David TEMPLE43681 was born after March 1940. He died before 2018 at the age of 78. Parents: William Patterson (Pat) TEMPLE-177693 and Eva Muriel (Eva) HINES-177694.

Spouse: Linda -178161.

David TEMPLE was born in 1949.89880 He died on 3 December 2010 at the age of 61 in Owensboro, Daviess, KY.89881

David TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Norma Diane MEINHARDT-154595.

David TEMPLE was born on 23 November 1953.89882 He died on 28 March 2004 at the age of 50 in Florence, Rankin, MS.89882

David TEMPLE (private).89883

David TEMPLE (private).89884

David TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Rebecca Ann RICKETSON-149123. Children were: Leslie Frances TEMPLE-149126.

David TEMPLE (private).8068

Spouse: Candis Wuanita DOUGLAS-165815.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Gerald LeRoy (Gerry\Jerry) TEMPLE Sr.-86592 and Elaine NORDSTROM-93655.

Spouse: Deborah -127251.

David TEMPLE (private).11330 Parents: Benjamin Franklin (Ben) TEMPLE-32867 and Elizabeth Louisa (Libby) BARBE-62274.

Spouse: Elsie -62278. Children were: Brian D. TEMPLE-62279.

David TEMPLE (private). Parents: Donald R. (Donnie) TEMPLE-94048 and Sandy -125279.

David TEMPLE (private).89885

David TEMPLE (private).4840

Spouse: Margaret -154200.

David TEMPLE was born on 12 July 1983.89886,89887 He died on 20 May 2011 at the age of 27 in Memphis, Shelby, TN.89886,89887,89888 He had five children by an unnamed wife or wives. Parents: TEMPLE-155390 and Jennifer -155391.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-155394.

David (Dave) TEMPLE was born on 10 May 1851 in Russia.3961,3962,89889 He immigrated in 1907.3961 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff, NE.3961 David appeared in the census in April 1930 in Torrington, Goshen, WY.3962 Enumerated with his son Fred's family. He died on 17 September 1934 at the age of 83 in Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff, NE.89889,89890 Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Scottsbluff, NE. He may have had two brothers or cousins who followed him, and who also were in Scotts Bluff County in 1920 - Thanry and George. He is probably also the father of David Temple, b 1898 who died in Scottsbluff, NE in 1964, but this association still requires proof.

Spouse: Margaret (Mary) KARICH-135592. Margaret (Mary) KARICH and David (Dave) TEMPLE were married in 1872 in Russia.3962 Children were: Fred TEMPLE-135593.

David (Dave) TEMPLE was born on 15 May 1898 in Russia.58723,89891,89892 He convicted of petty larceny in 1914 in Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO.89892 Sentenced to 4 months. In 1918 he was a farm hand in Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO.89891 David a prisoner in San Quentin State Prisoner between 1928 and 1931 in San Quentin Prison, Marin, CA.89892 Convicted of being an alien carrying a concealed weapon in Tulare Co., CA. Sentenced to 1-5 years. Received at San Quentin 28 Dec 1928. Prisoner # 46388. Paroled 22 Feb 1931. Discharged 4 Aug 1931. He lived 1118 East Overland Street in Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff, NE in October 1940.89612 He lived 717 East 8th Street in Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff, NE in 1942.89893 David died on 29 December 1964 at the age of 66 in Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff, NE.58723,89894 Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff, NE. Parents: David TEMPLE-126563 and Alice -126564.

Spouse: Marie MILLER-126574. Marie MILLER and David (Dave) TEMPLE were married in 1935 in Scotts Bluff Co., NE.58725

Spouse: Dessie J. ROGERS-126584. Dessie J. ROGERS and David (Dave) TEMPLE were married in 1953 in Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff, NE.69095

Reverend David (Dave) TEMPLE was born on 14 January 1947 in Regina Co., Saskatchewan, Canada.68658 He died on 21 June 2007 at the age of 60 in Regina Co., Saskatchewan, Canada.68658 He was a minister in CT.68658 David was a minister in Manitoba, Canada.68658 Parents: TEMPLE-150118 and Eva -150119.

Spouse: Linda ROBBINS-150122. Children were: Naomi TEMPLE-150123, Tambourine TEMPLE-150124, Andrew TEMPLE-150125, Edward TEMPLE-150126, Matthew TEMPLE-150127, Christopher TEMPLE-150128.

David A. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Lesley R. LANG-164552.

David A. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Victoria J. SCHREIDER-166491.

David A. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Dawn M. HORNSBY-177492.

David A. TEMPLE in the Ohio State Reformatory in 1902 in Franklin Co., OH.89895 David A. Temple, Year of Admission: 1902, Prison: Ohio State Reformatory, Prison ID Number: #1458, Location of Conviction: Franklin Co. He in the Ohio State Reformatory in 1911 in Hardin Co., OH.89896 David Temple, Year of Admission: 1911, Prison: Ohio State Reformatory, Prison ID Number: #4746, Location of Conviction: Hardin Co. Possibly David Arthur Temple, 1880-1956 of Franklin Co., OH.

David A. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Colleen R. KENDALL-179147.

David A. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Cynthia R. BURNS-179070.

David A. TEMPLE9387 was born on 27 February 1832 in Adams Co., OH.28206,28207,28208,28209,28210,28212,28213 He appeared in the census in 1850 in Jackson Twp., Richwood, Union, OH.9360 He appeared in the census in 1860 in Franklin Co., OH.28213 In August 1870 David was a farm laborer in Mifflinville, Franklin, OH.28208 In June 1880 he was a farmer in Sharon, Franklin, OH.28209 In June 1900 he was a farmer in Mifflinville, Franklin, OH.28210 Said to have been enumerated on the 23rd of June, but that was 20 days after his recorded death. David died on 3 June 1900 at the age of 68 in Mifflin, Ashland, OH.28212,89897 Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Mifflin, Ashland, OH. He has reference number RLT # J19.9724 Parents: Joseph TEMPLE Sr.-21633 and Barbara Margaret (Margaret) WASHBURN-21635.

Spouse: Susan E. DE NUNE-21724. Susan E. DE NUNE and David A. TEMPLE were married on 26 June 1853 in Franklin Co., OH.465,5561,28215 Children were: Albert TEMPLE-27112, Alexander Wilbur (Alex) TEMPLE-5506, Nathan B. TEMPLE-27114, Ulysses Grant (Grant) TEMPLE-27115.

David A. TEMPLE (private).65990 Parents: John Emory (Emory) TEMPLE-23367 and Jean Lucile PICKARD-23374.

Spouse: Toni -115460. Children were: Betty Jean TEMPLE-125587.

David A. TEMPLE was born on 15 July 1959.89898 He died on 22 February 1983 at the age of 23 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.89898

David A. TEMPLE (private).1308

Spouse: Patricia M. CONE-164701.

David A. TEMPLE (private).695

Spouse: Sarah A. -163989.

Spouse: Brooke R. SMITH-158887.

David A. TEMPLE (private).31190 Parents: John A. TEMPLE-108012 and Pamela SMITH-108014.

David Adam TEMPLE (private).89899 Parents: Glynn Michael (Glynn) TEMPLE-18834 and Mary Katherine ZARUBA-45234.

David Alan TEMPLE (private).9688 Parents: Edward Rayburn (Edward) TEMPLE Sr.-28427 and Lois Thresa (Thresa) ARMOR-50543.

David Alan TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Jamey NORRIS-143889.

Spouse: Laura Ruth TERRY-165552.

David Alan TEMPLE89900 was born on 23 November 1953 in Meridian, Lauderdale, MS.89901 He died on 28 March 2004 at the age of 50 in Florence, Rankin, MS.89882 Buried in Beason Cemetery, Meridian, MS.

David Alan TEMPLE (private).89902

David Alan TEMPLE (private).70974 Parents: Al Ray TEMPLE-172212 and Barbara Ann YOUNG-172213.

Spouse: Victoria Jean SCHNEIDER-172419.

David Albert TEMPLE (private).89903

David Albert TEMPLE89904 was born on 15 December 1957 in Jonesboro, Jackson, LA. He died on 29 September 2012 at the age of 54 in Shreveport, Caddo, LA. Buried in Gansville Cemetery, Gansville, LA. Parents: Harold Lee TEMPLE-81369 and Essa Letta BROWNING-81370.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-84387.

David Alfred TEMPLE (private).17620 Parents: John S. TEMPLE-28607 and Beverly Ann BROWN-42509.

Spouse: Blanche GOLDER-42514. Children were: Keisha TEMPLE-42518.

David Allen TEMPLE (private).61674

Spouse: Deborah Ann NOLAN-144763.

David Allen TEMPLE (private).89905

David Allen TEMPLE (private).29093 Parents: Orris Eugene TEMPLE-104795 and Velma Lee WILLIAMS-104796.

Spouse: Rachel A. JACKSON-104797.

Spouse: Mary Margaret DIEBOLD-104793.

David Allen TEMPLE (private).89906,89907 Parents: TEMPLE-140523 and Sandra K. QUICK-140524.

Spouse: Tammy L. YOUNG-140325.

Spouse: Lyla A. PEARL-166823.

David Allen (David) TEMPLE was born on 5 December 1935 in Fort Bragg, Cumberland, NC.70401,89908 He lived in NC before 1951.89909 He died in March 1991 at the age of 55 in Greensboro, Guilford, NC.89909,89910 Buried in Lakeview Memorial Park, Greensboro, NC, Plot: Masonic B Garden - Lot 42 - Space 3. Parents: David Webster TEMPLE-54268 and Mamie Ruth SATTERFIELD-54270.

David Allen (David) TEMPLE7862 was born on 22 October 1956.89911,89912 He died on 31 May 1960 at the age of 3 in Little Rock, Pulaski, AR.89911,89913 Buried in Little Rock National Cemetery, Pulaski Co., AR, plot 13, 33. Parents: Clyde Langston (Clyde) TEMPLE-26644 and Betty Jo WOODIE-26659.

David Allyn TEMPLE (private).31822 Parents: Stanley Allyn TEMPLE-86912 and Mary Louise ELLERMAN-89077.

David Alton (Dave) TEMPLE was born on 16 May 1901 in Bridgewater, Mc Cook, SD.16800,24771,35920,35921,87754,89914,89915 When he married Gertrude McComis, he put the year as 1899. He appeared in the census in 1910 in Lemhi Co., ID.1998,35921 In January 1920 he was a motor mechanic in Powell, Park, WY.89914 In April 1930 David was a quartz miner in Salmon, Lemhi, ID.87754 He lived in North Fork, Lemhi, ID in 1937.55775 In 1938 he was a foreman of CCC Camp F-401 in Salmon, Lemhi, ID.64917 Camp F-401 built the road alongside the Salmon River. In April 1940 David was a Civilian Conservation Corps camp foreman in Forney, Lemhi, ID.16800 He lived in Shoup, Lemhi, ID in February 1942.89915 He lived in Brightwood, Clackamas, OR in December 1948.56514 David lived in Brightwood, Clackamas, OR in April 1955.24771 He lived in Clackamas Co., OR in 1959.76089 He died on 11 November 1961 at the age of 60 in Salmon, Lemhi, ID.11562,12324,89916 Buried in City Cemetery, Salmon, Lemhi, ID. In 1930, he claimed his parents were both from MN. Her daughter Verna said her mother's maiden name was Stewart. However, her surname when she married David Temple was McComis, which is taken to be a prior married name. Parents: Charles Walter (Charles) TEMPLE-32922 and Louisana Alton (Anna) GALLIHER-2966.

Spouse: Florence Jenny THOMPSON-42018. Florence Jenny THOMPSON and David Alton (Dave) TEMPLE were married on 24 November 1922 in Golden, Jefferson, CO.87754,89917 Children were: Eloise May TEMPLE-42019, Eugene Walter (Eugene\Bud) TEMPLE-42020, Charles Wesley TEMPLE-42021, Verna Jean TEMPLE-42022.

Spouse: Frances Etta BREWER-86358. Frances Etta BREWER and David Alton (Dave) TEMPLE were married between 1938 and 1940.16797,16803 They16797,16803 were divorced before July 1948. Children were: Donna Lou DRAKE-86360, Iris Clara Jen DRAKE-86361.

Spouse: Gertrude STEWART-120766. Gertrude STEWART and David Alton (Dave) TEMPLE were married in January 1949.11561,56514,75546 In their divorce, they claimed their marriage date was 31 Dec 1946, whihc appears to have been Gertrude's earlier marriage. They11561,56514,75546 were divorced on 8 October 1952 in Multnomah Co., OR.75546 Gertrude filed on the grounds of cruelty and was granted the divorce.

Spouse: Bertha Mae KELLER-121894. Bertha Mae KELLER and David Alton (Dave) TEMPLE were married on 2 April 1955 in Portland, Multnomah, OR.24771 They24771 were divorced on 23 September 1957 in Clackamas Co., OR.24018,49033 Bertha filed on the grounds of cruelty and was granted the divorce. No children were affected.

Spouse: Lettie Alice STREIGHT-90565. Lettie Alice STREIGHT and David Alton (Dave) TEMPLE were married on 18 May 1959 in Vancouver, Clark, WA.76089

David Anderson TEMPLE (private). Parents: Forest Lee TEMPLE-9897 and Margaret Rebecca CRISWELL-9898.

Spouse: Judy Fay GARLAND-9906. Children were: Lee Garland TEMPLE-9907, Christopher Dwayne TEMPLE-9908.

David Andrew TEMPLE (private).23 Parents: Philip Roswell (Philip) TEMPLE-3217 and Beverly Monteith BOYD-38641.

Spouse: Maria D. DEL PRESTO-38929.

David Andrew Snelson TEMPLE (private).41749,89918 Parents: Michael Andrew TEMPLE-43979 and Marilyn Christine SNELSON-43981.

Spouse: Heather Mary Campbell ANDREWS-94402.

David Anthony TEMPLE (private).64213 Parents: Brenda Sue TEMPLE-159111.