081 Commissioned into the TN militia as a Lieutenant in the 24th Regiment. Possibly related to George Temple, also of Montgomery Co., TN at this time.

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: TEMPLE-133001.

Spouse: Elizabeth -133004. Children were: Flora TEMPLE-133003.

Robert TEMPLE immigrated before 1887. He Filed Declaration of Intent on 12 September 1887 in Denver, Denver, CO.120082 He was born in Ireland.120082

Robert TEMPLE immigrated before 1892. He Filed a Declaration of Intent on 23 July 1892 in Denver, Denver, CO.120082 He was born in Ireland.120082

Robert TEMPLE served in the military in 1862/3.120083 Mustered in as a private 28 Jan 1862 for PA, and transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps 6 Nov 1863.

Robert TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dorcas COURTNEY-134386. Dorcas COURTNEY and Robert TEMPLE were married on 5 January 1715 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.23

Robert TEMPLE died in Mattapan, Suffolk, MA. Buried in New Calvary Cemetery, Mattapan, MA.

Spouse: Catherine M. -134546. Catherine M. and Robert TEMPLE were married.

Robert TEMPLE8595 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: A. FERMER-134720. A. FERMER and Robert TEMPLE were married on 24 April 1853 in Greenwich Village, New York, NY.8595

In 1913 Robert TEMPLE was a carpenter in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.1784

Robert TEMPLE a pensioner due to disabled eyes on 21 June 1882 in South Boston, Suffolk, MA.120084 Pension number 212,016.

Robert TEMPLE served in the military in 1864/5.101044 Enlisted as a Private in Company F of the 21st Regiment, 1st Battalion of the Veteran Reserve Corps on 31 Mar 1864. He received a disability discharge 24 Jan 1865 at Philadelphia, PA.

Robert TEMPLE (private).27851

Children were: Frances (Fanny) TEMPLE-138831.

Robert TEMPLE lived 15 Somerscales Street in Hull, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom in 1914.120085

Spouse: UNKNOWN-139092. Children were: Thomas Herbert TEMPLE-139090.

Robert TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-139478. UNKNOWN and Robert TEMPLE were married in 1885 in Ontario, Canada.2546

Robert TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-139968. Children were: Daniel TEMPLE-139965.

Robert TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Nikki MARINCOVICH-142857.

Robert TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary M. NESBET-143253. Mary M. NESBET and Robert TEMPLE were married on 4 April 1855 in Perry Co., IL.61121,61122

Robert TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lillian C. -143255. Lillian C. and Robert TEMPLE were married on 20 March 1883 in Jefferson Co., IL.4172,4173

Robert TEMPLE (private). Parents: Sydney TEMPLE-137509 and Mary LAZARUS-136491.

Robert TEMPLE lived Hull Street in London, London, England, United Kingdom in 1917.120086

Spouse: UNKNOWN-144266. Children were: Thomas TEMPLE-144264.

Robert TEMPLE Sr. (private).

Spouse: Angela Marie MODROVSKY-144363. Children were: Robert TEMPLE Jr.-150061, Bradley J. TEMPLE-150062, Cassidy TEMPLE-150063.

Robert TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Louise A. MALONE-145419.