John SITTERMAN (private).

Spouse: Mary -166302. Children were: Rose SITTERMAN-151981.

Rose SITTERMAN was born in 1889 in Poland.73008,73009 She gave Germany in 1940. She immigrated in 1889.73008 She lived in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1915.73010 Rose appeared in the census in January 1920 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.73008 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Wyandotte, Wayne, MI.73009 She may not be Carl's first wife, nor the mother of Angeline. Parents: John SITTERMAN-166301 and Mary -166302.

Spouse: Carl H. TEMPEL-151980. Rose SITTERMAN and Carl H. TEMPEL were married on 4 January 1916 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.73010 Children were: Angeline TEMPEL-151982, Clarence TEMPEL-151983, Charles TEMPEL-151984, Nina TEMPEL-158252, John TEMPEL-158253.

Cicero Messer SITTON (private).

Spouse: Roxie Anna WILSON-34618. Children were: Grace Edna SITTON-34616.

Grace Edna SITTON was born on 9 August 1899 in Chattooga Co., GA.42455,73011,73012,73013 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK.73013 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Dallas, Dallas, TX.73012 Grace lived in Carrollton, Dallas, TX in 1989.73011 She died on 22 April 1989 at the age of 89 in Denton Co., TX.109,42455,73011 Buried in Grove Hill Memorial Park, Dallas, TX. Her parents were both from GA. Parents: Cicero Messer SITTON-34617 and Roxie Anna WILSON-34618.

Spouse: James Calvin (Jim) TEMPLE-34609. Grace Edna SITTON and James Calvin (Jim) TEMPLE were married in 1928.73013 They73013 were married on 28 April 1928 in Dallas, Dallas, TX.42455 Children were: Frances Jamesene (Jamesene) TEMPLE-34619, Bobby Louis TEMPLE-34620, Sylvia Ann (Ann) TEMPLE-34621.

SITZE (private).

Spouse: Lisa TEMPLE-87303.

Valencia Eileen SIVERAND (private).

Spouse: Jerald Lynn TEMPLE-185493. Children were: Danzell Jerrod TEMPLE-185495.

Gerald V. SIVEY was born in 1906 in OH.73014 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Thompson, Delaware, OH.73014 He died. Parents: Wilbur C. SIVEY-49588 and Ottice E. TEMPLE-47205.

John SIVEY53014 died.

Spouse: Cecilia NOTTING-118185. Cecilia NOTTING and John SIVEY were married before December 1871. Children were: Wilbur C. SIVEY-49588.

Wilbur C. SIVEY was born on 4 December 1871 in Union Co., OH.53014,73014 He lived in Delaware Co., OH in April 1904.53014 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Thompson, Delaware, OH.73014 Wilbur died in 1956 at the age of 85. His parents were from OH (father) and PA (mother). Parents: John SIVEY-118184 and Cecilia NOTTING-118185.

Spouse: Ottice E. TEMPLE-47205. Ottice E. TEMPLE and Wilbur C. SIVEY were married on 3 April 1904 in Prospect, Marion, OH.53014,73014 This was his second and her first marriage. Children were: Gerald V. SIVEY-49589.

James SIVORI (private).

Spouse: Kathy BUECHLER-111065.

Alonzo SIX21013 died.

Spouse: Ella CARSEY-116736. Ella CARSEY and Alonzo SIX were married before 1920. Children were: Helen Eileen (Helen) SIX-99919.

Helen Eileen (Helen) SIX21013,60604 was born on 20 August 1920 in Nelsonville, Hocking, OH.21013,73015,73016 She put the date in 1926 when she married Robert Temple. She lived in Hanoverton, Columbiana, OH in February 1947.21013 She lived in OH before 1951.73016 Helen died on 20 October 1954 at the age of 34 in Columbiana Co., OH.73015,73016,73017 Buried in Grovehill Cemetery, Hanoverton, OH. Maiden name appeared as Six in her marriage papers and her signature, but some sources spell it with a "Y." Parents: Alonzo SIX-116735 and Ella CARSEY-116736.

Spouse: Robert Thomas TEMPLE-46533. Helen Eileen (Helen) SIX and Robert Thomas TEMPLE were married on 8 February 1947 in Hartville, Stark, OH.21013 Children were: Franklin Taylor (Frank) TEMPLE-99923, Roberta Lee TEMPLE-99920.

Isabella SIXTA24607 died before 1900.15638 She was born in PA.15638

Spouse: Arthur S. COOK-87678. Isabella SIXTA and Arthur S. COOK were married. Children were: Julia Faile COOK-87672.

Bernice Jane SIZEMORE was born on 8 December 1924 in Memphis, Shelby, TN.72430,73018 She died on 27 January 1997 at the age of 72 in Memphis, Shelby, TN. Parents: Robert L. SIZEMORE-170612 and Hester DAVIS-170613.

Spouse: TEMPLE-170610. Bernice Jane SIZEMORE and TEMPLE were married before December 1947.72430

Spouse: SHOLTING-170614. Bernice Jane SIZEMORE and SHOLTING were married before July 1956.72430

Spouse: GATES-170615.

Etta Pearl (Etta) SIZEMORE73019,73020,73021,73022 was born on 22 February 1906 in TN.73022,73023,73024 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Great Falls, Chester, SC.73023 She lived in Gaffney, Cherokee, SC on 1 April 1935.73025 Etta appeared in the census in April 1940 in Cowpens, Spartanburg, SC.73025 She died on 10 December 1965 at the age of 59 in Kingsport, Sullivan, TN.73022,73026,73027 Died at home of right kidney failure and numerous pathological factors. Her daughter Beatrice informed her death certificate. Died of Buried in Zion Cemetery, Baileyton, TN. Her parents were both from TN. Her grave marker in Cowpens Cemetery had no death date as of 2012.

Spouse: William Claud (Bill) TEMPLE(S)-40604. Etta Pearl (Etta) SIZEMORE and William Claud (Bill) TEMPLE(S) were married in 1926 in SC.73023 Children were: Beatrice Nadine TEMPLE-45130, Ronal Lee TEMPLE-45131, Doris Jean (Jean) TEMPLE-60500, David TEMPLES-90211.

Gary W. SIZEMORE (private).73028

Spouse: Mary L. TEMPEL-166833.

Robert L. SIZEMORE (private).

Spouse: Hester DAVIS-170613. Children were: Bernice Jane SIZEMORE-170611.

Willa Jane SIZEMORE (private).

Spouse: Randall ROCKHILL-153893. Children were: Randall King ROCKHILL-153890.

SIZER was born in CT.2580 Parents: Arthur H. SIZER-136862 and Eva -136863.

Spouse: TEMPLE-136860. SIZER and TEMPLE were married before 1911 in CT. Children were: John TEMPLE-136859.

Arthur H. SIZER was born in 1862 in CT.2580 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in New Haven, New Haven, CT.2580

Spouse: Eva -136863. Eva and Arthur H. SIZER were married. Children were: SIZER-136861.

Augustus SIZER (private).

Spouse: Bettie Temple WALKER-27956.

Alexander SJOQUIST9144 died before 1910.9147 He was born in Sweden.9147

Spouse: Helena ANDERSON-48302. Helena ANDERSON and Alexander SJOQUIST were married before 1886. Children were: Ruth Henrietta SJOQUIST-48300.

Ruth Henrietta SJOQUIST73029 was born in 1886 in IL.9147,70945,73030 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Cambridge, Henry, IL.9147 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Moline, Rock Island, IL.70945 Ruth appeared in the census in 1915 in Lone Tree, Johnson, IA.73030 She died on 6 December 1918 at the age of 32 in Lone Tree, Johnson, IA.73031,73032 Died in her home of pneumonia. Buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Cambridge, IL. She was also known as Ruth Schoquist.73031,73032 Died in her home of pneumonia. Buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Cambridge, IL. By 1910, she had had no children. Her parents were both from Sweden. Marriage records also spell her name Sjoquist. Parents: Alexander SJOQUIST-48301 and Helena ANDERSON-48302.

Spouse: Thomas Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE-39205. Ruth Henrietta SJOQUIST and Thomas Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE were married on 18 December 1909 in Cambridge, Henry, IL.9147,73029,73033 Children were: Hellen Katherine Elizabeth (Helen) TEMPLE-57423, Kenneth Frederick (Kenneth) TEMPLE-57424.

Rachel Severina SJURSDATTER35757 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Tollak Knudson GAARD-89594. Rachel Severina SJURSDATTER and Tollak Knudson GAARD were married before 1867. Children were: Isabelle (Belle) GAARD-46058.

Louise SKABAR (private).

Spouse: Michael Donn Samuel MAC GOWAN-30135. Children were: Blake GOW-30137, Ryan GOW-30138.

Edward SKAE (private).

Spouse: Mary -64325. Children were: Jeanette SKAE-64323.

Jeanette SKAE was born on 16 July 1844 in Oshawa, Ontario, Ontario, Canada.73034 She died on 20 April 1925 at the age of 80 in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.73034 Parents: Edward SKAE-64324 and Mary -64325.

Spouse: Edmond Bonner TEMPLE-62323. Jeanette SKAE and Edmond Bonner TEMPLE were married on 20 April 1892 in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.73035

Sarah SKAGGS was born in MO.17412

Spouse: Z.C. BROOKS-126942. Sarah SKAGGS and Z.C. BROOKS were married before 1873. Children were: Mary S. BROOKS-32824.

Mary A. SKAHAL was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George Smith PARKER-8335. Mary A. SKAHAL and George Smith PARKER were married in 1853 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.4544 Children were: George Henry PARKER-8783, Eva L. PARKER-8784.

Lisa M. SKALLERUD (private).73036

Spouse: Russell E. TEMPLE-145541.

Lynn C. SKARDA (private).73037

Spouse: Nannie I. TEMPLE-147156.

Mary SKARUPA41601 died.

Spouse: Joseph HATRACK-117449. Mary SKARUPA and Joseph HATRACK were married. Children were: Margaret Ann HATRACK-88428.

Hazel E. SKEELS26950 was born in 1896 in Des Moines, Polk, IA.26951,63083 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Davenport, Scott, IA.26951 She died. Parents: Hiram Marion SKEELS-98350 and Anna PAPE-98351.

Spouse: George W. ROSS-123715. Hazel E. SKEELS and George W. ROSS were married before April 1940 in IA.

Spouse: Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE-43344. Hazel E. SKEELS and Ira Laeartes (Ira) TEMPLE were married on 21 October 1913 in Muscatine, Muscatine, IA.63083 Date is a placeholder. They63083 were divorced before 1914 in IA.73038,73039 Ira filed for divorce before the birth of his son, Harold. Children were: Harold Wilbur TEMPLE Sr.-98352.

Spouse: Reuben SELMEN-98360. Hazel E. SKEELS and Reuben SELMEN were married after 1915.

Hiram Marion SKEELS63083 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Anna PAPE-98351. Anna PAPE and Hiram Marion SKEELS were married before 1896. Children were: Hazel E. SKEELS-57297.

John Reagan SKEEN III (private).

Spouse: Lynn Sharlene TEMPLE-164327.

John H. SKEENS (private).

Spouse: Carol Sue TEMPLE-144631.

Mable Elzina SKEERS (private).

Spouse: Jack CRYSLER-67918. Children were: Edwin George CRYSLER-67917.

SKEETERS (private).

Spouse: Candy TEMPLE-162359. Children were: Gage Cisco SKEETERS-162361.

Gage Cisco SKEETERS (private).73040 Parents: SKEETERS-162360 and Candy TEMPLE-162359.

??? SKEETO (private).

Spouse: Janet SCHEPERS-112344.

SKELLINGTON was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Hilda -85641. Hilda and SKELLINGTON were married before 1907. Children were: Hilda Odell SKELLINGTON-53395.

Hilda Odell SKELLINGTON was born in 1907 in AL.73041,73042 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Mooresville, Limestone, AL.73041 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Decatur, Morgan, AL.73042 Hilda lived 1310 18 1/2 Avenue East in Decatur, Morgan, AL in October 1940.73043 She died. Her parents were both from AL. Surname may have been Skillington. Parents: SKELLINGTON-85640 and Hilda -85641.

Spouse: Thurston Jerald (Thurston) TEMPLE-53386. Hilda Odell SKELLINGTON and Thurston Jerald (Thurston) TEMPLE were married on 14 May 1929 in Morgan Co., AL.47696,73041 In Marriage Book U, p. 458. The index did not give his bride's maiden name. They47696,73041 were divorced on 1 January 1954 in Morgan Co., AL.12593,73044 Children were: Dorothy Louise TEMPLE-66557, Edna TEMPLE-66558.

SKELLY (private).

Spouse: Bridget -82972. Children were: Dorothy Catherine SKELLY-43630.

Dorothy Catherine SKELLY23 was born on 17 November 1901 in NY.1051,73045 Gave her age as 32 in 1940. She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.73045 Marital status code indicated she was separated or getting a divorce. She died on 15 November 1974 at the age of 72 in Middle Village, Queens, NY.1051 Buried in Saint John Cemetery, Middle Village, NY. Parents: SKELLY-82971 and Bridget -82972.

Spouse: Edwin Baker Corning TEMPLE-3022. Dorothy Catherine SKELLY and Edwin Baker Corning TEMPLE were married in April 1926.23 Children were: Daniel Allen TEMPLE-43631, David E. TEMPLE-43632.

John SKELLY36971 died.

Spouse: Susan GIBSON-108932. Susan GIBSON and John SKELLY were married before 1900. Children were: John J. SKELLY-71618.

John J. SKELLY was born in 1900 in Jersey City, Hudson, NJ.36971 In 1926 he was a conductor in Jersey City, Hudson, NJ.36971 He died. Parents: John SKELLY-108931 and Susan GIBSON-108932.

Spouse: Sophia J. (Sophie) TEMPEL-71614. Sophia J. (Sophie) TEMPEL and John J. SKELLY were married on 3 June 1926 in Livingston Manor, Sullivan, NY.36971

SKELTON (private).

Spouse: Linda Ann TEMPLE-170839.

Alvoyd SKELTON (private).

Spouse: Rachel -37481. Children were: Evelyn Pearl (Evelyn) SKELTON-28941.

Carol Jean SKELTON (private). Parents: Forrest SKELTON-49171 and UNKNOWN-49172.

Spouse: Dennis Wayne TEMPLE-3659.

Evelyn Pearl (Evelyn) SKELTON was born on 11 January 1920 in Lisbon Falls, Androscoggin, ME.23,73046 She lived in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME in 1938.4396 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc, ME.73046 Parents: Alvoyd SKELTON-37480 and Rachel -37481.

Spouse: Hollis Alphonso (Hollis) TEMPLE-25592. Evelyn Pearl (Evelyn) SKELTON and Hollis Alphonso (Hollis) TEMPLE were married on 15 October 1938 in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, ME.23,4396 They23,4396 were divorced before 1946. Children were: Mary Louise TEMPLE-31484, James Patrick (Jim) TEMPLE-31485.