Samantha COWGILL (private). Parents: Kevin COWGILL-83330 and Cindy TEMPLE-83329.

Thomas COWGILL9174 was born in 1774.24059 He appeared in the census in September 1850 in Brown Twp., Delaware, OH.24059 He died.

Spouse: Mary (Polly) TEMPLE-21636. Mary (Polly) TEMPLE and Thomas COWGILL were married about 1846. Children were: Joseph COWGILL-27152, Martha COWGILL-27153.

COWHERD (private).

Spouse: Ann E. TEMPLE-83691. Children were: Michael S. COWHERD-93131, Johnna Lynn COWHERD-93132.

Johnna Lynn COWHERD (private).24060 Parents: COWHERD-93130 and Ann E. TEMPLE-83691.

Michael S. COWHERD (private).24061 Parents: COWHERD-93130 and Ann E. TEMPLE-83691.

Dorothy COWIE (private).

Spouse: Clarence WILLIFORD-69341. Children were: Dorothy Kay WILLIFORD-69334.

David F. COWL (private).24062

Spouse: Shirley M. TEMPLES-146606.

COWLES (private).

Spouse: Marie SCHULKE-113331.

Amy COWLES16965 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Hosmer KELLOGG-18017. Amy COWLES and Hosmer KELLOGG were married in 1792.16965 Children were: Harriet KELLOGG-18016.

Ida Elizabeth COWLES (private).

Spouse: Clayton R. WATT-81302. Children were: Mabel WATT-81301.

Robert Sherrill DuVall COWLES24063 was born in 1926.24064 Parents: Stuart Lee COWLES-35157 and Ethelyn May TEMPLE-35156.

Russell L. COWLES (private).24065

Spouse: Kimberlee S. (Kim) TEMPLE-92939.

Samuel COWLES (private).

Spouse: Sarah HUBBARD-16562.

Stuart Lee COWLES14653 was born on 8 February 1900.24064,24066 He died on 1 September 2000 at the age of 100 in Asheville, Buncombe, NC.24066 Buried in Beaver Hill Cemetery, Edenton, NC, Plot: A-284-F. Parents: William Henry Harrison COWLES-39364 and Rosamond Corinna WORTH-39365.

Spouse: Ethelyn May TEMPLE-35156. Ethelyn May TEMPLE and Stuart Lee COWLES were married in August 1923 in Manhattan, New York, NY.24067 Children were: Stuart Lee COWLES-35158, Robert Sherrill DuVall COWLES-35159.

Stuart Lee COWLES24063 was born in 1923.24064 Parents: Stuart Lee COWLES-35157 and Ethelyn May TEMPLE-35156.

William Henry Harrison COWLES was born in 1840.24068 He died in 1901 at the age of 61.24068

Spouse: Rosamond Corinna WORTH-39365. Children were: Stuart Lee COWLES-35157.

Mary Alice COWLEY146 died on 5 January 1888 in El Dorado, Butler, KS.24069

Spouse: Amzie JORDAN-48504. Mary Alice COWLEY and Amzie JORDAN were married in 1873.24070 Children were: Daisy Agnes (Daisy) JORDAN-48503.

Carol Jane COWLING (private).

Spouse: Kenneth Storry TEMPLE Jr.-51856.

Herman A. COWLING (private).24071

Spouse: Carol J. SMITHART-146138.

Jane COWLING (private).

Spouse: Thomas WALTERS-97087. Children were: Phyllis E. WALTERS-88243.

Benjamin J. COWPERTHWAITE13274,16136 was born in Monticello, Aroostook, ME.

Spouse: Elizabeth BRIGGS-13876. Elizabeth BRIGGS and Benjamin J. COWPERTHWAITE were married before 1881. Children were: Mary E. COWPERTHWAITE-13869, R. Bruce COWPERTHWAITE-24612.

Carrie Chase COWPERTHWAITE24072 was born on 24 May 1888 in Monticello, Aroostook, ME.4053 She died on 23 May 1933 at the age of 44 in Gouldsboro, Hancock, ME. In her marriage papers, she said her parents were Benjamin and Elizabeth (Briggs) Cowperthwaite, whom the Early Families of Gouldsboro give as her grandparents. Perhaps it was they who raised her. Parents: R. Bruce COWPERTHWAITE-24612 and Nellie BICKFORD-24613.

Spouse: Ralph W. TEMPLE-13576. Carrie Chase COWPERTHWAITE and Ralph W. TEMPLE were married on 28 December 1904 in Gouldsboro, Hancock, ME.22,21749

Spouse: Maurice P. TORREY-24607. Carrie Chase COWPERTHWAITE and Maurice P. TORREY were married on 24 December 1908 in Gouldsboro, Hancock, ME.4358 This was his first and her second marriage.

Spouse: Lester MERCHANT-24608.

Mary E. COWPERTHWAITE13274,16136,24073 was born on 18 November 1881 in Monticello, Aroostook, ME.22,16136,21747,22622,24074,24075 Some researchers put the date in 1880. Gave her age as 37 in 1920. She lived in Gouldsboro, Hancock, ME in 1900.4358 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Gouldsboro, Hancock, ME.21747 Mary appeared in the census in January 1920 in Gouldsboro, Hancock, ME.24074 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Gouldsboro, Hancock, ME.22622 She died in 1954 at the age of 73.22,16136,24075 Buried in Birch Harbor (Hillside) Cemetery, Gouldsboro, ME. Her parents were from ME (father) and Canada (mother). By 1910, she had had 4 children, 2 of whom survived. Parents: Benjamin J. COWPERTHWAITE-13875 and Elizabeth BRIGGS-13876.

Spouse: Lewis Sewell (Lewis) TEMPLE-13573. Mary E. COWPERTHWAITE and Lewis Sewell (Lewis) TEMPLE were married on 21 November 1900 in Birch Harbor, Hancock, ME.4358,13274,21747 Children were: Adella (Della) TEMPLE-13870, TEMPLE-13872, TEMPLE-13873, Olga F. TEMPLE-13871, Lewis Frederick (Lewis) TEMPLE-13874.

Spouse: Adelbert C. LEIGHTON-13877. Mary E. COWPERTHWAITE and Adelbert C. LEIGHTON were married on 6 November 1926 in Winter Harbor, Hancock, ME.13274

Spouse: Frank COLEWELL-13878. Mary E. COWPERTHWAITE and Frank COLEWELL were married on 28 September 1929 in Gouldsboro, Hancock, ME.5973,13274

R. Bruce COWPERTHWAITE (private). Parents: Benjamin J. COWPERTHWAITE-13875 and Elizabeth BRIGGS-13876.

Spouse: Nellie BICKFORD-24613. Children were: Carrie Chase COWPERTHWAITE-24606.

COX (private).

Spouse: Elaine TATE-57715.

COX (private). Parents: Benjamin F. COX-60266 and Martha Junkin (Martha) TEMPLE-54386.

COX (private).

Spouse: Sharron TEMPLE-80784.

COX (private).

Spouse: Carol Diane WOMACK-99793.

COX (private).

Spouse: Shirley A. TEMPLE-161719. Children were: Dennis H. COX-161721, Shirley D. COX-161722, Darrell G. COX-162067, Robin Denise COX-161723.

COX (private).

Spouse: Leigh Ann MACKAY-165369.

COX24076 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jean TEMPLE-149461. Jean TEMPLE and COX were married before December 1953 in Canada.24077

Alger Ernest Dobie COX24078 was born in 1911. He died in 1992 at the age of 81. Parents: Arthur F. COX-68511 and Donna Viola (Donna) TEMPLE-61295.

Alice Mary COX24079 was born in 1869 in New London, Prince Edward Island, Canada.24080,24081 Her obituary would have made the year 1867. She lived in Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1897.24080 She moved after 1904 in British Columbia, Canada.24079 Alice lived 950 Falmouth Road in Victoria, Capital Region, British Columbia, Canada in 1951.24081 She died on 17 March 1951 at the age of 82 in Victoria, Capital Region, British Columbia, Canada.24081 Died at home of unspecified causes. Cremated. She responsible for introducing many moder agricultural practices in the Grand Forks area.24079 No issue. She was survived by an unnamed niece in Victoria, BC, but from which side of the family is unknown. Parents: Reverend Joseph Churchill COX-180619 and UNKNOWN-180620.

Spouse: Honorable Thomas TEMPLE-153212. Alice Mary COX and Honorable Thomas TEMPLE were married on 3 February 1897 in Windsor, Hants, Nova Scotia, Canada.24080

Amanda COX (private).9133 Parents: William H. COX-91263 and Kimberly M. PORTER-91260.

Anna Lydia COX was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Francis B. (Frank) TEMPLE-26608. Anna Lydia COX and Francis B. (Frank) TEMPLE were married on 4 July 1884 in St. Clair Co., IL.24082,24083

Archie Ivan COX was born on 4 June 1902 in Baldwin, Randolph, IL.24084 He died on 10 February 1970 at the age of 67 in Casper, Natrona, WY.24084 Parents: William Norris COX-67219 and Flora Elton LINDSAY-67220.

Spouse: Leola Ardel TEMPLE-26131. Leola Ardel TEMPLE and Archie Ivan COX were married before 1926. Children were: Flora Edith COX-67218, Vera Lee COX-104222.

Arthur COX24085 was born before 1909.

Spouse: Lorene L. TEMPLES-38527. Lorene L. TEMPLES and Arthur COX were married before 1942.

Arthur F. COX9356 was born on 12 October 1882 in Higgins Lake, Roscommon, MI.24078 He died on 4 September 1960 at the age of 77 in White Salmon, Klickitat, WA.24078 Parents: James COX-68513 and Elizabeth LENNON-68514.

Spouse: Donna Viola (Donna) TEMPLE-61295. Donna Viola (Donna) TEMPLE and Arthur F. COX were married on 16 June 1906 in Mackinaw City, Cheboygan, MI.24086 Children were: Harold A. COX-68515, Manley Dean COX-68516, Alger Ernest Dobie COX-68517, Clarence Wesley COX-68512.

Belinda B. COX (private).

Spouse: Kurt C. TEMPLE-164202.

Benjamin F. COX24087 was born in OH.24088 Middle initial also appears as H.

Spouse: Martha Junkin (Martha) TEMPLE-54386. Martha Junkin (Martha) TEMPLE and Benjamin F. COX were married on 3 April 1863 in Washington Co., IA.24087,24089 Children were: Eva COX-66017, Duke COX-66018, Frank COX-66019, Bertha M. COX-66020, COX-66021.

Berniece COX was born on 28 May 1916 in Cedar Creek, Bastrop, TX.24090,24091 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Austin, Travis, TX.24090 She died on 5 September 1997 at the age of 81.24091 Parents: Solomon Watt (Sollie) COX-32362 and Dona Zelma TEMPLE-30858.

Bertha M. COX24087 was born in 1874.24088 She appeared in the census in 1925 in Fairfield, Jefferson, IA.24088 Parents: Benjamin F. COX-60266 and Martha Junkin (Martha) TEMPLE-54386.

Spouse: Bert A. SNOOK-66022. Bertha M. COX and Bert A. SNOOK were married. Children were: Grace E. SNOOK-66023.

Bertha M. COX was born in 1914 in TX.24090 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Austin, Travis, TX.24090 Parents: Solomon Watt (Sollie) COX-32362 and Dona Zelma TEMPLE-30858.

Betty Ann COX (private). Parents: Ernest COX Sr.-58712 and Winnie Jo MORGAN-58878.

Betty Muriel COX (private).

Spouse: Donald Wesley KRAUSE-100215. Children were: Donna Lynne KRAUSE-100214.

Brian COX (private). Parents: Mike COX-70386 and Patricia TEMPLES-70377.

Carolyn Sue COX (private). Parents: Ernest COX Sr.-58712 and Winnie Jo MORGAN-58878.

Charles B. COX was born in KY.24092

Spouse: Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE-142826. Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE and Charles B. COX were married on 22 May 1889 in Cook Co., IL.24093 Children were: Katherine COX-177007.

Charles F. COX24094 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Birdie ENDERSBY-62348. Birdie ENDERSBY and Charles F. COX were married before 1917. Children were: Lillian Cathryn COX-54330.

Charles Nelson COX24095 was born in 1922. He died in 2007 at the age of 85.

Spouse: Frances Eugene TEMPLE-137125. Frances Eugene TEMPLE and Charles Nelson COX were married before December 1941.24096