Johanna F. TEMPLE was born in July 1890 in Chicago, Cook, IL.99890,99891 She died on 1 August 1891 at the age of 1 in Chicago, Cook, IL.99890,99891 Buried in Saint Boniface Cemetery, Chicago, IL.

Johanna Lynne TEMPLE (private).99892

Johannah TEMPLE58282 was born in 1833. She died in 1899 at the age of 66 in Tekamah, Burt, NE. Buried in Tekamah Cemetery, Tekamah, NE.

Spouse: Adam OLINGER-156302. Johannah TEMPLE and Adam OLINGER were married. Children were: Joseph OLINGER-156303.

Johannes TEMPLE died on 7 September 1914 in Lyman Co., SD.99893 Not clear if he was the son of Peter or Frank Temple.

Johannes TEMPLE was born on 28 May 1890 in NE.3678,99894 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Turner Twp., Turner, SD.3678 He appeared in the census in 1905 in SD.3681 Johannes died on 7 September 1914 at the age of 24 in Davis, Turner, SD.99894 Buried in Davis Cemetery, Davis, SD. Given with Germanic spelling on his grave marker. Parents: Peter P. TEMPLE-49994 and Joantjelina (Joanya) -49995.

Johannes TEMPLE was born on 12 August 1897 in Marion, Turner, SD.43002,57237,72751 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Marion, Turner, SD.57237 He appeared in the census in 1905 in SD.3681 Johannes appeared in the census in May 1910 in Winchester, Emmons, ND.43002 He appeared in the census in 1915 in Mc Culley, Emmons, ND.66169 He was ill with tuberculosis in 1917 in Temvik, Emmons, ND.72751 Johannes lived in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM in 1917/8.99895 He moved to Albuquerque in Sep 1917. He died on 9 November 1918 at the age of 21 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM.50882,99895 Died in his apartments of an undisclosed cause. Body removed to MArion Junction, SD, for burial. Buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Marion, SD. Parents: Franz (Frank) TEMPEL-49343 and Katharina (Kate) SCHATZ-49344.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Benjamin TEMPLE Jr.-5800 and Alice JENKINS-5931.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: John TEMPLE-3669 and Susan SPENCER-24231.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-34143 and Amy CLAXTON-34161.

John TEMPLE12820 was born (date unknown). Parents: William TEMPLE-35002 and Ellen FOX-35003.

Spouse: Elizabeth CONNORS-35012. Elizabeth CONNORS and John TEMPLE were married on 3 February 1845 in Frampton, La Nouvelle-Beauce, Quebec, Canada.12820 Children were: Hugh Harrison (Hugh) TEMPLE-28946.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Eugene Roy TEMPLE Sr.-37440 and Sarah Madeline MIGNAULT-43707.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Lowell Landon (Lowell) TEMPLE-48430 and Ruth Muriel MAURICE-89129.

Spouse: Annie -93274.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Guy Richard (Guy) TEMPLE-36183 and Jean K. SAGEMAN-48515.

Spouse: Amy -48521.

Reverend John TEMPLE (private).89387 Parents: Harry Travis (Harry) TEMPLE-24540 and Gladys Etta Wilhelmine (Gladys) GEORG-24544.

Spouse: Patricia -56512.

John TEMPLE (private).58556 Parents: Simon Wilson TEMPLE Jr.-56518 and Margaret Anne SPELMAN-56519.

Spouse: Theresa -56522.

John TEMPLE (private).49293 Parents: John Sheldon (Jack) TEMPLE-41963 and Julia Marie LENARCHI-62886.

Spouse: Elizabeth -62891.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Albert Donald (Don) TEMPLE-63447 and Patsy Jane AUSLEY-63450. Parents: UNKNOWN-80524 and Agnes Mary (Georgia) WALKER-80523.

Spouse: Mabel -63466.

John TEMPLE (private).1258 Parents: Charles William TEMPLE Jr.-49572 and Ruth GRUBB-63573.

Spouse: Lana -63576.

Spouse: Lana -116107. Children were: Johnny TEMPLE-116108, Tonya TEMPLE-116112, Tasha TEMPLE-116113.

John TEMPLE (private).4997,4998 Parents: Earl Franklin TEMPLE-63739 and UNKNOWN-63745.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: John Ronald (John) TEMPLE-45528 and Florence A. CURRY-45536.

John TEMPLE (private).15945,83091 Parents: Clarence William TEMPLE-63923 and Anna K. (Ann) BREIDENBACH-63932.

Spouse: Judy -63937.

John TEMPLE (private).69526 Parents: John Andrew TEMPLE-54471 and June Carmen (June) SNOOK-65016.

Spouse: Tracy Margaret O'NEAL-69802.

John TEMPLE (private).53337 Parents: Joseph George (Joseph) TEMPLE Jr.-66308 and Ann Elizabeth MC FERRAN-66318.

Spouse: Patricia -74163. Children were: Chris TEMPLE-74164, Patrick TEMPLE-74165.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Robert Eugene TEMPLE-701 and Shirley Ethel NIERMAN-68904.

John TEMPLE (private).53503 Parents: Thomas Samuel (Tom) TEMPLE-74653 and Mary Elizabeth FISHER-74667.

John TEMPLE (private).47037 Parents: Lt. Col. Edison Monroe TEMPLE-20823 and Virginia Tennessee (Tennessee) PRESLEY-20827.

John TEMPLE was stillborn on 1 August 1904 in Augusta, Kennebec, ME.20666 Parents: George F.P. TEMPLE-2192 and Eldora Gladys (Dora) TRACY-2193.

John TEMPLE (private).27325 Parents: Christopher L. TEMPLE-78470 and Frieda DIANA-78471.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Hugh TEMPLE-79960 and Saranna JOHNSON-79961.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Allen Dale TEMPLE-84128 and Wilma Louise LONG-84129.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Jack LeRoy (Jack) TEMPLE-20197 and Reba Dean (Reba) CHESSOR-20201.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-84520. Children were: Hannah TEMPLE-84521.

John TEMPLE97554 died. Died as an infant. Parents: William David TEMPLE-22442 and Mary Jennie (Jennie) JORDAN-22447.

John TEMPLE (private).36105 Parents: Howard Murry TEMPLE-42465 and Marchetta L. WILLIAMS-85829.

Spouse: Theresa -85834.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Lawrence Edward TEMPLE-88374 and UNKNOWN-88375.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: John TEMPLE-91168 and Mary Ann -91171.

Spouse: Lisa -91173.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Harry William TEMPLE Jr.-24123 and Suzanne DE MENT-91662.

John TEMPLE (private).33401 Parents: Johnie Benjamine (J.B.) TEMPLE-42605 and Lois E. FRITH-91611.

Spouse: Linda -99618.

John TEMPLE (private).42895 Parents: Emil Curley TEMPLE-105420 and Florence Louise JOHNSTON-105442.

Spouse: Beverly -124486.

John TEMPLE (private).80475 Parents: Herman Lee (Hank) TEMPLE-105493 and Pat S. TUCKER-105500.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Frank Sheridan TEMPLE-27138 and Joan Gladys BOERST-115486.

John TEMPLE (private).1628 Parents: Meredith Minga TEMPLE-39806 and Mildred (Hoodlum) JOHNSON-82362.

Spouse: Donna -115965.

John TEMPLE (private). Parents: Oscar Martin TEMPLE-84087 and Alice Gayle MILLER-84088.

John TEMPLE (private).16767 Parents: Paul Edward TEMPLE-122237 and Barbara Ann BROWN-122238.

Spouse: Josette -122257.

John TEMPLE (private).28420 Parents: Frederic Walton (Fred) TEMPLE-10143 and Kathleen Mary (Kathy) MITCHELL-87300.

John TEMPLE (private).45065 Parents: Van Alter (Van) TEMPLE-20291 and Barbara B. JONES-93120.

John TEMPLE (private).57191 Parents: Edward Daniel TEMPLE(S)-31187 and Adelaide Eugenia (Addie) WEBB-31188.

John TEMPLE54487 was born in NC. He died in Bronx, Bronx, NY.

Spouse: Henrietta FORTE-126234. Children were: Ernest Lee TEMPLE-126232.

John TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Silvery -126453. Children were: Crecy TEMPLE-126451.

John TEMPLE61981 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Gladys PRINCE-126694. Gladys PRINCE and John TEMPLE were married. Children were: Mitchell TEMPLE-126692.

John TEMPLE lived in Washington, DC in 1885.927

Spouse: Betty -127863. Betty and John TEMPLE were married before 1885. Children were: Ella TEMPLE-127861.