Ronald Ramar NELSON (private). Parents: Cecil Elvis NELSON-14707 and Dorothy Jean HILL-14720.

Roxana Sue NELSON (private).

Spouse: Lyle Clair (Lyle) TEMPLE Jr.-63647.

Ruby NELSON (private). Parents: William Monroe NELSON-14677 and Dasey E. HARPER-14691.

Spouse: RAY-15133.

Sarah Cary (Sally) NELSON61100 was born on 6 June 1780. She died on 31 January 1861 at the age of 80.

Spouse: Charles Carter PAGE-18711. Sarah Cary (Sally) NELSON and Charles Carter PAGE were married on 8 February 1799.61100 Children were: Robert Carter PAGE-9675.

Sarah Cathryn (Sallie) NELSON61101,61102,61103 was born on 7 June 1847 in Maryville, Blount, TN.6812,43792,46407,61104,61105,61106,61107 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Lamar Co., TX.5726,61105 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Fannin Co., TX.61104,61106 Sarah appeared in the census in April 1910 in Honey Grove, Fannin, TX.46407 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Clinton, Hunt, TX.6812 Enumerated with her daughter Tennie. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Hunt Co., TX.43792 Enumerated with her daughter Tennie and her family. Sarah died on 12 August 1931 at the age of 84 in Floyd, Hunt, TX.61108 Died at the hom of her daughter of an unspecified lingering illness. Her grave marker in Oakwood Cemetery, Honey Grove, TX, has no death date, indicating she may have remarried and been buried elsewhere. Her parents were both from TN. Her parents were from NC (father) and TN (mother) in 1920. By 1900, she had had 10 children, 7 of whom survived. By 1910, she had had 10 children, 6 of whom survived. Her son Richard Hugh's cemetery records give his mother's name as Martha Nelson. Find-A-Grave says her middle name was Cathryn but some sources give Cathleen.

Spouse: William M. TEMPLE-25349. Sarah Cathryn (Sallie) NELSON and William M. TEMPLE were married on 29 December 1864 in TN.46407,61101 Children were: Martha May TEMPLE-35462, Matilda J. TEMPLE-35463, Susan Tennessee (Tennie) TEMPLE-35464, Elijah Elliot (Elijah) TEMPLE-35457, Katie Lee TEMPLE-35465, Josie Mary TEMPLE-51884, Ira TEMPLE-51885, Huston L. TEMPLE-51886, Richard Hugh (Hugh) TEMPLE-75543, William Penn (Bill) TEMPLE-51887.

Shelly Suzanne NELSON (private). Parents: Jeffrey Steve NELSON-15688 and Karen Kay PHILLIPS-14736.

Sidney Edward NELSON was born on 1 July 1924 in La Grange, La Grange, IN.61109 Parents: Sydney J. NELSON-107658 and Mary Avonna (Avonna) TEMPLE-66187.

Steve NELSON (private). Parents: Cecil NELSON-70818 and Alice Faye TEMPLE-70817.

Stuart NELSON was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Celia TEMPLE-164980. Celia TEMPLE and Stuart NELSON were married in May 1957 in Broward Co., FL.61110

Sydney J. NELSON was born in 1904 in La Grange, La Grange, IN.61051 He died.

Spouse: Mary Avonna (Avonna) TEMPLE-66187. Mary Avonna (Avonna) TEMPLE and Sydney J. NELSON were married after January 1920. After the Jan 1920 census but within the year. Children were: Evelyn May NELSON-107659, Sidney Edward NELSON-107660.

Temple NELSON (private). Parents: John NELSON-12957 and Elizabeth TAILER-12960.

Spouse: Mary WENTWORTH-12966. Children were: John NELSON-12967.

Temple NELSON32118,53397 died in 1671. Parents: Robert NELSON Esq.-12948 and Mary TEMPLE-12945.

Teresa Jean NELSON (private). Parents: Cecil Elvis NELSON-14707 and Dorothy Jean HILL-14720.

Terrance Joseph NELSON (private).6603

Spouse: Rita Ann TEMPEL-71328. Children were: Angela Ann NELSON-71330, Andrew Paul NELSON-71331, Amy Elizabeth NELSON-71332, Alyssa Margaret NELSON-71333.

Thomas Archie NELSON71 was born on 13 October 1923 in Thomasville, Clarke, AL. Parents: James William NELSON-14688 and Mary Frances MC DONALD-14829.

Spouse: Katherne WIGGINS-14841. Katherne WIGGINS and Thomas Archie NELSON were married on 18 June 1948.

Thomas Gordon NELSON71 was born on 2 June 1902. Parents: Thomas M. NELSON-14676 and Sarah THORNHILL-14687.

Spouse: Wynema Victoria RUTLEDGE-14706. Wynema Victoria RUTLEDGE and Thomas Gordon NELSON were married on 24 December 1927. Children were: Cecil Elvis NELSON-14707, Louise NELSON-14708, Lucille NELSON-14709.

Thomas J. NELSON25546 was born on 24 September 1826 in Dauphin Co., PA.25546,48698 He moved in 1851 in IA.48698 He appeared in the census in 1856 in Washington, Wapello, IA.48698 Thomas died on 8 November 1884 at the age of 58 in Pleasant Twp., Wapello, IA.25546

Spouse: Malinda KANADY-23929. Malinda KANADY and Thomas J. NELSON were married on 12 March 1852 in Agency, Wapello, IA.14971,25546,48704 Children were: Thomas Webster NELSON-26902.

Thomas M. NELSON71 was born in 1869. He died in 1951 at the age of 82. Buried in Round Hill Cemetery, Clarke, AL. Parents: James Monroe NELSON-14664 and Ellen F. BAGLEY-14674.

Spouse: Sarah THORNHILL-14687. Sarah THORNHILL and Thomas M. NELSON were married on 14 December 1898. Children were: James William NELSON-14688, Thomas Gordon NELSON-14689, Fannie Mae NELSON-14690.

Thomas Webster NELSON was born on 22 April 1854 in Pleasant Twp., Wapello, IA.25546,48698 He appeared in the census in 1856 in Washington, Wapello, IA.48698 Parents: Thomas J. NELSON-26901 and Malinda KANADY-23929.

Spouse: Mary PEARSON-26903. Mary PEARSON and Thomas Webster NELSON were married on 12 April 1877 in Wapello Co., IA.25546

Trudie Mae NELSON71 was born on 17 September 1927 in Thomasville, Clarke, AL. Parents: James William NELSON-14688 and Mary Frances MC DONALD-14829.

Spouse: Melvin RAYBON-14843. Trudie Mae NELSON and Melvin RAYBON were married on 4 December 1946 in Fulton, Clarke, AL.

Vaudis Maxine NELSON61111 was born on 9 July 1918 in Newton, Cache, UT.38913 She lived in UT before 1951.140 She died on 19 December 2003 at the age of 85 in Carson City, Carson City, NV.140 Buried in Lompoc Evergreen Cemetery, Lompoc, CA. In 1920, there were seven women named Vaudis with birthdays in the 1918 timeframe, most of them from UT. Of those enumerated in 1920, none had a middle initial of M, so this initial might be from her first marriage. Parents: Eugene NELSON-101488 and Christena HOGENSEN-101489.

Spouse: GRIFFIN-101490. Vaudis Maxine NELSON and GRIFFIN were married before May 1942.38913

Spouse: DUFFIN-101491.

Spouse: Richard Clarkson (Richard) TEMPLE-38211. Vaudis Maxine NELSON and Richard Clarkson (Richard) TEMPLE were married on 24 July 1962 in Carson City, Carson City, NV.38913,61112

Wade S. NELSON22219 was born in 1793.

Spouse: Lovenia -34365. Children were: James S. NELSON-34233.

Wallace C. NELSON (private).

Spouse: Esther SAMUELSON-42910. Children were: Richard Francis NELSON-42908.

Walter Benjamin NELSON (private).43497 Parents: Walter Dale NELSON-113643 and Rebecca Sue GIBSON-113644.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-113645.

Spouse: Constance Alverta TEMPLE-113634.

Walter Dale NELSON (private).

Spouse: Rebecca Sue GIBSON-113644. Children were: Walter Benjamin NELSON-113642.

Walter Frank NELSON (private). Parents: Cecil Elvis NELSON-14707 and Dorothy Jean HILL-14720.

William NELSON71 was born in 1776 in SC.61113 He claimed KY in 1850. He died about 22 February 1843 at the age of 67. In September 1850 he was a farmer in Macoupin, Macoupin, IL.61113

Spouse: Winnifred TRAWICK-14031. Winnifred TRAWICK and William NELSON were married on 8 September 1840 in Grove Hill, Clarke, AL. Children were: Ann Elizabeth NELSON-14175, James Monroe NELSON-14664, William M. NELSON-14665.

William A. NELSON was born in 1873 in MS.61035 In January 1920 he was a laundry operator in Texarkana, Miller, AR.61035

Spouse: Irene Shaw (Irene) TEMPLE-53876. Irene Shaw (Irene) TEMPLE and William A. NELSON were married in 1902. Children were: Daniel NELSON-53882.

William Ashley NELSON (private).

Spouse: Kristina Kimberly TEMPLE-85809. Children were: Lori Ann NELSON-85818.

William George NELSON (private).6603

Spouse: Dawne Leann TEMPLE-144775.

William M. NELSON71 was born in 1844 in Clarke Co., AL. He died on 20 December 1861 at the age of 17 in Bowling Green, Warren, KY. Parents: William NELSON-14660 and Winnifred TRAWICK-14031.

William Monroe NELSON71 was born on 17 March 1872. He died on 31 July 1959 at the age of 87. He was buried in Hollandale, Washington, MS. Parents: James Monroe NELSON-14664 and Ellen F. BAGLEY-14674.

Spouse: Dasey E. HARPER-14691. Dasey E. HARPER and William Monroe NELSON were married on 28 February 1909. Children were: William Ray NELSON-14880, Ruby NELSON-15131, (Tink) NELSON-15132.

William Ray NELSON71 was born on 12 May 1917. He died on 13 June 1991 at the age of 74. He was buried in Hollandale, Washington, MS. Parents: William Monroe NELSON-14677 and Dasey E. HARPER-14691.

Zora Jean (Zora) NELSON23780,61114,61115,61116 was born on 25 November 1916 in FL.51,61117,61118 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Santa Rosa Co., FL.51 She lived in Santa Rosa Co., FL on 1 April 1940.51 Zora lived RFD # 1 in Whistler and Plateau Twp., Mobile, AL in October 1940.61115 She lived in Pace, Santa Rosa, FL in 1972.61119 She died on 11 April 1980 at the age of 63 in Milton, Santa Rosa, FL.61117,61118 Buried in Serenity Gardens, Section 6, Santa Rosa Co., FL. She had two children. A transcription of Santa Rosa Co., FL, marriage records gave her first name as Zara. Parents: NELSON-86053 and Ada -86054.

Spouse: Oma Coley (Oma) TEMPLE-31204. Zora Jean (Zora) NELSON and Oma Coley (Oma) TEMPLE were married on 1 April 1939 in Santa Rosa Co., FL.61116 Children were: Winston Colie TEMPLE-86055, Zora Jean (Jean) TEMPLE-94107.

Mary NEMIRE47734 died.

Spouse: William JUDGE-108663. Mary NEMIRE and William JUDGE were married before 1868. Children were: Judson JUDGE-52777.

Mary NEMMER (private).

Spouse: Joseph FISCHER-111203. Children were: Albert William FISCHER-111165, Mary Aloysia FISCHER-111223, John Chrysostum FISCHER-111201, William Conrad FISCHER-111242.

Belle NEOSS was born in 1856.8247 Parents: Henry B. NEOSS-166691 and Sarah NEWELL-166692.

Spouse: TEMPLE-166688. Belle NEOSS and TEMPLE were married about 1878.

Spouse: H.R. SCHOONOVER-166690. Belle NEOSS and H.R. SCHOONOVER were married on 10 October 1908 in Mason City, Cerro Gordo, IA.8247

Henry B. NEOSS (private).

Spouse: Sarah NEWELL-166692. Children were: Belle NEOSS-166689.

Eliza NEPHEL (private).

Spouse: Robert ANGER-72624. Children were: Eliza ANGER-72607.

Brian NEPPER (private). Parents: Gary NEPPER-85326 and Sally May (Susie) TEMPLE-85314.

Gary NEPPER (private).

Spouse: Sally May (Susie) TEMPLE-85314. Children were: Brian NEPPER-85327, Sandra NEPPER-85328.

Sandra NEPPER (private). Parents: Gary NEPPER-85326 and Sally May (Susie) TEMPLE-85314.

Karen NERBY (private).23 Parents: Richard D. NERBY-48847 and Beatrice CONWELL-48848.

Spouse: William Lawrence TEMPLE-43531.

Richard D. NERBY (private).

Spouse: Beatrice CONWELL-48848. Children were: Karen NERBY-48846.

Manuel NEREZ Jr. (private).

Spouse: Margaret A. TEMPLE-145233.

James M. NERI (private).

Spouse: Charlotte J. TEMPLE-177164.

Diedrich NERO was born in Germany.40697

Spouse: Dora HARMAN-179421. Dora HARMAN and Diedrich NERO were married before 1861. Children were: William NERO-179419.

William NERO was born in 1861 in WI.40697 In December 1908 he was a carpenter in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI.40697 Parents: Diedrich NERO-179420 and Dora HARMAN-179421.

Spouse: Clara PETOCH-179416. Clara PETOCH and William NERO were married on 23 December 1908 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI.40697

Julie A. NESBELLA (private).61120

Spouse: Paul C. TEMPLE-172482. Children were: Erinn M. TEMPLE-172481.

Mary M. NESBET was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Robert TEMPLE-143252. Mary M. NESBET and Robert TEMPLE were married on 4 April 1855 in Perry Co., IL.61121,61122