Diana Elizabeth TAYLOR (private).64003 Parents: Jimmie Wainwright TAYLOR Jr.-24644 and Lucy Lucille LASYONE-24646.

Spouse: James Melvin TEMPLE-24634. Children were: Jack Bradley TEMPLE-24640, Jeffrey Paul TEMPLE-24642, Gregory Allen TEMPLE-24641.

Donald E. (Don) TAYLOR (private).64004

Spouse: June Alice TEMPLE-135972.

Donald Joseph TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Bonnie Sue HAMMER-63993.

Dorothy Marie (Dollie) TAYLOR (private). Parents: George William TAYLOR-25436 and Florence Edna MEADOWS-25437.

Spouse: Houston Otis (Houston) TEMPLE-18241. Children were: Gary L. TEMPLE-25438, Jeanne Marie (Jeanne) TEMPLE-18251.

Dorretta TAYLOR (private). Parents: John Blain TAYLOR-105950 and Betty Jean TEMPLE-27464.

Dougie TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Dawn TEMPLE-73395.

E. Luisa TAYLOR64005 was born in 1796 in NH.64006 She appeared in the census in 1830 in Lawrence Co., IN.64007 She appeared in the census in November 1850 in Helt Twp., Vermillion, IN.64006 E. died in Hillsdale, Vermillion, IN.64008 Buried in Helts Prairie Cemetery, Hillsdale, IN. Name also appears as Laiza in some vital records. Also given as Eloise.

Spouse: Selah TEMPLE-1145. E. Luisa TAYLOR and Selah TEMPLE were married on 14 December 1813 in Concord, Merrimack, NH.7889,15282,64005,64009 Also given as Chesterfield, NH. Children were: Mary TEMPLE-1600, George Winfield TEMPLE-19767, Minerva TEMPLE-80369, Martha Wood TEMPLE-80669, George TEMPLE-80678, Maria Wood TEMPLE-24470, Anna Ransome TEMPLE-24468.

Edmund TAYLOR64010 was born in 1725.64011 Parents: James TAYLOR-116668 and Mary GREGORY-116669.

Spouse: Elizabeth TEMPLE-116664. Elizabeth TEMPLE and Edmund TAYLOR were married in 1758 in Lunenburg Co., VA.64011 Children were: Edmund TAYLOR-116666, Temple TAYLOR-116667.

Edmund TAYLOR64010 was born in 1759 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.64011 He died before 1820 at the age of 61 in Iredell Co., NC.64011 Parents: Edmund TAYLOR-116665 and Elizabeth TEMPLE-116664.

Edna Pearl TAYLOR64012 was born on 15 May 1888 in La Salle, La Salle, IL.64012 She died after February 1944 at the age of 55.64012 Parents: Robert H. TAYLOR-161456 and Fannie G. GRAHAM-161457.

Spouse: TEMPLE-161454.

Eleanor Ruth TAYLOR (private).64013

Spouse: Robert Lawrence TEMPLE-151176.

Lt. Eleazer TAYLOR64014 was born in 1699 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.

Spouse: Judith HAPGOOD-27567. Judith HAPGOOD and Lt. Eleazer TAYLOR were married on 5 July 1721 in Marlboro, Middlesex, MA.33933,33942 Children were: Zillah TAYLOR-1043.

Elizabeth TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Henry COOLIDGE-32770. Children were: Maria COOLIDGE-32769, Mary COOLIDGE-32773.

Elizabeth TAYLOR died before 2015.64015 Parents: John Blain TAYLOR-105950 and Betty Jean TEMPLE-27464.

Elizabeth TAYLOR51831 was born between 1785 and 1789 in PA.39007,64016,64017 The 1870 census has her birthplace as MD. She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Harford Co., MD.64016 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Bel Air, Harford, MD.39007 Elizabeth appeared in the census in 1870 in Harford Co., MD.64017 She died on 21 May 1877 at the age of 92 in Bel Air, Harford, MD.64018 Buried in Mount Tabor United Methodist Church Cemetery, Bel Air, MD. Hannah Taylor, ae 63, was living with this family in 1850 census, and may be her mother.

Spouse: William Clemens TEMPLE-5200. Elizabeth TAYLOR and William Clemens TEMPLE were married on 5 June 1820 in Harford Co., MD.43651 Children were: Samuel A. TEMPLE-23692, Eliza J. TEMPLE-30913, Sarah Minerva (Minerva) TEMPLE-23696, Rebecca R. TEMPLE-30914, James W. TEMPLE-30915, William C. TEMPLE-47484.

Elizabeth Ann TAYLOR (private).64019 Parents: Charles E. TAYLOR-153417 and Edith -153418.

Spouse: Ralph TEMPLE(S)-132097.

Elizabeth Mary (Betsy) TAYLOR6201,41245,49243,64020 was born on 8 February 1840 in Seymour, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada.6201,23805,23806 She lived in Northumberland Co., Ontario, Canada in 1861.6201 She lived in Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada in 1871.6201 Elizabeth lived in Bruce North Co., Ontario, Canada about 1881.6201 She lived in Bruce North Co., Ontario, Canada in 1891.6201 She appeared in the census in 1901 in Brenda, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.23805 Living with her son Frank. Elizabeth appeared in the census in July 1906 in Souris, Manitoba, Canada.23806 She died on 28 August 1911 at the age of 71 in Strasbourg, Saskatchewan, Canada.6201

Spouse: Peter TEMPLE-64784. Elizabeth Mary (Betsy) TAYLOR and Peter TEMPLE were married on 9 October 1855 in Seymour, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada.6201 Children were: Thomas TEMPLE-78915, William TEMPLE-64768, Elizabeth TEMPLE-72207, John TEMPLE-78922, James Henry TEMPLE-78938, Francis Peter (Frank) TEMPLE-64782, Charlotte (Lottie) TEMPLE-78953, Mary Ellen (Minnie) TEMPLE-72211, Matilda Jane (Tilly) TEMPLE-72215, Edith Mina TEMPLE-72214.

Ella TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Benjamin Ballard NETTLES-67256. Children were: Lula Lee (Lula) NETTLES-44368.

Ella (WING) TAYLOR13463 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: James Monroe PARKER-12293. Ella (WING) TAYLOR and James Monroe PARKER were married on 6 December 1871.13463

Emily H. TAYLOR76 was born on 15 September 1835 in West Bend, Clarke, AL. She died on 8 December 1908 at the age of 73 in West Bend, Clarke, AL. Buried in Joe White Cemetery, West Bend, Clarke, AL.

Spouse: Joseph WHITE-15381. Emily H. TAYLOR and Joseph WHITE were married on 28 May 1869 in Clarke Co., AL. Buried in Joe White Cemetery, West Bend, Clarke, AL. Children were: Josiah (Joe) WHITE-15372, James L. WHITE-15373, Barbara Ann WHITE-15353.

Emily Oshebella TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Conrad ANDERS-25020. Children were: Marinda (Rin) ANDERS-20032.

Emmet TAYLOR was born in 1904 in Fremont, Wayne, NC.2240 Parents: Jesse C. TAYLOR-122593 and Mary Ann TEMPLE-122592.

Emmor TAYLOR34783 was born on 19 March 1804 in Pennsbury, Chester, PA.51923,64021 He died on 19 January 1844 at the age of 39 in Pennsbury, Chester, PA.64021 Parents: William TAYLOR-30395 and Mary OSBORN-30396.

Spouse: Lydia P. TEMPLE-30393. Lydia P. TEMPLE and Emmor TAYLOR were married on 30 September 1824 in Pennsburg, Montgomery, PA.34783,64021 The place may have been Pennsbury. Children were: William G. TAYLOR-30397, Mary Jane TAYLOR-30398.

Enoch TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Susannah NEAL-39218. Children were: Rebecca TAYLOR-5509.

Ernestine TAYLOR64022 was born on 27 June 1918 in Brunswick Co., VA. She died on 1 April 1998 at the age of 79. Parents: William Ernest TAYLOR Sr.-22580 and Mary Edmund (Edna) TEMPLE-22568.

Ethel TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: William L. DAVIS-99073. Children were: Francis Merrill DAVIS-22662.

Ethyl Evalyn TAYLOR2346 was born on 24 January 1893 in Cedar Falls, Black Hawk, IA.22,64023 She died on 18 May 1917 at the age of 24 in Independence, Buchanan, IA.64024 Buried in Wilson Cemetery, Independence, IA. Parents: Henry A. TAYLOR-40122 and Mary M. YARNELL-40123.

Spouse: Earle Clifford (Earl) TEMPLE-36755. Ethyl Evalyn TAYLOR and Earle Clifford (Earl) TEMPLE were married on 4 June 1913 in Waverly, Wright, MN.22 Children were: Myron Earle TEMPLE-36770, Earlyne Rae TEMPLE-92592.

Eva Marsaline TAYLOR8862 was born on 16 June 1885 in Dodson, Winn, LA.8457,64025,64026 She lived in Wyatt, Jackson, LA in 1918.64027 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Dodson, Winn, LA.64026 Eva died on 26 October 1962 at the age of 77 in Winnfield, Winn, LA.4550,64025 Buried in Gansville Cemetery, Gansville, LA. Parents: Andrew J. TAYLOR-81373 and Emily T. MIXON-81374.

Spouse: William David (William) TEMPLE-20041. Eva Marsaline TAYLOR and William David (William) TEMPLE were married before 1918. Children were: Faye TEMPLE-40282, Harold Lee TEMPLE-81369.

Evelyn Hughes TAYLOR was born in 1916.30584

Spouse: TEMPLE-171471.

Spouse: T.B. GARRETT-171473. Evelyn Hughes TAYLOR and T.B. GARRETT were married on 29 June 1950 in Los Angeles Co., CA.30585

Ezra TAYLOR was born in 1769. Parents: Micah TAYLOR-207 and Lois HUBBARD-204.

Children were: Bedford TAYLOR-213, Joseph TAYLOR-214, Fernando TAYLOR-215.

Fannie Birtha TAYLOR64028 was born on 6 February 1917 in Sherman, Grayson, TX. She died on 15 January 1977 at the age of 59 in Brownfield, Terry, TX. Parents: James Thomas (Tom) TAYLOR-150513 and Ferby TEMPLE-150512.

Fernando TAYLOR (private). Parents: Ezra TAYLOR-212.

Flora TAYLOR64029 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: James Edward TEMPLE Sr.-172005. Flora TAYLOR and James Edward TEMPLE Sr. were married before November 1922. Children were: James Edward TEMPLE Jr.-171855.

Florina TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Christopher Columbus PEELE-102962. Children were: Jennie Elma (Elma) PEELE-102956.

Florine TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Lennie Franklin SMITH-99357. Children were: Saundra Faye (Faye) SMITH-99355.

Frances Marie TAYLOR (private).63988 Parents: Bernie Leroy TAYLOR Sr.-159021 and Laura Marie TEMPLE-159020.

Frank TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Bertha B. PETTIS-15202.

Frank TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: TEMPEL-95306.

Frank TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Eugenia -144625. Children were: Agnes M. TAYLOR-144619.

G.B. TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Anice J. TEMPLE-81360. Children were: Bruce TAYLOR-81362, Stacey TAYLOR-81363.

Gail Ann TAYLOR (private).64030

Spouse: Chester Leonard TEMPLE Sr.-128866. Children were: Chester Leonard TEMPLE Jr.-137777, Amber Nicole TEMPLE-128868.

George TAYLOR64031 was born on 16 July 1885 in Inwood, Marshall, IN.64032 He died on 16 July 1886 at the age of 1 in Inwood, Marshall, IN.64032 Parents: Reverend William Irven TAYLOR-22014 and Gertrude Earl TEMPLE-22003.

George E. TAYLOR (private). Parents: Samuel H. TAYLOR-11936 and Caroline PARKER-11931.

George W. TAYLOR64033 died.

Spouse: Margaret TOWNSEND-97941. Margaret TOWNSEND and George W. TAYLOR were married before 1884. Children were: Maude TAYLOR-75130.

George W. TAYLOR1776 died.

Spouse: Effie C. -105117. Effie C. and George W. TAYLOR were married before 1929. Children were: Jewell TAYLOR-105115.

George William TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Florence Edna MEADOWS-25437. Children were: Dorothy Marie (Dollie) TAYLOR-18249.

George Wilson TAYLOR (private).

Spouse: Alice Elma TWIGGS-80312. Children were: Marie Beatrice (Beatrice) TAYLOR-34298.

Dr. Gilbert Hawthorne TAYLOR64031 was born on 11 July 1883 in Hardinsburg, Breckinridge, KY.64032 He died on 22 October 1960 at the age of 77 in New Wilmington, Lawrence, PA.64032 Parents: Reverend William Irven TAYLOR-22014 and Gertrude Earl TEMPLE-22003.

Gregory Allen TAYLOR (private). Parents: David Ernest TAYLOR-38634 and Marjory Jane TEMPLE-37031.

Guy TAYLOR was born in 1906 in TX.64034 Parents: James Thomas (Tom) TAYLOR-150513 and Ferby TEMPLE-150512.