Nettie G. TEMPLE was born on 16 September 1911 in NC.16124,23883 She was adopted before 1930.16124 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Furr, Stanly, NC.16124 Nettie lived in Locust, Stanly, NC in 1933.23884 She died on 24 May 1987 at the age of 75 in Locust, Stanly, NC.23883 Buried in Locust Presbyterian Cemetery, Locust, NC. Parents: Reverend Alfred H. (Fred) TEMPLE-30107 and Martha Ann (Mattie) BOYD-55309.

Spouse: Clarence Alexander COLEY-83138. Nettie G. TEMPLE and Clarence Alexander COLEY were married on 5 August 1933 in Rock Hill, York, SC.23884

Nettie Irene TEMPLE was born on 23 April 1907 in Manchester, Hillsborough, NH.23,49397,54280,71429 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Hartland, Windsor, VT.71429 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Hartland, Windsor, VT.49397 Nettie died on 10 February 1996 at the age of 88 in Claremont, Sullivan, NH.116965 Seems to be Nellie in 1910. Parents: Arthur Eugene (Arthur) TEMPLE Sr.-6543 and Flora May (Flora) SEAVER-26792.

Spouse: Harry MILLER-43821. Nettie Irene TEMPLE and Harry MILLER were married on 4 January 1927 in Hartland, Windsor, VT.1310

Spouse: Lester William LUNDERVILLE-102464. Nettie Irene TEMPLE and Lester William LUNDERVILLE were married on 11 July 1960 in Claremont, Sullivan, NH.52078,54280 They both claimed this as a first marriage.

Nettie Jane (Nettie) TEMPLE was born on 13 September 1877 in MO.15842,89449,93809 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hamilton, Caldwell, MO.89449 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Gomer, Caldwell, MO.93809 Nettie lived in Hamilton, Caldwell, MO in 1907.15843 She died on 19 February 1925 at the age of 47 in Hamilton, Caldwell, MO.15841,15842 Parents: James TEMPLE-31319 and Alice Ailey WOLF-31320.

Spouse: Earl Thomas BOWEN-42765. Nettie Jane (Nettie) TEMPLE and Earl Thomas BOWEN were married on 29 December 1907 in Hamilton, Caldwell, MO.15841,15843 Married in Nettie's home. Children were: Foster Hunt BOWEN-42769, Sadie Alice BOWEN-69440.

Nettie Janet TEMPLE38427 was born in June 1886 in ME.13855,38429 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.38429 Mistakenly named Nathan in Rise of the Temples. Parents: Charles Giles (Charles\Giles) TEMPLE-2188 and Alice M. GRAY-3518.

Spouse: Ancel REYNOLDS-13816. Nettie Janet TEMPLE and Ancel REYNOLDS were married on 12 November 1904 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.4099,6051,13855

Nettie Louise TEMPLE was born on 8 February 1882 in Plain City, Madison, OH.24493,24503,44438 The Converse genealogy said her birth was 8 Feb 1882, but it was 7 Mar 1872 when she married Lee Converse. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Darby, Madison, OH.44438 She lived in Plain City, Madison, OH in September 1900.24493 Nettie died. Parents: John Harvey (John) TEMPLE-41173 and Sarah Elizabeth HOLYCROSS-45647.

Spouse: Lee Clyde CONVERSE-46937. Nettie Louise TEMPLE and Lee Clyde CONVERSE were married on 2 September 1900 in Plain City, Madison, OH.24493,24503 Children were: Clyde Emmerson CONVERSE-46944, Edith CONVERSE-52303.

Nettie Louise (Nettie) TEMPLE80524 was born on 19 September 1885 in Onondaga Co., NY.35606,49691,51947,51948 Her age given at first marriage of 24 would make her birth year 1883. Her grave marker gives only the year - 1884. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Manlius, Onondaga, NY.49691 In April 1930 she was a teacher in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY.51948 Nettie died on 5 February 1968 at the age of 82 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY.51947 Buried in Lake View Cemetery, Ithaca, NY. Parents: Thomas Henry (Thomas) TEMPLE-5091 and Carrie E. KING-5111.

Spouse: Charles Albert LAWRENCE-5180. Nettie Louise (Nettie) TEMPLE and Charles Albert LAWRENCE were married on 21 July 1908 in Geneva, Ontario, NY.19080,28916 This was his second and her first marriage. Children were: Helen LAWRENCE-44873.

Nettie M. TEMPLE296 was born in November 1865 in IN.34760 Gave 1867 in 1910. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Chicago, Cook, IL.34760 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Chicago, Cook, IL.4898 Her parents were from KY (father) and OH (mother). By 1910, she had had 2 children, both of whom survived. Parents: TEMPLE-143282 and Margaret J. -143283.

Spouse: William E. FOWLER-134458. Nettie M. TEMPLE and William E. FOWLER were married on 14 January 1885 in Knox Co., IL.296,34779,34780 Children were: Marion G. FOWLER-143280, Leland B. FOWLER-143281.

Nettie M. TEMPLE was born in 1881 in PA.43335,43336,43337 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Montour, Columbia, PA.43337 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Catawissa Twp., Columbia, PA.43336 Nettie died in 1944 at the age of 63.43335 She appears to be a niece of William Temple, who married her husband James' aunt. Her parents were both from PA.

Spouse: James V. HILE-155229. Nettie M. TEMPLE and James V. HILE were married in 1909.43336 Children were: Max Le R. HILE-155231.

Nettie S. TEMPLE was born in 1847 in KY.1929 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Clinton, Hickman, KY.1929 Parents: TEMPLE-131085 and Eliza M. -131086.

Neva TEMPLE100510 was born. In her marriage papers in 1922, she was marrying Harry Temple, ae 52, but she claimed her age only as "legal." When she married Harry Temple, she gave her surname as Temple, but as she claimed no age, it was not possible to tell if this was her maiden name or an earlier married name. In either case, she was not otherwise known.

Spouse: Harry Reid (Harry) TEMPLE-42134. Neva TEMPLE and Harry Reid (Harry) TEMPLE were married on 6 November 1922 in Boulder, Boulder, CO.100510

Neva TEMPLE (private).82841 Parents: Private Arthur TEMPLE-185440 and Annie M. -185441.

Spouse: Melford YOKLEY-185446.

Neva Goldie (Goldie) TEMPLE116966 was born on 19 November 1898 in NE.116967,116968 Gave 1895 in 1920. She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Wallace Creek, Greeley, NE.116967 She died in October 1981 at the age of 82 in Kearney, Buffalo, NE.116969 Enumerated as Neva in 1920, she was known to her family by her middle name. Parents: Edwin L. TEMPLE-30485 and Mary J. RASMUSSEN-30486.

Spouse: Orlo T. THRASHER-40392. Neva Goldie (Goldie) TEMPLE and Orlo T. THRASHER were married before 1912 in NE. Children were: Darrell O. THRASHER-40393, Alton M. THRASHER-40394, Charles L. THRASHER-40395.

Neva Leota TEMPLE9591 was born in January 1882 in KS.17926,17929,20965,114300 She appeared in the census in 1885 in Walla Walla Co., WA.17927 She appeared in the census in 1887 in Walla Walla Co., WA.17926 Neva appeared in the census in 1892 in Walla Walla Co., WA.17933 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Prescott, Walla Walla, WA.17929 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Pasco, Franklin, WA.20965 Neva died in 1963 at the age of 81 in Benton Co., WA.116970 Buried in Prosser Cemetery, Prosser, WA. Her parents were from TN (father) and MO (mother). She went by Leota when young, and changed to Neva as an adult. Parents: William Creamer (Creamer) TEMPLE-23728 and Lena Leota (Leni) BROWN-56473.

Spouse: Frederick Belford (Fred) CARROLL-75277. Neva Leota TEMPLE and Frederick Belford (Fred) CARROLL were married on 1 June 1906 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA.13133 Neva's mother was one of the witnesses. Children were: Neva L. CARROLL-75279, Oddis Temple (Temple) CARROLL-75278.

Nevada Susan TEMPLE was born on 13 March 1884 in Kingston, Caldwell, MO.31123,59229,76584,76585 Gave her age as 43 in 1930. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Enid, Garfield, OK.59229 She lived in Artesia, Eddy, NM in 1906.116971 She was witness to the marriage of Robert E. Farris and Mattie Mobley, of no known blood relationship to Nevada Temple. Nevada appeared in the census in April 1930 in Tulia, Swisher, TX.76584 She died on 30 April 1932 at the age of 48 in Tulia, Swisher, TX.31123,76585,116972 Died of multiple sarcoma. Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Tulia, Swisher, TX. Parents: David Devore (David) TEMPLE-54647 and Mary Serena (Minnie) MOHLER-54644.

Spouse: James Elmer SWEPSTON-59836. Nevada Susan TEMPLE and James Elmer SWEPSTON were married after 1906. Children were: Pauline SWEPSTON-59840, Wynona SWEPSTON-59841, Aldine SWEPSTON-59842, James Elmer SWEPSTON Jr.-66169.

Newell TEMPLE97039 was born on 4 July 1876 in Taylor, Cortland, NY.949,17740,47649,116973,116974,116975,116976 Some Temple Pedigrees gave 3 Jul 1877. He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Willet, Cortland, NY.949 In June 1900 he was a farm laborer in Taylor, Cortland, NY.116974 In June 1905 Newell was a farm laborer in Willet, Cortland, NY.3653 In April 1910 he was a hitchbarn laborer in Cortland, Cortland, NY.116975 In 1918 he was a laborer in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.116976 In January 1920 Newell was a corundum wholesale company in Cortland, Cortland, NY.116973 He lived in Wyoming Co., NY on 1 April 1935.47649 In April 1940 he was a state park maintenance laborer in German, Chenango, NY.47649 Enumerated as the uncle-in-law of John Johnson. Newell died on 4 October 1947 at the age of 71 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.116977,116978 Buried in Union Cemetery, McDonough, NY. It may be his two wives are actually one person, but her birth dates are different (not unusual) and she was given as Jennit M. in 1905 (with son Ashton) but thereafter, starting in 1910, she appears as Marion. Parents: Henry Remington (Henry) TEMPLE-1676 and Jane L. (Jennie) WARNER-2347.

Spouse: Jennit M. -91758. Jennit M. and Newell TEMPLE were married about 1903. Children were: Ashton TEMPLE-73223.

Spouse: Marian THOMPSON-49481. Marian THOMPSON and Newell TEMPLE were married before 1910. This was her second marriage.

Newell Ernest TEMPLE116979 was born on 15 April 1946 in Bangor, Penobscot, ME.30243,116979 He died on 12 December 2020 at the age of 74 in Grandview, Johnson, TX.748 Buried in Hillside Cemetery, Bucksport, ME. He was a National Guard.116979 Newell was a paper mill employee in Bucksport, Hancock, ME.116979 Parents: Ernest Fairwell (Ernest) TEMPLE Jr.-3568 and Virginia Caroline GRINDLE-3570.

Spouse: Jan-Marie FARRAN-3621. Children were: Ross Allan TEMPLE-43749.

Newlin Claude TEMPLE was born on 23 May 1897 in Texline, Dallam, TX.7112 He died on 27 July 1898 at the age of 1 in Texline, Dallam, TX.7112,116980 Buried in Texline Cemetery, Texline, TX. Parents: John Edward TEMPLE-18900 and Lorena Virginia SMITH-55262.

Newman Joseph (Joseph) TEMPLE was born on 28 November 1901 in England, United Kingdom.148,74468,116981 He immigrated in 1924.74468 In April 1930 he was an oil refinery accountant in Chicago, Cook, IL.74468 In 1950 Newman was an office manager in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.74469 He lived in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA in 1990.116981 He died on 31 May 1990 at the age of 88 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.148,116981,116982 Buried in Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, CA, Plot: Mount of Olives. His parents were both from Russia. Parents: TAPLEGKAH-132016 and WINE-132017.

Spouse: Golda SOSKIN-132013. Golda SOSKIN and Newman Joseph (Joseph) TEMPLE were married in 1923 in England, United Kingdom.74468

Newte TEMPLE was born in 1884 in AL.1368 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Spring Hill, Pickens, AL.1368 Parents: Pink TEMPLE-183749 and Sallie -183750.

Spouse: Velma -184665. Velma and Newte TEMPLE were married before 1914. Children were: Virginia TEMPLE-184666, Alva TEMPLE-184667, Andrew TEMPLE-184668.

Newte Byrd TEMPLE116983 was born on 1 March 1887 in Pickensville, Pickens, AL. He died on 11 March 1964 at the age of 77 in Pickensville, Pickens, AL. Buried in Cook-Temple Memorial Cemetery, Pickensville, AL.

Newton TEMPLE was born in 1828 in Duxbury, Washington, VT.11098 Parents: Roswell TEMPLE-61813 and Lucy BALL-61816.

Newton TEMPLE465 was born on 1 December 1839 in Montezuma, Mercer, OH.15140,15141,50631,50632 Specific date derived from records of his twin. He appeared in the census in September 1850 in Madison Twp., Butler, OH.50631 He appeared in the census in July 1860 in Franklin Twp., Mercer, OH.50632 In June 1870 Newton was a farmer in Coal Creek Twp., Montgomery, IN.15141 In June 1880 he was a farm laborer in Coal Creek Twp., Montgomery, IN.15140 He died in 1892 at the age of 53 in Pierre, Hughes, SD.15947,116984 Died in an accident. Buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Wingate, IN. Parents: Zephaniah TEMPLE-24693 and Matilda KOON-24697.

Spouse: Mary Ann (Mary) BODKIN-42559. Mary Ann (Mary) BODKIN and Newton TEMPLE were married on 6 June 1861 in Mercer Co., OH.465,15144 Children were: William J. TEMPLE-51349, Alice M. TEMPLE-50524, Franklin TEMPLE-51350, Florence R. (Flora) TEMPLE-50525.

Newton Elijah TEMPLE15801 was born on 16 August 1908 in De Soto Parish, LA.15802,15804,15806,72922,116985 SSDI gave 15 Aug. He appeared in the census in May 1910 in De Soto Parish, LA.15804 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in De Soto Parish, LA.15802 In April 1940 Newton was an oil well driller helper in De Soto Parish, LA.72922 He died on 7 August 1980 at the age of 71 in Mansfield, De Soto, LA.116985,116986 Buried in Magnolia Baptist Church, Hunter, LA. Parents: William Elijah (William) TEMPLE-19193 and Ellen Carolina (Nellie) BOWDEN-19200.

Spouse: Annie Bell SMITH-19215. Annie Bell SMITH and Newton Elijah TEMPLE were married on 31 August 1929 in LA.59886 Children were: Dorothy Jean TEMPLE-19216, Mary Helen TEMPLE-19217, Ellen Laverne (Laverne) TEMPLE-19218, Annie Joe (Jo) TEMPLE-19219, Newton Ersell (Buddy) TEMPLE-19220, Claudine F. TEMPLE-19221, Maxine T. TEMPLE-19222, Marie T. TEMPLE-19223, Connie Sue TEMPLE-19224.

Newton Ersell (Buddy) TEMPLE73405 was born on 7 March 1939 in Mansfield, De Soto, LA.72922,116987 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in De Soto Parish, LA.72922 He was described as having a glass left eye in 1957.116988 Newton died on 26 June 1984 at the age of 45 in Mansfield, De Soto, LA.116987,116989 Buried in Magnolia Baptist Church, Hunter, LA. He lived Rt 3 Box 237 in Mansfield, De Soto, LA.116988 Parents: Newton Elijah TEMPLE-19204 and Annie Bell SMITH-19215.

Spouse: Lois Ann WOODARD-122282. Lois Ann WOODARD and Newton Ersell (Buddy) TEMPLE were married before 1963.116990 Children were: Bruce Ersell TEMPLE-122283, Tina TEMPLE-122286, Debra TEMPLE-122287, Ricky TEMPLE-122288.

Newton Huff (Huff) TEMPLE10034 was born on 27 July 1854 in Franklin Co., MS.29077,35827,62242,89969 Gave Jul 1851 in 1900. He appeared in the census in September 1860 in Meadville, Franklin, MS.89969 In July 1870 he was a farm laborer in Meadville, Franklin, MS.62242 In June 1880 Newton was a farmer in Franklin Co., MS.29077 He moved after 1884 in Catahoula Parish, LA. In June 1900 he was a farmer in Catahoula Parish, LA.35827 Newton died. Parents: David D. TEMPLE-19178 and Cynthia H. WACTOR-19242.

Spouse: Matilda A. (Tildy) GAINEY-19881. Matilda A. (Tildy) GAINEY and Newton Huff (Huff) TEMPLE were married on 4 January 1875 in Franklin Co., MS.10037,10182 In marriage book 6, p. 88. Children were: William Hiram (Harm) TEMPLE-19883, Ann (Annie) TEMPLE-19882, Lou Frances (Lizzie) TEMPLE-19884, Lizzie TEMPLE-115729, Boyette TEMPLE-19887, Sylvester T. TEMPLE-19885, Emma TEMPLE-19886.

Newton J. TEMPLE7875 was born on 16 May 1830 in Winchester, Franklin, TN.26278,57181,57183,116991 The 1860 census gave his age as 25, giving a birth year of 1835. Gave his age as 74 in Apr 1910. In 1848 he was a law student in Winchester, Franklin, TN.116992 Began reading law with the office of Collier and Carter. He appeared in the census in 1850 in Franklin Co., TN.80083 Newton moved in 1856 in Pine Bluff, Jefferson, AR.116992 He moved in 1857 in Benton, Saline, AR.116992,116993 Witnessed some wills and land records. He moved in 1858 in Paraclifta, Sevier, AR.116992 Newton appeared in the census in September 1860 in Paraclifta, Sevier, AR.57181 On 8 July 1861 he was a prosecuting attorney for the 9th circuit in AR.116994 He moved in 1864 in TN.7875 In 1867 Newton was a Lawyer in Eureka Springs, Carroll, AR.7875 Practiced law with Oliver Perry Temple until 1868. They were cousins. He moved in 1867 in Knoxville, Knox, TN.7875 On 15 August 1868 he was a prosecuting attorney for the 5th circuit in AR.116995 Newton appeared in the census in 1870 in Fort Smith, Sebastian, AR.57184 On 19 June 1872 he was a United States District Attorney in Fort Smith, Sebastian, AR.57180,116996,116997 Janice Bufford Eddleman's essay, "Raisin' Hell on the Border -- Drinking, Gamblin, Prostitution and General Mayhem in Fort Smith at the End of the Nineteenth Century," included some remarks about Newton J. Temple, as follows:

"Some of those young people whose lives had been changed by the Civil War turned to lives of violence and crime in search of the quick and easy wealth. This was especially true of a group who had been associated with the semi-military Confederate group known as Quantrill's Raiders, such as the James brothers, the Youngers (some of whom served as deputies in Parker's court until the desire for wealth beckoned), and Belle Starr. The Nations were a perfect hide-out for these people who lived either outside of or on the fringes of the law.
"To combat this situation, the United States created the Court of the Western District of Arkansas, which also had jurisdiction in Indian Territory. William Story was appointed as the first judge of the court, and the first prosecuting attorney was Newton J. Temple. However, Story and Temple were the stereotyped 'carpetbaggers'...and by the spring of 1874, graft and corruption in the court sparked a Congressional investigation. 'Bills were introduced to abolish it, and in the face of this investigation and to avoid impeachment, Story and his attorney Newton J. Temple resigned.'" In October 1872 he was a district attorney for the western district in AR.116998 Newton moved about 1875 in CA.57180 He moved in 1879 in Topeka, Shawnee, KS.57180,116992 He moved in 1880 in Eureka Springs, Carroll, AR.116992 In June 1880 Newton was a lawyer in Eureka Springs, Carroll, AR.57182 In June 1900 he was a lawyer in Fort Smith, Sebastian, AR.57183 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX.26278 Newton died on 30 July 1910 at the age of 80 in Tarrant Co., TX.116999 Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth, TX, Plot: Block 101, Lot J, Space 3. He has reference number RLT # U2728.5252 Hon. Newton J. Temple, a very prominent attorney of Eureka Springs, was born in Winchester, TN, May 16, 1830. He is a son of Addison and Nancy (Waggoner) Temple, both natives of Tennessee. Addison Temple is now living in Franklin County. TN. He has always been engaged in farming, and also in blacksmithing. His wife died about 1868. Newton J. Temple was reared on his father' farm, and secured a common-school education. When eighteen years of age he began reading law in the office of Collier & Carter, in Winchester, TN. There he was first admitted to the bar, and practiced his profession until 1856, when he removed to Pine Bluff, AR., but after six months' practice there he removed to Benton, AR., and remained one year. Thence he removed to Paraclifta, AR. In 1860 he was elected prosecuting attorney for seven counties, and held the office until 1864, during which time he resided at Paraclifta. In 1864 he went back to Tennessee, and remained until the close of the war, when he removed to Fort Smith. Soon after he was appointed by the governor prosecuting attorney for that district, and held the office until 1867. In 1867 he went to Knoxville, TN., and practiced law with Oliver P. Temple till 1868, when he was appointed by Gov. Brownlow attorney-general of the judicial district in which Winchester, his old home, is situated. After holding this office one year he resigned, and came to Fort Smith, AR., and resumed the practice of his profession. Soon after he was appointed prosecuting attorney by Gov. Clayton, and held the position until he resigned. On June 19, 1872, he was appointed United States District Attorney by Gen. Grant, but three years later he resigned this position, and went to California, where he remained three or four years. In 1879 he located in Topeka, KS, and in 1880 he went to Eureka Springs, AR. This has since been his stopping place, with the exception of two years spent in Fort Worth, TX. His wife was Angelette McIntosh, a native of Mississippi. They are the parents of one daughter, Maudie. Parents: Addison TEMPLE-30879 and Nancy WAGGONER-30880.

Spouse: Angelette A. (Ann) MC INTOSH-30887. Angelette A. (Ann) MC INTOSH and Newton J. TEMPLE were married on 16 December 1857 in Paraclifta, Sevier, AR.39770 They39770 were married in 1870.57183 Children were: Arthur TEMPLE-80925, Maude TEMPLE-30888.

Reverend Newton Magrue TEMPLE16874 was born on 28 April 1872 in Buckley, Iroquois, IL.296,41649,41650,54376,81037,82298,82299 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Artesia, Iroquois, IL.82299 He lived in Chehalis, Lewis, WA in 1898.41657 In June 1900 Newton was a minister in Cosmopolis, Grays Harbor, WA.41650 He lived in Kelso, Cowlitz, WA in 1908.117000 In April 1910 he was a clergyman in Kelso, Cowlitz, WA.41649 Newton lived 320 5th Street in Olympia, Thurston, WA in 1916.41651 Interestingly, the Olympia Genealogical Society Quarterly's interpretation of his voter registration information was that he was a miner, not a minister. He claimed to have been in the state for 12 years, but had in fact been in before the 1900 census. He lived in Puyallup, Pierce, WA between 1917 and 1919.41652 In January 1920 he was a minister in Cheyenne, Laramie, WY.81037 Newton lived in Glendive, Dawson, MT between 1925 and 1927.54376 He died on 23 June 1927 at the age of 55 in Glendive, Dawson, MT.8175,41653,54376,117001 The Montana Death Index gave 23 Jun 1927. The burial records for Lakeview Cemetery, Cheyenne, WY, say he was buried on 18 Jun 1927 at age 55y. His obituary of Saturday, 25 Jun 1927, said he died on Thursday, 23 Jun. An attack of influenza the year before had left him with a weak heart, and he died unexpectedly of a heart attack at 10 PM at home. At the time, burial plans were for Cheyenne, WY. His parents were both from PA. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-23123 and Anna Elizabeth (Anna) WEST-23124.

Spouse: Ida Myrtle BRICE-23136. Ida Myrtle BRICE and Reverend Newton Magrue TEMPLE were married on 12 October 1892 in Iroquois Co., IL.8175,16876 Some sources give 19 October. Children were: Anna Ruth (Anna) TEMPLE-23138, Flovilla May TEMPLE-23139.

Spouse: Alice Beatrice (Alice) HAVARD-23137. Alice Beatrice (Alice) HAVARD and Reverend Newton Magrue TEMPLE were married on 24 February 1898 in Urbana, Champaign, IL.8175,41649,41650,41655,41656,41657 This was his second and her first marriage. Children were: Gertrude Esther (Gertrude) TEMPLE-23140, Newton William (Newton) TEMPLE-23142, Lois Ellen (Lois) TEMPLE-23141, Donald West (Don) TEMPLE-23143, Paul Eugene (Paul) TEMPLE-23144, Alice Elizabeth (Alice) TEMPLE-23145.

Spouse: Flossie May (Flossie) LYALL-24788. Flossie May (Flossie) LYALL and Reverend Newton Magrue TEMPLE were married on 25 January 1924 in Livingston, Park, MT.16874,54375,54377 Children were: Andrew Lyall (Lyall and A.L.) TEMPLE-24790, Keith Ellsworth (Keith) TEMPLE-24789.

Newton William (Newton) TEMPLE16874 was born on 12 May 1901 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, ID.41649,81037,117002 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Kelso, Cowlitz, WA.41649 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Cheyenne, Laramie, WY.81037 Newton lived in King Co., WA in 1924.18093 He died on 20 April 1996 at the age of 94 in Stevensville, Ravalli, MT.18094,117002,117003 Died of a myocardial infarction. Cremated at Garden City Crematory, Missoula, MT. Parents: Reverend Newton Magrue TEMPLE-23133 and Alice Beatrice (Alice) HAVARD-23137.

Spouse: Millicent Lillian BROWN-23147. Millicent Lillian BROWN and Newton William (Newton) TEMPLE were married on 18 June 1924 in Seattle, King, WA.18092,18093 The wedding was performed by the groom's father. Children were: Millicent Eva TEMPLE-62195, Alice Pauline TEMPLE-94443.

Nicanor TEMPLE was born on 29 March 1764 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.16915,33882,65054,93078 Rice family indicates his birthplace as Vermont, but Rise of the Temples and Vital Records have Framingham, MA. He served in the military in 1781 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.117004 Private, Capt. Nathaniel Wright's company, Col. Luke Drury's regiment. Marched 9 Aug 1781, arrived at camp 18 Aug 1781. Discharged 18 Nov 1781, after service of 3 months, 20 days, at West Point. Granted travel of 400 miles to return home, given as Westborough. He moved before 1830 in Windsor, Windsor, VT.36968 Appears with 1 male 20-30, 1 male 60-70 and one female 60-70. Nicanor died on 8 February 1837 at the age of 72 in Windsor, Windsor, VT.23869,65054 Enlisted in Revolutionary War from Westborough, MA. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE Jr.-342 and Martha BREWER-335.

Spouse: Relief PHILLIPS-5764. Relief PHILLIPS and Nicanor TEMPLE were married about 1793.65054 Children were: Nahum TEMPLE-5765, Winthrop TEMPLE-5766, Elizabeth (Betsey) TEMPLE-5767, Nancy TEMPLE-5768, Frances TEMPLE-5769, Relief TEMPLE-5770, Charles TEMPLE-5771.

Nicholas TEMPLE (private).3257 Parents: John Albert TEMPLE-64645 and Helene P. -64646.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-64657. Children were: Nick TEMPLE-64658, Lindsay TEMPLE-64659.

Nicholas TEMPLE (private). Parents: Gary Mark (Mark) TEMPLE-56032 and Raylene Denise HAYNES-90935.

Nicholas TEMPLE (private).56739 Parents: Justin Donald TEMPLE-120572 and Cheryl Ann HOUSE-120574.

Nicholas TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Chrisanthe KARAJUINES-155628. Children were: Thomas TEMPLE-155626.

Nicholas TEMPLE died before 1893 in IA.101055 Parents: William Robert TEMPLE-57309 and Mary Jane (Mary) MILLS-57311.

Nicholas TEMPLE81702 was born in 1800 in England, United Kingdom.80210 He immigrated between 1838 and 1840 to Raisin Twp., Lenawee, MI. He appeared in the census in 1840 in Raisin Twp., Lenawee, MI.117005 Nicholas appeared in the census in 1845 in Raisin Twp., Lenawee, MI.117006 In August 1850 he was a farmer in Raisin Twp., Lenawee, MI.80211 In June 1860 he was a farmer in Raisin Twp., Lenawee, MI.80210 Nicholas died after 1861 at the age of 61 in Raisin Twp., Lenawee, MI. He has reference number RLT # F.1060

Spouse: Elizabeth (Betsey) WOLF-67817. Elizabeth (Betsey) WOLF and Nicholas TEMPLE were married about 1835. Children were: John TEMPLE-67818, Agnes TEMPLE-67819, George W. TEMPLE-67820, Sarah A. (Sadie) TEMPLE-67821, Thomas Morris (Jay) TEMPLE-67822, Isabell TEMPLE-67825.

Nicholas TEMPLE was born in 1807.117007 He died on 31 January 1892 at the age of 85 in Allamakee Co., IA.117007 Buried in St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, New Albin, Allamakee, IA. His given name is known because it appears on his wife's grave marker. It is not clear why they did not appear together in 1885.

Spouse: Catherine -143111. Catherine and Nicholas TEMPLE were married.

Nicholas TEMPLE was born in 1814 in Nesau, Germany.3722 In 1846 he was a miller in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.3722 He immigrated on 18 September 1846 to Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.3722 Arrive on the Garonne, Baltimore, MD, 18 Sep 1846, having embarked at Rotterdam. It is not clear that having arrived in the US in 1846, that they stayed.

Spouse: Johannette -144222. Johannette and Nicholas TEMPLE were married before 1846.

Nicholas TEMPLE was born about 1820 in England, United Kingdom.21330 Date is a placeholder only. The Biographical History of Crawford, Ida and Sac Counties, Iowa, contained an article obviously resulting from information given to them by William R. Temple. In that article, William explained that "Our subject's father was named Nicholas Scott, but his mother's name being Temple before marriage, Mr. Scott took the name of Temple." There is a mistake in the article wherein Nicholas' wife is named Sarah Scott, though her surname was actually Lee. With the indefinite antecedents in the writeup, it seems that perhaps Nicholas' mother was the one named Temple, and that she either divorced her husband, surnamed Scott and retook her maiden name, or perhaps Nicholas was born out of wedlock.

Spouse: Sarah LEE-57334. Children were: William Robert TEMPLE-57309.

Nicholas TEMPLE was born in 1833 in Edgecombe Co., NC.943 He served in the military in 1865.943 Served in Company A, 47th Infantry Regiment, NC. He died after 1867 at the age of 34 in Edgecombe Co., NC.943 Parents: Daniel TEMPLE-131792 and Susan (Fannie) -131793.

Spouse: Julia -131795. Julia and Nicholas TEMPLE were married on 27 July 1867 in Edgecombe Co., NC.943 Children were: George TEMPLE-131796, John TEMPLE-131797, Melissa TEMPLE-131798, Edward TEMPLE-131799, Dinah TEMPLE-131800.

Nicholas TEMPLE was born in 1839 in New York City, New York, NY.462 In June 1860 he was a cane maker in New York City, New York, NY.462 Parents: Samuel TEMPLE-180840 and Anna -180841.

Nicholas TEMPLE was born in 1851 in Ireland.34291 In June 1880 he was a paper mill laborer in Holyoke, Hampden, MA.34291 Parents: TEMPLE-141152 and UNKNOWN-141153.

Spouse: Bridget FLYNN-141150. Bridget FLYNN and Nicholas TEMPLE were married before 1875. Children were: John TEMPLE-141151, Margaret TEMPLE-180828, Bertha TEMPLE-180829.

Nicholas TEMPLE (private). Parents: Thomas Wayne (Thomas) TEMPLE(S)-67798 and Yvonne TEMPLE-67801.

Nicholas (Nick) TEMPLE was born on 5 February 1875 in MI.46988,64982,117008 He claimed MI in his draft registration, but Netherlands in the census. He immigrated in 1899.46988 In 1918 he was a laborer in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.64982 He was unemployed in the WWI draft registration. Nicholas appeared in the census in January 1920 in Paris, Kent, MI.117008 He inmate in Kent County Infirmary in January 1920 in Paris, Kent, MI.117008 In April 1930 he was a pencil seller in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.46988 Nicholas died on 9 February 1937 at the age of 62 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.117009,117010 Died of acute pyelonephritis complicated by tabes dorsalis, a syphilitic infection of the spinal cord. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Plot: BLOCK U Lot :128 Space :2. His parents were both from Holland. Unmarried. Parents: Gervis TEMPLE-137767 and Anna Lodema SIDEMA-137770.

Nicholas Bartholomew Bransom TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: April Lynnette SLACK-164803.

Nicholas Bernard John TEMPLE (private).29885 Parents: Captain Denis TEMPLE-147658 and Janet Elizabeth DOUGALL-147661.

Nicholas Brigham TEMPLE Sr. (private).117011 Parents: Admiral Harry Brigham TEMPLE-31980 and Priscilla Stearns TOTTEN-38425.

Spouse: Patricia Ann WADE-98479. Children were: Nicholas Brigham TEMPLE Jr.-98480.

Nicholas Brigham TEMPLE Jr. (private).41671 Parents: Nicholas Brigham TEMPLE Sr.-46029 and Patricia Ann WADE-98479.

Spouse: Susan Kay HAVEN-120692.

Nicholas Eugene TEMPLE was born on 15 December 1913 in New Britain, Hartford, CT.22590,22591,22592,22593,117012 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in New Britain, Hartford, CT.22592 In April 1940 he was a hardware manufacturing laborer in New Britain, Hartford, CT.22593 In October 1940 Nicholas was an employee of Fafnir Ball Bearing Company in New Britain, Hartford, CT.22591 He lived in Hartford, Hartford, CT in 1956.22595 He lived in Manchester, Hartford, CT in 1991.117012 Nicholas died on 26 May 1991 at the age of 77 in Manchester, Hartford, CT.117012,117013,117014 buried in Rose Hill Memorial Park, Rocky Hill, CT. He was a security officer.117012 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:AKA]22590 Went by this name around Feb 1970, for unknown reasons. Unmarried. Parents: Joseph TEMPLE-130172 and Geraloma Angelina (Jenni) CIERRI-130173.

Nicholas Evan TEMPLE Sr. (private).50312 Parents: Aubrey Neil (Temp) TEMPLE Jr.-98467 and Nancy FEAGAN-100168.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-127098. Children were: Nicholas Evan TEMPLE-127099.

Nicholas Evan TEMPLE (private).117015 Parents: Nicholas Evan TEMPLE Sr.-127097 and UNKNOWN-127098.