Sherri TEMPLE (private). Parents: Daniel Charles (Danny) TEMPLE-18474 and Charlotte Agnes (Charlotte) LIND-18482.

Sherri TEMPLE (private).87550 Parents: Charles Robert (Bob) TEMPLE-86942 and Karen Kay ANDERSON-103775.

Spouse: Geoff ISAAK-103780.

Sherri TEMPLE (private). Parents: Richard Leroy TEMPLE-63681 and Margaret Ann STOLTENBERG-86447.

Spouse: Pat SMITH-120525.

Sherri TEMPLE (private). Parents: Harold Len TEMPLE Sr.-79483 and Hilda Faye BILLEAUD-79484.

Spouse: John BARROW-129163.

Sherri Ann TEMPLE (private). Parents: Arthur Eugene TEMPLE Jr.-37531 and Lois Virginia BROWN-43827.

Sherri Beth TEMPLE (private).56922 Parents: Charlie Jasper (Jack) TEMPLE-56561 and Rita Mae DENTON-56562.

Spouse: Dean Perrow MC FARLAND-98329.

Spouse: FORD-98331.

Sherri Lynn TEMPLE (private).123105

Sherrie TEMPLE (private).87867 Parents: Charley C. TEMPLE-20810 and Icey Mae HARRIS-81465.

Spouse: MC MURRAY-81467.

Sherrie TEMPLE (private). Parents: Reverend Bobby Arnold (Bobbie) TEMPLE-86767 and Lola Bernice FREELAND-103443.

Spouse: Rusty MC CRAW-103447. Children were: Tabitha MC CRAW-103448, Tara MC CRAW-103449, Tashia MC CRAW-103450.

Sherrie A. TEMPLE (private).14815

Spouse: Randy D. BLEVINS-145581.

Sherrie Ann TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Matthew C. MONTGOMERY-163827.

Sherrie Diane (Diane) TEMPLE was born on 3 March 1961 in Warren, Bradley, AR.123106,123107 She died on 10 January 2007 at the age of 45 in Warren, Bradley, AR.123106,123108 Buried in Union Hill Cemetery, Hermitage, AR. Parents: Benjamin Paul (Pete) TEMPLE-88535 and Betty THOMPSON-109351.

Spouse: TULLOS-109353.

Sherrie Diane (Sherrie) TEMPLE (private).50399 Parents: John William TEMPLE Sr.-48075 and Erma Louise SHAW-62654.

Spouse: Gerry LEO-62670.

Sherrie Elaine TEMPLE (private).28397

Spouse: Steven Lester DEARMON-148658.

Sherrie Lynn TEMPLE (private).80062 Parents: TEMPLE-140633 and Betsey J. BLILEY-140634.

Sherrie M. TEMPLE was born on 10 September 1894 in Kennebunk, York, ME.23,21790 He/she died on 3 October 1894 at the age of 0 in Kennebunk, York, ME.431 Died of severe protein malnutrition. Buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Kennebunk, ME. The last of 4 children according to ME birth records, which is not always reliable. In the ME birth records transcription, her name is illegible, but approximates Sherrie, but looks like Shure. Apparently died young. Parents: Henry Washington (Washington) TEMPLE-20981 and Nellie I. LITTLEFIELD-35851.

Sherrill TEMPLE (private). Parents: William Cicero (William) TEMPLE-24812 and Pauline P. PALMIERI-45558.

Sherrill Lee TEMPLE (private).22491 Parents: Harry Charles TEMPLE-55361 and Diane Eleanor NORRIS-106228.

Sherrilyn TEMPLE (private). Parents: William Elisha TEMPLE III-52092 and Evelyn Elaine HARTMANN-77952.

Spouse: BEDNARCZYK-88384.

Sherry TEMPLE (private). Parents: James Jay TEMPLE-48703 and Marie ANDERSON-53641.

Spouse: Scott NISHIMATO-53650.

Sherry TEMPLE (private). Parents: Roger Maxin TEMPLE Sr.-65371 and Loretta J. MAUPIN-65372.

Sherry TEMPLE (private). Parents: Donnie D. TEMPLE-52639 and Cecelia (Ceci) AUBAIN-69148.

Spouse: Robert FARR-69155.

Sherry TEMPLE (private).40469 Parents: Houston Tanksley (Tank) TEMPLE-74827 and Nellie Lee HARALSON-74845.

Sherry TEMPLE (private). Parents: George TEMPLE-72539 and Jacqueline -77359.

Spouse: KELLY-77364.

Sherry TEMPLE (private). Parents: James Edward TEMPLE-84562 and Peggy Joyce WADDEY-84563.

Sherry TEMPLE (private).4414 Parents: James Matthew TEMPLE-113954 and Loyce Jean -113955.

Spouse: TRICE-113962.

Sherry TEMPLE (private).5928 Parents: Larry W. TEMPLE-44627 and Mary -44631.

Spouse: Matt BRETZ-119681.

Sherry TEMPLE (private). Parents: Frank Lee (Frank) TEMPLE Jr.-35283 and Shirley COLLINS-125537.

Spouse: Mel CHRISTIAN-125555.

Sherry TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Jesse GARCIA-143002.

Sherry TEMPLE (private). Parents: Don TEMPLE-150732 and Deborah Ann (Debbie)_ ARBUTHNOT-150733.

Sherry TEMPLE (private).1474 Parents: TEMPLE-160347 and Clara Mae -160348.

Spouse: James WILLIAMS-160349. Children were: Cory James WILLIAMS-160350.

Sherry TEMPLE (private).43165 Parents: Max TEMPLE-164072 and UNKNOWN-164077.

Spouse: Steve FINCHER-164081.

Sherry A. TEMPLE (private).7122 Parents: Jesse Ellsworth (Jesse) TEMPLE-44876 and Helen Gertrude CURTIS-64892.

Spouse: MC CAULEY-71710. Children were: Rian MC CAULEY-71711.

Sherry A. TEMPLE (private).57193

Spouse: Duvel W. MC INTYRE-155706.

Sherry Ann TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Phil Mack HOOPER-174619.

Sherry Ann TEMPLE (private).36086

Spouse: Simon GARCIA-179702.

Sherry Ann TEMPLE was born on 12 July 1954 in Corinth, Grant, KY.12470,123109,123110 She died on 21 February 1979 at the age of 24.12470,123111 Died in a car accident. Parents: James Earl (Earl) TEMPLE-52073 and Rosilee BEAGLE-52075.

Spouse: Terry FORMAN-76803. Children were: Amber Lynn FORMAN-76804, Joshua Ray FORMAN-76805.

Sherry Ann TEMPLE (private).21467 Parents: Theodore W. (Ted) TEMPLE-88610 and Linda K. SOUTHWOOD-106284.

Spouse: Kevin Sean MC GANN-106286.

Sherry Claudette TEMPLE (private).7837

Spouse: Dennis B. CURRAN-145583.

Spouse: Gary J. EAKINS-147315.

Sherry Darlene TEMPLE (private).23039 Parents: George Elmer TEMPLE-45816 and Mamie Marie CLAUD-61649.

Sherry E. TEMPLE (private).71497

Spouse: Edward H. SEGHESIO-147317.

Sherry Elaine TEMPLE (private).123112

Sherry Elaine TEMPLE (private).123113 Parents: Daniel (Dan) TEMPLE-181986 and Esther MUTH-181987.

Sherry Elizabeth TEMPLE (private). Parents: William Harvey Ernest (William) TEMPLE-110005 and Marie Antoinette (Marie) HEROLD-110006.

Sherry G. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Landon R. LANKFORD-162609.

Sherry Gale TEMPLE (private).68901 Parents: TEMPLE-162763 and Myrtle -162764.

Spouse: Donald Trent ROBINSON-162762.

Sherry J. TEMPLE (private).695

Spouse: Joe W. EMANUEL-158952.

Sherry Jane TEMPLE was born in 1847 in Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom.123114 She lived in Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in 1875.123114 Parents: Peter W. TEMPLE-37763 and Eliza OWEN-37764.

Spouse: Daniel WILSON-64491. Sherry Jane TEMPLE and Daniel WILSON were married on 15 September 1865 in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.123114 It is possible that her marriage date is confused with that of her sister, Mary Jane, based on the similarity of their husbands' names. Either that, or they both married on the same day.

Sherry Jean TEMPLE was born on 8 September 1936 in Oswego, Labette, KS.54590,105457 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in San Antonio Twp., Los Angeles, CA.105457 She died on 30 November 1998 at the age of 62 in Thousand Oaks, Ventura, CA.123115 She was not mentioned in her parents' obituaries, which makes me wonder if she later went as Linda. Parents: Jerald Francis TEMPLE-62693 and Katherine Juanita (Kate) TINNEY-80132.

Spouse: MACALUSO-103659. Sherry Jean TEMPLE and MACALUSO were married before June 1953.54590

Sherry L. TEMPLE (private).81631 Parents: Lewis Domer (Domer) TEMPLE-45106 and Sarah Agnes HAIN-67300.

Spouse: Robert DERR-115386.