Debra TEMPLE (private).13235 Parents: Walter Julius TEMPLE-45901 and Althea Virginia BENNETT-45913.

Spouse: BARBEROT-45918.

Debra TEMPLE (private).43310 Parents: Jesse Roby (Robby) TEMPLE-54541 and Arlene HILBURN-64906.

Spouse: TERVALA-64911.

Debra TEMPLE (private).32106 Parents: Herbert Mickem TEMPLE-81607 and Sylvia Ann (Ann) WILLIAMSON-81694.

Spouse: BULLARD-81699.

Debra TEMPLE (private).39778 Parents: Robert Eugene (Bob) TEMPLE Sr.-83553 and Lenora Faye LE MASTER-83554.

Spouse: BLEVINS-83561. Children were: Randy BLEVINS-83565.

Debra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Walter Hugh (Bud) TEMPLE-96289 and UNKNOWN-96298.

Debra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Gerald Edwin TEMPLE-44827 and Eldora MEHLBERG-63670.

Debra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Kenneth A. TEMPLE-110159 and Gloria Lorraine WUERFEL-121291.

Spouse: GREAVES-121298.

Debra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Newton Ersell (Buddy) TEMPLE-19220 and Lois Ann WOODARD-122282.

Spouse: Daniel GALLASPY-122308.

Debra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Richard John TEMPLE-73414 and Lorraine VAN DE WALLE-125263.

Debra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Frank Lee (Frank) TEMPLE Jr.-35283 and Shirley COLLINS-125537.

Spouse: Marcus KNOWLES-125554.

Debra TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Edward BURGER-142992.

Debra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Ronald TEMPLE-151096 and Roberta H. (Bobbi) BAER-151097.

Spouse: GUTHRIE-151103.

Debra TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Davis E. CASHION-164306.

Debra TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Roger D. JONES-179283.

Debra TEMPLE (private). Parents: Lawrence TEMPLE Sr.-180926 and Genevieve -180927.

Spouse: DURANT-180938.

Debra TEMPLE (private).90355

Debra TEMPLE (private).90356

Debra (Debbie) TEMPLE (private).28669 Parents: Archie TEMPLE-27187 and Bernice Elnora DENISON-27192.

Spouse: David STIRES-88344. Children were: Melissa STIRES-88346.

Debra (Debbie) TEMPLE (private).45669 Parents: Emil Curley TEMPLE-105420 and Florence Louise JOHNSTON-105442.

Spouse: LEGARD-105453.

Debra A. TEMPLE (private).1308

Spouse: David B. BOND-164605.

Debra A. TEMPLE (private).51714

Spouse: Lowell L. LANNING-146673.

Debra A. (Debbie) TEMPLE (private). Parents: Edward Bartrum TEMPLE-87343 and Ruth Marie HULSE-91882.

Spouse: Clarence L. (Phil) DE ROSA-91886.

Debra Ann TEMPLE (private). Parents: Garland Edward TEMPLE-18473 and Carol Ann DAURGHTY-18477.

Spouse: Lowell LANNING-63967.

Debra Ann TEMPLE (private).70893

Spouse: Timothy John Maxwell SCHLITTER-144788.

Debra Ann TEMPLE (private).6603,90357 Parents: Richard Gerald TEMPLE-57579 and Marie Ann OPSAHL-57580.

Spouse: Donald Fredrick MAURER-57578.

Debra Ann (Debbie) TEMPLE was born in 1957.90358 She died on 9 February 2016 at the age of 59 in Dothan, Houston, AL.90358 Died of cancer. Buried in Springhill Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery, Gordon, AL. Parents: TEMPLE-171170 and UNKNOWN-171171.

Spouse: HANSEN-171168. Children were: Megan HANSEN-171169.

Debra Ann (Debby) TEMPLE (private).31018 Parents: Donald Victor (Don) TEMPLE Sr.-49804 and Patricia Ann CAPPEL-55021.

Spouse: Robin Bruce EADS-55028. Children were: Stacy EADS-55030.

Debra Betty TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Frank Ronald BYARD-174711.

Debra C. TEMPLE (private).73519

Spouse: SMITH-162376. Children were: Donna Louise SMITH-162375.

Debra Carol TEMPLE (private).44360 Parents: Donald Carroll (Donald) TEMPLE-42440 and Donna Lorene KISTLER-69587.

Spouse: Danny Ray SMITH-80720.

Debra Emilie TEMPLE (private).14556 Parents: Robert Francis (Robert) TEMPLE-38365 and Barbara DAVEY-38366.

Spouse: Leonard C. CONNORS Jr.-42495.

Debra J. (Debbie) TEMPLE (private). Parents: Donnie D. TEMPLE-52639 and Cecelia (Ceci) AUBAIN-69148.

Spouse: Jeffrey SWIHART-69153.

Debra Jayne TEMPLE (private).90359

Spouse: Michael WEINSTEIN-144790.

Debra Jo TEMPLE (private).46403

Spouse: Rodney Lee IRELAND-144792.

Debra Jo (Debby) TEMPLE (private). Parents: Charles Lafayette (Charlie) TEMPLE-55246 and Jane Ruth LINN-100373.

Spouse: Douglas W. MC QUEEN-127440.

Debra Kay TEMPLE (private).7626

Spouse: Richard Gaylord ABEL-144794.

Debra Kay TEMPLE was born on 8 October 1953 in Coffeyville, Montgomery, KS.32944 She lived in Salina, Saline, KS in 1961.32943 She died on 12 March 1965 at the age of 11 in Newton, Harvey, KS.80936,90360 Died from injuries in a car accident near Whitewater, KS. Buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Parsons, KS. Parents: Joseph Bertrand TEMPLE-68721 and Wilma Jean FALKE-68722.

Debra Kay TEMPLE (private).20533

Spouse: Jose Victor CANTU-174655.

Debra Kim (Kim) TEMPLE8509 was born on 21 December 1956 in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, LA.90361,90362 She lived in Zachary, East Baton Rouge, LA in 2006.82578 She died on 24 March 2007 at the age of 50 in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, LA.90361 Buried in Greenoaks Memorial Park, Baton Rouge, LA. Parents: Edward TEMPLE-20578 and Annie Rose ALLEN-20593.

Spouse: Brian JARREAU-53153. Children were: Ashley JARREAU-98443, April JARREAU-98444.

Debra Kristine TEMPLE (private).65717 Parents: William Robert TEMPLE-41777 and Joyce Ann (Joyce) DOUGLASS-65630.

Spouse: David Glen POPPERWELL-69687. Children were: Adam Jacob POPPERWELL-69689.

Spouse: Stephen Edward BISHOP-69688.

Debra L. TEMPLE (private).29561 Parents: William Davis (Will) TEMPLE-51065 and Mildred SMITH-75669.

Debra L. TEMPLE (private).20592 Parents: Russell Arch TEMPLE-44871 and Dorothy Jean (Jean) CAREY-52658.

Debra L. TEMPLE90363 was born on 6 June 1965. Before 2007 she was a registered nurse.90363 She died on 2 January 2007 at the age of 41 in Oregon, Lucas, OH. Buried in Saint Ignatius Cemetery, Oregon, OH.

Debra Lynn TEMPLE (private).89053 Parents: Clyde Langston (Clyde) TEMPLE-26644 and Betty Jo WOODIE-26659.

Spouse: John HEIKE-94328.

Debra Lynn TEMPLE (private). Parents: Paul Alan (Paul) TEMPLE-44633 and Sybil E. DAWKIN-75032.

Spouse: LINDSEY-60023.

Debra Lynn TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: John Charles ALLEN-144796.

Debra Lynn TEMPLE (private).86205 Parents: Cecil Granger (Cecil) TEMPLE-35143 and Edith Bithel (Ethel) BALLANCE-51463.

Spouse: Terry Lanier JONES-51665.

Debra Lynn TEMPLE was born on 10 December 1956 in Wilson, Wilson, NC.90364,90365 She died on 29 September 1996 at the age of 39.90366 Parents: John Randolph TEMPLE-53737 and Betty Gray MOSS-53738.

Spouse: PERRY-103771.

Spouse: BRANTLEY-103772.

Debra Lynn TEMPLE (private).90367 Parents: Wilton Earl TEMPLE-44691 and Elgie Grey JONES-51444.

Spouse: Dennis POPE-127126.

Debra Marie TEMPLE (private).23 Parents: Steven Harry TEMPLE-6584 and Linda J. RIVERS-6597.