Mary TEMPLE19649 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joseph MC DONALD-130198. Mary TEMPLE and Joseph MC DONALD were married on 11 October 1802 in Bardstown, Nelson, KY.19649,56771

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: James S. HALFORD-130204. Mary TEMPLE and James S. HALFORD were married on 6 April 1843 in Franklin Co., MS.39836 In marriage book 2, p. 140.

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John CAVES-130206. Mary TEMPLE and John CAVES were married on 6 April 1842 in Franklin Co., MS.21587

Mary TEMPLE65764 was born (date unknown). IF they are the same couple, the only parents of a Matilda Porter born in Rockland Co., NY in 1845 were Joseph and Ellen Porter, both of Ireland. They were in Haverstraw, NY. So, it appears her given name was Mary Ellen, perhaps, or that she was not alive in 1850.

Spouse: Joseph PORTER-130292. Mary TEMPLE and Joseph PORTER were married before 1845 in NY. Children were: Matilda PORTER-130293.

Mary TEMPLE440 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George L. ALDRICH-130452. Mary TEMPLE and George L. ALDRICH were married on 20 April 1878 in Kendall Co., IL.440,8313

Mary TEMPLE (private).3050 Parents: Gilbert B. TEMPLE-130786 and Elizabeth PETERS-130787.

Mary TEMPLE (private). Parents: Elias TEMPLE-130899.

Mary TEMPLE57465 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Daniel M. MC LEOD-132210. Mary TEMPLE and Daniel M. MC LEOD were married on 19 October 1854 in Barbour Co., AL.1615,57466

Mary TEMPLE5685 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Thomas DOSS-132221. Mary TEMPLE and Thomas DOSS were married on 5 May 1866 in Boyle Co., KY.5685

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William LITTLE-132843. Mary TEMPLE and William LITTLE were married on 12 July 1847 in Madison Co., TN.

Mary TEMPLE (private). Parents: TEMPLE-132980 and Elizabeth -132981.

Mary TEMPLE57491 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nelson MC LURG-133279. Mary TEMPLE and Nelson MC LURG were married on 15 July 1914 in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.57491,57492

Mary TEMPLE114242 was born (date unknown). I wonder if she could be Mary Ann, the sister of Theodore Temple, who also married in Warren County, OH, about this time.

Spouse: Allen WARD-133745. Mary TEMPLE and Allen WARD were married on 31 October 1874 in Warren Co., OH.114242,114243 Children were: Bertha WARD-178138.

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William BARBOUR-133854. Mary TEMPLE and William BARBOUR were married on 30 October 1840 in Warwick, Kent, RI.11409

In 1947 Mary TEMPLE was a supervisor, Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Dayton, Montgomery, OH.101445

Mary TEMPLE72809 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sumner Jackson SIMONDS-138435. Mary TEMPLE and Sumner Jackson SIMONDS were married before 1840 in MA. Children were: Lucy Adelaide SIMONDS-138436.

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nelson BARROW-138932. Mary TEMPLE and Nelson BARROW were married on 19 March 1879 in East Baton Rouge Parish, LA.2065

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Wiley SMITH-138962. Mary TEMPLE and Wiley SMITH were married on 8 March 1859 in East Baton Rouge Parish, LA.2065

Mary TEMPLE lived 179 Welbeck Avenue in Hull, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom in 1916.64809 Parents: TEMPLE-138989 and UNKNOWN-138990.

Spouse: PETTINGILL-138992. Mary TEMPLE and PETTINGILL were married before 1916.

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: James JENKINS-140247. Mary TEMPLE and James JENKINS were married in April 1933 in Cleveland Co., AR.47094

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown). There are few alternatives for Mary, but the leading candidate seems to be Mary E. Temple, b 1867, daughter of John L. and Martha (Powers) Temple of Wataga, IL, in 1880.

Spouse: Joseph GARLISH-143251. Mary TEMPLE and Joseph GARLISH were married on 21 January 1884 in Piatt Co., IL.36178,36179

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William HOAG-143723. Mary TEMPLE and William HOAG were married on 3 May 1899 in Cook Co., IL.43845

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dack FEAGAN-144458. Mary TEMPLE and Dack FEAGAN were married on 25 June 1894 in Laurens Co., GA.33256 In Laurens Co., GA, Marriage Book K, p. 392.

Mary TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: James SCRUGGS-145275.

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown). It is possible that Temple was only her middle name, and that her maiden name was Thompson.

Spouse: THOMPSON-145942. Mary TEMPLE and THOMPSON were married before 1901.

Spouse: M.C. TEDWELL-145943. Mary TEMPLE and M.C. TEDWELL were married on 27 January 1901 in Liberty Co., FL.77128

Mary TEMPLE (private).114244

Spouse: John WENDT-146009. Children were: Clara WENDT-146010.

Mary TEMPLE was baptized on 28 February 1891 in Ridgedale, IA.106056 Parents: TEMPLE-149248 and UNKNOWN-149249.

Mary TEMPLE (private). Parents: TEMPLE-150905 and UNKNOWN-150906.

Spouse: MURRAY-150908.

Mary TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Stephen Armstrong NEWHART-153956.

Mary TEMPLE30048 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Martin DOWDY-154385. Mary TEMPLE and Martin DOWDY were married before 1797. Children were: Malinda DOWDY-154386.

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Robert TAYLOR-160099. Mary TEMPLE and Robert TAYLOR were married on 13 September 1943 in Oklahoma Co., OK.77056

Mary TEMPLE lived in TX in 1944.114245

Spouse: Robert HAYES-160229. Mary TEMPLE and Robert HAYES were married before 1944. Children were: Ronald Taylor HAYES-160230.

Mary TEMPLE39397 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mat GUTHERY-160244. Mary TEMPLE and Mat GUTHERY were married before 1881 in TX. Children were: Sarah Annie GUTHERY-160245.

Mary TEMPLE lived in Dodge City, Ford, KS in 1886.114246

Spouse: John WOOTON-160344. Mary TEMPLE and John WOOTON were married before 1886. Children were: William Biston WOOTON-160345.

Mary TEMPLE23990 was born (date unknown). Assuming the 1880 census is correct, she appeared as Belle, the wife of John P. Collins, in Somerville, MA. If so, she was b 1848 in Nova Scotia.

Spouse: John P. COLLINS-160621. Mary TEMPLE and John P. COLLINS were married before 1865. Children were: Clara C. COLLINS-160622.

Mary TEMPLE was born in Canada.

Spouse: William SMITH-160627. Mary TEMPLE and William SMITH were married before 1838 in Canada. Children were: Elizabeth SMITH-160628.

Mary TEMPLE was born in Pasquotank Co., NC.74630

Spouse: Calep SPENCE-161458. Mary TEMPLE and Calep SPENCE were married before 1837 in NC. Children were: Joseph T. SPENCE-161459.

Mary TEMPLE (private).10842

Spouse: Joseph BAKER-161628. Children were: Joseph H. BAKER-161629.

Mary TEMPLE was born in England, United Kingdom.69940

Spouse: John RUTHERFORD-161753. Mary TEMPLE and John RUTHERFORD were married before 1843. Children were: Frances RUTHERFORD-161754.

Mary TEMPLE was born in England, United Kingdom.54531

Spouse: William MAC CARTNEY-161759. Mary TEMPLE and William MAC CARTNEY were married before 1864. Children were: John MAC CARTNEY-161760.

Mary TEMPLE was born in Germany.114247

Spouse: Nicholas YUNDT-161945. Mary TEMPLE and Nicholas YUNDT were married before 1859. Children were: J. Charles YUNDT-161946.

Mary TEMPLE was born in PA.50947 All indications were that she was from Blair Co., PA, but of the three or four Marys known to ahve been there at the right time, none seem to fit as the wife of Cory Kuhn.

Spouse: Cory KUHN-161971. Mary TEMPLE and Cory KUHN were married before 1882 in PA. Children were: Carrie KUHN-161973, Sarah KUHN-163237.

Mary TEMPLE (private).59493

Spouse: MOORE-162272. Children were: Chasity Lane MOORE-162273.

Mary TEMPLE32263 was born (date unknown). Also given as Marie.

Spouse: John EPPINGER-163470. Mary TEMPLE and John EPPINGER were married on 10 May 1910 in Hennepin Co., MN.32264 Children were: Florence Ann EPPINGER-171456.

Mary TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Charles R. MORRIS-164441.

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George DRAKE-164927. Mary TEMPLE and George DRAKE were married on 6 February 1928 in Miami-Dade Co., FL.30165,30166

Mary TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Steve ARVAI-166335. Mary TEMPLE and Steve ARVAI were married about 1915.9923 Children were: Frank ARVAI-166336.

Mary TEMPLE lived in IN in 1903.15891 An incomplete marriage record for her daughter Mamie leaves open the possibility that Temple was not her maiden name, but instead her married name.

Spouse: GARNER-166582. Children were: Mamie F. GARNER-166583.

Mary TEMPLE15891 lived in Sellersburg, Clark, IN in 1862.15891

Spouse: Wiley JONES-166585. Mary TEMPLE and Wiley JONES were married before 1862. Children were: Eliza J. JONES-166586.

Mary TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: John KIRK-166592. Children were: Alice E. KIRK-166593.