Sarah TEMPLE was born on 22 February 1776 in Winchester, Cheshire, NH.1053,17568,88589,95320 Parents: William TEMPLE-461 and Jemima -964.

Sarah TEMPLE was born on 21 June 1778 in Dummerston, Windham, VT.1966 She died on 22 August 1849 at the age of 71.1966 Parents: Joseph TEMPLE Jr.-88 and Lois HUBBARD-204.

Spouse: Reverend Lewis FISHER-201. Sarah TEMPLE and Reverend Lewis FISHER were married on 19 February 1806 in VT.4486 Children were: Maturin Lewis FISHER-32523.

Sarah TEMPLE113953 was born about 1783 in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME.108541 Date of birth was calculated from stated age in census. She died on 21 February 1859 at the age of 76 in Montville, Waldo, ME.9545,31859 Buried in Allen Cemetery, Montville, ME. Parents: Reverend Levi TEMPLE-912 and Rachel NUTTING-1104.

Spouse: James MORSE-9984. Sarah TEMPLE and James MORSE were married about 1802 in Brunswick, Cumberland, ME.9545,27420 World Family Tree 3223 date of 27 Jun 1785 is clearly wrong. No date actually given by Danny Smith, but date of first child indicates a marriage of 1802. Children were: Adam MORSE-13070, Diana MORSE-13071, Susan MORSE-13072, Mary MORSE-13073, Timothy MORSE-13074, Anthony MORSE-13075, James E. MORSE-13076, Joseph MORSE-13077, William MORSE-13078, Isaac MORSE-13079, John MORSE-13080.

Sarah TEMPLE11997 was born on 8 January 1785 in Alstead, Cheshire, NH.1053,11997,17568 She died on 16 February 1788 at the age of 3 in Alstead, Cheshire, NH.11997 Parents: Isaac TEMPLE-457 and Elizabeth CROSSFIELD-464.

Sarah TEMPLE83808,106132 was born in April 1789 in East Goshen, Chester, PA.44570,54624 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Upper Providence, Montgomery, PA.54624 She died on 11 April 1857 at the age of 68 in Media, Delaware, PA.44570

Spouse: Paschall HOOPES-132451. Sarah TEMPLE and Paschall HOOPES were married before 1831. Children were: John Temple HOOPES-132454, Jane Temple HOOPES-132455, George HOOPES-132456, Melinda HOOPES-132457, Elizabeth Temple HOOPES-132458, Alban Hall HOOPES-132459, Paschall Joseph HOOPES-132460.

Spouse: John MACK-132452. Sarah TEMPLE and John MACK were married on 5 April 1810 in PA.41401,44570 Children were: William Chalkley MACK-132453.

Sarah TEMPLE91285 was born on 10 March 1793 in Heath, Franklin, MA.45878,75856 She was baptized on 5 May 1793 in Heath, Franklin, MA.75856 Parents: Lt. Seth TEMPLE-864 and Marina HUNT-992.

Spouse: Alexander Park MAXWELL-16841. Sarah TEMPLE and Alexander Park MAXWELL were married on 5 July 1820 in Heath, Franklin, MA.45878,55971 Intention filed at Heath in Jul 1820. Children were: Alexander MAXWELL Jr.-32492, Seth Temple MAXWELL-32493, Patrick Henry MAXWELL-32494, Jonas R. MAXWELL-32495, Martha Ann MAXWELL-32496, Charles Irwin MAXWELL-32497.

Sarah TEMPLE122677 was born in 1794.122678 Grave marker says circa 1796. She died in 1866 at the age of 72 in Marion Co., MS.122678 She is placed as a child of Jacob but the relationship needs proof. Parents: Jacob TEMPLE-17167 and Mary -17172.

Spouse: John Christopher BURT Sr.-24313. Children were: Christopher Columbus BURT-82186.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1795 in NY.29829,122679 She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Long Lake, Hamilton, NY.122679 She died before 1860 at the age of 65. She did not appear in the 1860 census.

Spouse: John DORNBURGH-156867. Sarah TEMPLE and John DORNBURGH were married. Children were: Jacob DORNBURGH-156868, Elizabeth Ann DORNBURGH-156869, Sarah Katherine DORNBURGH-156870.

Sarah TEMPLE41401,88786 was born on 9 February 1795 in Kennett Square, Chester, PA.1935,17473,41225,46232 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in East Marlboro, Chester, PA.41225 She died on 15 September 1880 at the age of 85.1935 Parents: Samuel TEMPLE-4535 and Elizabeth CLEMENS-5199.

Spouse: Isaac HARRY-19575. Sarah TEMPLE and Isaac HARRY were married.17473

Sarah TEMPLE18912 was born about 1797. She died on 19 September 1821 at the age of 24 in Washington Co., NY. Buried in Burch Hill Cemetery, North Hebron. Parents: Roswell TEMPLE-1071 and Elizabeth (Betsey) BAKER-1478.

Spouse: Peter BURCH-6793.

Sarah TEMPLE99704 was born about 1799.14642 Parents: Nathaniel TEMPLE-822 and Sarah BLAKER-823.

Spouse: Benjamin GILLETT-16848.

Sarah TEMPLE17897 was born in 1799 in Nelson Co., KY.17990 She died in 1858 at the age of 59.17990 Parents: David Nelson TEMPLE-21083 and Mary DUKES-30405.

Spouse: William Albert (William) BROWN-30594. Sarah TEMPLE and William Albert (William) BROWN were married on 8 March 1816 in Nelson Co., KY.8054,18221 Children were: Margaret BROWN-66608, Joseph M. BROWN-30595.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1800 in NY.122680 He appeared in the census in August 1850 in New York City, New York, NY.122680 Enumerated staying with Ann Arabel, of no known relationship, but who might be her mother. He has reference number RLT # (None).75114 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Sarah TEMPLE83844 was born on 29 May 1801 in Springfield Twp., Windsor, VT.23,53468,53469,53470,53471,64831 She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Mendon, Rutland, VT.53468 Enumerated living with Rebecca Rice, ae 62. She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Mendon, Rutland, VT.53471 Enumerated in the household of George L. Peithe, of no known relationship. Sarah appeared in the census in June 1870 in Mendon, Rutland, VT.53470 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Mendon, Rutland, VT.53469 Enumerated as the aunt of George Petty. She died on 2 July 1881 at the age of 80 in Mendon, Rutland, VT.23 Buried in Rice/Orchard Cemetery, Mendon, VT. Sarah has reference number RLT # 416i.33986 Never married. Parents: Frederick TEMPLE-785 and Hannah KING-792.

Sarah TEMPLE114528 was born on 15 July 1803 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.114528,122681 She lived in Lowell, Middlesex, MA before 1835.8529 She died. Association with this family is subject to proof, based on the Edmund Rice Genealogy. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-28248 and Sarah WRIGHT-28249.

Spouse: Abraham FARRINGTON-29599. Sarah TEMPLE and Abraham FARRINGTON were married on 29 March 1835 in Peterborough, Hillsborough, NH.8529,33129 Intention filed at Lowell on 29 Mar 1835. Marriage also recorded at Lowell, MA, residence of the bride. Children were: George E. FARRINGTON-42998, Sarah Augusta FARRINGTON-42999, Mary Ann FARRINGTON-43000, Sophia FARRINGTON-43001, Charles Temple FARRINGTON-43002, Emory Walker FARRINGTON-43003.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1804 in Ireland.122682,122683,122684 Gave 1790 in 1860. She immigrated before 1850. She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Newark, Essex, NJ.122682 In July 1860 Sarah was a domestic servant in the household of Charles Warner in Camden, Camden, NJ.122683 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Newark, Essex, NJ.122684 She died on 3 September 1872 at the age of 68 in Newark, Essex, NJ.122685 Buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, NJ. Sarah has reference number RLT # F.6101,26843 Maiden name possibly Riley. In 1860, she was living next door to two Rileys, age about 50 each, both from Ireland. Said to be a widow when she died.

Sarah TEMPLE84734 was born on 18 October 1807 in NY.8314,13782,59667 Based on his calculated age at death, her grave marker says 8 Mar 1805. She appeared in the census in July 1850 in Eaton, Madison, NY.13782 She lived in Eaton, Madison, NY in 1851.59668 Sarah died on 18 October 1881 at the age of 74 in New Lisbon, Otsego, NY.8314,59667 No children. Parents: Daniel TEMPLE-793 and Hanna CLOSE-798.

Spouse: William Henry MOORE-16884. Sarah TEMPLE and William Henry MOORE were married on 13 October 1851 in Munnsville, Madison, NY.59668

Sarah TEMPLE99710 was born on 6 December 1807 in Ewing, Mercer, NJ.30913 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Hopewell, Mercer, NJ.45825 Enumerated living with her brother on his farm. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hopewell, Mercer, NJ.45833 Enumerated with her brother Israel. Sarah died on 12 October 1903 at the age of 95 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.122686 Died of apoplexy in the home of her nephew, George R. Temple (son of her brother Nathaniel). Buried in First Presbyterian Church of Ewing Cemetery, Ewing, NJ. Parents: Asher TEMPLE-1007 and Mary (Polly) HART-1361.

Spouse: John VanKirk LANNING-9704. Sarah TEMPLE and John VanKirk LANNING were married on 19 January 1836 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ.51713 Children were: Benjamin LANNING-9707, Stephen LANNING-9708.

Sarah TEMPLE15404 was born about 1808 in VA.

Spouse: John Hicks BONNER-34749. Sarah TEMPLE and John Hicks BONNER were married before 1852. Children were: Susan Elizabeth BONNER-34750, Mary Ann BONNER-34751, George W. BONNER-34752.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1808 in PA.2236 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Columbus, Warren, PA.2236 Parents: John TEMPLE-44224 and Elleana -44225.

Sarah TEMPLE12170 was born about 1809 in Grafton, Worcester, MA.

Spouse: David WHITE Jr.-129629. Sarah TEMPLE and David WHITE Jr. were married on 28 April 1830 in Grafton, Worcester, MA.12170

Sarah TEMPLE89259 was born on 9 April 1809 in Ewing, Mercer, NJ.25073,43846,51703,82746 The 1860 census gives her age as 45. She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Hopewell, Mercer, NJ.43846 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Hopewell, Mercer, NJ.82746 Sarah appeared in the census in June 1870 in Hopewell, Mercer, NJ.51703 She died on 7 August 1884 at the age of 75 in Ewing, Mercer, NJ.122687 Buried in First Presbyterian Church of Ewing Cemetery, Ewing, NJ. Parents: William TEMPLE-1011 and Frances (Fanny) TEMPLE-1005.

Sarah TEMPLE was born between 1810 and 1820.5244 Parents: Frederick TEMPLE(S)-34541 and Mary -34544.

Sarah TEMPLE52381 was born in 1811 in OH.458 She appeared in the census in July 1850 in Batavia, Clermont, OH.458 Apparently enumerated living with her husband's parents. I wonder if she is the daughter of Ichabod and Mary (Clark) Temple identified in Rise of the Temples as Marcia. I have no information on Marcia beyond Rise of the Temples (at this time), and I know that Sarah and her (possible) sister Mary Jane were married in Batavia, OH, ten years apart. It is also possible that she is just another of Ichabod and Mary's children not identified in Rise of the Temples.

Spouse: Absolom LEEDS-129878. Sarah TEMPLE and Absolom LEEDS were married on 31 October 1833 in Batavia, Clermont, OH.465,10092,52381

Sarah TEMPLE24337,82760 was born on 25 November 1813 in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME.73273 Other sources give 25 Nov 1813. Parents: John TEMPLE-5257 and Martha FOSTER-5258.

Sarah TEMPLE80133 was born on 13 April 1813 in ME.35616,40390,45031,57125,122688 Gave her age as 30 in 1850 and 40 in 1860. That became 53 in 1870, and was carried forward to her grave marker. She appeared in the census in November 1850 in Union Twp., Clermont, OH.35616 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Union Twp., Clermont, OH.40390 Sarah appeared in the census in July 1870 in Union Twp., Clermont, OH.57125 Enumerated in the household of William and Mary Walker, her brother-in-law and sister. She died on 1 April 1874 at the age of 60 in Clermont Co., OH.45031,122688 Buried in Mount Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, OH. Unmarried. Parents: Robert TEMPLE-4472 and Apphia HANSCUM-4547.

Sarah TEMPLE93559 was born on 9 November 1814 in Heath, Franklin, MA.20985,75856 She died on 11 November 1844 at the age of 30 in Heath, Franklin, MA.23,20985 Died as a result of complications following birth of her daughter Sarah. Buried in Center Cemetery, Heath, MA. Parents: John TEMPLE-997 and Sarah (Sallie) TAYLOR-1303.

Spouse: Nathaniel CARROLL-17293. Sarah TEMPLE and Nathaniel CARROLL were married about 1840 in MA. Children were: Sarah CARROLL-46359.

Sarah TEMPLE79931 was born about 1817. She appeared in the census in 1850 in Franklin Co., OH.457,16185 She died. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-928 and Jane BRITTON-21632.

Spouse: Thomas KANE-21650. Sarah TEMPLE and Thomas KANE were married on 19 November 1837 in Franklin Co., OH.465,48721 Children were: George KANE-27221, Herbert KANE-27222, Catherine KANE-27223.

Sarah TEMPLE72505 was born in 1817 in PA.72504 She appeared in the census in November 1850 in Harris, Centre, PA.72504 She may have been a widow, in which case her maiden name was not Temple. It is also possible that Christina, enumerated with her in 1850, was not her husband's child by a first marriage, but her own.

Spouse: Daniel SHUEY-132198. Sarah TEMPLE and Daniel SHUEY were married in 1843 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA.72505 This was Daniel's second marriage, his first wife having died. Children were: Frances SHUEY-161745, Veronica SHUEY-132199, John Alfred SHUEY-132200.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1820 in NJ.122689 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Clinton, Essex, NJ.122689 The 1870 census is illegible, but it appears she was enumerated with the family of a James Warner?

Sarah TEMPLE284,93151 was born on 4 June 1820 in Polk, Venango, PA.9292,30858 She died on 20 October 1898 at the age of 78 in Tidioute, Warren, PA.39155 Died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Walter Courson. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Tionesta, PA. She had 10 children, 4 of whom survived until her death. Parents: Robert TEMPLE-4642 and Margaret Salome (Salome) JEWEL-24630.

Spouse: Reverend Samuel GROVE-19543. Sarah TEMPLE and Reverend Samuel GROVE were married on 4 October 1842.39155

Spouse: Christian Everhart LYTLE-46712. Sarah TEMPLE and Christian Everhart LYTLE were married on 15 March 1880 in Polk, Venango, PA.39156 Sarah Temple was C.E. Lytle's second wife

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1822 in NY.122690 She appeared in the census in December 1850 in New York City, New York, NY.122690 Enumerated with Mary Willoby, of no known relationship. She has reference number RLT # (None).75114

Sarah TEMPLE24544 was born about 1823 in Randolph Co., IL. Parents: William TEMPLE-26031 and Sarah LOVE-25393.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1823 in PA.61266 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Lehigh Twp., Northampton, PA.61266 Her parents were both from PA.

Spouse: Daniel NEWHARD-161843. Sarah TEMPLE and Daniel NEWHARD were married before 1860. Children were: Beneville NEWHARD-161844, Lovine J. NEWHARD-161845, Lucetta NEWHARD-161846, Allen NEWHARD-161847, Lydia May NEWHARD-161848.

Sarah TEMPLE34361 was born in 1823 in KY.34362 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.34362

Spouse: Alexander FOLWELL-173398. Sarah TEMPLE and Alexander FOLWELL were married in June 1842.34361 Their license was issued 11 Jun. Children were: Ann FOLWELL-173399, Julia FOLWELL-173400, Elizabeth FOLWELL-173401.

Sarah TEMPLE23029,45187 was born on 12 August 1823 in Moscow, Somerset, ME.23,21790,23029,45187 She lived in Litchfield, Kennebec, ME before 1861.23 She moved in 1861 in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME.23 Sarah died on 19 January 1900 at the age of 76 in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME.23 Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Gardiner, ME. Parents: Elijah TEMPLE-32301 and Anna WHITCOMB-32297.

Spouse: Pell CLASON-46089. Sarah TEMPLE and Pell CLASON were married on 29 May 1849 in Moscow, Somerset, ME.23,23029 Children were: Oliver Barrett CLASON-46091, Sarah E. CLASON-46093, Pell R. CLASON-46092, Annie L. CLASON-46090.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1824 in MA.4550 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.4550 The existence of Sarah as a daughter of Abraham requires proof, and is based on circumstantial information in the 1850 census. Parents: Captain Jonathan TEMPLE-5701 and Lucinda PARKER-5730.

Spouse: James BANCROFT-16679. Sarah TEMPLE and James BANCROFT were married.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1824 in New Brunswick, Canada.93219 She a passenger arriving aboard the Maid of Erin in October 1848 in Portland, Cumberland, ME.93219 She and her sisters seem to be daughters of William and Sarah Ann Hinge, of St. John's, NB, but the ages they gave on the shipping manifest in Portland, ME, were too old. Parents: TEMPLE-144276 and UNKNOWN-144277.

Sarah TEMPLE23593 was born in 1825 in PA.15523 She appeared in the census in July 1850 in Concord Twp., Highland, OH.15523 Enumerated next door to her parents. Parents: Samuel TEMPLE-24963 and Margaret KEPPLE-24964.

Spouse: William THOMPSON-60062. Sarah TEMPLE and William THOMPSON were married on 25 April 1850 in Highland Co., OH.465,122691

Sarah TEMPLE was born before 1825 in PA.70428 It is possible she is the daughter of James and Sarah (Marshall) Temple, but it is complicated. A Sarah Temple, with no other information than she was from PA, was given as the mother of Anna Rebecca Temple b 1840 in the latter's death certificate. Anna was also the wife of James W. Saunders. When they were found together in the 1870 census, staying with them was one Lydia Temple, ae 84 (b abt 1786), but the 1870 census gives no familial reationship information. If she was not Anna's mother, based on the death certificate, she might be an aunt. Lydia was married to John Temple, son of Benjamin and Hannah (Jones) Temple. Benjamin and Hannah's son James married Sarah Marshall, and among many other children, had a daughter named Sarah, who was the right age and in the approximate place to be Anna's mother. Nothing more is known about James and Sarah's daughter, so although this fits the pattern of known information,it is nowhere near proved.

Another tempting piece of information comes out of the 1870 censu. Staying with Anna, her husband and Lydia Temple was one Emma Wilkins, ae 25. It may be that Emma was a younger sister of Joseph Wilkins, or she might be a half-sibling of Anna Rebecca Temple.

Spouse: Joseph WILKINS-161878. Children were: Anna Rebecca (Annie) TEMPLE-141988.

Sarah TEMPLE9776 was born on 11 July 1825. She died on 11 July 1825 at the age of 0. Parents: Richard TEMPLE-5746 and Sarah L. DORR-6089.

Sarah TEMPLE39152,122692 was born about 1827. She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Tionesta, Forest, PA.39152 Given name was Hannah in 1850, but Sarah in her daughter Almina's marriage to Wilson Andress. Based on location in 1850, she might have been the daughter of Ab. and Rachel Temple, but the latter's marriage to Orville Comstock would need to be explained.

Spouse: Samuel GROVE-166330. Sarah TEMPLE and Samuel GROVE were married about 1844 in PA. Children were: Huch M. GROVE-166331, Rohamie C. GROVE-166332, Almina GROVE-166333.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1827 in MA.122693 She died in July 1849 at the age of 22 in Adams, Berkshire, MA.122694 Died of consumption. Her entry in the mortality schedule did not indicate her marital status. Temple may not be her maiden name.

Sarah TEMPLE1644,3062 was born between 1825 and 1830.81896 She was born in 1828 in IN. Parents: Jesse TEMPLE-29101 and Margaret (Peggy) JACKSON-29102.

Spouse: John MC DONALD-39160. Sarah TEMPLE and John MC DONALD were married on 3 January 1850 in Jefferson Co., IN.1644 Children were: Malissa MC DONALD-39161.

Sarah TEMPLE93337 was born on 30 April 1828 in PA.62802 She died on 8 June 1888 at the age of 60 in Tioga, Tioga, PA.62802,122695 Buried in Middlebury Union Cemetery, Middlebury Center, PA. Parents: Major Russell TEMPLE-1172 and Jane P. BELTON-1615.

Spouse: Gilbert Burton OWLETT-34587. Sarah TEMPLE and Gilbert Burton OWLETT were married in 1848.62802 William Thompson, a researcher on the Owlett lines, has evidence of a marriage between Gilbert B. Owlett and Sarah Temple. he believes, but has no proof, that the Sarah Temple Gilbert married was the sister of Edwin. This seems an eminently sensible conclusion, and I have added it here. However, the marriage to this particular Sarah Temple remains to be proved. Children were: Jane OWLETT-34588, James H. OWLETT-34589, Jannett OWLETT-34590.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1829 in MA.82094 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Greencastle, Putnam, IN.82094 She has reference number RLT # (None).22788 I am pretty sure she is the daughter of Salah and Luisa Temple, but am thrown off by her claiming MA as her birthplace in the 1850 census.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1830 in NC.122696 She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Franklin Co., NC.122697 Parents: Jesse R. TEMPLE(S)-16102 and Elizabeth CROSS-16979.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1830 in NY.4763 She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Spring Garden, Philadelphia, PA.4763 Parents: TEMPLE-134651 and Margaret -134652.

Sarah TEMPLE was born in 1830 in MA.83353 In June 1870 she was a millinery store worker in Salem, Essex, MA.83353 Enumerated with her apparent sister Augusta. Parents: TEMPLE-141479 and UNKNOWN-141480.

Sarah TEMPLE465 was born in 1831 in OH.122698 She appeared in the census in October 1850 in Madison Twp., Butler, OH.122698 It is not clear whether Sarah or Nancy was the mother of George E. Vorhis. It is possible that Sarah died in childbirth with him.

Spouse: Squire VORHIS-134605. Sarah TEMPLE and Squire VORHIS were married on 19 October 1848 in Butler Co., OH.465,122699