Louis J. COURTEMANCHE (private).

Spouse: Elverlina LAURENCE-37116. Children were: Viola M. COURTEMANCHE-4713.

Viola M. COURTEMANCHE was born on 19 April 1902 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.25338,25339,25340,25341 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.25339 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.25341 Viola died on 25 March 1984 at the age of 81 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.23,25338,25340 Parents: Louis J. COURTEMANCHE-37115 and Elverlina LAURENCE-37116.

Spouse: Frank Orrin (Frank) TEMPLE-4672. Viola M. COURTEMANCHE and Frank Orrin (Frank) TEMPLE were married on 24 June 1923 in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.23,25339,25342 Children were: Frank Eugene TEMPLE-4714, Gloria Madeline TEMPLE-4734, Elverlena Annie TEMPLE-4740, Paul Alan TEMPLE-4759.

Albert D. COURTER25343 died.

Spouse: Lettie D. GRAHAM-102764. Lettie D. GRAHAM and Albert D. COURTER were married. Children were: Cora Rose (Rose) COURTER-67696.

Cora Rose (Rose) COURTER25344 was born on 14 June 1917 in Lexington, Morrow, OR.25343,25345,25346 Also claimed WA. She lived in Wasco Co., OR on 1 April 1935.25346 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Wallowa, Wallowa, OR.25346 Cora died on 6 September 2006 at the age of 89 in Wallowa, Wallowa, OR.25345,25347 Buried in Bramlet Memorial Cemetery, Wallowa, OR. Maiden name was Quarter in death records, but Courter in her SSAN application. Parents: Albert D. COURTER-102763 and Lettie D. GRAHAM-102764.

Spouse: Russell Irving (Russell) TEMPLE-39931. Cora Rose (Rose) COURTER and Russell Irving (Russell) TEMPLE were married before 1940 in WA. Children were: Richard Russel TEMPLE-121865, Darrel Martin (Darrel) TEMPLE-121767.

George COURTER (private).

Spouse: Phyllis Kay ROBERTS-151185. Children were: Teresa Kay COURTER-151183.

George Charles COURTER25348,25349 was born in 1931.25349 Parents: George W. COURTER-126665 and Matilda GRAFF-126666.

Spouse: Mathilda Florence (Mathilda) TEMPEL-126645. Mathilda Florence (Mathilda) TEMPEL and George Charles COURTER were married on 31 January 1953 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.25349 The Ancestry source, "Ohio, County Marriage Records, 1774-1993," did not discriminate between license or marriage dates and filing dates or minister's return filings.

George W. COURTER25349 died.

Spouse: Matilda GRAFF-126666. Matilda GRAFF and George W. COURTER were married before 1931.25349 Children were: George Charles COURTER-126663.

Louise Kathleen COURTER (private).7837

Spouse: Robert Tyrrell TEMPLE Jr.-103146.

Teresa Kay COURTER was born on 10 April 1963 in Urbana, Champaign, OH.25350,25351,25352 She lived in Urbana, Champaign, OH in 2000.25353 She died on 31 August 2004 at the age of 41 in Urbana, Champaign, OH.25350,25352,25354 Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Mutual, OH Parents: George COURTER-151184 and Phyllis Kay ROBERTS-151185.

Spouse: John Ercell TEMPLE-151182. Children were: Justin John Lee TEMPLE-151187, Amber TEMPLE-151188.

John COURTIER was born about 1820 in PA.5544 Apparently also known as Coacher.

Spouse: Nancy -56453.

Spouse: Mary Ann -29712. Mary Ann and John COURTIER were married.5544

COURTNEY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Cuthbert MILLER-95001. Mary Cuthbert MILLER and COURTNEY were married before 1934. They were divorced before 1934.

COURTNEY (private).

Spouse: ARBUCKLE-184874. Children were: Dorothy Viola ARBUCKLE-184873.

Catherine M. COURTNEY25355 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John E. DWYER-101366. Catherine M. COURTNEY and John E. DWYER were married before 1922. Children were: Katherine Marie (Katherine) DWYER-28605.

David COURTNEY (private).

Spouse: Birdie Lou COCHRAN-168645. Children were: Velma Lea COURTNEY-168643.

Dorcas COURTNEY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Robert TEMPLE-134385. Dorcas COURTNEY and Robert TEMPLE were married on 5 January 1715 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.23

James Patrick COURTNEY II (private). Parents: James Patrick COURTNEY-41016 and Geraldine Merle TEMPLE-41014.

James Patrick COURTNEY8701 was born on 2 December 1923 in Oakville, Louisa, IA.25356 He lived in Levelland, Hockley, TX before 1996.25356 He died on 20 September 1996 at the age of 72 in Lubbock, Lubbock, TX.25356 Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Lamar Co., TX.

Spouse: Geraldine Merle TEMPLE-41014. Geraldine Merle TEMPLE and James Patrick COURTNEY were married on 15 November 1943 in Paris, Lamar, TX.25356,25357 Children were: Mary Ann COURTNEY-41035, James Patrick COURTNEY II-41036.

Laura A. COURTNEY (private).

Spouse: Raymond P. TEMPLES-165982.

Mary Ann COURTNEY (private). Parents: James Patrick COURTNEY-41016 and Geraldine Merle TEMPLE-41014.

Velma Lea COURTNEY was born on 6 October 1915 in Laurel, Jones, MS.25358 She died on 9 August 1998 at the age of 82 in Wading River, Suffolk, NY.7387 Parents: David COURTNEY-168644 and Birdie Lou COCHRAN-168645.

Spouse: STIETENROTH-168646. Velma Lea COURTNEY and STIETENROTH were married before March 1941.25358

Spouse: DE FILLIPPO-168647. Velma Lea COURTNEY and DE FILLIPPO were married before February 1944.25358

Spouse: TEMPLE-168642.

Abe COURTRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Ally -161015. Children were: Ora R. COURTRIGHT-161010.

Fanny M. COURTRIGHT was born in 1907 in IA.25359 Parents: Ora R. COURTRIGHT-161010 and Emma M. TEMPLE-161009.

Marle H. COURTRIGHT was born in 1911 in Cherokee, Cherokee, IA.25359,25360 Parents: Ora R. COURTRIGHT-161010 and Emma M. TEMPLE-161009.

Ora R. COURTRIGHT was born in May 1878 in KS.25359,25361 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Rock, Cherokee, IA.25361 Parents: Abe COURTRIGHT-161014 and Ally -161015.

Spouse: Emma M. TEMPLE-161009. Emma M. TEMPLE and Ora R. COURTRIGHT were married. Children were: Fanny M. COURTRIGHT-161011, Marle H. COURTRIGHT-161012, Shirley B. COURTRIGHT-161013.

Shirley B. COURTRIGHT was born in 1913 in IA.25359 Parents: Ora R. COURTRIGHT-161010 and Emma M. TEMPLE-161009.

Mary COUSINEAU1310 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Isaac MANNEY-73885. Mary COUSINEAU and Isaac MANNEY were married before 1894. Children were: Henry Isaac MANNEY-73826.

George Robert COUSINS (private). Parents: William James COUSINS-185926 and Sadie Alice GARDNER-185927.

Spouse: Frances Irene TEMPLE-183882.

Sarah A. COUSINS25362 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Justus Conant HERSEY-13729. Sarah A. COUSINS and Justus Conant HERSEY were married before 1857. Children were: Justina F. HERSEY-13728.

Sarah Jane COUSINS (private).

Spouse: Captain Joseph Baker HAMMOND-25234. Children were: Charles Sumner HAMMOND-18086.

William James COUSINS25363 died before 1967.

Spouse: Sadie Alice GARDNER-185927. Sadie Alice GARDNER and William James COUSINS were married before 1912. Children were: George Robert COUSINS-183883.

Carol COUSTENIS (private).

Spouse: Bruce TEMPLE-80151. Children were: Natilee Ashton TEMPLE-96216.

Mary Jane COUTS14842 was born in 1868. She died in 1948 at the age of 80.

Spouse: Playford Robert BLISS-124533. Mary Jane COUTS and Playford Robert BLISS were married before 1896. Children were: Frona Clara BLISS-124531.

Cecil Helen COUTURE16412 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Edward Croften BRADY Sr.-181241. Cecil Helen COUTURE and Edward Croften BRADY Sr. were married before 1934. Children were: Edward Croften BRADY Jr.-168515.

Hermionie (Herm) COUTURIER13332,19894 was born (date unknown). A secondary source said she was Herm Couturier, but her daughter Lena's marriage certificate with Christopher Temple said it was Minnie Taylor of Rochester, NH, in 1953.

Spouse: Louis CADRON-35018. Hermionie (Herm) COUTURIER and Louis CADRON were married before 1898.19895 Children were: Olina Leona (Lena) CADRON-35017.

Lester J. COVAR (private).

Spouse: Virginia L. JOHNSON-165930.

Julie Ann COVARRUBIAS (private).

Spouse: Herbert Warren RIPLEY II-40733. Children were: Julian Wayne RIPLEY-40738, Tomas Luis RIPLEY-40739.

Hannah COVEL (private).

Spouse: Joseph SLAFTER-31162. Children were: John SLAFTER-31160, Hannah SLAFTER-31159.

Mary Etta COVER (private).

Spouse: Joseph Powers ANDREWS-54893. Children were: Milton Key (Milton) ANDREWS-19978.

COVERDALE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Pauline Edith HILL-136515. Pauline Edith HILL and COVERDALE were married before July 1942.25364

Kenneth L. COVERDELL (private).25365

Spouse: Sarah A. (Sally) TEMPLE-65351.

COVERT (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth Harriet STROUP-168518.

Alice COVERT (private).

Spouse: Joseph W. FOOTE-76194. Children were: Charles Sumner FOOTE-76193.

E.M. COVERT25366 died.

Spouse: Susanna MISSES-118361. Susanna MISSES and E.M. COVERT were married before 1881. Children were: Mabel Ellen COVERT-23860.

Frank M. COVERT was born in 1866 in IA.25268 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Austin, Travis, TX.25268 He died.

Spouse: Anna G. COTTINGHAM-45466. Anna G. COTTINGHAM and Frank M. COVERT were married before 1889. Children were: Katherine COVERT-21545.

Katherine COVERT25367 was born on 19 September 1889 in TX.25268,25368,25369,25370 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Beaumont, Jefferson, TX.25368 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Austin, Travis, TX.25268 Katherine lived 1207 Lorrain Street in Austin, Travis, TX in 1981.25267 She died on 1 April 1981 at the age of 91 in Austin, Travis, TX.109,25267,25369,25370 Died of cardia arrest. Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Travis Co., TX. Her parents were both from TX. Parents: Frank M. COVERT-45465 and Anna G. COTTINGHAM-45466.

Spouse: Bernard Moore (Bernard) TEMPLE Jr.-21544. Katherine COVERT and Bernard Moore (Bernard) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 12 November 1912 in Bon Ami, Beauregard, LA.25268,25371

Mabel Ellen COVERT22149 was born on 19 September 1881 in West Branch, Cedar, IA.25366,25372,25373 In the birth of her daughter Evelyn, the registrar said she was from NY. When she married Horace Temple, she gave the date in 1882. She died on 10 January 1907 at the age of 25 in Naco, Cochise, AZ.25372,25374 Buried in Seventh Street Cemetery, Benson, Cochise, AZ. Mabel died of breast cancer at age 26. She was a beautiful and charming woman according to all accounts. Mabel's birth and death dates and places are shown in her obituary in an unnamed Ohio newspaper clipping, in the possession of Anne Denny, on her tombstone, and from family information. Her birth was recorded in Cedar County, Iowa courthouse records. Although born in Iowa, she grew up in North Lima, Ohio, where she was at least from age 4, when her younger brother Earl was born in 1885. She was visiting in Arizona when she met her husband. They were married in Ohio, then lived in Naco Arizona, at that time a railroad town, until her death in 1907. Parents: E.M. COVERT-118360 and Susanna MISSES-118361.

Spouse: Horace Jewell (Jewell) TEMPLE-6277. Mabel Ellen COVERT and Horace Jewell (Jewell) TEMPLE were married on 25 August 1901 in North Lima, Mahoning, OH. SOURCE CITATION:
Page: Clipping In H J Temples Scrapbook Of Mable's Obit
Title: Obituary In Newspaper
Publication Information: Unnamed Ohio Newspaper
Repository Name: In The possession Of Anne Denny
Address: 4445 Catalina Pl
Tucson Az 85718
Phone: 520 299-6617 Children were: Evelyn Mae (Evelyn) TEMPLE-23858.

Norman Tyree COVERT (private).

Spouse: Patricia Lou NAVE-99914. Children were: Tracy Ann COVERT-99912.

Tracy Ann COVERT (private).25375 Parents: Norman Tyree COVERT-99913 and Patricia Lou NAVE-99914.

Spouse: Louis TEMPLE Jr.-99888.

Carol Louise COVEY (private).25376

Spouse: Ronald Lane TEMPLE-80827.

Mary COVEY was born on 11 April 1916 in Ogden, Weber, UT.25377 She died on 23 December 2020 at the age of 104.25377 Buried in Ogden City Cemetery, Ogden, UT. Two MArys Covey were enumerated in 1920 in Ogeden, Ward 2. One, b 1916, was the daughter of John and Lulu Covey. The other, b 1917, was the daughter of Leroy and Louise. Only Mar, daughter of Leroy and Louise, was enumerated in 1930. She was not found as a Temple in 1940 as b 1917 +/-2 b UT.

Spouse: TEMPLE-180339. Mary COVEY and TEMPLE were married about 1937.

Spouse: HICKS-180341.

Spouse: PINNELLE-180342.