Elliott FOSTER Jr. (private).

Spouse: Shelley R. TEMPLES-175518.

Emma Ophelia FOSTER34619,34620 was born in February 1867 in OH.7038,34621,34622,34623 Gave 1870 in 1910. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Middle Point, Van Wert, OH.7038 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Bluffton, Allen, OH.34621 Emma appeared in the census in April 1910 in Bluffton, Allen, OH.34623 She died before 1930 at the age of 63.34624 Given only as E.O. Foster in her marriage papers. She might be Emma Foster, b 1868-1869, who was enumerated in Van Wert Co., OH in 1880. However, there were two such Emmas, one the daughter of William and Sara E, Foster of Middle Point, the other the daughter of Mary M. Foster of Washington. Since her husband appears to be Alvin, son of James B. and Sarah Temple of Middle Point, OH in the 1880 census, it seems more likely that she is Emma Foster of Middle Point, OH, also in 1880. They appeared on subsequent pages of the 1880 census. Middle name from her daughter Beulah's birth records.

By 1910, she had had 2 children, both of whom survived. Parents: William FOSTER-70770 and Sarah E. -70771.

Spouse: Alvin Estill TEMPLE-70755. Emma Ophelia FOSTER and Alvin Estill TEMPLE were married on 12 May 1887 in Van Wert Co., OH.34619,34621,34623,34624,34625 Children were: Eunah V. TEMPLE-70757, Beulah Marie TEMPLE-70758.

Ercel E. FOSTER34626 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Gilbert V. MC COMBS-101731. Ercel E. FOSTER and Gilbert V. MC COMBS were married before 1930. Children were: Carol Lorraine MC COMBS-80802.

Frances Elizabeth (Fannie) FOSTER23,34627 was born about 1840 in Providence, Providence, RI.23 Parents: Albert J. FOSTER-31956 and Sarah -31957.

Spouse: David H. TEMPLE-1489. Frances Elizabeth (Fannie) FOSTER and David H. TEMPLE were married on 26 December 1858 in Brighton, Suffolk, MA.34627,34628 They34627,34628 were divorced before September 1860.23

Spouse: William TUCKER-31958. Frances Elizabeth (Fannie) FOSTER and William TUCKER were married on 18 July 1862 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.23,7255

George FOSTER23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sally HINKLEY-46588. Sally HINKLEY and George FOSTER were married before 1837. Children were: Anne FOSTER-2764.

George A. FOSTER was born in 1886 in England, United Kingdom.34629,34630 In January 1920 he was a phonograph polisher in Boonton, Morris, NJ.34629 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Boonton, Morris, NJ.34630 George died before 1940 at the age of 54. His parents were from England (father) and TX (mother).

Spouse: Jane E. (Jennie) TEMPLE-47854. Jane E. (Jennie) TEMPLE and George A. FOSTER were married in 1908.34630

George I. FOSTER29418 was born in IN.

Spouse: Martha S. DOBBELS-110386. Martha S. DOBBELS and George I. FOSTER were married before 1949. Children were: Rosalie A. FOSTER-110383.

Gordon W. FOSTER Sr. (private).

Spouse: Constance STINNETTE-99674. Children were: Gordon W. FOSTER Jr.-99672.

Gordon W. FOSTER Jr. (private).34631 Parents: Gordon W. FOSTER Sr.-99673 and Constance STINNETTE-99674.

Spouse: Alice Kay TEMPLE-99671.

Grace Melissa FOSTER (private).

Spouse: Jerry Paul TEMPLE-159172. Children were: Derek Todd TEMPLE-159174.

Hannah FOSTER (private).

Spouse: Richard SANBORN-133837. Children were: Robert Foster SANBORN-133836.

Harriet R. FOSTER was born in 1838 in TN.34587 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Florence, Lauderdale, AL.34587 Parents: Benjamin Franklin FOSTER-41678 and Agnes E. TEMPLE-41677.

Hattie B. FOSTER (private).

Spouse: Wesley F. HINDERHAN-170661. Children were: Alice Jane HINDERHAN-170660.

Hazel FOSTER was born on 19 March 1893.34632 She died on 27 June 1987 at the age of 94 in Hennepin Co., MN.34632 Foster may not be her maiden name. Parents: UNKNOWN-137445 and TEMPLE-137444.

Henry FOSTER was born in ME.34633

Spouse: UNKNOWN-126403. UNKNOWN and Henry FOSTER were married before 1800. Children were: Levi Hooper FOSTER-30627.

Howard FOSTER was born on 27 October 1925 in NY.34634 He died in April 1978 at the age of 52 in Levittown, Nassau, NY.34634

Spouse: Lelia Marie TEMPLE-5184. Lelia Marie TEMPLE and Howard FOSTER were married on 15 September 1946.19058

J. Clark FOSTER died on 20 August 1864 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA.12618 Killed in the Battle of Atlanta.

Spouse: Florence Magnolia BEATY-77899. Florence Magnolia BEATY and J. Clark FOSTER were married on 20 December 1863.12618

James FOSTER34635 was born on 13 May 1817.34636 Parents: John FOSTER-29551 and Mary COLE-29552.

Spouse: Martha (Marthey) TEMPLE-18885. Martha (Marthey) TEMPLE and James FOSTER were married on 12 January 1843 in Copiah Co., MS.34635

James H. FOSTER was born in 1853 in AL.34587 He appeared in the census in June 1860 in Florence, Lauderdale, AL.34587 Parents: Benjamin Franklin FOSTER-41678 and Agnes E. TEMPLE-41677.

James Tilman FOSTER34598,34600 was born in 1882 in AR.34599 He died.

Spouse: Minnie Lou MORGAN-125031. Minnie Lou MORGAN and James Tilman FOSTER were married before 1917. Children were: Audell (Audie) FOSTER-125028.

Jemima Foster FOSTER died on 18 December 1856 in Choctaw Corners, Clarke, AL.23163

Spouse: William Benjamin DANZY-76648. Jemima Foster FOSTER and William Benjamin DANZY were married on 15 September 1831 in Clarke Co., AL.23163 Children were: Amanda Rebecca (Manda) DANZY-14392.

Jennie E. FOSTER34637 was born in January 1847 in MD.34638,34639,34640,34641 Gave her age as 29 in 1880 and as early as 1845 in other censuses. She appeared in the census in September 1870 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.4876 Although she was enumerated out of order and gave her age as 22 in 1870, she must have been the same person who was the wife of Andrew Temple, or else she was not enumerated in 1870 despite their being married. More likely, however, since the order children was otherwise random, she was the wife of Andrew. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.34640 Jennie appeared in the census in June 1900 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.34641 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.34639 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.34638 Jennie died. Her parents were both from MD. By 1910, she had had 10 children, 4 of whom survived. Although she was not enumerated in logical order in 1870, she seems to be the one who was married to a Temple in Priscilla's line in 1870, and therefore the only one know who could have been the mother of Laura. The only other alternative was Priscilla's son Thomas, about whom nothing further is known after his first census.

Her living children in 1900 and 1910 included Lesley, Lillian and John, but I do not know who the fourth was, nor have I found Lesley after 1900.

Spouse: Andrew J. TEMPLE-62499. Jennie E. FOSTER and Andrew J. TEMPLE were married in 1862 in MD.34639,34641 Gave 1865 in 1900. Children were: Laura V. TEMPLE-62510, Annie TEMPLE-62526, John Fredrick TEMPLE Sr.-62520, Lillian (Lillie) TEMPLE-62519, Mary Emma TEMPLE-62527, TEMPLE-62523, Wilmer Leslie TEMPLE-71042.

Jeremiah FOSTER7598 was born between 1807 and 1809 in Windham Co., VT.34642 He died in 1841 at the age of 34.

Spouse: Mary TEMPLE-5935. Mary TEMPLE and Jeremiah FOSTER were married on 11 June 1833 in Stoddard, Cheshire, NH.7598,34643,34644 Children were: Wells A. FOSTER-26649.

John FOSTER (private).

Spouse: Mary COLE-29552. Children were: James FOSTER-19045.

John FOSTER (private).

Spouse: Carolyn A. TEMPLE-148635.

John FOSTER34609,34645 died before 1860.

Spouse: Mary MARTIN-37660. Mary MARTIN and John FOSTER were married. Children were: Juliann (Julia) FOSTER-5541, Elizabeth (Lizzie) FOSTER-19548.

John FOSTER was born in 1848 in TN.5359 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Wilson Co., TN.5359

Spouse: Mary -59374. Mary and John FOSTER were married. Children were: Sarah Albina (Allie) FOSTER-22033.

Jonathan FOSTER (private).

Spouse: Phebe TEMPLE-4402.

Juanita FOSTER was born on 18 June 1924 in Higginsville, Lafayette, MO.34646 She died in November 1993 at the age of 69.34646 Parents: William F. FOSTER-80773 and Tina B. (Tiny) TEMPLE(S)-80768.

Juliann (Julia) FOSTER7166,34647 was born on 21 August 1824 in PA.31051,34610,34648 She appeared in the census in November 1850 in Sandy Creek, Venango, PA.34610 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in French Creek Twp., Venango, PA.34648 Juliann died on 21 January 1866 at the age of 41 in Sandy Creek, Venango, PA.31051 Buried in Sandy Creek Cemetery, Polk, PA. Her grandson, Charles Bush Temple, Jr., informing his father's death certificate, said her maiden name was Burns. Parents: John FOSTER-37659 and Mary MARTIN-37660.

Spouse: John TEMPLE-5430. Juliann (Julia) FOSTER and John TEMPLE were married about 1844 in PA.7166 Children were: Costen M. TEMPLE-46888, Charles Bush TEMPLE Sr.-5543, Ruth Minerva TEMPLE-46887, Clinton Plumber (Clinton) TEMPLE-5544, John Mack TEMPLE-37657, Mary E. TEMPLE-37658, Lydia TEMPLE-5545.

June Harlene FOSTER was born on 18 January 1948 in Calhoun, Gordon, GA.34649 She lived in GA in 1965.34650 She died on 22 March 2001 at the age of 53.34650,34651 Buried in Oak Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, White, GA.

Spouse: TEMPLES-171831.

Kathleen A. FOSTER (private).34652

Spouse: Paul Wheeler (Paul) TEMPLE-39755. Children were: Robert Matthew TEMPLE-39756.

Spouse: LEDOUX-59860.

Kathleen Eloise FOSTER (private).

Spouse: Herman Dalton JEFFERSON-167864. Children were: Robert Herman JEFFERSON-167863.

Kenneth FOSTER (private).

Spouse: Barbara B. TEMPLE-87811.

Kimberly Anquinet FOSTER (private).

Spouse: Lewis Lee TEMPLE Sr.-159511. Children were: Lewis Lee TEMPLE Jr.-159513.

Laverne FOSTER was born on 28 July 1920 in Higginsville, Lafayette, MO.34653 She died in January 1982 at the age of 61.34653 Parents: William F. FOSTER-80773 and Tina B. (Tiny) TEMPLE(S)-80768.

Leila B. FOSTER18636 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Raymond L. BUCHANAN-101125. Leila B. FOSTER and Raymond L. BUCHANAN were married before 1921. Children were: Norma Lillian BUCHANAN-54187.

Levi Hooper FOSTER34654 was born in 1800.34655 He lived in Walpole, Cheshire, NH in 1872.34655 Parents: Henry FOSTER-126402 and UNKNOWN-126403.

Spouse: Harriet GILCHRIST-2279. Harriet GILCHRIST and Levi Hooper FOSTER were married on 18 January 1872 in Bellows Falls, Windham, VT.34655,34656,34657

Lillian Bryant FOSTER (private). Parents: William Able FOSTER-21480 and Susan Parthenia TEMPLE-21468.

Lizzie FOSTER was born in 1890.34658 She lived in Katie, Garvin, OK in 1918.34659

She may have been the Lizzie Foster, daughter of James A. Foster, in Ardmore, OK, in 1910.

Spouse: Carrol William (C.W.) TEMPLE-138025. Lizzie FOSTER and Carrol William (C.W.) TEMPLE were married on 3 July 1911 in Dougherty, Murray, OK.34658 Registered in Murray County Marriage Book 1, p. 545.

Lois Leigh FOSTER was born on 22 November 1915 in Pasquotank Co., NC.34660 She died on 8 June 2001 at the age of 85.34660 Parents: William Able FOSTER-21480 and Susan Parthenia TEMPLE-21468.

Luna FOSTER Jr. died in 1865.4544

Spouse: Hannah PARKER-7470. Hannah PARKER and Luna FOSTER Jr. were married in 1810 in Fitzwilliam, Cheshire, NH.4544

Mabel R. FOSTER34661 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mullen STALLINGS-102057. Mabel R. FOSTER and Mullen STALLINGS were married before 1920. Children were: Mary Rosalyn STALLINGS-54334.

Mable Ruth FOSTER (private). Parents: William Able FOSTER-21480 and Susan Parthenia TEMPLE-21468.

Marilyn FOSTER (private).

Spouse: Elwin Lewis TEMPEL-72095. Children were: Mary Lou TEMPEL-72100, LuAnn Kay TEMPEL-72101.

Martha FOSTER24337,34662 died. Perhaps she died between 1817 and 1822 - this is the widest gap of any of her children.

Spouse: John TEMPLE-5257. Martha FOSTER and John TEMPLE were married about 1803.34662 Children were: Mary TEMPLE-5259, Alexander Foster (Alexander) TEMPLE-5260, Joseph TEMPLE-5261, Foster TEMPLE-5262, Sarah TEMPLE-5263, Elizabeth TEMPLE-16238, Thomas TEMPLE-5264, Hannah TEMPLE-5265.

Martha Elizabeth FOSTER (private).

Spouse: Robert Wilton PRICE-99410. Children were: John Frederick PRICE-99409.

Mary Ann (Polly) FOSTER (private).

Spouse: Jeremiah POTTS-130110. Children were: Charlotte POTTS-130108.

Nancy FOSTER15032 was born.

Spouse: George Egner BOATNER-127471. Nancy FOSTER and George Egner BOATNER were married before 1859. Children were: Julia A. BOATNER-20857.

Noah Temple FOSTER34663 was born on 19 June 1905 in Pasquotank Co., NC. He died on 19 February 1923 at the age of 17 in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, NC. Parents: William Able FOSTER-21480 and Susan Parthenia TEMPLE-21468.