Richard TEMPLE was born (date unknown). Aside from marriage records and his wife's obituary, he could not be further identified. He was not found in AR in 1940.

Spouse: Katie Mae (Katie) HUMBERT-164263. Katie Mae (Katie) HUMBERT and Richard TEMPLE were married in January 1937 in Lee Co., AR.45725 Children were: Patricia TEMPLE-164264, Richard Mack TEMPLE-164265, Barbara Ann TEMPLE-164266, William Steven (Steve) TEMPLE-164267.

Richard TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Anna ROYAL-166450. Children were: George William (George) TEMPLE Sr.-131075.

Richard TEMPLE Jr. (private). Parents: Richard TEMPLE Sr.-158655 and UNKNOWN-170356.

Richard TEMPLE (private).24286

Spouse: Georgann CORBIT-172490. Children were: Marsha Ann TEMPLE-172487.

Richard TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Addie KING-173617. Addie KING and Richard TEMPLE were married on 4 September 1897 in Mc Lennan Co., TX.49805

Richard TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Maria M.E. DOS SANTOS-175459. Maria M.E. DOS SANTOS and Richard TEMPLE were married in May 1924 in Manhattan, New York, NY.29850 It is not clear when this marriage took place, but they took out a license, # 12962, 17 May 1924.

Richard TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Linda BIONDI-177132.

Dr. Richard TEMPLE41385 was born (date unknown). Find-A-Grave says he was Benjamin Temple (1690-1753), who was the only Benjamin Temple of that age in the early Temple lines in North America, a descendant of the original immigrant, Abraham Temple. All well and good, but the two most prominent genealogies of the Temple family (Rise of the Temples and Some Temple Pedigrees) show only his wife Abigail Waite and do not include a second wife. The timing for a second wife is also wrong for this Benjamin. The problem is, no other Benjamin is now known - so his identity is very obscure. It is also unclear from Rebeckah Hartwell Temple's Find-A-Grave memorial just how Benjamin entered the picture, as his name was not mentioned on her grave marker - only a marriage to a Temple is suggested by her name on the marker, "Mrs Rebeckah Temple." It turns out, there is a controversy - read that as confusion - over Rebeckah's maiden name. She was actually married to Dr. Richard Temple, son of Abraham and Deborah (Hadlocke) Temple, brother of Benjamin.

Spouse: Rebeckah HARTWELL-178921. Rebeckah HARTWELL and Dr. Richard TEMPLE were married in 1719.41385 No proof of this marriage has been found in sources related to Temple genealogy. It has been found only in Find-A-Grave.

Richard TEMPLE (private).29075 Parents: Edward TEMPLE-146255 and Willa Mae WILSON-146256.

Richard TEMPLE (private). Parents: TEMPLE-180439 and KAES-180440.

Richard TEMPLE (private).119572

Spouse: UNKNOWN-180976. Children were: Cindy TEMPLE-156988.

Richard TEMPLE52934 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Rebecca LIDDELL-YOUNG-181377. Rebecca LIDDELL-YOUNG and Richard TEMPLE were married before 1956. Children were: Tony Ray TEMPLE-159314, Dixie TEMPLE-181381.

Baronet Richard TEMPLE28165 lived in London, London, England, United Kingdom in 1936.28165

Spouse: UNKNOWN-181700. UNKNOWN and Baronet Richard TEMPLE were married before 1871. Children were: Charles Lindsay TEMPLE-181765, Richard Anthony Purbeck TEMPLE-181697.

Richard TEMPLE (private).75785

Spouse: Carol Jane STOKES-181795. Children were: Ashley L. TEMPLE-181796, Linsey TEMPLE-181797, Jesse TEMPLE-181798.

Richard TEMPLE (private). Parents: TEMPLE-182632 and Virginia M. (Ginny) BOSTWICK-182633.

Spouse: Lisa -182639.

Richard TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Mamie TAYLOR-183768. Children were: Felice Elizabeth TEMPLE-183769.

Richard TEMPLE died on 20 January 1820 in Montreal Co., Quebec, Canada.119573 He was formerly of the Naval Department in Kingston, Upper Canada.

Richard TEMPLE died before 1855 in New York City, New York, NY.7089

Spouse: Sarah L. -142484. Sarah L. and Richard TEMPLE were married.

Richard TEMPLE died on 23 January 1902 in Bethlehem, Henry, KY.98769 Born 28 October, but no year given. Since he was not found in the 1900 census, perhaps his birth year was 1901.

Richard TEMPLE died on 16 August 1918 in Blue Earth Co., MN.119574

Richard TEMPLE died on 11 October 1932 in Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.119575 Buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Date shown may be burial date.

Richard TEMPLE396 died before 1965 in TN.

Spouse: Carrie WALLS-185177. Carrie WALLS and Richard TEMPLE were married.

Richard TEMPLE died on 29 May 2006 in Macomb Co., MI.119576

Richard TEMPLE died before 2007.49533 Parents: Ona Barton (Bud\Oney) TEMPLE-88264 and Carrie L. KETTERMAN-121543.

Richard TEMPLE died on 17 November 2015 in Macomb Co., MI.8071

Richard TEMPLE2579 died before 2017.

Spouse: Patricia COMPHER-173827. Patricia COMPHER and Richard TEMPLE were married.

Richard TEMPLE18864 died before 2020.23272 Parents: William Evans TEMPLE-49708 and Helen Maxine (Helen) HOLLADAY-82936.

Spouse: Debbie -123263.

Richard TEMPLE lived in Henrietta Twp., Lorain, OH in 2009.45669 He died before 2021.89823 Parents: Emil Curley TEMPLE-105420 and Florence Louise JOHNSTON-105442.

Richard TEMPLE119577,119578 was born in 1623 in Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom.1966,11078,39562 Possibly born before 1623. He immigrated in 1636. He lived in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA in 1647.39562,40077 He was in Charlestown before 1647. Richard moved in 1648 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.119577 He died on 15 March 1689 at the age of 66 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.39562,72351 Cited in Boston Transcript of 29 Jan 1923, article 9997, as having died 15 Mar 1680. He was a Farmer. In 1643, he appeared among those who were listed as able to bear arms at Yarmouth. Moved to Charlestown, MA before 1647. Removed to Concord, MA, where he died. He bought and sold much real estate in Charlestown. In Concord, he had a sawmill and resided on Spencer Brook. In Salem he was assigned lands 30 Jul 1644. At Charlestown his farm reached to salt water and extended to near Bunker Hill. Was made a freeman by the General Court at Boston, 15 May 1672. In 1688, Richard, having become enfeebled with health, proceeded to divide up his property among his children by deed of gift. These documents, on record in the office of the Register of Deeds, East Cambridge, MA, afford a matter of great interest to his descendants. 2 Dec 1668, he made a gift of eighty acres, including the dwelling house in which she lived, to his daughter Abigail Temple Brabrook, "in consideration of her dutifulness and, in particular, her manner." 6 Jan 1689, gave 60 acres to daughter Sarah Temple Estabrook, "in consideration of her dutifulness and in particular her lameness and impotency." 22 Dec 1688, entered into agreement w/ son Isaac, "honorably to maintain hem (Richard) and his wife during their life, pay their funeral expenses and their debts." Isaac was also obligated to pay his invalid sister 20 pounds. In consideration of this undertaking, Richard deeded Isaac his new mansion or dwelling place "in Concord, consisting of one hundred acres, containing 'dwelling house, barn, outhousing, gardens, yards and fencing bounded south by the highway and west by Spencer's Brook.'" The gift included "the fruit of all, the apple trees of that piece of land which Richard gave to his son Abraham in the old orchard." The conveyance included also "his (Isaac's) eighth part in the saw mill near this (Richard's) house and all his moveable estate."

Richard's best love was reserved for his son Abraham. The deed of gift from Richard to Abraham, 22 Dec 1688: "Divers considerations moving me, and more particularly my Son Abraham, he being my eldest Son, as also making me a promise to bestow more of his estate upon his two eldest sons, Richard and Abraham than upon any of the rest of his regard his (Abraham's) son, Abraham, doth bear up the name of my father and his Son Richard bearing up my name." The conveyance to Abraham includes one hundred and twenty acres lying on the north side of the North River and "twelve acres more in my old field." The Edmunds Meadow, and two other pieces of four and five acres each were also given to Abraham. Parents: Abraham TEMPLE-36 and Abigail -37.

Spouse: Joanna SHIPLEY-5032. Joanna SHIPLEY and Richard TEMPLE were married in 1645 in Salem, Essex, MA.30,36406,72349 LDS file lists place as Charleston, Suffolk, MA. Children were: Abigail TEMPLE-5046, John TEMPLE-104, Abraham TEMPLE-5031, Richard TEMPLE-105, Isaac TEMPLE-106, Christopher TEMPLE-107, Sarah TEMPLE-108.

Richard TEMPLE was born before 1650 in England, United Kingdom.82006 He immigrated in 1654 to MD.82006

Richard TEMPLE1966 was born on 15 October 1654 in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA.63662,102773,119577 Some Temple Pedigrees lists birth date as 15 October, which is in accord with the vital records. LDS, however, lists 6 Oct. He was baptized on 5 May 1663 in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA.119577 He died on 16 February 1697/8 at the age of 43 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.119579 Death more likely to have been 1697, giving Sarah a little over a year to court and marry Joseph Brabrook. The shorter time (6 months) does not seem reasonable, unless it was a marriage of charity, which seems unlikely. Parents: Richard TEMPLE-35 and Joanna SHIPLEY-5032.

Spouse: Sarah PARLING-5061. Sarah PARLING and Richard TEMPLE were married on 24 April 1688 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.30,32422,63662,63663,63664 LDS files and Rise of the Temples cite date as 7 Jun 1688, but this is in error. Children were: Richard TEMPLE-129, Joseph TEMPLE-130, Sarah TEMPLE-131.

Richard TEMPLE119580 was born in 1667/8 in Saco, York, ME.119580 He was baptized in 1687 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.32405,119580 He was elected as Selectman in 1734/5 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.119581 Richard died on 28 November 1737 at the age of 69 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.15531,15533,119580,119582 Some sources list 23 November 1737. Buried in the Old Burying Ground, Wakefield, MA. Moved to Reading, MA shortly after his father was killed by Indians, abt 1675. Parents: Robert TEMPLE-102 and Goodwife (Goody) -21243.

Spouse: Deborah PARKER-2652. Deborah PARKER and Richard TEMPLE were married in 1695 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.30,9499 Also given as Saco, ME. Children were: Josiah TEMPLE-4360, Thomas TEMPLE-16345, Deacon Jonathan TEMPLE-4362, Phoebe TEMPLE-4363, Lieutenant John TEMPLE-4364, Elizabeth TEMPLE-16337, Jabez TEMPLE-4365, Ruth TEMPLE-4366, Thomas TEMPLE-351, Ebenezer TEMPLE-4367.

Dr. Richard TEMPLE1966 was born on 6 October 1674 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.11549,119583 He moved about 1704 in Stow, Middlesex, MA.119584 He lived house lot number 37 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA in 1729.43106 Richard transferror of land to William and Mary Harris on 1 September 1730 in MA. Land records researched by John Harris, <>, indicate that Richard transferred this land a year after his daughter Mary supposedly married a second husband, Joshua Newton. As Richards transfer to William and Mary (Temple) Harris was unlikely a year after she married Newton, the explanation seems more likely that the Mary Temple who married Joshua Newton was not Richard's daughter. He died on 21 November 1756 at the age of 82 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.83815,119585 Buried in Old Hill Burying Ground, Nashoba Hill, Concord, MA. Researcher Lester Powers, <>, has pointed out that the designation of the cemeteries for Richard and some of his relatives is inconsistent and possibly wrong. I preserve it here as he provided it to me:

"What I find interesting about the burial sites of Dr. Richard Temple (b. 1674, m. Mary Barker) and certain others is that the "Old Burying Ground, Nashoba Hill" is a real, distinct, and unmistakable place. It is absolutely not the same thing, and it is not the same place, as the "Old Hill Burying Ground" at Concord. The two are several miles apart.

"There is no reason why the two might be switched or merged in an old historical document. However, there is reason why "Concord" might be confused. The area around the Old Burying Ground, Nashoba Hill used to be called "Concord Village." So far as I know, its more commonly used name was Nashoba Farms, but it was also called Concord Village. It became a part of Littleton about 1725 but probably kept the name "Concord Village," perhaps as an unofficial designation used only by the local people, for some time that I have not been able to determine. "Concord Village" has caused an awful lot of confusion for a lot of genealogists, including me. Concord Village was not the same thing as the village of Concord.

"Thus, "Old Burying Ground, Nashoba Hill, Concord Village" would be a perfectly correct geographical description meaning the old burying ground very near the foot of Nashoba Hill, today in northeastern Littleton. It is easy to imagine the "Village" being dropped by someone, leaving just "Concord." This has happened before with locations not related to the Temples.

"We know that Dr. Richard Temple's headstone is today located at the Old Hill cemetery in the true Concord, I believe someone said just above Concord Square. This is inconsistent with "Nashoba Hill," but inconsistent doesn't necessarily mean wrong. The inconsistency could mean that we are missing some part of the story.

"One reason I wish to find the source of "Old Burying Ground, Nashoba Hill, Concord" (actually Concord Village) is to try to find other people, other than the Temples, who were also buried or said to be buried there. If, for example, to pick a name at random, there were six or eight Smiths also buried at Nashoba Hill, but these Smiths have no stones at Old Hill in Concord, this might suggest that something unusual had happened.

"I suppose there's nothing to do now but wait for the Concord film to come in. Meanwhile, I am NOT saying or even suggesting that "Old Burying Ground, Nashoba Hill, Concord" is incorrect for any of the Temples. I am saying only that there is something here that needs to be understood a little better because that is a perfectly valid description of a real place, and likely with a good original source behind it. Someone on TEMPLE-L [Note - this was Ralph Temple] suggested that the Temple headstones could have been moved when the Nashoba Hill cemetery was destroyed, and this is not an unreasonable idea." He was a physician in Stow, Middlesex, MA.1966 Lived in Stow 20 years and several years at Shrewsbury and Concord. First wife Mary Barker with whom he had all 13 children. After her death, he married Rebecca Leighton. Married Sarah Hambleton later. Parents: Abraham TEMPLE-5031 and Deborah HADLOCKE-34.

Spouse: Mary BARKER-4962. Mary BARKER and Dr. Richard TEMPLE were married on 2 May 1699 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.30,11547,11549,11550,11551 Children were: Mary TEMPLE-142, Thomas TEMPLE-4361, Thomas TEMPLE-32, William TEMPLE-143, Deborah TEMPLE-144, Benjamin TEMPLE-145, Joseph TEMPLE-86, Abigail TEMPLE-4967, Sarah TEMPLE-146, Abraham TEMPLE-147, Huldah TEMPLE-148, Isaac TEMPLE-149, John TEMPLE-150, Mercy TEMPLE-151.

Spouse: Rebecca LEIGHTON-4963. Rebecca LEIGHTON and Dr. Richard TEMPLE were married on 26 September 1734 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.11549,52485

Spouse: Sarah HAMBLETON-4964. Sarah HAMBLETON and Dr. Richard TEMPLE were married on 24 April 1746 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.11549,40051,40052,40053 Other sources cite 16 Jul 1747, but the confusion is not clear.

Richard TEMPLE was born on 26 February 1691/2 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.119586,119587 He died on 10 April 1705 at the age of 13 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.119586,119588 Parents: Richard TEMPLE-105 and Sarah PARLING-5061.

Richard TEMPLE was born before 1715. He appeared in the census in 1732 in Nashua, Hillsborough, NH.119589 This was a tax census, listing only one taxable head in his household. At the time of the census, Nashua was called Dunstable, NH.

Richard TEMPLE22888 was born about 1715 in England, United Kingdom. He immigrated between 1763 and 1775. He died in September 1783 at the age of 68 in Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc, ME.119590 His wife, Elizabeth, named administratrix 24 Sep 1783. In his marriage intention, he gave his name as William Temple. The marriage return, though, gave his name as Richard Temple. They are undoubtedly the same person, because in both cases the woman is Elizabeth Gustin.

Spouse: Elizabeth GUSTIN-31306. Elizabeth GUSTIN and Richard TEMPLE were married on 26 April 1750 in Falmouth, Cumberland, ME.4099 Children were: Ebenezer TEMPLE-5256, Reverend Ichabod TEMPLE-4470.

Richard TEMPLE91836 was born on 7 March 1724/5 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.91837,108508,119591 Parents: Joseph TEMPLE-130 and Abigail STEARNS-437.

Richard TEMPLE103055 was born on 10 August 1734 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.96334 He was baptized on 13 August 1734 in Wakefield, Middlesex, MA.85151 He died on 28 August 1737 at the age of 3 in Wilmington, Middlesex, MA.11235,61436 Parents: Jabez TEMPLE-4365 and Mehitable NICHOLS-4374.

Richard TEMPLE1966,79847 was born on 8 July 1736 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.3031,93295 He was baptized on 26 June 1737 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.3031 He served in the military in 1755/6. Fought in the French and Indian War. Richard moved in Holden, Worcester, MA.23 He was living in Holden when the list of veterans of the French and Indian War was drawn up. Parents: Benjamin TEMPLE-145 and Hannah -854.

Richard TEMPLE118569 was born on 18 April 1744 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.33882,93078 He died on 2 August 1776 at the age of 32 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.23 Died unmarried. Charlotte Holbrook provided the following information: The "Diary of Ebenezer Parkman" of Westborough, Mass. said: Aug. 2, 1776 Richard Temple dyed this morning in ye 32 year of his age. Aug. 3, 1776 I attended the funeral of Richard Temple. His three brothers, Josiah, Jonathan and Ebenezer and two sisters, Sarah and Phebe were there, but Miss Persis Baker of Bolton appeared to be his chief mourner. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-351 and Sarah PARKER-4389.

Richard TEMPLE12542 was born on 11 December 1770 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.12542,96334 In 1850 he was a farmer in Reading, Middlesex, MA.12543 He died on 28 February 1852 at the age of 81 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.12542 Richard has reference number RLT # 256.21110 Parents: Deacon John TEMPLE Jr.-4384 and Hannah NICHOLS-27918.

Spouse: Hannah NICHOLS-5744. Hannah NICHOLS and Richard TEMPLE were married on 12 January 1795 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.11218,12542 Children were: Richard TEMPLE-5746, Hannah Nichols TEMPLE-5747, Amos TEMPLE-5748, Aaron TEMPLE-5749, Ira TEMPLE-5750.

Spouse: Fannie BEARD-5745. Fannie BEARD and Richard TEMPLE were married on 14 June 1827 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.11218,12542

Richard TEMPLE was born on 4 May 1771 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.11336,16915,18319,68079 Rice family information shows birthplace as Vermont, but Rise of the
Temples has Framingham, MA. He lived in Windsor, Windsor, VT in 1830.36968 He died on 8 February 1849 at the age of 77 in Randolph, Orange, VT.36404,68079,119592 Buried in Randolph Center Cemetery, Randolph, VT. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE Jr.-342 and Martha BREWER-335.

Spouse: Rebecca RICE-5772. Rebecca RICE and Richard TEMPLE were married about 1795.68079 Children were: Eunice TEMPLE-5773, Nahum TEMPLE-5774, Caleb TEMPLE-5775, Patty TEMPLE-5776, Chauncy Langdon TEMPLE-5777, Oramel Farnum TEMPLE-5778, Sally TEMPLE-5779.

Richard TEMPLE27185,79950 was born on 8 February 1778 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.27185,116758 He died on 23 May 1778 at the age of 0 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.27185,116758 Parents: Peter TEMPLE-852 and Lois DARBY-927.

Richard TEMPLE1966,22394 was born on 29 November 1778 in Heath, Franklin, MA.1966,29026,75856,119593 He appeared in the census in 1850 in Heath, Franklin, MA.22396 He appeared in the census in July 1860 in Heath, Franklin, MA.29026 Enumerated with his daughter Abigail's family. Richard died on 25 April 1862 at the age of 83 in Heath, Franklin, MA.17567,22394,22397 Grave marker in Center Cemetery, Heath, MA, gives date as 24 Apr. He has reference number RLT # 309.38136 Parents: Solomon TEMPLE-861 and Abigail HAYDEN-979.

Spouse: Eunice CHRISTEE-1253. Eunice CHRISTEE and Richard TEMPLE were married in 1808 in MA.11351,17567,22394 Intention filed at Heath on 2 Sep 1808. Children were: Louisa TEMPLE-1254, Saviah (Sophia) TEMPLE-1255, Eunice TEMPLE-25799, TEMPLE-29590, Margaret TEMPLE-1260, Samuel TEMPLE-1258, Abigail TEMPLE-1259, Charlotte TEMPLE-1256, Margaret Campbell TEMPLE-1257, Lucretia TEMPLE-1261, Lucinda TEMPLE-1262, Nancy TEMPLE-1263, Richard Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-1264.

Richard TEMPLE was born about 1785. Parents: Ebenezer TEMPLE-5256 and UNKNOWN-47608.

Richard TEMPLE27182 was born on 12 September 1790 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.27182,119594 Parents: Peter TEMPLE-852 and Lois DARBY-927.

Richard TEMPLE21139 was born about 1795 in NC.102839 Some census records say NC, but his grandson John, informing his son Isaac's death certificate, said the place was SC. Of the known Richards, none were known to have been born in SC, as his grandson John claimed when informing his son Isaac's death certificate. Only one Richard was known in NC whom fit the criteria to be the father of the children shown. This association, which appears solid, still requires proof such as birth or marriage records.

Spouse: Hannah CARTER-106819. Hannah CARTER and Richard TEMPLE were married before 1815 in NC.21139 Children were: Elizabeth TEMPLE-106820, Henry TEMPLE-54564, Richard R. TEMPLE-54561, Isaac M. (Isa) TEMPLE-54552, Hannah TEMPLE-54560.

Richard TEMPLE29832 was born on 12 May 1797 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.29832,41689,96334 In July 1860 he was a land agent in Marquette, Green Lake, WI.41689 Enumerated with his daughter Sarah and her family. He died on 4 November 1865 at the age of 68 in Providence, Providence, RI.9776,119595 Buried in Grand View Cemetery, Marquette, WI. Parents: Richard TEMPLE-5702 and Hannah NICHOLS-5744.

Spouse: Sarah L. DORR-6089. Sarah L. DORR and Richard TEMPLE were married on 3 August 1824 in Providence, Providence, RI.23,29832,29835 Children were: Sarah TEMPLE-19408, Sarah Elizabeth TEMPLE-6090, Almira Parker TEMPLE-6091, Henry Whitehouse TEMPLE-6092, Albert Dorr TEMPLE-6093.

Richard TEMPLE was born before 1800. He appeared in the census in 1820 in St. Clair Co., IL.119596 Enumerated with 1 male below 21, 1 21-45, 1 female under 18, and 1 female 18-45.

Richard TEMPLE44269,119597 was born on 12 September 1807 in PA. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-21663 and Ann -39884.