Alanson Alonzo GRANT23,37808 was born on 7 May 1811 in Bangor, Penobscot, ME.37808 He died on 4 August 1884 at the age of 73.37808 Some research says he was Benjamin Grant, husband of Sally Patton.

Spouse: Almira GOODELL-42796. Almira GOODELL and Alanson Alonzo GRANT were married on 30 September 1832.37808 Children were: Alvin W. GRANT-37855.

Alfred Beverley GRANT38309 died before 1962. Given as Alfred in his wife's death certificate and in the newspaper report of his marriage, but as Albert at other times.

Spouse: Sarah Randolph (Sarah) TEMPLE-22482. Sarah Randolph (Sarah) TEMPLE and Alfred Beverley GRANT were married on 9 November 1916 in Richmond City, VA.38309 Children were: Mary Bolling GRANT-100663.

Alvin W. GRANT38310 was born in 1839 in Hermon, Penobscot, ME.23,37808 He served in the military between 1861 and 1865.23 Served as a Private in Company A, 2nd Maine Infantry. Inscribed on tombstone. He lived in Hermon, Penobscot, ME in 1864.38310 Alvin died in 1889 at the age of 50 in Hermon, Penobscot, ME.23,38311 Buried in Snow's Corner, Hermon, ME. Association with these parents requires proof. Parents: Alanson Alonzo GRANT-42795 and Almira GOODELL-42796.

Spouse: Jane E. (Jennie) TEMPLE-31299. Jane E. (Jennie) TEMPLE and Alvin W. GRANT were married on 10 January 1864 in Penobscot Co., ME.38310 Children were: Lillian GRANT-42797, Everett Leslie GRANT-42798, Alanson GRANT-42799, Gardner GRANT-42800, David GRANT-42801.

Amanda GRANT37330 was born in 1868 in Sweden.37327 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Dillon, Beaverhead, MT.37327

Spouse: Isidoro GIUDICI-62115. Amanda GRANT and Isidoro GIUDICI were married. Children were: Grace E. GIUDICI-62113.

Ann Porter GRANT30149 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William GAYLORD-4128. Ann Porter GRANT and William GAYLORD were married on 24 February 1641/2 in Windsor, Hartford, CT.30149

Arthur J. GRANT was born on 24 October 1882 in GA.38312 Parents: James W. GRANT-53382 and Martha Susan TEMPLES-49021.

Belle GRANT was born in April 1893 in VT.8169 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Lyme, Grafton, NH.8169 Parents: GRANT-40428 and Della B. AINSWORTH-40427.

Caroline A. GRANT38313 was born in January 1886 in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.604,38314,38315,38316,38317 She immigrated in 1895.38314 She appeared in the census in June 1915 in Plainfield, Union, NJ.38316 Caroline lived 1023 Putnam Avenue in Plainfield, Union, NJ in 1918.38318 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Plainfield, Union, NJ.604 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC.38314 Caroline lived in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC on 1 April 1935.38315 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Fanwood, Union, NJ.38315 She died on 28 May 1964 at the age of 78 in Fanwood, Union, NJ.38317 Died at home of undisclosed causes. Buried in Hillside Cemetery, Plainfield, NJ. Her parents were both from England. Name given as Carolyn in 1930. She may have died before 1942, as she was not listed as the person who would always know the address of Walter in his WWII draft registration.

Spouse: Walter TEMPLE-96310. Caroline A. GRANT and Walter TEMPLE were married in 1911 in NJ.38314,38319 Children were: Grace Anna (Grace) TEMPLE-96312, Ruth G. TEMPLE-96313, Emily Martha TEMPLE-96314, Paul John TEMPLE-96320, John Stephen (John) TEMPLE-96321.

Catherine Virginia (Virginia) GRANT was born on 27 June 1920 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.23,13519 She died on 12 May 2006 at the age of 85.13519 Buried in Jackson Village Cemetery, Jackson, NH. Parents: Peter M. GRANT-43676 and Corinne M. BERGSTRAND-43677.

Spouse: Robert Kaulbach (Robert) TEMPLE-3219. Catherine Virginia (Virginia) GRANT and Robert Kaulbach (Robert) TEMPLE were married on 10 January 1942 in Amesbury, Essex, MA.23,38320 Children were: Karen Grant TEMPLE-43678.

Charles GRANT (private). Parents: Edward GRANT-119370 and Lannie TEMPLES-119366.

Charles GRANT was born in 1864 in IL.38321 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Hot Springs, Garland, AR.38321 He died.

Spouse: Elizabeth R. TEMPLE-20916. Elizabeth R. TEMPLE and Charles GRANT were married in 1897 in AR.38321 Children were: Thomas GRANT-54138.

Charles O. GRANT died before 1867.

Spouse: Abbey J. -130934. Abbey J. and Charles O. GRANT were married before 1867. They were divorced in October 1884 in Cumberland Co., ME.14

Connor GRANT (private). Parents: Kerry GRANT-178997 and Deborah TEMPLE-178991.

David GRANT was born in 1883 in Hermon, Penobscot, ME.23,38308 Parents: Alvin W. GRANT-37855 and Jane E. (Jennie) TEMPLE-31299.

Dina GRANT (private).

Spouse: John JOHNSON-164166. Children were: Clark JOHNSON-164165.

Earnest L. GRANT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Bernice TEMPLE-179813. Bernice TEMPLE and Earnest L. GRANT were married on 30 September 1943 in Cheyenne, Laramie, WY.38322

Edward GRANT (private).

Spouse: Lannie TEMPLES-119366. Children were: Charles GRANT-119374, Suzanne GRANT-119375.

Edward A. GRANT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Anna L.D. TEMPLE-175049. Anna L.D. TEMPLE and Edward A. GRANT were married in May 1949 in Manhattan, New York, NY.38323

Elmer Arthur GRANT (private). Parents: Elmer Fred GRANT-69858 and UNKNOWN-69859.

Elmer Fred GRANT was born on 21 April 1895 in Scammon, Cherokee, KS.38324,38325 He lived in Kansas City, Jackson, MO in 1938.38324 He died on 25 April 1995 at the age of 100 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.38325

Spouse: UNKNOWN-69859. UNKNOWN and Elmer Fred GRANT were married in 1919 in MO.38325 They38325 were divorced in 1936 in MO.38325 Children were: Harry GRANT-69860, Lavinia GRANT-69861, Gracie GRANT-69862, Elmer Arthur GRANT-69863.

Spouse: Mary Etta (Etta) PETERMAN-39995. Mary Etta (Etta) PETERMAN and Elmer Fred GRANT were married on 15 September 1938 in Clay Co., MO.38324,38326

Elsie E. GRANT (private).

Spouse: Ernest E. FREDRICKSON-101437. Children were: Evelyn Esther FREDRICKSON-28514.

Emilie J. GRANT1053,38327 was born in 1851 in Nashua, Hillsborough, NH.38328 Parents: Erastus S. GRANT-25869 and Lucy C. STONE-25870.

Spouse: Edward Morris (Edward) TEMPLE-6044. Emilie J. GRANT and Edward Morris (Edward) TEMPLE were married on 26 March 1874 in Nashua, Hillsborough, NH.1053,38329 This was a first marriage for both. They1053,38329 were divorced in March 1887 in Hillsborough, Hillsborough, NH.23,38327,38330 Emilie was the libelant, and the divorce was granted on the basis of extreme cruelty.

Emma Sophia GRANT (private).38331

Spouse: Ralph Thomas TEMPLE-151389. Children were: Ralph Francis TEMPLE-150444.

Erastus S. GRANT1053 was born in Pawtucket, Providence, RI. The Cole genealogy gives his name as Erastus C. Grant.

Spouse: Lucy C. STONE-25870. Lucy C. STONE and Erastus S. GRANT were married before 1851. Children were: Emilie J. GRANT-25868.

Eudora GRANT38332 died.

Spouse: John HAINER-116827. Eudora GRANT and John HAINER were married before 1892. Children were: Rosabelle (Rose) HAINER-47209.

Everett Leslie GRANT was born in 1866 in Hermon, Penobscot, ME.23,38308 Parents: Alvin W. GRANT-37855 and Jane E. (Jennie) TEMPLE-31299.

Frank Jack GRANT was born on 28 February 1910 in Newfane Twp., Windham, VT.23 Parents: Raymond Stephen GRANT-38554 and Eliza Richardson (Lila) TEMPLE-2825.

Fred T. GRANT was born in 1887 in Caro, Tuscola, MI.38333,38334,38335 He lived in Pontiac, Oakland, MI in 1911.38335 In April 1930 he was a factory carpenter in Pontiac, Oakland, MI.38333 In April 1940 Fred was a carpenter in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, MI.38334 He died. Parents: Peterson Carey GRANT-52585 and Tabitha WOOD-52588.

Spouse: Saloma A. TEMPLE-48665. Saloma A. TEMPLE and Fred T. GRANT were married on 30 October 1911 in Port Huron, St. Clair, MI.38335

Gardner GRANT was born in 1878 in Hermon, Penobscot, ME.23,38308 Parents: Alvin W. GRANT-37855 and Jane E. (Jennie) TEMPLE-31299.

George B. GRANT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ellen Henry PARKER-7183. Ellen Henry PARKER and George B. GRANT were married in 1891.4544

George Middleton (General) GRANT was born in 1887 in Dundas, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.38336 Parents: Peter GRANT-150605 and Sarah Ann LUNDY-150606.

Spouse: Jean Turnbull TEMPLE-150603. Jean Turnbull TEMPLE and George Middleton (General) GRANT were married on 23 February 1924 in Hamilton-Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.38336 Children were: Ian Robert GRANT-151311.

Gracie GRANT (private). Parents: Elmer Fred GRANT-69858 and UNKNOWN-69859.

Harry GRANT (private). Parents: Elmer Fred GRANT-69858 and UNKNOWN-69859.

Hattie GRANT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Richard E. PARKER-8849. Hattie GRANT and Richard E. PARKER were married in 1891 in Bellows Falls, Windham, VT.4544

Ian Robert GRANT38337 was born on 13 June 1929 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.38338 He died on 25 April 2001 at the age of 71.38338 Parents: George Middleton (General) GRANT-150604 and Jean Turnbull TEMPLE-150603.

James GRANT died in September 1811 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.38339 Will dated 13 Jul 1805. When he died there, Trenton was in Hunterdon County. He had four daughters, Ann Goulding, Alice Hart, Mary and Sarah.

Spouse: Elizabeth -136758. Children were: GRANT-136756.

James GRANT was born in 1900.38340

Spouse: Lula TEMPLE-162729. Lula TEMPLE and James GRANT were married on 28 October 1940 in Williamson Co., TN.38340

James Gerard GRANT (private).

Spouse: Cheryl Leigh TEMPLE-79638.

James W. GRANT38312 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Martha Susan TEMPLES-49021. Martha Susan TEMPLES and James W. GRANT were married on 25 August 1878 in Gordon Co., GA.21389,38312 In Gordon County Marriage Book A, 1864-1881, p. 478. Children were: Arthur J. GRANT-76891.

Joel GRANT (private).

Spouse: Martha PIKE-38556. Children were: Raymond Stephen GRANT-38554.

Kerry GRANT (private).

Spouse: Deborah TEMPLE-178991. Children were: Ryan GRANT-178998, Connor GRANT-178999.

Lavinia GRANT (private). Parents: Elmer Fred GRANT-69858 and UNKNOWN-69859.

Lillian GRANT was born in 1865 in Hermon, Penobscot, ME.23,38308 She died in 1865 at the age of 0 in Hermon, Penobscot, ME.38308 Parents: Alvin W. GRANT-37855 and Jane E. (Jennie) TEMPLE-31299.

Louie GRANT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Matt TEMPLE-173612. Louie GRANT and Matt TEMPLE were married on 11 August 1893 in Bell Co., TX.38341

Mabel A. GRANT (private).

Spouse: Elwin L. GEROW-38770. Children were: George F. GEROW-38769.

Margaret Mary GRANT (private).

Spouse: Clyde JONES-167664. Children were: Gloria Frances JONES-167663.

Marion GRANT (private).

Spouse: Henry SCHAFERS-156184. Children were: Suzanne SCHAFERS-156183.

Mary GRANT38342 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Clark VANDERBURGH-64726. Mary GRANT and Clark VANDERBURGH were married in 1891. Children were: Inez Hermione VANDERBURGH-64725.

Mary Bolling GRANT was born in 1918 in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA.38343 She died. Parents: Alfred Beverley GRANT-22487 and Sarah Randolph (Sarah) TEMPLE-22482.

Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) GRANT was born on 19 June 1865 in Drew Co., AR.1123,7645,33440,33441,38344,38345 Gave Jun 1866 in 1900. She claimed IL in 1910. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.23205,33441 The 1900 census gives her birth year as 1866. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.33440 Mary appeared in the census in March 1920 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.38345 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.7645 She died on 3 September 1938 at the age of 73 in Bradley Co., AR.1123,38346,38347 Buried in Ebenezer Baptist Cemetery, Warren, Bradley, AR. Her parents were from SC (father) and GA (mother) in 1900. Her parents were both from GA in 1920. By 1900, she had had 5 children, all of whom survived. She made no claim for children in 1910.

Spouse: John Havis (Havis) TEMPLE-28846. Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) GRANT and John Havis (Havis) TEMPLE were married on 25 November 1897 in Bradley Co., AR.1123,33440,38348 Children were: Jewel A. TEMPLE-31098, Prather Gule (Prather) TEMPLE-31097.

Spouse: FERGUSON-34921. Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) GRANT and FERGUSON were married in 1883.7645 Children were: Jesse FERGUSON-34922, Osie FERGUSON-34923, Grover C. FERGUSON-TEMPLE-34924, Pearl A. FERGUSON-TEMPLE-34925.