Eunice TEMPLE died in 1968.4885 She did not appear with the family in 1880 or 1900, indicating that she was born after 1880, but married before 1900. Parents: Albert TEMPLE-37545 and Mary A. HUTTON-37723.

Spouse: BROWN-47436.

Eunice TEMPLE10708 was born on 22 December 1782 in Westmoreland, Cheshire, NH.22 Parents: William TEMPLE-25 and Sarah Shaw ALDRICH-5084.

Spouse: Thomas MORRIS-802. Eunice TEMPLE and Thomas MORRIS were married about 1802.

Eunice TEMPLE6816 was born on 25 February 1789 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.22,68367 She died on 3 February 1851 at the age of 61.68367 Parents: Timothy TEMPLE-860 and Eunice Deborah BALL-971.

Spouse: Stephen SLAFTER-27958. Eunice TEMPLE and Stephen SLAFTER were married on 1 October 1809 in Guilford, Windham, VT.68367 Children were: Elizabeth SLAFTER-27959, Stephen-Meret SLAFTER-27960, Ellery Sylvester SLAFTER-27961, Angelina SLAFTER-27962, Anson-Brown SLAFTER-27963, Minerva SLAFTER-27964, Albert SLAFTER-27965, Eunice SLAFTER-27966, Mary-Ann SLAFTER-27967, Amanda-Malvina SLAFTER-27968, Nathan SLAFTER-27969.

Eunice TEMPLE89297 was born on 12 March 1797 in Concord, Essex, VT.22,34290 She died on 24 June 1880 at the age of 83 in Franklin, Franklin, VT.22,34290 Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Franklin, VT. Parents: Richard TEMPLE-347 and Rebecca RICE-5772.

Spouse: Paul GATES Jr.-19337. Eunice TEMPLE and Paul GATES Jr. were married on 15 January 1826 in Franklin, Franklin, VT.22,34290 Children were: Paul Spooner GATES-32731, Harrison GATES-32732, Martha Rebekah GATES-32733, Elizabeth GATES-32734.

Eunice TEMPLE78202 was born on 23 March 1802 in Westmoreland, Cheshire, NH.8151,16733,89298,89299 The 1850 census gave her age as 50. She claimed to be 75 in 1870. She appeared in the census in November 1850 in Westmoreland, Cheshire, NH.89298 Enumerated living alone, listed as being insane. Her neighbors were Robert T. Aldrich and his mother Louisa, and George M. Daggett and his wife. It is possible that Robert Aldrich was related to Eunice's mother, Phebe Aldrich. She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Westmoreland, Cheshire, NH.89299 Eunice enumerated in the Cheshire County Alms House in June 1870 in Westmoreland, Cheshire, NH.89299 She died. She has reference number RLT # 295i.6027 Never married. Parents: John TEMPLE-948 and Phebe ALDRICH-1161.

Eunice TEMPLE89300 was born on 12 December 1810 in Middlefield, Otsego, NY.16001 She died on 25 June 1896 at the age of 85 in Cooperstown, Otsego, NY.22,16001 Buried in Lakewood Cemetery, Cooperstown, NY. Parents: William TEMPLE-74 and Elizabeth BUNDY-803.

Spouse: John BREWER-3455. Eunice TEMPLE and John BREWER were married on 23 January 1848 in Cooperstown, Otsego, NY.16001,16011 Children were: Charles Temple BREWER-3456.

Eunice TEMPLE11594 was born on 8 November 1811 in Heath, Franklin, MA.21251 She appeared in the census in 1850 in Heath, Franklin, MA.21252 She died on 12 April 1876 at the age of 64 in Heath, Franklin, MA.22 Buried in Center Cemetery, Heath, MA. Parents: Richard TEMPLE-984 and Eunice CHRISTEE-1253.

Spouse: Nathaniel CARROLL-17293. Eunice TEMPLE and Nathaniel CARROLL were married on 14 July 1853 in Heath, Franklin, MA.19906 This was his fourth and her first marriage.

Eunice TEMPLE80865 was born on 15 January 1831 in Franklin, Franklin, VT.22,23601 She died on 3 August 1832 at the age of 1 in Franklin, Franklin, VT.22,23601 Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Franklin, VT. Parents: Nahum TEMPLE-5774 and Dolly SAUNDERS-6109.

Eunice TEMPLE was born in 1833 in New Brunswick, Canada.89301 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.89301 Enumerated as a pauper. Her parents were both from New Brunswick, Canada. Unmarried in 1880.

Eunice TEMPLE89302 was born on 28 December 1861 in Ridgeway, Lenawee, MI. She died on 29 December 1865 at the age of 4 in Ridgeway, Lenawee, MI. Buried in Ridgeway Cemetery, Ridgeway, MI. Parents: John F. TEMPLE-60840 and Mary Jane (Jane) HOAGLAND-60841.

Eunice TEMPLE was born on 15 February 1891 in KS.146 She died on 2 June 1968 at the age of 77 in Stanislaus Co., CA.146 Parents: TEMPLE-130501 and CONNOR-130502.

Eunice A. TEMPLE was born in 1897 in PA.17239 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Franklin Twp., Lycoming, PA.17239 Her parents were both from PA.

Spouse: Norman P. BROWN-171274. Eunice A. TEMPLE and Norman P. BROWN were married in 1918 in PA.17239 Children were: George Roland BROWN-171275.

Eunice Agnes (Emma) TEMPLE44175 was born in October 1893 in AL.50498,50499,50500 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Red River Co., TX.50500 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Red River Co., TX.50498 Eunice appeared in the census in February 1920 in Red River Co., TX.50499 She died. Name given as Emma in 1900, Agnes in 1910 and Eunice in 1920. Parents: Hoxa Allen (Allen) TEMPLE-18174 and Annie LOVE-18178.

Eunice Aimee (Eunice) TEMPLE34401 was born in December 1852 in Clark Co., OH.5400,34398,34399,34402 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Springfield, Clark, OH.34402 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Springfield, Clark, OH.34398 Eunice appeared in the census in June 1900 in Springfield, Clark, OH.34403 Enumerated next door to her brother George. Staying with her was her niece, Sadie, whom I cannot place with a family. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Springfield, Clark, OH.34399 She died on 17 May 1915 at the age of 62 in Springfield, Clark, OH.89303 Buried in Ferncliff Cemetery, Springfield, OH. Parents: George Washington (Wash) TEMPLE-44761 and Elizabeth SENSABAUGH-44768.

Spouse: John Alexander GEDLING-44765. Eunice Aimee (Eunice) TEMPLE and John Alexander GEDLING were married on 21 December 1870 in Springfield, Clark, OH.455,34401,34404 Children were: Evaline GEDLING-45332.

Eunice E. TEMPLE was born in August 1909 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN.2571 Parents: Edward E. TEMPLE-138810 and Evelyn W. -138811.

Eunice Eloise TEMPLE1762 was born on 19 August 1894 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.22,93,17348,17349,53644 Gave Aug 1891 in 1900, consistent with her marriage papers. The Levi Temple genealogy gives 1 Sep 1894, Chelsea, MA. She claimed Everett, MA, in her marriage papers. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.53644 She lived in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1911.17349 Eunice died in December 1977 at the age of 83.93 Parents: George Albert TEMPLE-13513 and Mary Ann (Mary) MC KENNA-13779.

Spouse: Minot Andrew BROWNE-13922. Eunice Eloise TEMPLE and Minot Andrew BROWNE were married on 1 July 1911 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.17348,17349 Children were: Minot BROWNE-13923, Mary BROWNE-13924, Velma BROWNE-13925, Frank BROWNE-13926, Harriet Livingstone BROWNE-13927, Natalie BROWNE-13928.

Eunice F. TEMPLE33292,59625 was born on 3 July 1819 in Chenango, Broome, NY. She died in 1912 at the age of 93 in Chenango, Broome, NY.22 Parents: James TEMPLE-1210 and Manda Alenda (Alenda) SHERWIN-17415.

Spouse: Oliver Harper PARSONS-17428. Eunice F. TEMPLE and Oliver Harper PARSONS were married on 15 September 1842.33292 Children were: June A. PARSONS-36620, Alice Mary PARSONS-36621, Emily S. PARSONS-36622, Charles Oliver PARSONS-36623, Celia Olive PARSONS-36624, Frances M. PARSONS-36625, Sidney James PARSONS-36626, Herbert E. PARSONS-36627, Frederick W. PARSONS-36628.

Eunice F.M. TEMPLE was born on 15 March 1890 in Holyoke, Hampden, MA.22,46749,46860,46861,60723 Secondary sources also give 20 Mar. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Holyoke, Hampden, MA.46749 In April 1910 she was a paper mill inspector in Chicopee, Hampden, MA.46861 Eunice appeared in the census in January 1920 in Meriden, New Haven, CT.46860 She lived in Scottsdale, Maricopa, AZ in 1960.77510 She died on 7 October 1967 at the age of 77 in Scottsdale, Maricopa, AZ.60723 Buried in South Lawn Memorial Cemetery, Tucson, AZ. She may be the SSDI's Eunice R. MacDonald, d 12 Jun 1993, res Danvers, MA. Parents: Fremont TEMPLE-38334 and Nettie F. KING-39875.

Spouse: Wyman Edgar PHETTEPLACE-39879. Eunice F.M. TEMPLE and Wyman Edgar PHETTEPLACE were married in 1910 in Chicopee, Hampden, MA.60724 Marriage also registered in Holyoke, MA. Children were: Dorothy PHETTEPLACE-39881, Wyman PHETTEPLACE-39882.

Eunice G. TEMPLE was born in 1903 in KY.7077,23524 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Menifee Co., KY.7077 She lived in Menifee Co., KY on 1 April 1935.23524 Eunice lived in Menifee Co., KY in 1939.89304 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Menifee Co., KY.23524

Spouse: Henry Allen COPE-161711. Eunice G. TEMPLE and Henry Allen COPE were married in 1922.7077 Children were: Roy Forest COPE-161713, Owen COPE-161714, Henry Charles COPE-161715, Meryl COPE-161716, Temple Lorraine COPE-161712.

Eunice LaVerne TEMPLE15917 was born on 21 July 1932 in Bedford, Trimble, KY.15918,16249,19981,89305 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Trimble Co., KY.19981 She lived in Milton, Trimble, KY in 2003.15917 Eunice died on 31 July 2013 at the age of 81 in Carrollton, Carroll, KY.15918 Buried in Moffett Cemetery, Milton, KY. Parents: Clarence Alfred (Alfie)\Curran B. TEMPLE-67147 and Sara Francis (Sara) CARSON-67148.

Spouse: Robert L. BREEDEN-67158. Eunice LaVerne TEMPLE and Robert L. BREEDEN were married. Children were: Tommie BREEDEN-88109, Raymond BREEDEN-88110, Joyce M. BREEDEN-88111, Mary LaVerne BREEDEN-88112.

Eunice Lord TEMPLE38178 was born on 13 October 1833 in Deerfield, Franklin, MA.22,447,89306,89307,89308 Gave her age as 25 in 1860. Gave Nov 1841 in 1900. She appeared in the census in 1850 in Deerfield, Franklin, MA.18232 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Deerfield, Franklin, MA.89306 Eunice appeared in the census in June 1900 in Montague, Franklin, MA.89308 Enumerated with her sister Frances. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Montague, Franklin, MA.89307 Enumerated with her brother Frances. She died on 3 October 1910 at the age of 76 in Montague, Franklin, MA.22 Buried in Green River cemetery, Greenfield, MA. Parents: Philo TEMPLE-1333 and Jemima BURNHAM-12996.

Spouse: George E. HARTLEY-17518. Eunice Lord TEMPLE and George E. HARTLEY were married on 9 May 1871 in Deerfield, Franklin, MA.22

Eunice Lorrennetta TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Jose Manuel FIGUEROA-175184.

Eunice Louise TEMPLE82538 was born on 24 August 1868 in Granville, Washington, NY.15887,24173,68745 She appeared in the census in August 1870 in Granville, Washington, NY.68745 In April 1910 she was a farm manager in Granville, Washington, NY.24173 Eunice died in 1953 at the age of 85 in Greenwich, Washington, NY.89309 Buried in Greenwich Cemetery, Greenwich, NY. Parents: Luther Roswell (Luther) TEMPLE-2077 and Delia M. SMITH-2996.

Spouse: Henry L. COY-18346. Eunice Louise TEMPLE and Henry L. COY were married on 9 March 1898 in NY.15107,24173 Children were: Anna L. COY-37260, Caroline C. COY-37261.

Eunice M. TEMPLE (private).89310

Eunice M. TEMPLE was born in 1927 in LA.89311 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Franklin Parish, LA.89311 Parents: George Collins TEMPLE(S)-20809 and Rachel NELSON-42598.

Spouse: Homer ELLIS-81445. Eunice M. TEMPLE and Homer ELLIS were married on 26 March 1946 in Concordia Parish, LA.30126

Eunice Magdalene (Eunice) TEMPLE59062 was born in August 1889 in Bowling Green, Warren, KY.12826,42360,54991,60428,60430 She claimed Louisville, KY, when she married Charles Clifton. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Bowling Green, Warren, KY.60428 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Bowling Green, Warren, KY.54991,60430 Enumerated with her mother. Eunice lived 26 East 9th Street in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH in March 1911.42360 In March 1911 she was a manicurist in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.42360 She lived in Chicago, Cook, IL in December 1932.27316 Eunice died on 5 April 1955 at the age of 65 in Chicago, Cook, IL.83888 Died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Chicago, IL. Parents: Robert Willis (Robert) TEMPLE-22004 and Loudella (Loudell) PERRY-33457.

Spouse: Albert E. PARKER-22021. Eunice Magdalene (Eunice) TEMPLE and Albert E. PARKER were married on 15 March 1911 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.42360 Children were: Frances Marie PARKER-22022.

Spouse: Charles CLIFTON-108651. Eunice Magdalene (Eunice) TEMPLE and Charles CLIFTON were married on 21 March 1914 in Niagara Falls, Niagara, NY.12826

Spouse: Mathew DIAMOND-122639. Eunice Magdalene (Eunice) TEMPLE and Mathew DIAMOND were married before 1932.

Eunice Marie TEMPLE56697 was born on 22 June 1908 in Washington, Bradley, AR.42401,78943,78944,82316 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Washington, Bradley, AR.82316 She appeared in the census in February 1920 in Washington, Bradley, AR.78943 Eunice appeared in the census in April 1930 in Washington, Bradley, AR.78944 She lived in El Dorado, Union, AR in 1968.78946 She died on 28 August 1987 at the age of 79 in Bradley Co., AR.42403 Buried in Prattsville Cemetery, Hermitage, AR. Parents: Charles Wiley (Charlie) TEMPLE-20877 and Effie Blanche (Effie) WALKER-41879.

Spouse: Floyd Clifton HOWARD-79738. Eunice Marie TEMPLE and Floyd Clifton HOWARD were married on 25 December 1931 in AR.42401 Children were: Mary Janet HOWARD-79739.

Eunice May TEMPLE was born on 23 March 1915 in Klickitat, Klickitat, WA.9356,37971,57117,57118 She claimed White Salmon, WA, in her SSAN application. She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Dallas, Polk, OR.57117 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI.57118 Eunice died in February 1994 at the age of 78 in Vancouver, Clark, WA.89312 Middle initial might be N.

Parents: Joseph Herbert (Herbert) TEMPLE-50806 and Della Eunice (Della) NELSON-50807.

Spouse: LAMBRECHT-101666. Eunice May TEMPLE and LAMBRECHT were married before August 1938.37971

Spouse: HANSEN-101667. Eunice May TEMPLE and HANSEN were married before January 1949.37971

Spouse: William SALTMAN-101665.

Spouse: BALLARD-62749.

Eunice Wathena TEMPLE was born on 19 March 1920 in Saline Co., IL.63985,83461,89313 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Brushy Twp., Saline, IL.83461 She died on 30 June 2007 at the age of 87 in St. Charles, St. Charles, MO.89313,89314 Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Saint Charles, St. Charles, MO. Parents: Herman A. TEMPLE-48303 and Tessie TRAVELSTEAD-48313.

Spouse: Charles E. RIEGEL-59818. Eunice Wathena TEMPLE and Charles E. RIEGEL were married before November 1955.63985 Children were: Patricia Ann RIEGEL-59819.

Euphemia (Euphie) TEMPLE15886,15887 was born on 23 February 1872 in North Hebron, Washington, NY.22,34663 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hebron, Washington, NY.34663 She died on 28 July 1943 at the age of 71 in St. Albans, Franklin, VT.4849,89315 Died of an unspecified lingering illness at the Sherwood Sanifatrium, St. Albans, VT. Her four children survived her. Buried in North Hebron Cemetery, Hebron, NY. Parents: Merritt Case (Merritt) TEMPLE-2076 and Euphemia D. GETTY-2995.

Spouse: Harley BRAYMER-18343. Euphemia (Euphie) TEMPLE and Harley BRAYMER were married on 3 September 1891 in North Hebron, Washington, NY.22,15887 Children were: Albert BRAYMER-37389, Mary Louise BRAYMER-37390, Alfred BRAYMER-37391, Doris Euphemia BRAYMER-37392.

Euphemia F. TEMPLE was born in 1860 in Scotland, United Kingdom.32894 In June 1880 she was a woolen factory worker in West Troy, Albany, NY.32894 She died on 19 April 1901 at the age of 41 in Cohoes, Albany, NY.89316 Parents: Nathaniel TEMPLE-122067 and Euphemia FRANCE-122068.

Eureka TEMPLE (private).42410 Parents: Annias TEMPLE-127901 and Lucille HOWARD-127902.

Spouse: PRICE-127904.

Euse Napoleon TEMPLE53874 was born on 26 November 1857 in Franklin Co., MS. He died on 26 May 1860 at the age of 2 in Franklin Co., MS. Parents: Calvin Lawrence (Calvin) TEMPLE(S)-19058 and Sarah Ann B. (Sarah) MC MANUS-19070.

Eustace TEMPLE was born in 1904 in LA.673 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Plattenville, Assumption, LA.673 Parents: Rudolphe TEMPLE-138595 and Antoinette -138596.

Eva TEMPLE (private). Parents: Thomas G. TEMPLE-43788 and UNKNOWN-62004.

Eva TEMPLE (private).42848 Parents: Lamar Eugene TEMPLE-103631 and Marion Dorothy (Mary Ann) HUGHES-103632.

Spouse: John BRIDGES-103637.

Eva TEMPLE lived 212 South Concho Street in San Antonio, Bexar, TX in 1891.89317 Unmarried boarder.

Eva TEMPLE lived in Oneida, Madison, NY in 1914.20213

Spouse: Edward R. CASE-171330. Eva TEMPLE and Edward R. CASE were married before 1914. Children were: Kenneth Frederick CASE-171331.

Eva TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mose ALLEN-174524. Eva TEMPLE and Mose ALLEN were married on 1 January 1923 in Houston, Harris, TX.8527

Eva TEMPLE lived in Oak Grove, King William, VA in 1946.36194 She died on 16 April 1946 in Richmond City, VA.36194 She died at Pine Camp Hospital, a tuberculosis treatment center. Parents: Wilson TEMPLE-125606 and Florence V. CHANDLER-125607.

Spouse: Junius W. GRAY-127978. Eva TEMPLE and Junius W. GRAY were married before 1946.

Eva TEMPLE16887 was born in 1863 in NY.2551,39141 She appeared in the census in June 1865 in Chenango, Broome, NY.2551 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.39141 Eva died. Parents: William F. TEMPLE-17899 and Harriet HAUVER-17905.

Spouse: Hezekiah E. WILSON-17907. Eva TEMPLE and Hezekiah E. WILSON were married in Binghamton, Broome, NY.16887 Children were: Hazelle E. WILSON-82166.

Eva TEMPLE was born in 1870. She died on 8 September 1959 at the age of 89 in Richmond, Richmond, NY.89318 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Eva TEMPLE was born on 7 April 1877 in NE.6789,89319,89320 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Bismark Twp., Platte, NE.6789 She died on 14 June 1888 at the age of 11 in Platte Co., NE.89319,89320,89321 Buried in the Columbus Cemetery, Platte Co., NE, but she is not near anyone else named Temple. Parents: Joshua Webb (J.W.) TEMPLE-13115 and Elizabeth F. SPICE-13634.

Eva TEMPLE89322 was born in 1880. She died in 1951 at the age of 71 in Hannibal, Marion, MO. Buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Hannibal, Marion, MO. Temple may not be her maiden name. She might be Eva Tempel, daughter of Henry and Catharina, of St. Louis, MO.

Eva TEMPLE was born in 1881.89323 In June 1900 she was a clerk in rubber shop in Malden, Middlesex, MA.89323 She was apparently not enumerated personally, and someone gave her answers for her. Otherwise, in 1900, she did not know whether she was married or not, and did not know where her parents were from. Her birthplace was illegible in 1900, but was given as the plural of two letters.

Eva TEMPLE was born in 1888 in Collamer, Onondaga, NY.10381 She died in 1888 at the age of 0 in Collamer, Onondaga, NY.33556 Parents: Thomas Henry (Thomas) TEMPLE-5091 and Carrie E. KING-5111.

Eva TEMPLE19604 was born in 1888 in Rock Island Co., IL.296 She died before 1958 at the age of 70.83370 Parents: John Wesley (John) TEMPLE-5638 and Katherine (Katy) SCHMOLL-31172.

Spouse: Fred CARLSON-122902. Eva TEMPLE and Fred CARLSON were married before 1916. Children were: Arthur F. CARLSON-122903.

Spouse: Arthur G. LIEGLER-122904. Eva TEMPLE and Arthur G. LIEGLER were married before 1925.49661 Children were: Arthur F. CARLSON-122903.

Eva TEMPLE was born in May 1890 in AL.48981,48983 In June 1900 she was a day laborer in Eufaula, Barbour, AL.48983 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Columbus, Muscogee, GA.48981 Eva died. Appeared with terminal S in 1920. Parents: Ransom (Rance) TEMPLES-47244 and Anna Laura (Annie) LEE-72496.

Spouse: Allen LONG-101279. Eva TEMPLE and Allen LONG were married on 11 January 1921 in Muscogee Co., GA.50238

Spouse: Emmett SIGLER-101270. Eva TEMPLE and Emmett SIGLER were married in 1908. Children were: Willie M. SIGLER-101271, Charlie SIGLER-101272, Chubbie SIGLER-101273, Cherrie L. SIGLER-101274.

Eva TEMPLE was born in May 1892 in NY.44283 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Volney, Oswego, NY.44283 She lived in Oneida, Madison, NY in 1914.20213 Eva died. Identification of Eva, wife of Edward R. Case, as Eva, daughter of Harrison and Ida (Jennings) is based on the census, timing, general location, but still requires proof, such as a marriage certificate. Parents: Harrison Uria TEMPLE-2522 and Ida JENNINGS-18288.

Spouse: John PRODY-125369.

Spouse: Edward R. CASE-104159. Eva TEMPLE and Edward R. CASE were married before 1914. Children were: Clifford CASE-104162, Edward CASE-104163, Evelyn CASE-104164, Willifred CASE-104165, Kenneth Frederick CASE-104160, George Robert CASE-104161.

Eva TEMPLE was born on 5 May 1894.89324 She lived 37 Kingsdale Street in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA in 1942.89324 She was naturalized on 9 November 1942 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.89324 Temple may not be her maiden name.