Mary Ellen FOX was born on 11 October 1913 in Ripley, Brown, OH.32838,32839,32845 She lived in Jackson Co., OH on 1 April 1935.32839 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Washington Twp., Highland, OH.32839 Mary died on 20 November 1997 at the age of 84 in Hillsboro, Highland, OH.32846,32847 Buried in Union Chapel Cemetery, Highland Co., OH. Parents: John D. FOX-87558 and Vallie D. MORGAN-87559.

Spouse: Carey Leo (Leo) TEMPLE-46830. Mary Ellen FOX and Carey Leo (Leo) TEMPLE were married on 12 January 1933 in Hillsboro, Highland, OH.32845

Mary Ellen FOX was born on 11 October 1913 in Brown Co., OH.32848 She died on 20 November 1997 at the age of 84 in Hillsboro, Highland, OH.32846,32848 She was a sewing machine operator.32848 In 1920, there were 20 Mary Foxes in OH, and most of them were Mary E., within 2 years of the known birth date of Mary Ellen, so it was not possible to further identify her. Parents: FOX-141325 and MORGAN-141326.

Spouse: TEMPLE-141323. Mary Ellen FOX and TEMPLE were married.

Merrill FOX was born in 1922 in PA.32803 Parents: Charles J. FOX-67305 and Nellie Rebecca TEMPLE-22788.

Michael FOX (private).

Spouse: Joanne Claire TEMPLE-4705. Children were: Nathan John FOX-4707, Aaron Scott FOX-4708.

Misty FOX (private).

Spouse: David TEMPLE-62299.

Muriel Charlotte FOX32849 was born in 1912 in MD.194 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel, MD.194 Record of marriage under false pretenses by Ms. Fox. Parents: George FOX-76 and Harriott L. WESTCOTT-77.

Spouse: Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr.-2. Muriel Charlotte FOX and Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 9 October 1931 in Towson, Baltimore, MD.32849 They32849 were divorced on 15 January 1932 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.32850 Sources include letter to Mrs. LPT Sr. from lawyer, Paul A. Sullivan, describing initial contact with Mrs. Westcott and her daughter, Muriel C. Temple on 28 Oct 1931. On 4 Dec 1931, the Circuit Court issued a Stipulation about costs, in which LPT Jr would pay Muriel C. Temple $100 in lieu of alimony and pay the $75 costs of Muriel's attorney. Sources include letter of transmittal of final decree, from lawyer Sullivan, on 19 Jan 1932, the day before his 21st birthday.

Nathan John FOX (private). Parents: Michael FOX-4706 and Joanne Claire TEMPLE-4705.

Oliver FOX was born in 1857 in IN.32851 Parents: John FOX-129942 and Mary J. TEMPLE-129941.

Ora May FOX was born on 4 May 1918 in Benton, Lafayette, WI.32810,32811,32852 She appeared in the census in February 1920 in Benton, Lafayette, WI.32811 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Benton, Lafayette, WI.32810 Ora appeared in the census in April 1940 in Benton, Lafayette, WI.32813 She died on 1 February 2000 at the age of 81.32852 Parents: Clarence J. FOX-61763 and Bridget Meta (Meta) TEMPLE-50299.

Pauline FOX was born in October 1894 in OH.32815 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Middle Point, Van Wert, OH.32815 Enumerated with her grandfather after the death of her mother. She died. Parents: Uriah FOX-70774 and Emma J. TEMPLE-70769.

R.W. FOX (private).

Spouse: Maude TEMPLE-127705.

R.W. FOX (private).32853

Spouse: Maude TEMPLE-146733.

Rebecca FOX5452 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dr. John Hancock TEMPLE-28759. Rebecca FOX and Dr. John Hancock TEMPLE were married before 1826. This was John's first marriage. Children were: William Fox TEMPLE-63304.

Sarah FOX (private).

Spouse: Warrington WEIKLE-161550. Children were: James Grant WEIKLE-161543.

Stella FOX (private).

Spouse: Thomas BRADLEY-37285. Children were: Viola E. BRADLEY-2670.

Tabatha FOX (private). Parents: Lloyd FOX-156849 and Robin -156850.

Spouse: Christopher Alex TEMPLE-156847. Children were: Amanda Lynn TEMPLE-156846.

Uriah FOX32854 was born in July 1870 in OH.32855 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Duchouquet, Auglaize, OH.32855 Enumerated as a boarder. He died. His parents were from PA and OH. Parents: Hiram FOX-70775 and Phebe Jane BURDEN-70776.

Spouse: Emma J. TEMPLE-70769. Emma J. TEMPLE and Uriah FOX were married on 10 September 1892 in Van Wert Co., OH.18011,32854 Children were: Pauline FOX-70779, Earnest FOX-70780.

Spouse: Anna WALK-70777. Anna WALK and Uriah FOX were married after June 1900.

Spouse: Minnie LOTRIDGE-70778. Minnie LOTRIDGE and Uriah FOX were married after June 1900.

Velva Frances FOX32856 was born on 17 May 1923 in Warrensburg, Johnson, MO.32835,32857,32858 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.32835 She lived in MO before 1951.32859 Velva died on 26 January 1999 at the age of 75 in Warrensburg, Johnson, MO.32857,32859,32860 Parents: Ira Neal FOX-71789 and Margaret Frances LOCKARD-71790.

Spouse: Harland Albert TEMPEL-71437. Velva Frances FOX and Harland Albert TEMPEL were married on 23 December 1945 in Warrensburg, Johnson, MO.32856 Children were: Leon TEMPEL-71455, Ed TEMPEL-71456, Dianne TEMPEL-71457.

Victor Leroy FOX was born on 28 May 1920 in Danville, Montour, PA.32803,32861 He died on 31 October 1988 at the age of 68.32861 Parents: Charles J. FOX-67305 and Nellie Rebecca TEMPLE-22788.

Vogal FOX70 was born about 1915 in MS.

Spouse: Francis Elizabeth MOTT-14875. Francis Elizabeth MOTT and Vogal FOX were married about 1940 in Shaw, Sunflower, MS. Children were: James Irwin (Jimmy) FOX-15568.

Warner FOX was born in 1804 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.4495 He died in 1887 at the age of 83.4495

Spouse: Eliza Richardson PARKER-8143. Eliza Richardson PARKER and Warner FOX were married in 1827 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.32862

Warren FOX was born on 28 February 1900 in Danvers, Essex, MA.22 He was an accountant.22 Parents: L. William FOX-37455 and Margaret L. WARREN-37456.

Spouse: Sarah Kenney (Sally) TEMPLE-18389. Sarah Kenney (Sally) TEMPLE and Warren FOX were married on 25 May 1927 in Salem, Essex, MA.22,32863 Also registered in Danvers, MA.

William Caro FOX was born in 1905 in NJ.32864 He lived in Pontiac, Oakland, MI in 1934.32864 He died. Parents: Edgar FOX-97274 and Mary CARO-97275.

Spouse: Marion Jane TEMPLE-54637. Marion Jane TEMPLE and William Caro FOX were married on 24 November 1934 in Mayville, Tuscola, MI.32864

William R. FOX (private).32865

Spouse: Tallah Lia TEMPLE-144766.

Christopher John (C.J.) FOXWELL (private). Parents: Roy FOXWELL-30236 and Violet BASTOW-30235.

Roy FOXWELL (private).

Spouse: Violet BASTOW-30235. Children were: Christopher John (C.J.) FOXWELL-30237.

FOXWORTH (private).

Spouse: Shanna TEMPLE-154433.

Claudia June FOXWORTH (private).32866 Parents: Roland FOXWORTH-142707 and Myrtle Irene LEWIS-142708.

Spouse: Curtis FLOWERS-142710. Children were: Walter Levon FLOWERS-142714.

Spouse: Santos PENA-142711.

Spouse: William Howard TEMPLE-142705. Children were: William Roland TEMPLE-142709.

Spouse: Tommy HADDOCK-142712. Children were: Thomas Edward HADDOCK-142715, Sherry Ladonna HADDOCK-142716.

Spouse: Clifford Wayne JARRETT-142713.

Lawrence Eugene (Larry) FOXWORTH (private).9160

Spouse: Susan Lorine TEMPLE-19987. Children were: Trevi Loraine FOXWORTH-52354, Marnie Shae FOXWORTH-52355.

Marnie Shae FOXWORTH (private).9160 Parents: Lawrence Eugene (Larry) FOXWORTH-52351 and Susan Lorine TEMPLE-19987.

Roland FOXWORTH (private).

Spouse: Myrtle Irene LEWIS-142708. Children were: Claudia June FOXWORTH-142706.

Trevi Loraine FOXWORTH (private).9160 Parents: Lawrence Eugene (Larry) FOXWORTH-52351 and Susan Lorine TEMPLE-19987.

Alexander FOXWORTHY was born in 1817.32867 He died on 9 October 1898 at the age of 81 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO.32867

Spouse: UNKNOWN-54301. Children were: Alexander Lin FOXWORTHY-54297.

Alexander Lin FOXWORTHY32867 was born on 12 December 1859.32867 He died on 24 April 1928 at the age of 68 in Chadron, Dawes, NE.32867 Died at home of the flu. Parents: Alexander FOXWORTHY-54300 and UNKNOWN-54301.

Spouse: Luella Virginia (Ella) TEMPLE-21927. Luella Virginia (Ella) TEMPLE and Alexander Lin FOXWORTHY were married on 11 February 1880 in Alanthus, Gentry, MO.32867 Family records seem to indicate they were married at her parents' home. Children were: Harry Lin FOXWORTHY-54298, Myrtle Hazel FOXWORTHY-54299.

Harry Lin FOXWORTHY died in Chadron, Dawes, NE.32867 Died at age 1y2m2w2d of brain fever. Parents: Alexander Lin FOXWORTHY-54297 and Luella Virginia (Ella) TEMPLE-21927.

Myrtle Hazel FOXWORTHY (private). Parents: Alexander Lin FOXWORTHY-54297 and Luella Virginia (Ella) TEMPLE-21927.

FOY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Josephine (Jennie) LUEDERS-21617. Josephine (Jennie) LUEDERS and FOY were married before 1916.11543

Catherine FOY30159 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jesse Elmer (Jesse) ELLSWORTH-54129. Catherine FOY and Jesse Elmer (Jesse) ELLSWORTH were married about 1875.

Clarence FOY3077 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Hattie -43978. Hattie and Clarence FOY were married before 1907. Children were: Helen Minerva (Helen( FOY-43945.

Dovie FOY was born (date unknown). She does not appear to be the Dovie Foy of Falls Co., TX enumerated in 1920, who would have been 14 at the time of marriage to Raymond Temple.

Spouse: Raymond Angus TEMPLE-55186. Dovie FOY and Raymond Angus TEMPLE were married on 5 September 1924 in Bell Co., TX.32868 They32868 were divorced before 1940.32869 He was separated or divorced at the time of his death.

Spouse: D.W. JAY-113731. Dovie FOY and D.W. JAY were married on 13 June 1940 in Taylor Co., TX.32870

Helen Minerva (Helen( FOY32871,32872 was born on 5 July 1907.32871,32873 She died on 21 October 1972 at the age of 65 in Willow Grove, Montgomery, PA.32871,32872,32873,32874 Buried in George Washington Memorial Park Cemetery, Plymouth Meeting, PA. Parents: Clarence FOY-43977 and Hattie -43978.

Spouse: DeWitt Waterhouse TEMPLE Jr.-41273. Helen Minerva (Helen( FOY and DeWitt Waterhouse TEMPLE Jr. were married on 6 January 1947 in Germantown, Philadelphia, PA.32871 Children were: Richard DeWitt TEMPLE-43946.

Sarah R. FOY (private).

Spouse: Julius F.A. REAVES-166108. Children were: Mary E. REAVES-134211.

Robert S. FRAIL28823,32875 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary A. TEMPLE-128529. Mary A. TEMPLE and Robert S. FRAIL were married on 19 May 1862 in Bedford Co., TN.28823,32875

Darlene A. FRAIR (private).32876

Spouse: Paul E. TEMPLE-174262.

Spouse: Roger A. RICHARDS-160514.

Adam J. FRAKER15306,32877 died.

Spouse: Rachel M. WELLWOOD-66647. Rachel M. WELLWOOD and Adam J. FRAKER were married before 1908.32877 Children were: Minerva Ann (Mary) FRAKER-66645.

Minerva Ann (Mary) FRAKER15306 was born on 5 September 1905 in Liberty, Delaware, OH.32877,32878,32879 Gave her age as 30 in 1940, and in 1930, she put the date in 1908. For her marriage to Carl Temple, she put the date in 1905. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Pitt Twp., Wyandot, OH.32878 In April 1940 she was a Pressed Steel Company press operator in Marion, Marion, OH.32879 Minerva died. Her parents were from WV (father) and OH (mother). Enumerated as Mary in 1940. Parents: Adam J. FRAKER-66646 and Rachel M. WELLWOOD-66647.

Spouse: Carl Leroy TEMPLE-66640. Minerva Ann (Mary) FRAKER and Carl Leroy TEMPLE were married on 11 December 1926 in Delaware, Delaware, OH.32877 They32877 were divorced before 14 June 1947.24360 Children were: Robert Eugene (Bob) TEMPLE-66648, Leonard Dale TEMPLE-66649, Donald Leroy (Donny) TEMPLE-91863, Evelyn Louise TEMPLE-119533, James Edward (Jim) TEMPLE-87550, Deborah TEMPLE-109633, Ted TEMPLE-109635.

Spouse: LEWIS-110944.

Fletcher Woodrow FRALEY was born on 12 May 1918 in SC.32880 He died on 12 April 1994 at the age of 75 in Greensboro, Guilford, NC.32880 Parents: Walter M. FRALEY-69213 and Maude -69214.

Spouse: Hazel Jean (Jean) TEMPLE-44666. Hazel Jean (Jean) TEMPLE and Fletcher Woodrow FRALEY were married before August 1958.32881

Walter M. FRALEY (private).

Spouse: Maude -69214. Children were: Fletcher Woodrow FRALEY-69212.

William H. FRALEY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Carrie M. TEMPLE-48276. Carrie M. TEMPLE and William H. FRALEY were married on 16 July 1890 in Jackson Co., IL.4131,32882

Helen Gertrude (Helen) FRAME9078 was born on 30 May 1895 in PA.22002,32883,32884,32885 She lived 126 Green Street in Downingtown, Chester, PA in 1917.32886 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in West Chester, Chester, PA.22002 Helen appeared in the census in April 1930 in Thornbury, Chester, PA.32883 She died on 17 July 1940 at the age of 45 in West Chester, Chester, PA.32884,32885 Died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Buried in Great Valley Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Malvern, PA. Her parents were both from PA. Parents: William Pyle FRAME-84190 and Arabella Campbell GILMORE-84191.

Spouse: Clift TEMPLE-45001. Helen Gertrude (Helen) FRAME and Clift TEMPLE were married on 11 December 1915 in West Chester, Chester, PA.9078 Children were: William Clift TEMPLE-45012, Helen Greta (Greta) TEMPLE-45013, Richard Cyril (Dick) TEMPLE Sr.-45005, Harry Lewis TEMPLE-45014, Oscar Irwin TEMPLE-45015, Juanita Pearl (Pearl) TEMPLE-45016, Flora J. TEMPLE-45017, TEMPLE-92303, TEMPLE-92307.

Spouse: WHEATLEY-45010. Helen Gertrude (Helen) FRAME and WHEATLEY were married in 1911 in PA.32883 Children were: Evelyn WHEATLEY-45011.