Robert MALONE lived in Paynesville, Pike, MO in 1888.54899

Spouse: Mary Ewan TEMPLE-53660. Mary Ewan TEMPLE and Robert MALONE were married on 24 December 1888 in Paynesville, Pike, MO.54899

Robert L. MALONE54900,54901 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Norma Faye (Norma) TINSLEY-185551. Norma Faye (Norma) TINSLEY and Robert L. MALONE were married in February 1957 in Jersey City, Hudson, NJ.54900,54901

Samuel J. MALONE54896 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Narcissa PRICE-92073. Narcissa PRICE and Samuel J. MALONE were married before 1852. Children were: Martha J. MALONE-47665.

Sara MALONE was born in 1843 in TN.1984 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Grandville, Jasper, IL.1984 Enumerated with her mother and step-father. Parents: MALONE-138868 and Elizabeth -138867.

Sarah Francis MALONE54902 was born in 1837 in Cass Co., IL. She died in 1902 at the age of 65 in Wheaton, Pottawatomie, KS.

Spouse: Francis Marion MILLER-26310. Sarah Francis MALONE and Francis Marion MILLER were married before 1866. Children were: Effie May (Effie) MILLER-21761.

Sarah Jane MALONE16268 died.

Spouse: William T. BRACEY-110912. Sarah Jane MALONE and William T. BRACEY were married before 1906. Children were: Sarah Louise (Louise) BRACEY-22587.

Tara MALONE (private).15491

Spouse: Robert BOOTH-106392. Children were: Tara Malone BOOTH-106388.

Adaline MALONEY1430 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Henry GENSLER-42537. Adaline MALONEY and Henry GENSLER were married before 1875. Children were: Henry Joseph (Harry) GENSLER-42536.

Anna MALONEY (private).

Spouse: Louis CAFFREY-168382. Children were: Nora Lorreta CAFFREY-168381.

Claire Francis (Clair) MALONEY54903 was born on 1 October 1921 in Springfield, Hampden, MA.23 She died on 13 July 1994 at the age of 72 in East Longmeadow, Hampden, MA.23 Buried in Longmeadow Cemetery, Longmeadow, MA. Parents: Patrick MALONEY-38939 and Mary O'CONNER-38940.

Spouse: Donald Edward (Donald) TEMPLE Jr.-3267. Claire Francis (Clair) MALONEY and Donald Edward (Donald) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 3 January 1945 in Springfield, Hampden, MA.23,54903,54904 Also registered in Longmeadow, MA. Children were: Donald Edward TEMPLE III-3416.

Dennis L. MALONEY (private).

Spouse: Ingeborg Margarit TEMPEL-152644.

Donald B.l MALONEY (private).

Spouse: Patricia Ann MC NAMARA-49091.

James P.N. MALONEY (private).54905

Spouse: Darlene TEMPLE-172173.

Mary MALONEY (private).

Spouse: Joseph H. MC NAMARA-49097. Children were: Patricia Ann MC NAMARA-49091.

Patrick MALONEY23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary O'CONNER-38940. Mary O'CONNER and Patrick MALONEY were married before 1921. Children were: Claire Francis (Clair) MALONEY-3415.

John MALOON23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sarah Jane WINCH-133831. Sarah Jane WINCH and John MALOON were married in 1865 in Ashland, Middlesex, MA.23

Arianna MALTBIE54906 died before 1861 in TN. Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, TN, Plot: Lot 427, grave 1, Chepel Hill. Known only from Find-A-Grave records, which claim she was removed from Morris Cemetery and reinterred at Elmwood on 21 May 1861. She may have had a daughter also named Arianna. Her burial plot is next to Edward M. Temple, possibly indicating she is his wife, and to Lucy M. Temple, who was born and died Arianna's reinterment. The family affinity is there, but is hard to figure out.

Spouse: TEMPLE-161247.

Catherine E. (Kate) MALTBIE54907 was born in July 1828 in AL.48768,48770,49142,54908,54909,54910,54911 Age given in 1860 was 12, which I think was an error meant to be 32. She is given as age 12 with given name Kate C., followed by Kate M. age 10. Two daughters named Kate seems wrong on the face of it, so therefore an error probably exists. That, and the fact that Kate showed up in the 1880 census leads me to believe she was incorrectly enumerated. Gave 1834 in 1885. In 1925, she gave 1831. She appeared in the census in 1850 in El Dorado, Union, AR.54908 She appeared in the census in August 1860 in Shelby Co., TN.54909 Catherine lived in Memphis, Shelby, TN in 1869.54911 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Bloomington, McLean, IL.54910 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Bloomington, McLean, IL.48768 Catherine appeared in the census in June 1900 in Chicago, Cook, IL.48770 She died. Her parents were from NY (father) and KY (mother), except in 1885, when she gave her mother as being from South America. Surname was Maltive in 1925 census of IA. By 1900, she had had 10 children, of whom 5 survived. Her son Harry's funeral records give her maiden name as Mc Carthy. Parents: J.R. MALTBIE-62551 and UNKNOWN-62552.

Spouse: Jonathan H. (John) TEMPLE-62540. Catherine E. (Kate) MALTBIE and Jonathan H. (John) TEMPLE were married on 16 September 1847 in Shelby Co., TN.15647,54907 Children were: Catherine Audry (Kate) TEMPLE-62553, Lutie Bird (Lutie\Lucy) TEMPLE-62538, Lizzie B. TEMPLE-62548, Thomas TEMPLE-62554, Florence TEMPLE-62559, John Selden (Bud) TEMPLE-62549, Blanche A. TEMPLE-62550, Juliet W. TEMPLE-91565, Harry Maltbie TEMPLE-62544.

J.R. MALTBIE was born in 1800 in NY.54909 He appeared in the census in August 1860 in Shelby Co., TN.54909 He died.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-62552. UNKNOWN and J.R. MALTBIE were married. Children were: Catherine E. (Kate) MALTBIE-62541.

Dorothy MALTBY was born in 1913 in KS.1374 Parents: Eli S. MALTBY-135347 and Ellen M. (Nellie) TEMPLE-135346.

Eli S. MALTBY was born in 1870 in IN.1372,1374 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Canton, Mc Pherson, KS.1372 His parents were born in England (father) and PA (mother).

Spouse: Ellen M. (Nellie) TEMPLE-135346. Ellen M. (Nellie) TEMPLE and Eli S. MALTBY were married on 12 June 1892 in Mc Pherson, Mc Pherson, KS.1372,54912 Children were: Yetta MALTBY-135348, George E. MALTBY-135349, Dorothy MALTBY-135350.

George E. MALTBY was born in 1899 in KS.1372,1374 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Canton, Mc Pherson, KS.1372 Parents: Eli S. MALTBY-135347 and Ellen M. (Nellie) TEMPLE-135346.

Hannah MALTBY (private).54913

Spouse: Eli WOODART-150440. Children were: Mary Jane WOODART-150258.

Melville P. MALTBY (private).

Spouse: Edna FUNSTON-70649. Children were: Ruth Janet MALTBY-70643.

Ruth Janet MALTBY was born on 21 January 1914 in Orangeville, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada.4908,54914 She claimed Chicago, IL, in her SSAN application. She lived in Newport, Campbell, KY in 1998.54915 She died on 27 September 1998 at the age of 84 in Highland Heights, Campbell, KY.54915,54916,54917,54918,54919 Some sources say she died 28 Sep in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, but this does not agree with the KY death records, nor her obituary. Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Orangeville, Dufferin, ONT. Parents: Melville P. MALTBY-70648 and Edna FUNSTON-70649.

Spouse: Donald Athol TEMPLE-70633. Ruth Janet MALTBY and Donald Athol TEMPLE were married about 1935.54914 Children were: Maureen E. TEMPLE-70644.

Yetta MALTBY was born in 1894 in KS.1372,1374 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Canton, Mc Pherson, KS.1372 Parents: Eli S. MALTBY-135347 and Ellen M. (Nellie) TEMPLE-135346.

Jerry W. MALTLOP was born in 1917.9086

Spouse: Beatrice L. TEMPLE-141086.

Melia MAMOURLEIS (private). Parents: Paul MAMOURLEIS-111494 and Melodie KEIZER-111358.

Paul MAMOURLEIS (private).

Spouse: Melodie KEIZER-111358. Children were: Melia MAMOURLEIS-111493.

Christopher L. MANAHAN (private).54920

Spouse: Tangi L. RICHARDS-172524.

Rebecca MANAHILL54921,54922 was born in 1847 in Madison Co., IN.19744,54923 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN.54923 She died. Name appears in Vanderburgh County, IN, records as Manahill or Manahale. Her parents were from Germany (father) and IN (mother).

Spouse: John Morgan TEMPLE-63912. Rebecca MANAHILL and John Morgan TEMPLE were married on 30 March 1865 in Vanderburgh Co., IN.54922 Children were: Sarah Matilda (Sallie) TEMPLE-63930, William H. TEMPLE-63924, Mary TEMPLE-63931, Edward TEMPLE-63925, Arthur TEMPLE-63928, TEMPLE-63914.

Sadie MANBEVERS was born on 25 December 1872 in Ross Co., OH.46039 She died on 3 May 1952 at the age of 79 in Chillicothe, Peoria, IL.46039

Spouse: Nelson Nathaniel HURLES-47343. Sadie MANBEVERS and Nelson Nathaniel HURLES were married before 1901. Children were: Ethel Mae (Ethel) HURLES-47342.

Alice A. MANBORT was born in 1915 in MN.171 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Greenvale, Dakota, MN.171 Parents: Clair H. MANBORT-133689 and Irene A. TEMPLE-133688.

Clair H. MANBORT was born in 1885 in MN.171 In January 1920 he was a Farmer in Greenvale, Dakota, MN.171

Spouse: Irene A. TEMPLE-133688. Irene A. TEMPLE and Clair H. MANBORT were married about 1908 in MN. Children were: Norman M. MANBORT-133690, Alice A. MANBORT-133691, Warren MANBORT-133692.

Norman M. MANBORT was born in 1909 in MN.171 He appeared in the census in 1920 in Greenvale, Dakota, MN.171 Parents: Clair H. MANBORT-133689 and Irene A. TEMPLE-133688.

Warren MANBORT was born in February 1918 in MN.171 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Greenvale, Dakota, MN.171 Parents: Clair H. MANBORT-133689 and Irene A. TEMPLE-133688.

Larry MANCHESTER (private).

Spouse: Patricia (Pat) TEMPLES-70196.

Alfred MANCIL54924 was born on 11 February 1835 in Sugartown, Chester, PA.54925 He lived in Thornton, Delaware, PA in 1881.54925 He died on 17 March 1912 at the age of 77 in East Chester, Chester, PA.54926 Alfred was a Blacksmith and meat cutter in Thornton, Delaware, PA.54926 Parents: Mahlon MANCIL-25022 and Susanna DUTTON-25023.

Spouse: Lydia Ann (Lydia) TEMPLE-23830. Lydia Ann (Lydia) TEMPLE and Alfred MANCIL were married on 8 October 1857 in Chester Co., PA.11046,54924 They were first cousins, once removed. Children were: Edwin B. MANCIL-29216, Thornton Wilder MANCIL-29217, Susanna P. MANCIL-29218.

Edwin B. MANCIL54927 was born on 1 February 1859 in Middletown, Dauphin, PA.54928 Parents: Alfred MANCIL-23975 and Lydia Ann (Lydia) TEMPLE-23830.

Mahlon MANCIL was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Susanna DUTTON-25023. Susanna DUTTON and Mahlon MANCIL were married on 13 February 1834.30851 Children were: Alfred MANCIL-23975.

Susanna P. MANCIL (private). Parents: Alfred MANCIL-23975 and Lydia Ann (Lydia) TEMPLE-23830.

Thornton Wilder MANCIL (private). Parents: Alfred MANCIL-23975 and Lydia Ann (Lydia) TEMPLE-23830.

Jay J. MANCINELLI (private).

Spouse: Cheryl A. TEMPLES-166023.

Frank MANCUSO47352 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Juliette MESSENGER-171907. Juliette MESSENGER and Frank MANCUSO were married before 1933.47352 Children were: Theresa Ethel MANCUSO-171905.

Theresa Ethel MANCUSO was born on 1 September 1933 in New Orleans, Orleans, LA.47352 She died on 30 March 2001 at the age of 67 in New Orleans, Orleans, LA.54929 Parents: Frank MANCUSO-171906 and Juliette MESSENGER-171907.

Spouse: JOHNSON-171908. Theresa Ethel MANCUSO and JOHNSON were married before June 1953.47352

Spouse: DAFFRON-171909.

Spouse: TEMPLES-171904.

Spouse: MESSINGER-171910.

Helen Delores MANDELLA was born in 1933 in CA.29468,29469 Parents: Joseph MANDELLA-94917 and Antoinette POLLACCIA-94918.

Spouse: DODD-89051. Helen Delores MANDELLA and DODD were married before 1957.29468

Spouse: Samuel Humphrey TEMPLE-89032. Helen Delores MANDELLA and Samuel Humphrey TEMPLE were married on 22 June 1957 in Los Angeles Co., CA.29468

Joseph MANDELLA was born in IL.29469 He died.

Spouse: Antoinette POLLACCIA-94918. Antoinette POLLACCIA and Joseph MANDELLA were married. Children were: Helen Delores MANDELLA-89050.

Harold MANDERNACH (private).967

Spouse: Adria GULLICKSON-172403. Children were: Traci L. MANDERNACH-166482.

Traci L. MANDERNACH (private).967 Parents: Harold MANDERNACH-172402 and Adria GULLICKSON-172403.

Spouse: Steven A. TEMPLE-172399.

Spouse: Mark N. WILEY-166483.

Mary MANDERSON (private).

Spouse: Stanmore CARR-34235. Children were: Mary Ann CARR-34219, Mariah Manderson CARR-34237.