Harriet BENNETT was born in 1834 in VT.13229 She appeared in the census in 1850 in Dummerston, Windham, VT.13229 Parents: Alfred BENNETT-238 and Amy TEMPLE-233.

Harry BENNETT was born in 1855 in PA.13250 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Derry, Westmoreland, PA.13250 He died. His parents were from England (father) and PA (mother).

Spouse: Margaret Ann (Annie) TEMPLE-80919. Margaret Ann (Annie) TEMPLE and Harry BENNETT were married before 1879. Children were: Annie M. BENNETT-80924.

Helen BENNETT10859 was born on 14 November 1897 in IN.13295,13296,13297,13298 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in English, Crawford, IN.13295 She lived 205 West Fourth Street in English, Crawford, IN in 1972.13299 Helen died on 28 April 1988 at the age of 90 in New Albany, Floyd, IN.13296,13297,13298 Died of a probable cardiovascular accident. Buried in Providence Cemetery, Paoli, Orange, IN. Parents: John BENNETT-107003 and Martha Anna BROWN-107004.

Spouse: Roy Wilbur TEMPLE-50496. Helen BENNETT and Roy Wilbur TEMPLE were married in 1928 in IN.13295 Children were: Martha Ann TEMPLE-86524.

Helen Louise BENNETT was born on 29 May 1922 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth, NC.13300 She died in September 1981 at the age of 59.13300 Parents: John William BENNETT-83244 and Lura TEMPLE-44590.

Henry Stephen BENNETT (private).

Spouse: Nancy Ann WAITE-149113. Children were: Loren Otis BENNETT-149107.

Herbert S. (Butch) BENNETT (private).13301

Spouse: Deborah A. TEMPLE-63310. Children were: Katie Temple BENNETT-92667, Kelsey Spencer BENNETT-92668.

Hosch N. BENNETT13302 died before 1983.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth TEMPLES-105599. Mary Elizabeth TEMPLES and Hosch N. BENNETT were married before 1983.

Ivy B. BENNETT (private).

Spouse: Mary O. CALAMES-101050. Children were: Althea Virginia BENNETT-45913.

J.T. BENNETT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary TEMPLES-160567. Mary TEMPLES and J.T. BENNETT were married on 2 January 1902 in Bartow Co., GA.13303

James Edward (James) BENNETT13304 was born on 21 July 1920 in Seattle, King, WA.13305 He died on 21 December 1998 at the age of 78 in Belmont, San Mateo, CA. He was a V.P., California Casualty Management Company.

Spouse: Fay Virginia (Fay) TEMPLE-40680. Fay Virginia (Fay) TEMPLE and James Edward (James) BENNETT were married on 6 January 1967 in San Mateo, San Mateo, CA.13306 Children were: James Michael (Jim) BENNETT-40697.

James Michael (Jim) BENNETT (private). Parents: James Edward (James) BENNETT-40682 and Fay Virginia (Fay) TEMPLE-40680.

Spouse: Erin Lyndell CANNADAY-40698. Children were: James Cody (JC) CANNADAY-40705.

Joan BENNETT13307 was born (date unknown). Joan is assumed to be the mother of Victoria, but may have been a stepmother.

Spouse: William L. MASSIE Sr.-127517. Joan BENNETT and William L. MASSIE Sr. were married before 1950. Children were: Victoria Elizabeth (Vickie) MASSIE-56843.

Joan C. BENNETT (private).

Spouse: Harry E. TEMPLE-164329.

Joe A. BENNETT was born in 1933.13308

Spouse: Darlene Dean TEMPLE-103579. Darlene Dean TEMPLE and Joe A. BENNETT were married on 7 August 1954 in Alameda Co., CA.13308

John BENNETT died.

Spouse: Martha Anna BROWN-107004. Martha Anna BROWN and John BENNETT were married before November 1897. Children were: Helen BENNETT-86523.

John Allen BENNETT13309 was born in 1885 in Vernon Parish, LA.13240,13310,13311,13312 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Vernon Parish, LA.13311 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Vernon Parish, LA.13310 John appeared in the census in June 1920 in Vernon Parish, LA.13240 He died before 1930 at the age of 45. His parents were from LA (father) and MS (mother) in 1910. Parents: Allen BENNETT-55491 and Martha -55492.

Spouse: Hattie Levernia (Hattie) TEMPLE-33779. Hattie Levernia (Hattie) TEMPLE and John Allen BENNETT were married in 1910 in Vernon Parish, LA.13310 Children were: Althia (Bessie) BENNETT-55493, T.C. BENNETT-55494, Lizzie BENNETT-67650, A.J. BENNETT-67651, A.C. BENNETT-67652.

John Gibson BENNETT13292 was born on 7 October 1919 in Chicago, Cook, IL.13313 He died on 31 December 2000 at the age of 81.13313 Parents: Harold Rayner BENNETT-38510 and Lottie R. TEMPLE-38499.

John William BENNETT13314 was born on 2 June 1869 in Stokes Co., NC. He died on 8 May 1931 at the age of 61 in Forsyth Co., NC. Parents: Elihue BENNETT-83245 and Emily Jane FERGUSON-83246.

Spouse: Lura TEMPLE-44590. Lura TEMPLE and John William BENNETT were married. Children were: Helen Louise BENNETT-104014.

Spouse: Laura SMITH-83247.

Joseph Fuqua BENNETT was born on 21 November 1834 in KY.13315 He died on 15 April 1892 at the age of 57 in Pellville, Hancock, KY.13315 Parents: Louis BENNETT-68174 and Elizabeth FUQUA-68175.

Spouse: Mary Catherine TEMPLE-34952. Mary Catherine TEMPLE and Joseph Fuqua BENNETT were married on 19 April 1860 in Hancock Co., KY.13316 They were married at her father's home. Children were: Robert Lee BENNETT-68176.

Joseph L. BENNETT was born in 1842 in VT.13229,13230 He appeared in the census in 1850 in Dummerston, Windham, VT.13229 He appeared in the census in June 1860 in Dummerston, Windham, VT.13230 Joseph died. Parents: Alfred BENNETT-238 and Amy TEMPLE-233.

Katherine BENNETT (private).

Spouse: Walter Merritt MOORE Jr.-99102. Children were: Walter Merritt MOORE III-65179.

Katie Temple BENNETT (private).13317 Parents: Herbert S. (Butch) BENNETT-63311 and Deborah A. TEMPLE-63310.

Kelsey Spencer BENNETT (private).13318 Parents: Herbert S. (Butch) BENNETT-63311 and Deborah A. TEMPLE-63310.

Kermit Colson BENNETT13319 was born in Guilford, Piscataquis, ME.6051

Spouse: Marilyn Ruth TEMPLE-3595. Marilyn Ruth TEMPLE and Kermit Colson BENNETT were married on 13 June 1948 in Guilford, Piscataquis, ME.6051,13319,13320 Children were: Glenice Ruth BENNETT-49118, Kermit Craig BENNETT-49119.

Kermit Craig BENNETT (private).23 Parents: Kermit Colson BENNETT-16801 and Marilyn Ruth TEMPLE-3595.

Kermit W. BENNETT13321 was born on 22 October 1923 in Minford, Scioto, OH.13322,13323 He lived 501 North Main Street in Sharonville, Butler, OH in December 1949.13322 In December 1949 he was a state patrolman in Sharonville, Butler, OH.13322 Kermit died on 4 June 1999 at the age of 75 in Westerville, Franklin, OH.13323 Parents: W.T. BENNETT-117455 and Stately J. CLARK-117456.

Spouse: Joan TEMPLE-87545. Joan TEMPLE and Kermit W. BENNETT were married on 8 January 1950 in Franklin Co., OH.13321,13322

Laura Louise BENNETT (private).13324 Parents: David Bryan BENNETT-99553 and Annette Louise NELSON-99554.

Spouse: Gary Alan TEMPLE-63433.

Letha Ann BENNETT13226 was born on 30 July 1890 in LA.13325 She died on 13 June 1981 at the age of 90 in Groves, Jefferson, TX.13325 Parents: Adam BENNETT-69360 and Mary Azalee TEMPLE-24052.

Lizzie BENNETT (private). Parents: John Allen BENNETT-39388 and Hattie Levernia (Hattie) TEMPLE-33779.

Lonnie BENNETT (private). Parents: Adam BENNETT-69360 and Mary Azalee TEMPLE-24052.

Loren Otis BENNETT was born on 14 January 1868 in Allegan, Allegan, MI.11236,13326 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Lansing, Ingham, MI.13326 He died in February 1949 at the age of 81 in South Haven, Van Buren, MI.11236 Parents: Henry Stephen BENNETT-149112 and Nancy Ann WAITE-149113.

Spouse: Frances R. DURNBECK-149106. Frances R. DURNBECK and Loren Otis BENNETT were married on 1 September 1923 in Lansing, Ingham, MI.11236,13327,13328

Spouse: Mina Jane BANCROFT-149108. Mina Jane BANCROFT and Loren Otis BENNETT were married on 2 February 1888 in Parma, Monroe, NY.11236 According to the 1930 census, this was his first marriage. Children were: Wilbur Ralph BENNETT-149109, Genevieve Emily BENNETT-149110, Wyatt Henry BENNETT-149111.

Louis BENNETT (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth FUQUA-68175. Children were: Joseph Fuqua BENNETT-68173.

Lula BENNETT was born on 26 March 1893 in Vernon Parish, LA.1940,7392,13234,13329 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Vernon Parish, LA.13234 She died on 14 March 1977 at the age of 83 in Simpson, Vernon, LA.1940,7392,13329 Buried in Welcome Cemetery, Simpson, LA. Parents: Allen BENNETT-39401 and Martha JACKSON-39402.

Spouse: Ervin Leonard (Ervin) TEMPLE-33776. Lula BENNETT and Ervin Leonard (Ervin) TEMPLE were married on 19 August 1908 in LA.1940,13234 Children were: Aubrey T. TEMPLE Sr.-39403, Adron TEMPLE Sr.-39404, Lee Roy (Roy) TEMPLE-39405, Versie Mae TEMPLE-39406, Dorothy Lou TEMPLE-39407.

Margaret BENNETT13330 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John BICKMORE Jr.-2186. Margaret BENNETT and John BICKMORE Jr. were married before 1831. Children were: Diana BICKMORE-2185.

Marila BENNETT was born on 30 June 1806 in Dummerston, Windham, VT. She died before 1870 at the age of 64. Death is assumed because she did not appear with her husband in 1870. Parents: BENNETT-6496.

Spouse: Amos TEMPLE-232. Marila BENNETT and Amos TEMPLE were married on 8 February 1827 in Putney, Windham, VT.7978,13231 Children were: Sarah M. TEMPLE-1886, Charles Amos (Charles) TEMPLE(S)-1887, Joseph TEMPLE-1889, John Warren (Warren) TEMPLE-1890, Amy Perry (Amy) TEMPLE-1888.

Martha Jane BENNETT (private). Parents: Adam BENNETT-69360 and Mary Azalee TEMPLE-24052.

Martha M. BENNETT (private).

Spouse: John W. TRIPP-102133. Children were: Martha Cornelia (Martha) TRIPP-20908.

Mary BENNETT13331 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John SUTCLIFFE-85331. Mary BENNETT and John SUTCLIFFE were married before 1854. Children were: Martha Effie SUTCLIFFE-41996.

Mary BENNETT (private).

Spouse: TEMPLE-165726.

Spouse: Jeffrey CLARK-165728.

Mary BENNETT13332 died on 13 June 1888 in Quebec City, Quebec, Quebec, Canada.13333 Parents: Patrick BENNETT-35008 and Mary BRADY-35009.

Spouse: William TEMPLE-35006. Mary BENNETT and William TEMPLE were married on 13 April 1847 in Quebec City, Quebec, Quebec, Canada.13332,13334 In Notre Dame de Quebec.

Mary J. BENNETT13335 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Alonzo SPOONER-25228. Mary J. BENNETT and Alonzo SPOONER were married before 1865. Children were: Clarence A. SPOONER-19453.

Merton BENNETT (private).

Spouse: Lila Rose (Rose) TEMPLE-3565.

Nellie BENNETT was born in August 1889 in WA.13228,13336 Parents: Albert Freeman BENNETT-62795 and Sarah Jane (Jince) TEMPLE-30033.

Norma Helen BENNETT was born on 10 February 1931 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.13337 She died in April 1980 at the age of 49.13338 Parents: S.A. BENNETT-129322 and Helen WILSON-129323.

Spouse: John Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE III-92975. Norma Helen BENNETT and John Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE III were married before August 1951.13337,13339 Their engagement was announced on 14 May 1951, but no date was set for the wedding.

Spouse: SHANNON-129324.

Olive BENNETT13340 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William CLIFTON-108652. Olive BENNETT and William CLIFTON were married before 1869. Children were: Charles CLIFTON-108651.

Olive Viola BENNETT was born on 4 October 1913 in Brockton, Plymouth, MA.23 She lived in Stoneham, Middlesex, MA in 1931.4396 She lived in Carroll, Coos, NH in 1937.13341 Olive died. Parents: Abram BENNETT-38883 and GRANT-38884.

Spouse: George Ernest (George) TEMPLE Jr.-3210. Olive Viola BENNETT and George Ernest (George) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 23 February 1931 in Berwick, York, ME.23,4396 They23,4396 were divorced on 2 February 1937 in Coos Co., NH.13341 Olive was the libelant, and the divorce was granted on the grounds of extreme cruelty. Children were: George Ernest (Ernest) TEMPLE III-3347, Norman Allen TEMPLE-3348.

Patrick BENNETT (private).

Spouse: Mary BRADY-35009. Children were: Mary BENNETT-35007.

Phoebe BENNETT was born in 1870 in New Albin, Allamakee, IA.8247 Parents: Gideon BENNETT-166734 and Mary C. TEMPLE-166733.

Raymond (Ray) BENNETT13342,13343 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Betty Jean TEMPLE-23418. Betty Jean TEMPLE and Raymond (Ray) BENNETT were married on 20 June 1952 in Tangipahoa Parish, LA.13343

Rena Grace BENNETT13344 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Raymond Frederick DELANO-126264. Rena Grace BENNETT and Raymond Frederick DELANO were married before 1941. Children were: Gail Ann DELANO-126263.