Jeanene TEMPLE (private).58707,105284 Parents: Harold Leroy (Shorty) TEMPLE-67968 and Mabel MILLER-67975.

Jeanet May TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Charles H. KINTON-174999.

Jeanett TEMPLE was born between 1868 and 1879 in Edgecombe Co., NC.943 Parents: Robert C. TEMPLE-131807 and Dinah -131808.

Jeanetta Odessia TEMPLE was born on 17 January 1933 in Carrollton, Pickens, AL.46338,81817,105285 Claimed 1936 in her marriage records. She lived in MO before 1951.105286 She lived in Norwalk, Los Angeles, CA in 1997.105286 Jeanetta died on 31 August 1997 at the age of 64 in Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA.105285 Buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, CA. Parents: Andrew TEMPLE-184311 and Mattie W. MITCHELL-184312.

Spouse: Alfred INGE-184310.

Jeanette TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Gus ENGEL-164954. Jeanette TEMPLE and Gus ENGEL were married on 14 May 1947 in Miami-Dade Co., FL.32170,32171

Jeanette TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Albert A. GRIFFIN-174441. Jeanette TEMPLE and Albert A. GRIFFIN were married on 11 December 1950 in Tyler Co., TX.38916

Jeanette TEMPLE17131 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Thomas BRISCO-177943. Jeanette TEMPLE and Thomas BRISCO were married before 1925. Children were: Thomas L. BRISCO-177944.

Jeanette TEMPLE was born in 1894 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.31596,46915 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.31596 She lived in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI in 1914.46915 Jeanette died on 12 October 1967 at the age of 73 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.105287 Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Plot: BLOCK 03 Lot :283 Space :3. Parents: Pieter (Peter) TEMPEL-21573 and Ettje (Ida) EELMAN-21588.

Spouse: Joseph JANSMA Jr.-96963. Jeanette TEMPLE and Joseph JANSMA Jr. were married on 2 January 1914 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.46915

Jeanette TEMPLE was born on 14 April 1907 in Highland Falls, Orange, NY.69380,105288 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Highland Falls, Orange, NY.69380 She died. Parents: James (Jimmy) TEMPLE-72639 and Gertrude ROSKIE-72643.

Jeanette TEMPLE was born on 21 August 1933 in Kaufman Co., TX.9686,11949 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Kaufman Co., TX.11949 She died on 22 August 2006 at the age of 73 in Jacksonville, Cherokee, TX.105289 She may have married B.A. Sanders on 12 Mar 1949. Parents: Win D. (W.D.) TEMPLE Sr.-47845 and Laura BARTA-50555.

Spouse: Jack Everett CAMERON-69453.

Jeanette (Nettie) TEMPLE20155 was born in 1864 in Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada.3049 She appeared in the census in 1881 in Bayham, Elgin East, Ontario, Canada.3049 She was Nettie Temple, b 1864, daughter of Oliver and Hannah Temple, enumerated in 1881 in Bayham, Elgin East, ON.
Not found in 1891 as a Temple or a Kilmer. Parents: Oliver TEMPLE-127455 and Hannah -127456.

Spouse: John H. KILMER-127453. Jeanette (Nettie) TEMPLE and John H. KILMER were married.49698 It is diubtful they were married. Frank Leeman Temple's birth registry has him as illegitimate. A descendant who wished to remain anonymous, who provided considerable family lore and information, said his Great Grandmother Mary, who was Frank's wife, always said he was born on the right day - April Fools, because he was a fool for what he did to his and McGregor families. Children were: Frank Leeman TEMPLE-127442.

Jeanette Diane TEMPLE (private).85996 Parents: Floyd Dennis (Floyd) TEMPLE Sr.-24826 and Judith Kay PAKE-51569.

Spouse: Ben PROFFITT Sr.-115745. Children were: Ben PROFFITT Jr.-115749, Will PROFFITT-115750, Kate PROFFITT-115751.

Jeanette Elizabeth TEMPLE105290 was born in 1924.60471 She lived in Healdsburg, Sonoma, CA in December 1945.60471 Although a William and Jean Munson were enumerated in Los Angeles in 1950, they were not the same people. This marriage may not have taken place. Her maiden name may be Templeton.

Spouse: William S. MUNSON-182983. Jeanette Elizabeth TEMPLE and William S. MUNSON were married about December 1945 in Sonoma Co., CA.60471 They took out their license on or shortly before 18 Dec 1945 in Petaluma, CA.

Jeanette Lynn TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Daniel Wier STUCK-164839.

Jeanette M. TEMPLE (private).74464

Spouse: Paul E. SORTAL-172268.

Jeania L. TEMPLE (private).76775

Spouse: Keith A. TAMMINGA-162384. Children were: Jordan Daniel TAMMINGA-162385.

Jeania Lynn (Jeania) TEMPLE (private).44137 Parents: Lester Melvin TEMPLE-61922 and Norma J. SCALF-61923.

Spouse: Brian Keith O'GARA-106250.

Spouse: Robert Glenn GILES-106256.

Spouse: David W. HARDIN-61926.

Jeanie TEMPLE was born on 16 August 1925.105291 She died on 1 October 1988 at the age of 63 in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI.105291 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Jeanine V. TEMPLE (private).61300

Spouse: Gregory S. NEWMAN-146883.

Jeanne TEMPLE (private). Parents: Clifford Walker (Clifford) TEMPLE Jr.-50303 and Virginia Ruth (Virginia) MILLER-50304.

Jeanne TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Robert Nathan DIAMOND-145438. Jeanne TEMPLE and Robert Nathan DIAMOND were married on 16 March 1958 in Clark Co., NV.28930

Jeanne TEMPLE57911 was born on 11 February 1917. She died on 19 November 2001 at the age of 84 in Silver Spring, Montgomery, MD. Buried in Colesville Cemetery, Silver Spring, MD. Possibly the daughter of James and Anna May (Parks) Temple oin the basis of naming similarity. However, based on cemetery intormation and approximate time, she may be related to Roy G. and Mary J. Temple, but was not enumerated with them in 1920.

Spouse: Vincent Joseph MEENEHAN-156453. Jeanne TEMPLE and Vincent Joseph MEENEHAN were married.

Jeanne TEMPLE was born in 1920 in MD.4019,105292 Gave her age as 17 in 1940. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Denton, Caroline, MD.4019 She lived in Church Hill, Queen Anne's, MD on 1 April 1935.105292 Jeanne appeared in the census in April 1940 in Wilmington, New Castle, DE.105292 Enumerated as the niece of Louise Rolph. She lived in Wilmington, New Castle, DE in 1963.49152 Parents: James TEMPLE-31262 and Anna May (Anna) PARKS-52690.

Spouse: James A. KELLY-125527. Jeanne TEMPLE and James A. KELLY were married on 25 December 1942 in Wilmington, New Castle, DE.49144

Jeanne TEMPLE (private).58148 Parents: Kenneth Jay TEMPLE-767 and Alice L. MERRILL-63179.

Jeanne (Jean) TEMPLE was born in 1916 in IA.90214 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Mason City, Cerro Gordo, IA.90214 She lived in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN in 1959.32649 Parents: Willard Melvin (Willard) TEMPLE-62603 and Leona VAN KIRK-62604.

Spouse: Merle SWAN-124014. Jeanne (Jean) TEMPLE and Merle SWAN were married before 1959.32649

Jeanne (Jennie) TEMPLE was born in November 1898 in IL.66286,66287,66289,105293 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Clyde, Whiteside, IL.66289 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in York, Carroll, IL.66287 In January 1920 Jeanne was a school teacher in South Holland, Cook, IL.105293 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Fulton, Whiteside, IL.66286 She died in 1983 at the age of 85 in IL.80474,105294 Buried in Fulton Township Cemetery, Fulton, IL. Her parents were both from Holland in 1920. Parents: George Henry (George) TEMPLE-49402 and Jennie PRINZ-49403.

Jeanne Cecilia (Jeannie) TEMPLE was born on 24 November 1922 in Whitefish, Flathead, MT.43703,43705,51188,105295,105296 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.43703 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.43705 Jeanne lived in Dunedin, Pinellas, FL in October 1970.26420 She lived in Dunedin, Pinellas, FL in 1991.26419 She died on 31 July 2004 at the age of 81 in Dunedin, Pinellas, FL.105297 Parents: Paul Edmond TEMPLE-42257 and Virginia Leona HINES-52765.

Spouse: Richard LACKEY-57049. Jeanne Cecilia (Jeannie) TEMPLE and Richard LACKEY were married before February 1945.51188

Jeanne Elizabeth (Jean) TEMPLE12352,71020 was born in 1923 in NJ.12354,26556,26557 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Little Falls, Passaic, NJ.26556 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Little Falls, Passaic, NJ.26557 Jeanne appeared in the census in April 1950 in Little Falls, Passaic, NJ.12354 She lived in Great Notch, Passaic, NJ in 1960.12353 Parents: Harry TEMPLE-135664 and Elizabeth (Bessie) CUNNINGHAM-135665.

Spouse: Robert V.H. SCHOFIELD-182981. Jeanne Elizabeth (Jean) TEMPLE and Robert V.H. SCHOFIELD were married about 1945.71020 At teh time the engagement was announced on 5 Jan 1945, no date had been set. They were not found in 1950, which may indicate the marriage did not take place.

Spouse: John Jacob BAUMGARTNER-180471. Jeanne Elizabeth (Jean) TEMPLE and John Jacob BAUMGARTNER were married on 4 October 1947 in Little Falls, Passaic, NJ.12352 Children were: Peter BAUMGARTNER-182967.

Jeanne Frances TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Benjamin Harrison MOSS-174477. Jeanne Frances TEMPLE and Benjamin Harrison MOSS were married in December 1956 in Nueces Co., TX.60135 Their license was dated 21 Dec,a nd their minister's return was filed on 22 Dec, so one of those two days was the date of marriage.

Jeanne M. TEMPLE (private).105298

Spouse: George OLDENDORFF Jr.-145012.

Jeanne M. TEMPLE was born on 26 October 1947 in Abbeville, Abbeville, SC.6141,105299 She died on 28 October 1947 at the age of 0 in Due West, Abbeville, SC.6141,105299 Buried in Gilgal Methodist Church Cemetery, Due West, SC. Parents: TEMPLE-132889 and Nancy B. -132890.

Jeanne Malinda TEMPLE15937 was born on 26 October 1947 in Anderson, Anderson, SC. She died on 28 October 1947 at the age of 0 in Anderson, Anderson, SC.105300 Died at an unnamed Anderson hospital of prematurity. Buried in Gilgal Cemetery, Abbeville Co., SC. Parents: Walter Mayfield TEMPLE-45116 and Nancy Jean BOWIE-78166.

Jeanne Margaret TEMPLE (private).55511 Parents: Marion Otto (Marion) TEMPLE-82158 and Opal Jean (Opal) MARTIN-119613.

Spouse: Barry DISNEY-119617. Children were: Emily DISNEY-119618, Atticus DISNEY-119619, Hayley DISNEY-119620.

Jeanne Marie TEMPLE was born in 1854 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.105301 She lived in Randolph, Norfolk, MA between 1997 and 2009.21420 She lived in MA in 2018.85100 Possibly the Jean M. Temple in the Michigan death records, b 18 Feb 1938, d 17 Oct 1992. Parents: Richard Ernest (Richard) TEMPLE Sr.-42843 and Dorothy A. CASHMAN-42844.

Spouse: Vaughan SKINNER-67145.

Jeanne Marie (Jeanne) TEMPLE (private).68048,105302 Parents: Houston Otis (Houston) TEMPLE-18241 and Dorothy Marie (Dollie) TAYLOR-18249.

Spouse: Larry LeNoel FLAIG-25465.

Spouse: Jack V. RICE-59850.

Jeanne Myrtle (Jennie) TEMPLE was born on 3 April 1869 in Bakersfield, Franklin, VT.13232,51737,76044 Gave her age as 2 in 1870. She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Bakersfield, Franklin, VT.76044 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Bakersfield, Franklin, VT.51737 Enumerated as the niece of Charles and Martha Temple. Jeanne died on 3 July 1904 at the age of 35 in Irasburg, Orleans, VT.23,105303 Buried in Irasburg Cemetery, Irasburg, VT. Parents: Joel TEMPLE-30509 and Lucy Ann (Lucy) STRATTON-30517.

Spouse: Frank G. MILES-43085. Jeanne Myrtle (Jennie) TEMPLE and Frank G. MILES were married on 10 January 1894 in Irasburg, Orleans, VT.23 Children were: Glenna Ida MILES-43088, Jenna Merton MILES-43089, Percy Fred MILES-43090.

Jeanne Russell (Jean) TEMPLE (private).7952,48662 Parents: Samuel Day (Samuel) TEMPLE-37208 and Geraldine Frances RUSSELL-3389.

Spouse: John Richard KALLEN-73940.

Jeannetta A. TEMPLE (private).80792

Children were: Alexia Porchae TEMPLE-181905.

Jeannette TEMPLE was born (date unknown). She might be the daughter of Win D. and Laura (Barta) Temple.

Spouse: B.A. SANDERS-174433. Jeannette TEMPLE and B.A. SANDERS were married on 12 March 1949 in Orange Co., TX.70221

Jeannette TEMPLE59062 died before 2006. Parents: TEMPLE-144375 and Joanie C. MINOR-144376.

Spouse: WALKER-155693.

Jeannette TEMPLE was born in 1902 in Czechoslovakia.105304 She lived in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH in 1929.105304 She was naturalized on 10 May 1929 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.105304 She filed her Declaration of Intent in Cleveland on 22 Jul 1926, No. 56908. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:AKA] Temple may not be her maiden name.

Jeannette TEMPLE was born in 1907.22099 She lived in Laramie, Albany, WY in 1925.22100 Not found in 1910, 1920, or 1930. In 1920, there were two Jeanettes or variations on that name in WY, both b 1917. Jeannette was not found in WY.

Spouse: Max CHASE-143938. Jeannette TEMPLE and Max CHASE were married on 24 November 1925 in Fort Collins, Larimer, CO.22099,22101 Married in Larimer County Courthouse. Larimer County Book 443, p. 435.

Jeannette TEMPLE was born in 1911 in ME.23,28517 In April 1930 she was a print store salesgirl in Malden, Middlesex, MA.28517

Jeannette TEMPLE (private).29637 Parents: George L. TEMPLE-85421 and Alice SCHAVER-86425.

Spouse: Roy Joe KLAVINE-115020.

Jeannette (Jennie) TEMPLE was born on 10 January 1882 in Orangeville, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada.66683,105305 She lived in Garafraxa West, Wellington, Ontario, Canada in 1906.66683 She died. Parents: James Thomas (James) TEMPLE-64209 and Jane ROBERTSON-64211.

Spouse: Ferd QUINN-64426. Jeannette (Jennie) TEMPLE and Ferd QUINN were married on 27 June 1906 in Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada.66683

Jeannette Charity (Jennie) TEMPLE70832 was born in June 1858 in CA.70833,75337,96024 She gave Jun 1870 in 1900. Age at death on 10 Dec 1900 was 35y11m12d, which works out to be 7 Jan 1865. She appeared in the census in June 1860 in San Francisco Co., CA.75337 She lived 1643 Felton Street in Berkeley, Alameda, CA in 1900.105306 Jeannette appeared in the census in June 1900 in Berkeley, Alameda, CA.96024 She lived 1643 Felton Street in Berkeley, Alameda, CA in December 1900.70833 She died on 10 December 1900 at the age of 42 in Berkeley, Alameda, CA.70833,105306,105307 Died at home of endocarditis. She died in the Lorin neighborhood of South Berkeley. Buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Berkeley, CA. Parents: Isaac Jackson (Isaac) TEMPLE-3473 and Jane STEPHENS-46973.

Sr. Jeannette G. TEMPLE105308 was born on 1 March 1911.105309 She lived in OR before 1950.105309 She died on 1 September 2001 at the age of 90 in Lake Stevens, Snohomish, WA.105308,105309 SSDI recorded a death date of 1 Sep, but WA death records make the date 25 Sep 2001. She may be the daughter of Lester and Mabel Temple.

Jeannette G. TEMPLE (private). Parents: John Benjamin (Ben) TEMPLE Sr.-33972 and Ida DUNCAN-33983.

Spouse: Maxey WYNN-120385. Children were: Max WYNN-120389, Jimmy Duncan WYNN-120390.

Jeannette Lola (Lola) TEMPLE was born on 28 April 1906 in Sarnia Twp., Lambton, Ontario, Canada.17075,105310 She appeared in the census in 1911 in Sarnia Twp., Lambton, Ontario, Canada.17079 She lived 284 South Mitton Street in Sarnia Twp., Lambton, Ontario, Canada in 1943.105310 Jeannette immigrated on 4 August 1943 to Port Huron, St. Clair, MI.105310 She lived in Sarnia Twp., Lambton, Ontario, Canada in 1947.29398 She lived 284 Mitton Street South in Sarnia Twp., Lambton, Ontario, Canada in 1951.17080 Mentioned in her father's obituary but without giving her surname, and it said she was living at home. Jeannette died. Also given as Janet Lola. Parents: James Samuel TEMPLE-64564 and Margaret M. (Maggie) BRIMS-64565.

Spouse: William J. DIXON-97235. Jeannette Lola (Lola) TEMPLE and William J. DIXON were married on 18 June 1947 in Port Huron, St. Clair, MI.29398

Jeannette M. TEMPLE was born in 1886 in Ireland.31868,60208,60209,105311,105312 Gave 1890 in 1920. Gave 1892 in 1930. Cemetery records give 1888. She immigrated in 1892.31868,105312 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Chicago, Cook, IL.31868 Enumerated with her grandmother, but without her parents. In January 1920 Jeannette was a day nursery helper in Evanston, Cook, IL.60208 In April 1930 she was a children's nurse in Evanston, Cook, IL.105312 In April 1940 she was a private house nurse in Evanston, Cook, IL.105311 Jeannette died in 1966 at the age of 80 in Brooksville, Hernando, FL.60209 Buried in Brooksville Cemetery, Brooksville, Hernando, FL. Buried between John T. and Agnes Mould and W.H. Ivey. Agnes Mould was formerly Agnes G. Temple. She was enumerated next to James and Agnes Temple, also of Ireland, and is probably related to them in some way, either as a sister to Agnes or their sister-in-law by an as yet unknown son of William and Jeannette (Elliott) Temple. Since she is probably named for Jeannette Elliott, she is more likely to be a daughter or granddaughter, and if the latter, she is the daughter of James by an unknown wife. Her parents were from Scotland (father) and Ireland (mother) in 1930. Parents: TEMPLE-139324 and UNKNOWN-139325.