TEMPLE was stillborn on 24 July 1920 in Palmyra, Somerset, ME.17899 Parents: Maurice TEMPLE-3535 and Dora Anita (Dora) NEAL-3579.

TEMPLE was stillborn on 28 May 1921 in Somerville, Middlesex, MA.22 Parents: Raymond Albert (Raymond) TEMPLE-2928 and Ruth Leona HILLSON-3292.

TEMPLE was stillborn on 4 October 1936 in Ruleville, Sunflower, MS.7870,61986 Buried in Lehrton Cemetery, Ruleville, MS. Parents: George Washington (George) TEMPLE-19041 and Lura Christine (Lura) ALEXANDER-39570.

TEMPLE (private).41159 Parents: Charles Walter (Charles) TEMPLE-32922 and Louisana Alton (Anna) GALLIHER-2966.

Spouse: LEE-42016. Children were: Charles D. LEE-42017.

TEMPLE was stillborn on 3 May 1904 in Waterboro, York, ME.419 Parents: Pearl (Perl) TEMPLE-43241 and Edith SWINESTON-43242.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: James Harvey TEMPLE(S)-33884 and C. Belle SPEER-37968.

Children were: Charles (Charley) TEMPLE-43367.

TEMPLE was stillborn on 20 May 1946 in Waterville, Kennebec, ME.22 Parents: Leaman Maurice (Leaman) TEMPLE-3576 and Beatrice Evelyn (Beatrice) CASSIDY-16786.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Ebenezer TEMPLE-5907 and Lydia LEWIS-6192.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: William TEMPLE-4474 and Frances (Fanny) BUTLER-4557.

Children were: Catherine (Kate) TEMPLE-44749.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: George Washington (Wash) TEMPLE-44761 and Elizabeth SENSABAUGH-44768.

Children were: Sadie TEMPLE-46450.

TEMPLE (private).22 Parents: Isaac TEMPLE-5838 and Maria COOLIDGE-32769.

TEMPLE (private).22 Parents: Isaac TEMPLE-5838 and Maria COOLIDGE-32769.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Joseph TEMPLE Jr.-88 and Elizabeth WILDER-89.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Joseph TEMPLE Jr.-88 and Elizabeth WILDER-89.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Benjamin B. (Ben) TEMPLE Jr.-48217 and Beerdena (Dena) -48218.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Charles W. TEMPLE-35290 and Elizabeth Catherine (Catherine) HAVIS-35306.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-48564. Children were: Anna P. TEMPLE-48563, Amelia TEMPLE-48562, Marguerite TEMPLE-48565, Robert W. TEMPLE-48566.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: William James (James) TEMPLE-48593 and Avarilla P. WHITTAKER-48594.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-48606. Children were: James M. TEMPLE-48601.

TEMPLE (private).40626 Parents: William Lewis TEMPLE-28751 and Martha A. LANDERS-28752.

Spouse: STANDIFORD-50480. Children were: Lizzie STANDIFORD-50481, Emma STANDIFORD-50482, Ellie STANDIFORD-50483.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Reuben Dexter (Dexter) TEMPLE-6053 and Florence Weston (Florence) RICHARDSON-6321.

Children were: TEMPLE-50789.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: John Davis TEMPLE-21492 and Susannah Louise (Susan) DE WALD-21502.

Spouse: STACKHOUSE-51038. Children were: Bertha STACKHOUSE-51039.

TEMPLE was born (date unknown). Parents: Jonas TEMPLE-1117 and Maria (Mary) SMITH-30503.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-43103. UNKNOWN and TEMPLE were married before 1870 in VT. Children were: Jennie TEMPLE-43104, Leslie J. TEMPLE-43105.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Jacob TEMPLE-40343 and Margaret WALTON-40344.

Children were: James TEMPLE-51145.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Clinton Albert (Clinton) TEMPLE-51731 and Florence Mae CHURCH-51732.

Spouse: CUTTER-51739. Children were: Virginia M. CUTTER-51740, Geraldine E. CUTTER-51741.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: George Weslie TEMPLE-51726 and Clara SMITH-51727.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-51744. Children were: Irene O. TEMPLE-51743.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: John Franklin (John) TEMPLE-23892 and Julia B. BLINN-23907.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-53173. Children were: Mary B. TEMPLE-53174.

TEMPLE was born (date unknown). Parents: William TEMPLE-19177 and Aseneth (Ceneth) BISHOP-19184.

Spouse: ADAMS-53684. TEMPLE and ADAMS were married about 1866. Children were: T.J. ADAMS-53685.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: James TEMPLE-21667 and Margaret -53968.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-53971. Children were: Carleton L. TEMPLE-53972.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Josiah Augustus (Josiah) TEMPLE-2137 and Ruby D. STERLING-13147.

Spouse: Eugene A. SUNDERLIN-54704.

TEMPLE was born (date unknown). Parents: Josiah (Joe) TEMPLE-16958 and Mary S. NALL-16971.

Spouse: Susanna -35056. Susanna and TEMPLE were married about 1866.

TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Mary D. -56209. Children were: Thomas D. TEMPLE-56210, James B. TEMPLE-56211.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: John TEMPLES-30807 and Louisa Thomas Laura (Louise) PISTOLE-30808.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-56419. Children were: Will TEMPLE-56415, Maran Pare TEMPLE-56409.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Solomon TEMPLE-1883 and Magdalline (Maggie, Leona) KLINE-41787.

Spouse: FARMAN-56876. Children were: Wesley FARMAN-56877.

TEMPLE (private).61987 Parents: John Wesley (John) TEMPLE-5638 and Katherine (Katy) SCHMOLL-31172.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-57427. Children were: Ruby M. TEMPLE-57428.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-24585 and Mary Jane WARD-43782.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-60035. Children were: Minnie TEMPLE-60036.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Andrew Jackson TEMPLE(S)-60212 and Frances Carolyn SAULS-60484.

Spouse: FORBES-60493. Children were: Pauline FORBES-60494.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Larry Gene (Larry) TEMPLE-60626 and Dianna Lee JAEGER-60664.

Spouse: WESSELS-60666.

TEMPLE (private).56228 Parents: Reginald Herbert Montague TEMPLE-62371 and Beatrice WOODD-62372.

TEMPLE (private).56228 Parents: Reginald Herbert Montague TEMPLE-62371 and Beatrice WOODD-62372.

TEMPLE (private).27778 Parents: Andrew J. TEMPLE-62499 and Jennie E. FOSTER-62518.

Spouse: JONES-62524. Children were: Bessie JONES-62525.

TEMPLE (private).61988 Parents: William H. TEMPLE-66201 and Victoria Burbeck (Victory) WALKER-66202.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-84224. Children were: Sylvester E. TEMPLE-66206.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Lewis Domer (Domer) TEMPLE-45106 and Sarah Agnes HAIN-67300.

Spouse: SEWA-67297. Children were: Patrick Casey TEMPLE-67294.

Spouse: REIBSOME-67298.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Kenneth Walwin TEMPLE-70634 and Myrtle Irene NEALE-70642.

Spouse: Jane PATTERSON-70651.

TEMPLE (private).51811 Parents: George William TEMPLE-70919 and Myrtle Louise (Myrtle) PRATT-70922.

Spouse: ASHTON-70948. Children were: Gwendolyn ASHTON-70949.

TEMPLE (private).4324 Parents: Lloyd Clark (Lloyd) TEMPLE-28267 and UNKNOWN-85057.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: Edward Sylvester (Edward) TEMPLE-6540 and Emma Alnette (Emma) GRAHAM-6541.

Children were: Warren T. TEMPLE-37529.

TEMPLE (private). Parents: William Noah TEMPLE-34951 and Mary Susan (Sue) LAFOE-50652.

Children were: William TEMPLE-74287.

TEMPLE was born (date unknown). This is a placeholder for Ann, enumerated in 1870, whose actual husband is unknown. She might be Angeline, wife of Robert Temple, though she was enumerated with Taylor Temple in 1870. Parents: William TEMPLE-21087 and Susanna (Susan) CRENSHAW-34948.

Spouse: Ann -47172. Ann and TEMPLE were married before 1870.

TEMPLE died in Haynesville, Claiborne, LA.43003,43006 Buried in Friendship Cemetery, Haynesville, LA, with no dates. Parents: Charles Walter (Charlie) TEMPLE-9935 and Lena Estelle (Estelle) MADDOX-9936.

TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-74744. Children were: Henry C. TEMPLE Sr.-35288, Martha S. TEMPLE-74745.

TEMPLE (private).8306 Parents: Gene Houston TEMPLE-75580 and Jane Smith MAGUIRE-75583.

Spouse: LEACH-76719.

Spouse: AMODEO-75588. Children were: Joseph D. AMODEO-75589.