Jane A. MC KENZIE (private).

Spouse: Richard M. TEMPLE-177405.

Jean MC KENZIE was born on 17 November 1922.53670 She died on 3 March 2017 at the age of 94 in Victoria, Capital Region, British Columbia, Canada.53671

Spouse: TEMPLE-177978.

Jerome P. MC KENZIE (private).

Spouse: Charlotte A. TEMPLE-143813.

John MC KENZIE was born in PA.48648

Spouse: Ann LATCHFORD-161201. Ann LATCHFORD and John MC KENZIE were married before 1845. Children were: Nancy Jane MC KENZIE-135096.

Juanita Florene MC KENZIE11103 was born on 17 April 1924 in Brazil, Clay, IN.35892,53672 She died on 4 October 1994 at the age of 70 in New Castle, Henry, IN.35891,53672,53673 Died of acute respiratory failure due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Buried in Sugar Grove Methodist Cemetery, Henry County, IN. Parents: Melvin R. MC KENZIE-80811 and Flossie I. GRABLE-80812.

Spouse: Max Morris (Max) TEMPLES-34187. Juanita Florene MC KENZIE and Max Morris (Max) TEMPLES were married on 26 October 1944 in IN.11103 Children were: Lillie Mae TEMPLES-34193, Linda Inez TEMPLES-34194, Maurice Coleman TEMPLES-34195, Mark Edward TEMPLES-34196.

Kenneth Vesper MC KENZIE (private).22 Parents: Vesper S. MC KENZIE-43471 and Mercedes BOUFFARD-43472.

Spouse: Barbara J. TEMPLE-36992.

Melvin R. MC KENZIE35891,35892 died.

Spouse: Flossie I. GRABLE-80812. Flossie I. GRABLE and Melvin R. MC KENZIE were married before 1924. Children were: Juanita Florene MC KENZIE-34292.

Nancy Ann MC KENZIE (private).

Spouse: John PORTER-29923. Children were: Gabriel McKenzie PORTER-29915.

Nancy Jane MC KENZIE was born in Greenfield, Hancock, IN.2420 She died.

Spouse: William WHITLOCK-114686. Nancy Jane MC KENZIE and William WHITLOCK were married before November 1867. Children were: Louise Mildred (Luella) WHITLOCK-53461.

Nancy Jane MC KENZIE was born on 27 August 1845 in PA.42381,48648,53674,53675,53676 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Tuscarora, Perry, PA.53676 Enumerated without her husband. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Tuscarora, Perry, PA.53674 Nancy appeared in the census in April 1910 in Tuscarora, Perry, PA.53675 She lived in Donnally Mills, Perry, PA before 1917.53677 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Newport, Perry, PA.42381 Enumerated with her daughter and her family. Nancy died on 23 February 1927 at the age of 81 in Newport, Perry, PA.48648,53677,53678 She had suffered a stroke four years earlier and had been helpless since then. In her last ten years, she had lived with her daughter Sarah and her family. Died of inanition. Buried in Newport Cemetery, Newport, PA. She has reference number RLT # (None).3001 Her parents were both from PA. By 1900, she had had 2 children, 1 of whom survived, which remained true in 1910. Name given as Jane in 1880 and 1900 and Nancy J. in 1910. In 1880, she was enumerated as the sister of Sarah Ricedorff. Her obituary said she was the lst of her family.

Whoever her husband was, it seems he died or left at around 1880 or slightly before. Parents: John MC KENZIE-161200 and Ann LATCHFORD-161201.

Spouse: Robert TEMPLE-135095. Nancy Jane MC KENZIE and Robert TEMPLE were married about 1865.53675 Her marriage to Temple was her only marriage. Children were: John TEMPLE-140308, Sarah J. (Sally) TEMPLE-135097.

Robert D. MC KENZIE (private).53679

Spouse: Pauline TEMPLE-179653.

Sarah Ann MC KENZIE (private).

Spouse: Henry WADE-29899. Children were: Amy WADE-29898.

Vesper S. MC KENZIE (private).

Spouse: Mercedes BOUFFARD-43472. Children were: Kenneth Vesper MC KENZIE-43470.

Elizabeth MC KEON (private).

Spouse: James F. LAMB-42896. Children were: Walter Gerald LAMB-42895.

Loveada P. MC KERCHER20050 was born on 22 February 1910 in OH.53680,53681,53682 She lived in Lakeview, Logan, OH in 1985.53681 She died on 29 January 1985 at the age of 74 in Lima, Allen, OH.53680,53681,53682 Buried in Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Indian Lake, OH. Some records spell her name Lovida. Parents: William MC KERCHER-76062 and Grace CARTER-76063.

Spouse: RICHARDSON-76076. Loveada P. MC KERCHER and RICHARDSON were married about 1935.

Spouse: Donald O. (Don) TEMPLE-76070. Loveada P. MC KERCHER and Donald O. (Don) TEMPLE were married on 15 December 1956 in OH.53680,53683

William MC KERCHER died in 1961.20050

Spouse: Grace CARTER-76063. Grace CARTER and William MC KERCHER were married in 1906.20050 Children were: Loveada P. MC KERCHER-76061.

Shawn MC KERN (private).

Spouse: Catherine Dulaney TEMPLE-51598.

Stella M. MC KERN (private).

Spouse: Emmett E. JENKINS-28317. Children were: Jo Ann (Jo) JENKINS-28316.

Ann MC KEVITT53250 was born in Ireland.

Spouse: Joseph TEMPLE-180605. Ann MC KEVITT and Joseph TEMPLE were married before 1890. Children were: Charlotte TEMPLE-180602.

Patrick MC KEW was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Meave TEMPLE-175443. Meave TEMPLE and Patrick MC KEW were married in January 1932 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.53684 It is not clear this marriage took place, but they took out a license, # 1426, 28 Jan 1932.

Jack Allen MC KEY (private).

Spouse: J. Faye TEMPLE-20552.

Mary MC KIBBENS53685 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John ZEREN-96695. Mary MC KIBBENS and John ZEREN were married before 1877. Children were: Edward (Eddie) ZEREN-96694.

Louis G.M. MC KIBBON (private).

Spouse: Jane ROCHE-64523. Children were: Phyllis Louise MC KIBBON-64521.

Phyllis Louise MC KIBBON was born on 1 February 1891 in Durham, Ontario, Canada.53686,53687 She lived in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada in 1911.53686 She died. Parents: Louis G.M. MC KIBBON-64522 and Jane ROCHE-64523.

Spouse: Frederick Joseph (Fred) TEMPLE-64516. Phyllis Louise MC KIBBON and Frederick Joseph (Fred) TEMPLE were married on 27 December 1911 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada.53686

Ella MC KIEL was born in 1868 in St. John Co., New Brunswick, Canada.14690 She lived in Bath, Sagadahoc, ME in 1916.5973 She lived 23 Highland Street in Bath, Sagadahoc, ME in 1918.53688 Ella died before 1939 at the age of 71.53689 Her surname was either Mc Kiel and her first marriage was to a Coffin, or vice versa.

Parents: Thomas J. MC KIEL-154290 and Effie BONNELL-154291.

Spouse: COFFIN-154292. Ella MC KIEL and COFFIN were married about 1888.

Spouse: William Sumner (Will) TEMPLE-128722. Ella MC KIEL and William Sumner (Will) TEMPLE were married on 26 February 1916 in Bath, Sagadahoc, ME.5973,14690 This was his first and her second marriage. For some reason, William did not report his earlier marriage.

Thomas J. MC KIEL (private).14690

Spouse: Effie BONNELL-154291. Children were: Ella MC KIEL-136877.

Carol MC KINLAY (private).53690 Parents: John MC KINLAY-149995 and Margaret SMALE-149996.

Spouse: Robert TEMPLE-149993.

John MC KINLAY (private).

Spouse: Margaret SMALE-149996. Children were: Carol MC KINLAY-149994.

George E. MC KINLEY (private).

Spouse: Mary Ann TEMPEL-151980.

Heidi E. MC KINLEY (private).676

Spouse: Timothy J. TEMPLE-160289.

Henry D. MC KINLEY21210 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ellen E. PARKER-8220. Ellen E. PARKER and Henry D. MC KINLEY were married in 1884.21210

Jayne Ellen MC KINLEY (private).24604

Spouse: David Joseph HUMPHREY-172577. Children were: Sarah Jo HUMPHREY-172576.

Mattie Lee MC KINLEY (private).

Spouse: J.D. TEMPLE-141894. Children were: Gary Wayne (Gary) TEMPLE Sr.-141893.

Nancy Starling MC KINLEY38051 was born in IN.53691

Spouse: Reverend Harbert SCOTT-47882. Nancy Starling MC KINLEY and Reverend Harbert SCOTT were married before 1872. Children were: Emma SCOTT-47881.

Sarah MC KINLEY38052 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joseph NICHOLSON-97900. Sarah MC KINLEY and Joseph NICHOLSON were married before 1880. Children were: Isalene NICHOLSON-71805.

MC KINNEY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nancy Carol GARRISON-64126. Nancy Carol GARRISON and MC KINNEY were married before March 1946.34210

MC KINNEY (private).

Spouse: TEMPLE-130442. Children were: Florence TEMPLE-130444.

MC KINNEY was born in NC.53692

Spouse: TEMPLE-134208. TEMPLE and MC KINNEY were married in 1885 in NC. Children were: Cornie MC KINNEY-134210.

MC KINNEY was born in Ireland.

Spouse: Margery -138144. Margery and MC KINNEY were married before 1851 in Ireland.4873 Children were: James MC KINNEY-138146, Annie MC KINNEY-138147.

MC KINNEY (private).

Spouse: Catherine -161422. Children were: Samuel MC KINNEY-161416.

Ann MC KINNEY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Charley TEMPLE-149108. Ann MC KINNEY and Charley TEMPLE were married on 10 December 1874 in Kaufman Co., TX.53693 Children were: Charley TEMPLE Jr.-149100.

Annie MC KINNEY was born in October 1874 in PA.4873 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Woodward Twp., Clearfield, PA.4873 Enumerated with her mother. Parents: MC KINNEY-138145 and Margery -138144.

Benjamin F. MC KINNEY (private).

Spouse: Bamma BARNES-101750. Children were: Maud Delorese MC KINNEY-26750.

Billy G. MC KINNEY (private).

Spouse: Alice J. TEMPLE-143643.

Bonnie Ellen MC KINNEY (private). Parents: Lawrence MC KINNEY-34742 and Addie Ruth TEMPLE-34735.

Cob MC KINNEY (private).

Spouse: Evelyn SMITH-169951. Children were: Marion MC KINNEY-169949.

Cornie MC KINNEY was born in November 1885 in NC.53692 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Smithville, Brunswick, NC.53692 Enumerated with her grandparents. Parents: MC KINNEY-134209 and TEMPLE-134208.

David M. MC KINNEY (private).53694

Spouse: Julie A. TEMPLES-148183.

Effie Ann MC KINNEY53695 was born in 1887 in AR.53696 She appeared in the census in March 1920 in River Twp., Bradley, AR.53696 She died. Her surname is in doubt.

Spouse: James W. TRUCKS-57834. Effie Ann MC KINNEY and James W. TRUCKS were married before 1903. Children were: Minnie L. (Mamie) TRUCKS-25133.

James MC KINNEY was born in June 1851 in Ireland.4873 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Woodward Twp., Clearfield, PA.4873 Enumerated living with his mother. Parents: MC KINNEY-138145 and Margery -138144.