Fay DUMAS (private).

Spouse: Richard Alfred (Richard) DE RUVO-4995.

Harry E. DUMAS (private).

Spouse: Estelle GIROUARD-43546. Children were: Claire Virginia (Claire) DUMAS-4704.

Luci DUMAS (private).

Spouse: Shawn P. TEMPLE-144711.

Patricia B. (Pat) DUMAS (private).28735

Spouse: Ronald L. (Ron) TEMPLE-124660. Children were: Staci TEMPLE-124662, Pam TEMPLE-124663, Tricia TEMPLE-124664, Angela TEMPLE-124665, Melissa TEMPLE-124666.

Joanne DUMETT (private).

Spouse: Kelly TEMPLE-142011.

Nora DUMETZ28736 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Abraham Lincoln TEMPLE-126464. Nora DUMETZ and Abraham Lincoln TEMPLE were married before September 1898. Children were: Dolores TEMPLE-126463.

Samuel (Sam) DUMLER was born on 17 September 1902 in Germany.28737,28738 He lived in KS before 1951.28738 He died in July 1978 at the age of 75 in Great Bend, Barton, KS.28737,28738

Spouse: Ruth Lena TEMPLE-62089. Ruth Lena TEMPLE and Samuel (Sam) DUMLER were married on 20 May 1926 in Larned, Pawnee, KS.18967,28737 Children were: Wanda Lee DUMLER-69326.

Wanda Lee DUMLER (private). Parents: Samuel (Sam) DUMLER-62091 and Ruth Lena TEMPLE-62089.

Mary Jo DUMM (private). Parents: Winfred K. DUMM-142507 and Grace WEST-142508.

Spouse: Kenneth TEMPLE-142505. Children were: Sara Jane TEMPLE-142509, Kathleen TEMPLE-142510, Steven TEMPLE-142511.

Winfred K. DUMM28739 died in 1993.

Spouse: Grace WEST-142508. Children were: Mary Jo DUMM-142506.

Leah Catharine (Leah) DUMOND28740 was born on 20 March 1843 in NY.13031,28741,28742,28743 Gave her age as 34 in 1880. She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Hurley, Ulster, NY.28741 She appeared in the census in June 1865 in Hurley, Ulster, NY.28744 Leah appeared in the census in July 1870 in Hurley, Ulster, NY.28742 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hurley, Ulster, NY.28743 She died on 14 January 1881 at the age of 37 in New York City, New York, NY.13031 Some Temple Pedigrees gave 14 Jan 1881 in New York City, but her grave marker says 1877. Buried in Woodstock Cemetery, Woodstock, NY. For whatever reason, it appears her marker is wrong, because she appeared in the 1880 census. Her parents were both from NY.

Spouse: Urijah TEMPLE-2268. Leah Catharine (Leah) DUMOND and Urijah TEMPLE were married on 7 July 1859 in NY.22,28740,28741 Children were: Harriett (Hattie) TEMPLE-18390, Carrie TEMPLE-18391, Frank TEMPLE-2805, Ellen C. TEMPLE-18392, Ida TEMPLE-18393, Myron TEMPLE-2806, Maud TEMPLE-18394.

Harold DUNAGIN (private).

Spouse: Gail TEMPLES-91908.

Lena M. DUNAKIN (private).

Spouse: Owen DRISCOLL-43657. Children were: Charles Marshall DRISCOLL-43656.

Almeda DUNAWAY lived in Multnomah Co., OR in 1945.28745

Spouse: Kenneth Mil. TEMPLE-52652. Almeda DUNAWAY and Kenneth Mil. TEMPLE were married on 8 June 1945 in Stevenson, Skamania, WA.28745

Clarence DUNAWAY28746 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Vicy STILTNER-44662. Vicy STILTNER and Clarence DUNAWAY were married before 1907. Children were: Violet DUNAWAY-33365.

Clevie W. DUNAWAY (private).

Spouse: Pearlie J. BOYD-150260. Children were: Learline DUNAWAY-150258.

Eli DUNAWAY (private).

Spouse: Harriet P. HIGMAN-67062. Children were: Sarah Jane DUNAWAY-48697.

Learline DUNAWAY was born on 12 February 1918 in Ruth, Lincoln, MS.28747,28748 She died on 7 April 2007 at the age of 89 in Metairie, Jefferson, LA.28747 Buried in the Garden of Memories, Metairie, LA. Parents: Clevie W. DUNAWAY-150259 and Pearlie J. BOYD-150260.

Spouse: James TEMPLE-150257. Learline DUNAWAY and James TEMPLE were married before 20 May 1986.28748 Children were: Patricia TEMPLE-150261, Margaret TEMPLE-150262, Sylvia TEMPLE-150263.

Sarah Jane DUNAWAY was born on 31 August 1871 in Bluffton, Wells, IN.28749,28750,28751,28752,28753,28754 She appeared in the census in 1895 in Northwood, Worth, IA.28755 She appeared in the census in June 1905 in Roseau Co., MN.28752 Sarah appeared in the census in April 1910 in Roseau Co., MN.28751 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Enstrom, Roseau, MN.28749 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Enstrom, Roseau, MN.28750 In April 1940 Sarah was a farmer in Enstrom, Roseau, MN.28753 She died on 19 April 1954 at the age of 82 in Enstrom, Roseau, MN.28756,28757 Buried in Malung Cemetery, Roseau Co., MN. Sarah Jane's parents were both from IN. Name given as Jenny in 1895 and 1905, and Shara in 1930. By 1910, she had had 7 children, 6 of whom survived. There is a problem with her report in 1910, however, in that she had 7 living children enumerated with her. It may be, therefore, that Bessie, an undated child in the Northwood Cemetery, was her child, and that the enumerator got confused with the total versus the survivors. In any case, that is how Bessie got associated with the family, and this therefore requires proof. Surname from her son James' death certificate was Bell, but that seems to be a second marriage for her. Other research puts her name as Dunaway, and has her the daughter of Eli Dunaway. However, her death certificate is under Sarah Jane Temple. So, it is not clear what is happening with the surnames. Parents: Eli DUNAWAY-67061 and Harriet P. HIGMAN-67062.

Spouse: Cary Alvin (Cary) TEMPLE-45082. Sarah Jane DUNAWAY and Cary Alvin (Cary) TEMPLE were married on 17 December 1892 in Aurora, Hamilton, NE.28750,28751,28758 Children were: Enos TEMPLE-48691, Bessie May TEMPLE-60374, Ervan TEMPLE-48698, Dora Belle TEMPLE-48699, Mildred E. TEMPLE-48700, Julia Grace (Julia) TEMPLE-48701, Pansy TEMPLE-48702, Eugene Debbs (Eugene) TEMPLE-48694, James Jay TEMPLE-48703.

Violet DUNAWAY6624 was born on 10 May 1907 in Kosmos, Lewis, WA.6624,28746,28759,28760 Her obituary gave the year as 1908, and she claimed to be 21 in 1930. SSDI gave the date in 1908. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Clark, Lewis, WA.28759 She died on 6 November 2003 at the age of 96 in Longview, Cowlitz, WA.7505,28746,28760,28761 Buried in Rainey Valley Cemetery, Glenoma, WA. Parents: Clarence DUNAWAY-44661 and Vicy STILTNER-44662.

Spouse: Henry Clyde (Clyde) TEMPLE-33357. Violet DUNAWAY and Henry Clyde (Clyde) TEMPLE were married on 5 July 1928 in Chehalis, Lewis, WA.6624,28762 Children were: Constance Lorraine (Lorraine) TEMPLE-33368, Keith Clyde (Bud) TEMPLE-33366, Charlotte E. TEMPLE-33367.

Alfred Carsbut DUNBAR (private).

Spouse: Ida TEMPLE-164852.

James DUNBAR (private).

Spouse: Ida A. -64384. Children were: James Secretan DUNBAR-64382.

James Secretan DUNBAR was born in 1854 in Quebec City, Quebec, Quebec, Canada.28763 He died. Parents: James DUNBAR-64383 and Ida A. -64384.

Spouse: Ida Northland TEMPLE-39057. Ida Northland TEMPLE and James Secretan DUNBAR were married on 13 April 1887 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada.2493,28763,28764 Algernon Temple was a witness. Children were: Jean Ida DUNBAR-73683.

Jean Ida DUNBAR was born on 29 May 1901 in Fredericton, York, New Brunswick, Canada.28765 Parents: James Secretan DUNBAR-64382 and Ida Northland TEMPLE-39057.

Lavina DUNBAR22,13402 was born on 14 October 1806.20941 She died on 26 September 1890 at the age of 83 in Manchester, Hillsborough, NH.20941

Spouse: Amos Josiah (Amos) CHASE-25887. Lavina DUNBAR and Amos Josiah (Amos) CHASE were married on 22 November 1831 in Grantham, Sullivan, NH.20941 Children were: Lucinda Lavina (Lucinda) CHASE-6355.

Virginia M. (Nettie) DUNBAR24986 was born in 1855 in NC.24984 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Providence Twp., Pasquotank, NC.24984 She died.

Spouse: William CULPEPPER-59643. Virginia M. (Nettie) DUNBAR and William CULPEPPER were married before 1877. Children were: Clinnie F. CULPEPPER-40091.

DUNCAN (private).

Spouse: Lisa L. TEMPLE-165401.

DUNCAN (private).

Spouse: Lillian Diane CRAWFORD-165175.

DUNCAN (private).

Spouse: Edith Mai GREER-168687.

DUNCAN (private).

Spouse: Tina SACHIKO-179456.

Albert DUNCAN (private).

Spouse: Hannah CRAIG-64590. Children were: Sarah Muriel Lavern (Sudie) DUNCAN-64575.

Albert DUNCAN28766 died.

Spouse: Mary WHITE-92566. Mary WHITE and Albert DUNCAN were married. Children were: Rezin DUNCAN-92564.

Albert DUNCAN was born in 1874.28767

Spouse: Ella TEMPLE-126689. Ella TEMPLE and Albert DUNCAN were married on 9 March 1895 in New Orleans, Orleans, LA.2013,28767 Children were: Beatrice DUNCAN-126691.

Alice Gertrude (Alice) DUNCAN was born on 24 September 1871 in Clinton, Sampson, NC.28768,28769 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA.28768 She died on 30 August 1923 at the age of 51 in Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA.28770,28771 Died of angina pectoris. Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, VA. Her parents were both from NC. Parents: James DUNCAN-110789 and Elizabeth WATERS-110790.

Spouse: Charles Edmunds (Charles) TEMPLE-22187. Alice Gertrude (Alice) DUNCAN and Charles Edmunds (Charles) TEMPLE were married on 18 March 1888. Children were: Alice Gertrude TEMPLE-38324, Virginia TEMPLE-110806, Linda TEMPLE-41480.

Annie Ladelle DUNCAN28772 was born on 13 December 1871 in MS. She died on 22 August 1940 at the age of 68 in Jacksboro, Jack, TX. Parents: W.G. DUNCAN-18120 and Frances A. (Fannie) TEMPLE-18110.

Annie Ladelle DUNCAN was born on 14 December 1871 in MS.28773 She died on 21 February 1941 at the age of 69 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX.28773 Buried in Wizard Wells Cemetery, Jack Co., TX. Parents: George Willie DUNCAN-148722 and Fannie A. TEMPLE-148721.

Beatrice DUNCAN was born on 6 December 1894.28774 The year is from her SSAN application and her 1900 census, and precedes her parents' marriage. Parents: Albert DUNCAN-126690 and Ella TEMPLE-126689.

Beverly Jane DUNCAN was born on 12 January 1929.28775 She lived in Multnomah Co., OR in 1949.17667 She lived in Clackamas Co., OR in 1981.28775

Spouse: Robert Earl BRYANT Jr.-114041. Beverly Jane DUNCAN and Robert Earl BRYANT Jr. were married on 19 October 1949 in Vancouver, Clark, WA.17667

Spouse: William Loran (Bill) TEMPLE-54664. Beverly Jane DUNCAN and William Loran (Bill) TEMPLE were married on 17 January 1981 in Vancouver, Clark, WA.28775,28776,28777 They28775,28776,28777 were divorced on 5 October 1982 in Clackamas Co., OR.28778

Billy DUNCAN (private).

Spouse: Stacey TEMPLE-63545.

Charles Hickman DUNCAN (private). Parents: Pitser Miller DUNCAN-18126 and Sarah Jane (Sarah) TEMPLE-18112.

Dewey Belle DUNCAN (private).

Spouse: Otto C. PERRY-72459. Children were: Earl Morris PERRY-72450.

Edwin J. DUNCAN18432,28779 was born in 1903. He died on 30 March 1971 at the age of 68.28779

Spouse: Margaret Irene TEMPLE-21630. Margaret Irene TEMPLE and Edwin J. DUNCAN were married in Portsmouth, Scioto, OH.

Elizabeth DUNCAN was born in VA.28780 She died.

Spouse: William J. FLIPPEN-110855. Elizabeth DUNCAN and William J. FLIPPEN were married before 1872. Children were: Alice Caroline FLIPPEN-110847.

Ella S. DUNCAN28781 was born in 1839 in MS.11490,28782,28783,28784 Gave Jun 1841 in 1900. She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Pontotoc Co., MS.28784 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Sumner Co., TN.28783 Ella appeared in the census in June 1900 in Sumner Co., TN.11490 She died.28781 Buried in Gallatin City Cemetery, Gallatin, TN. She had no children with Allan Wyllie who survived. She and Allan raised their Hyde grandchildren according to the Wyllie genealogy, which confuses Ella for her daughter Ella D. Temple. Parents: John F. DUNCAN-62076 and UNKNOWN-62077.

Spouse: Captain Charles Robert (Charley) TEMPLE-30545. Ella S. DUNCAN and Captain Charles Robert (Charley) TEMPLE were married on 23 April 1865 in Pontotoc Co., MS.13212 Registered in marriage book 1856-1869, p. 576. They13212 were divorced before 1868. Children were: Ella Duncan (Ella) TEMPLE-52013, Bettie TEMPLE-51962.

Erma DUNCAN28785 was born in 1909. She died in 1998 at the age of 89. Parents: Thomas Jefferson DUNCAN Sr.-114476 and Arsenia Anora (Ossenoir) HORTON-15344.

Frederick DUNCAN (private). Parents: Joseph H. DUNCAN-68063 and Georgia Anne TEMPLE-30127.

George Otis DUNCAN28786,28787 died.

Spouse: Rose Hannah JUDY-117938. Rose Hannah JUDY and George Otis DUNCAN were married before 1920. Children were: Howard Mitchell DUNCAN-53928.

George Willie DUNCAN28788 was born in MS.28789

Spouse: Fannie A. TEMPLE-148721. Fannie A. TEMPLE and George Willie DUNCAN were married before 1869. Children were: John Alexander DUNCAN-148723, Annie Ladelle DUNCAN-148724.

Homer Richard DUNCAN28790,28791 was born on 23 February 1885 in Decherd, Franklin, TN.28792 He died. Parents: Joseph H. DUNCAN-68063 and Georgia Anne TEMPLE-30127.

Howard Mitchell DUNCAN was born on 30 April 1920 in Allensburg, Highland, OH.28786,28787 In April 1941 he was an airplane mechanic in Lynchburg, Hillsboro, OH.28787 He died on 7 August 1986 at the age of 66 in Sugar Tree Ridge, Highland, OH.28786 Parents: George Otis DUNCAN-117937 and Rose Hannah JUDY-117938.

Spouse: Lucena Frances TEMPLE-53927. Lucena Frances TEMPLE and Howard Mitchell DUNCAN were married on 7 April 1941 in Hillsboro, Highland, OH.28787,28793