Augusta STONE (private).

Spouse: Deacon Hiram BARRUS-17723. Children were: Jane Rood (Jennie) BARRUS-6435, Edna Stone BARRUS-9130.

Ben D. STONE (private).

Spouse: Rachel A. TEMPLE-137526.

Benjamin STONE10765 was born on 12 August 1706. He died in 1758 at the age of 52.

Spouse: Emma PARKER-11958. Emma PARKER and Benjamin STONE were married in 1736.10765 Children were: Leonard STONE-11968.

Benjamin STONE63071 was born on 8 June 1809 in Dansville, Livingston, NY.63072 He died on 8 March 1852 at the age of 42.63072 Parents: Dr. Rufus STONE-16840 and Gratia TEMPLE-994.

Spouse: Elizabeth BENNETT-17690. Children were: Emma E. STONE-17691.

Beverly Ruth STONE (private).63073

Spouse: Hugh Daniel (Daniel) TEMPLE Jr.-40708. Children were: Linda Lucile TEMPLE-40724, Janet Elizabeth (Janet) TEMPLE-40725, Roger Rowland TEMPLE-40726, Douglas S. TEMPLE-40727, Tracy J. TEMPLE-40728, Christine C. TEMPLE-40729, Michelle L. TEMPLE-40730.

Bradley STONE was born in 1825 in Sullivan, Cheshire, NH.63074 He lived in Milford, Hillsborough, NH in 1863.63074 Parents: Oliver STONE-168365 and UNKNOWN-168366.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-168367. UNKNOWN and Bradley STONE were married before 1854. Children were: Edward D. STONE-168368.

Spouse: Harriet E. J. TEMPLE-168363. Harriet E. J. TEMPLE and Bradley STONE were married on 27 June 1863 in Mason, Greenville, NH.63074 This was his second and her first marriage. Children were: Adda L. STONE-168369, Myra STONE-168370.

Broton Seth STONE63072 was born on 20 September 1825 in Dansville, Livingston, NY. Possibly born in Colraine, MA. He died on 5 September 1905 at the age of 79 in Dansville, Livingston, NY. Parents: Dr. Rufus STONE-16840 and Gratia TEMPLE-994.

Calista H. (Clesta) STONE47907 was born on 6 March 1846 in Holliston, Middlesex, MA.22,16298,22701,63075 The Stone Genealogy gives Hubbardston and 1847. She appeared in the census in September 1870 in Holliston, Middlesex, MA.63075 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Holliston, Middlesex, MA.16298 Calista died on 22 October 1909 at the age of 63 in Holliston, Middlesex, MA.22701,63076 Buried near her son Oscar Albert in Lake Grove Cemetery, Holliston, MA. Her parents were both from MA. Parents: Jonas G. STONE-26485 and Dorcas ALLEN-26486.

Spouse: Dalston Anson (Dalston) TEMPLE-1703. Calista H. (Clesta) STONE and Dalston Anson (Dalston) TEMPLE were married on 1 May 1867 in Holliston, Middlesex, MA.22701,47907 They22701,47907 were divorced in 1872. Children were: Oscar Albert TEMPLE-2372, Dalston TEMPLE-36472.

Spouse: George B. BULLARD-50777. Calista H. (Clesta) STONE and George B. BULLARD were married about 1871.

Cecelia Rae STONE was born on 9 May 1941 in Glendale, Los Angeles, CA.63077,63078 She died on 14 December 2001 at the age of 60 in Whittier, Los Angeles, CA.63079

Spouse: Kenneth Joe TEMPLE-61505.

Spouse: PHILLIPS-102073.

Spouse: ZICK-102074.

Charlotte Temple STONE63072 was born on 2 July 1816 in Dansville, Livingston, NY. She died on 17 March 1847 at the age of 30. Parents: Dr. Rufus STONE-16840 and Gratia TEMPLE-994.

Chris STONE (private).

Spouse: Rebecca TEMPLE-154735. Children were: Zeus STONE-170334, Amaya STONE-170335.

Christopher STONE (private).

Spouse: Mary DE GEORGE-36293. Children were: Josephine STONE-29532.

Cora STONE (private).

Spouse: William PORTER-98149. Children were: Harry Dow PORTER-82411.

Daniel STONE (private).

Spouse: Susannah PARKER-8959.

David STONE63072 was born on 18 March 1823 in Dansville, Livingston, NY. He died on 14 August 1823 at the age of 0 in Dansville, Livingston, NY. Parents: Dr. Rufus STONE-16840 and Gratia TEMPLE-994.

Deliliah Ann STONE (private).

Spouse: Solomon DARRAH-66981. Children were: Louis Milo (Milo) DARRAH-45662.

Dwight STONE23895 died.

Spouse: Jan TEMPLE-109662.

Edward D. STONE was born in 1854 in Gilsum, Cheshire, NH.63068 He appeared in the census in June 1870 in Gilsum, Cheshire, NH.63068 Parents: Bradley STONE-168364 and UNKNOWN-168367.

Elbert STONE63080 died after 1993.63081

Spouse: Bertha Mae TEMPLE-48390. Bertha Mae TEMPLE and Elbert STONE were married before December 1947.63080 They63080 were married.

Elizabeth (Betsy) STONE19511 was born on 1 January 1795 in Heath, Franklin, MA.9286,35074,55826 She died on 13 March 1835 at the age of 40 in Heath, Franklin, MA.9286,19206,55826,63082 Died as result of complications in child birth with Alma. Buried in Center Cemetery, Heath, MA. Parents: Thomas STONE-17718 and Thomas RAWSON-17719.

Spouse: Solomon TEMPLE-986. Elizabeth (Betsy) STONE and Solomon TEMPLE were married on 21 November 1811 in Heath, Franklin, MA.9286,10344 A duplicate record shows up on 25 November. Children were: Mary TEMPLE-1768, Nathaniel (Nathan) TEMPLE-1769, Hamilton TEMPLE-1770, Otis TEMPLE-1771, James TEMPLE-1774, Richard A. TEMPLE-1772, Eleanor Dickinson TEMPLE-17720, Gulielma Elizabeth (Elma) TEMPLE-1773.

Emma E. STONE (private). Parents: Benjamin STONE-17689 and Elizabeth BENNETT-17690.

Spouse: Alfred Thomas MC CARGER-17692.

Esther Elizabeth STONE63072 was born on 13 February 1827 in Dansville, Livingston, NY. She died on 11 May 1830 at the age of 3 in Dansville, Livingston, NY. Parents: Dr. Rufus STONE-16840 and Gratia TEMPLE-994.

Eugenia E. STONE57612 was born on 23 January 1845.22 Parents: Aaron STONE-17429 and Jane Grey TEMPLE-17422.

Spouse: Aaron ROOD-17978. Eugenia E. STONE and Aaron ROOD were married in 1867.57612 Children were: Lou S. ROOD-17979, Nellie J. ROOD-17980.

Francis STONE was born in 1784 in CT.63083 He lived in Greenfield, Franklin, MA in 1846.63084

Spouse: Mary C. TEMPLE-131857. Mary C. TEMPLE and Francis STONE were married on 20 August 1846 in Thompson, Windham, CT.63085 Thompson, CT, book 2, p. 137. This was his second marriage (at least) as he had a daughter, Asenath, ae 17, enumerated with him in 1850.

Francis E. STONE (private).11183

Spouse: Joe BAYLEY-78935. Children were: Elizabeth Ann BAYLEY-78934.

Fred Sherwin STONE was born on 21 August 1861.22 Parents: Aaron STONE-17429 and Jane Grey TEMPLE-17422.

Geraldine STONE was born on 24 November 1852.22 Parents: Aaron STONE-17429 and Jane Grey TEMPLE-17422.

Gladys Evelyn STONE was born in 1909 in Canada.63086 She lived in Westminster, Orange, CA in 1927.63086 Parents: Hubert T. STONE-95726 and Evelyn A. DAVIS-95727.

Spouse: Lawrence Eugene (Lawrence) TEMPLE-33268. Gladys Evelyn STONE and Lawrence Eugene (Lawrence) TEMPLE were married on 1 December 1927 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.63086

Gordon Kenneth STONE Sr. (private).31916

Spouse: Sandra Ardelle GOODWIN-73965. Children were: Gordon Kenneth STONE Jr.-52825, Mary Jane STONE-52813.

Gordon Kenneth STONE Jr. (private).63087 Parents: Gordon Kenneth STONE Sr.-73959 and Sandra Ardelle GOODWIN-73965.

Spouse: Shirley Anne TEMPLE-6646.

Grace STONE46328 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Benjamin TEMPLE-923. Grace STONE and Benjamin TEMPLE were married on 22 December 1791 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.46328,63088 Vital records of Carlisle indicate her name was Susan.

Gratia Ann STONE63072 was born on 28 October 1818 in Dansville, Livingston, NY. She died on 3 May 1849 at the age of 30 in Dansville, Livingston, NY. Parents: Dr. Rufus STONE-16840 and Gratia TEMPLE-994.

Deacon Gregory STONE63089 was born in 1592 in Great Bromley, Essex, England, United Kingdom.

Spouse: Lydia -26471. Lydia and Deacon Gregory STONE were married about 1627 in Dedham, Essex, England, United Kingdom.4409 Children were: Elder John STONE-26483, Deacon Samuel STONE-26468.

Henry STONE63072 was born on 24 October 1831 in Dansville, Livingston, NY. He died on 28 March 1832 at the age of 0 in Dansville, Livingston, NY. Parents: Dr. Rufus STONE-16840 and Gratia TEMPLE-994.

Captain Hezekiah STONE63090 was born on 5 March 1710/1 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA. Parents: Nathaniel STONE-26479 and Sarah WAITE-26480.

Spouse: Ruth HOWE-26478. Ruth HOWE and Captain Hezekiah STONE were married about 1735.37939 Children were: Captain Jesse STONE-26475.

Hubert T. STONE (private).

Spouse: Evelyn A. DAVIS-95727. Children were: Gladys Evelyn STONE-95725.

Hugh STONE was born on 31 January 1855.22 Parents: Aaron STONE-17429 and Jane Grey TEMPLE-17422.

Iris Elaine (Iris) STONE (private).

Spouse: David William (David) TEMPLE-18933. Children were: Jennifer L. TEMPLE-88833, Laura Elaine TEMPLE-88835.

Spouse: BALL-74590.

Isabella STONE was born in 1849 in MS.3364 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Cherokee Co., TX.3364 Parents: STONE-33895 and Izilla (Della) -33894.

J. Darryl STONE (private).

Spouse: Velma Lucille TEMPLE-41961.

Jacob STONE (private). Parents: STONE-168979 and Shirley Anne TEMPLE-168973.

James W. STONE (private).

Spouse: Eva Belle (Eva) TEMPLE-3560.

Janett Pearl STONE (private).63091

Spouse: Wayne Marvin TEMPLE-87527. Children were: Jeffrey TEMPLE-103453, Thomas Leroy TEMPLE-103454.

Jeremy L. STONE (private).673

Spouse: Kendra Linett TEMPLE-149152.

Captain Jesse STONE63092 was born on 28 September 1737 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA. Parents: Captain Hezekiah STONE-26477 and Ruth HOWE-26478.

Spouse: Elizabeth LIVERMORE-26476. Elizabeth LIVERMORE and Captain Jesse STONE were married about 1759.44448 Children were: Dr. William STONE-26473.

Elder John STONE63093 was born in 1618 in Nayland with Wissington, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Parents: Deacon Gregory STONE-26470 and Lydia -26471.

Spouse: Anne -26484. Anne and Elder John STONE were married in 1639 in Sudbury, Middlesex, MA.591 Children were: Nathaniel STONE-26479.

John STONE26136 was born in 1831 in PA.63094 He appeared in the census in July 1870 in French Creek Twp., Venango, PA.63094 He died.

Spouse: Mary TEMPLE-5433. Mary TEMPLE and John STONE were married on 11 January 1866.8701

John F. STONE was born in 1827 in MD.2344,63095 He died before 1910 at the age of 83.2344

Spouse: Emma L. -61023. Emma L. and John F. STONE were married. Children were: Margaret Florence (Florence) STONE-61016.

Deacon Jonas STONE died in 1809.2480

Spouse: Anna PARKER-7464. Anna PARKER and Deacon Jonas STONE were married on 28 February 1788 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.10866,30052

Jonas G. STONE (private).

Spouse: Dorcas ALLEN-26486. Children were: Calista H. (Clesta) STONE-2370.