Shelby TEMPLE lived in Simpson Co., KY in 1956.43940

Spouse: HODGES-162161. Shelby TEMPLE and HODGES were married before 1956. Children were: Debbie L. HODGES-162162.

Shelby TEMPLE was born in 1897.123083 He lived in Lauderdale Co., AL on 13 July 1937.123083 He had farmed an area in the Pickwick Mile zone for at least three years (ending in 1936) before being relocated with his family to Waterloo, Lauderdale, AL. With him was his wife, ae 40, and one daughter, ae 16, a son ae 15 and another daughter ae 13. At the time of the 1937 family census in the affected area, he expressed bitterness because he felt TVA took his farm and left him with town property which produced no income. Not found in 1940.

Shelby A. TEMPLE148,9354 was born on 6 January 1848 in AR.56676,56677,56678,56680,68352,68353,123084 He appeared in the census in September 1850 in Prairie Twp, Carroll, AR.68354 In August 1870 he was a teamster in Dallas Co., TX.68353 In June 1880 Shelby was a trader in Parker Co., TX.68351,123084 Enumerated in the household of L.D. and Ann Riddles, who were his cousins. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Clay Co., TX.56678 Gave no occupation in 1900. In April 1910 he was a railroad contractor in Garza Co., TX.56677 Shelby died on 13 March 1913 at the age of 65 in Texico, Curry, NM.26333,56680,123085 Buried in Texico Cemetery, Texico, NM. Parents' birthplaces in 1880 are suspect, as they are the same as unrelated people, giving the unusual combination of TN (father) and IL (mother). Parents: William Bedford (William) TEMPLE-41419 and Matilda RIDDLES-41420.

Spouse: Sarah Louisa (Lou) MC CURDY-41427. Sarah Louisa (Lou) MC CURDY and Shelby A. TEMPLE were married on 28 December 1880 in Denton Co., TX.9354,56677,56678 Children were: Lee Roy TEMPLE-65867, Claude Monrow (Claude) TEMPLE-41418, William Omer TEMPLE Sr.-41431, Nora May TEMPLE-65868, Emit TEMPLE-65869, Beman Melvin (Beman) TEMPLE-41432, Luther TEMPLE-41426, Pearl TEMPLE-65870, Ruby Jewel (Ruby) TEMPLE-41433, Essie Ola TEMPLE-41434, Eula May TEMPLE-41440.

Shelby Jean TEMPLE was born on 3 October 1937 in Bailey, Nash, NC.4324,123086,123087 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Bailey, Nash, NC.4324 She died on 29 September 2007 at the age of 69 in Rougemont, Durham, NC.123088 Parents: Joshea Clarence (Jackie/Josh) TEMPLE-53087 and Lottie (Lotta) WINSTEAD-102596.

Spouse: GATES-103681.

Spouse: AIKEN-103680.

Shelby Jean TEMPLE was born on 26 March 1938 in Petersburg City Co., VA.4205,123089 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA.4205 She lived 1113A Johnson Avenue in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA in 1980.58666 Parents: Herman Ulysses TEMPLE-45510 and India Anna FAISON-79907.

Spouse: James Edward MILLER Jr.-100454. Shelby Jean TEMPLE and James Edward MILLER Jr. were married on 1 March 1957 in Nash Co., NC.58666 They58666 were divorced on 25 March 1980 in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA.58666 No fault divorce granted to James. They separated in Jul 1977. Children were: Linda Susan MILLER-100455.

Shelby Rebekah TEMPLE (private).16139 Parents: Samuel Lee TEMPLE-124457 and Stephanie -124458.

Shelby T. TEMPLE (private).10155 Parents: Philip Dale (Dale) TEMPLE-59966 and La Bonnie J. -59969.

Shelby Wayne TEMPLE8352 was born on 27 October 1947.123090 He died on 5 August 1973 at the age of 25 in MS.123090 Buried in Union Line Cemetery, Jones Co., MS. Parents: William Collette (Collette) TEMPLE-33863 and Mary Clarissa MC GEE-57063.

Sheldon Sherman (Sheldon) TEMPLE113245 was born on 24 March 1887 in Denver, Denver, CO.16725,19504,19506,19507,117167 In April 1910 he was a surveying civil engineer in Canon City, Fremont, CO.19505,117167 enumerated twice - once as a boarder with his brother Norman (given as Charles) and a second time with his family. Between 1915 and 1918 he was an Assistant engineer, Colorado Fuel and Iron company in Rockvale, Fremont, CO.10060 In 1917 Sheldon was a mining engineer in Rockvale, Fremont, CO.19507 In January 1920 he was a coal mine mining engineer in Walsenburg, Huerfano, CO.19504 He lived in North Platte, Lincoln, NE on 1 April 1935.19506 In April 1940 Sheldon was a sewer project civil engineer in Holdrege, Phelps, NE.19506 He died. He was absent, but his brother provided the information in 1910, and the enumerator gave his name as Charles. Parents: James Sheldon (James) TEMPLE-6059 and Laura K. STRONG-6298.

Spouse: Bonnie Gladys (Gladys) BUSH-30678. Bonnie Gladys (Gladys) BUSH and Sheldon Sherman (Sheldon) TEMPLE were married on 14 August 1908 in Golden, Jefferson, CO.10060,19505,19508 Children were: Eleanor Gladys TEMPLE-30679, Bonnie Claire TEMPLE-30680.

Shelley TEMPLE (private).29637 Parents: Marvin Louis TEMPLE-86426 and Audrey DOMDEY-115011.

Spouse: Joseph FROELIGER-115019.

Shelley TEMPLE (private). Parents: John TEMPLE-152442 and Sandi -152443.

Spouse: Jud KNEUVEAN-152445.

Shelley TEMPLE (private).67192 Parents: William (Bill) TEMPLE-173924 and Theresa (Tody) RAY-173925.

Shelley (Fawn) TEMPLE (private).16699 Parents: Walter Herman (Walter) TEMPLE Sr.-88595 and Etta Jane (Jane) STODDARD-88606.

Spouse: Art POOCK-88615.

Shelley Ann TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Timothy Thomas MACHA-174698.

Shelley Leah TEMPLE (private).64213,87496 Parents: Charles Raymond TEMPLE-46778 and Ruby Loretta (Loretta) PEARSON-46780.

Shelley Leslie TEMPLE was born on 3 March 1950 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.148 She died on 3 March 1950 at the age of 0 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.148 Parents: TEMPLE-131507 and Raveli BRODSKY-131508.

Shelley Paige TEMPLE (private).90517 Parents: Bruce Kelly TEMPLE-159307 and Kimberly Dianne BUSBY-159308.

Spouse: Jaymes R. MAPLE-180690.

Shelley S. TEMPLE was born on 19 June 1951.123091 She lived in VA in 1966.123091 She died on 10 January 2010 at the age of 58 in New Port Richey, Pasco, FL.123091 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Shelly TEMPLE29076 was born in 1877 in Franklin Co., MS.29077 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Franklin Co., MS.29077 She died. Died young. Parents: James Madison (Mat) TEMPLE-19243 and Margaret DICKSON-19803.

Shelly TEMPLE (private).12878 Parents: William Morris (Bill) TEMPLE-87014 and Greta MARTZ-105172.

Spouse: Joe SADILEK-123312.

Shelmer TEMPLE was born in 1920 in Old Fields Twp., Wilson, NC.123092 She died. Apparently died early. Parents: Jesse Garfis TEMPLES-54520 and Martha Jane (Martha) TAYLOR-54535.

Sherard Patrick TEMPLE (private).695,89653 Parents: David Sylvester TEMPLE-93398 and Sheila Marie MERCANTEL-93408.

Spouse: Heather Reyna KEITH-93403.

Sheree TEMPLE (private). Parents: George Ray TEMPLE-68288 and Rhonda L. SLIMP-68289.

Sheree TEMPLE (private).7212 Parents: Kelly Jay TEMPLE-88466 and Susan -88468.

Sheri TEMPLE (private). Parents: John Morgan TEMPLE-3342 and Susan FARMER-3440.

Sheri TEMPLE (private).38538 Parents: Nelson F. TEMPLE-107340 and Mary (Joanie) MILLER-107341.

Spouse: Michael SUAREZ-107346. Children were: Justin SUAREZ-107347, Erica SUAREZ-107348, Christian SUAREZ-107349, Nolan SUAREZ-107350.

Sheri Ann TEMPLE30429 died before 2009. Parents: Gorden Ray (Papa) TEMPLE-73570 and Eva L. ISAACS-73580.

Spouse: VALDEZ-73582.

Sheri Lee TEMPLE (private). Parents: Glenward Ardell (Ardell) TEMPLE-67399 and Marilyn Patricia LEE-67400.

Sheri Lynn (Sheri) TEMPLE (private).50888 Parents: Keith Clyde (Bud) TEMPLE-33366 and Ruby Lucile SCOTT-33369.

Spouse: Daniel W. KRUEGER-120718.

Spouse: Richard A. HALL-120717.

Sheri M. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: David A. CAMP-164429.

Sherian TEMPLE (private).6057 Parents: Martin Carl TEMPLE-41619 and Ruth Louise KLOS-48728.

Sheridan TEMPLE15625 was born in 1867 in Union Co., OH.5627 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Jackson Twp., Richwood, Union, OH.5627 He died in 1898 at the age of 31 in Findlay, Hancock, OH.15625 Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Findlay, OH. Parents: Abraham TEMPLE-21715 and Arwilda R. BOSART-21727.

Spouse: Ella Viola MOSHER-27131. Ella Viola MOSHER and Sheridan TEMPLE were married on 25 October 1892 in Union Co., OH.15625,60118 Children were: Avery Ralph (Avery) TEMPLE-27132.

Sheridan J. TEMPLE was born on 8 September 1867 in Hanoverton, Columbiana, OH.32157,47713,47714,47715,56804 Gave his age as 40 in 1910. He claimed the place was Bryant, OH, when he married Hattie Harbaugh. He appeared in the census in June 1870 in Hanoverton, Columbiana, OH.47714 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Hanoverton, Columbiana, OH.47715 Sheridan lived in Columbus, Franklin, OH in February 1902.32157 In April 1910 he was a farm laborer in Hanoverton, Columbiana, OH.56805 In April 1930 he was a farmer in Hanoverton, Columbiana, OH.56804 Sheridan died on 8 July 1931 at the age of 63 in Hanoverton, Columbiana, OH.47713,123093 Parents: Taylor Z. TEMPLE-5633 and Margaretta Felitia (Maggie) JOHNSON-21104.

Spouse: Hattie HARBAUGH-118325. Hattie HARBAUGH and Sheridan J. TEMPLE were married on 24 February 1902 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.32157

Sherie TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: James MILLER-145577.

Sherie TEMPLE (private).24711

Spouse: Verdenal W. COOLEY-145579.

Sherie A. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Michael R. BRADLEY-172024.

Sherile Ann (Ann) TEMPLE (private).36417 Parents: James Nelson (Nelson) TEMPLE Sr.-43313 and Dorothy Ruth BYRD-92813.

Spouse: Dwaine HOLIFIELD-92820.

Sherion Denise TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Cedric Lemar LAWSON-174846.

Sherle E. TEMPLE was born in 1911.15672 She died in 1993 at the age of 82.15672 Buried in Barrie Union Cemetery, Barrie, Simcoe, ON.

Spouse: Geoffrey F. BOTRILL-179172. Sherle E. TEMPLE and Geoffrey F. BOTRILL were married.

Sherlock TEMPLE35203 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Marian FREEMAN-182929. Marian FREEMAN and Sherlock TEMPLE were married on 1 August 1939 in Belle Plaine, Scott, MN.35203

Sherman TEMPLE (private).91080 Parents: Noel TEMPLE-81608 and Christine ADAMS-85665.

Sherman TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Catherine VENNEN-143167. Catherine VENNEN and Sherman TEMPLE were married on 3 January 1893.123094

Sherman TEMPLE9354,57384 was born on 4 December 1873 in Fairview, Fulton, IL.423,424,4820,5847,5848,12116,21415,123095,123096 In 1920, he apparently gave his age as 58, though it was hard to read. He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Randolph Co., IL.21415 In June 1900 he was a pig caller in Texarkana, Bowie, TX.12116 In April 1910 Sherman was a railroad engineer in Texarkana, Miller, AR.4820 In January 1920 he was a railroad engineer in Texarkana, Bowie, TX.423 In April 1930 he was a railroad locomotive engineer in Texarkana, Bowie, TX.5847 In April 1940 Sherman was a railroad locomotive engineer for Texas & Pacific Railway in Texarkana, Bowie, TX.5848 He lived 1322 Hazel Street in Texarkana, Bowie, TX in 1947.5849 He died on 19 November 1947 at the age of 73 in Marshall, Harrison, TX.5849,123097 Died of a coronary occlusion. Buried in Texarkana, TX. Sherman holder of Railroad Pension 703121184.4910 Enumerated in 1930 with a daughter, Asa L. Walters, ae 12, but I do not know how she relates to his various wives. I suspect she is the daughter of Mattie. Parents: William G. TEMPLE-24107 and Mary CASHDOLLAR-24108.

Spouse: Emma BASS-38282. Emma BASS and Sherman TEMPLE were married on 10 August 1897 in Bowie Co., TX.9354,12117 The date is uncertain. Some sources give 8 Aug, and others, but the Bowie Co., marriage records (Vol. III, p. 170) give 10 Aug. The date of 8 Aug is likely their license date.

Spouse: Margaret -38284. Margaret and Sherman TEMPLE were married in 1906.4820

Spouse: Ann L. -41384. Ann L. and Sherman TEMPLE were married before 1920 in TX. Children were: Asa Lee TEMPLE-88026.

Spouse: Mattie Lee -45363. Mattie Lee and Sherman TEMPLE were married before 1930.5847

Sherman Albert William Frank (Albert) TEMPLE50936 was born in March 1866 in Albany, Whiteside, IL.296,7730,7732,21395,21396,21397 He appeared in the census in June 1870 in Osage, Mitchell, IA.7730 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Stanton, Dunn, WI.7732 Between 1885 and 1892 Sherman was a brakeman and conductor for the C St.P Mand O Railroad in Knapp, Dunn, WI.123098 He promoted to freight conductor on 3 September 1899.123098 He suspended 30 days for failing to drop flagmen while running ahead of an on-time first class train after 3 September 1899.123098 In June 1900 Sherman was a brakeman for the Northern Pacific Railway in Duluth, St. Louis, MN.21395,123098 He suspended for 25 days for negligence in watching for hot boxes on 14 April 1902 in Duluth, St. Louis, MN.123098 He discharged for breaking the seals on some cars and pilfering on 4 September 1902.123098 In April 1910 Sherman was a railroad conductor in Proctorknott, St. Louis, MN.21396 In January 1920 he was a railroad conductor in Proctorknott, St. Louis, MN.21397 He died on 8 January 1930 at the age of 63 in St. Louis Co., MN.123099 His parents were from IA (father) and IL (mother) in 1920, but WI (father) and LA (mother) in 1910. Told by his parents at an early age to earn his way in life, he and his brother Oakley worked for the railroad. Parents: James Franklin (James) TEMPLE-50213 and Mary Eloise (Mary, Ella) ACKLEY-50217.

Spouse: Sarah A. (Addie) CASEY-50220. Sarah A. (Addie) CASEY and Sherman Albert William Frank (Albert) TEMPLE were married on 12 July 1890 in St. Croix Co., WI.2499,21396,21398 Children were: Ruby C. TEMPLE-50221, Albert Sylvanus TEMPLE-53653, Opal I. TEMPLE-53654, Robert James TEMPLE-50222.

Sherman Dale TEMPLE296 was born on 25 August 1928 in Moline, Rock Island, IL.18977,18979 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Moline, Rock Island, IL.18977 On 26 August 1946 he was an employee of J.I. Case Company in Rock Island, Rock Island, IL.18979 Sherman lived 1412 26th Avenue in Moline, Rock Island, IL on 26 August 1946.18979 He served in the military between 1947 and 1950.43390 Dates approximate. At the time of his marriage, he was in the Navy as an electronic technician third class, attending the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. He lived in Des Moines, Polk, IA in 1969.18984 Sherman died in 2014 at the age of 86 in Mesa, Maricopa, AZ.3764 Buried in Mountain View Memorial Gardens, Mesa, AZ. Parents: John Edgar (Edgar) TEMPLE-39206 and Alice Anna (Alice) BURGESON-39895.

Spouse: Blanche Marie HILL-94180. Blanche Marie HILL and Sherman Dale TEMPLE were married on 20 March 1948 in Moline, Rock Island, IL.43389,43390 Children were: Catherine Marie TEMPLE-94181.

Spouse: Joy R. -94182. Joy R. and Sherman Dale TEMPLE were married after 1959.

Sherman G. TEMPLE was born in 1894 in NY.1916 In April 1940 he was a Works Progress Administration farmer in Roselle, Union, NJ.1916 His surname was overwritten in 1940, and the handwriting difficult, so it is possible his surname is Semple.

Spouse: Eliza -158447. Eliza and Sherman G. TEMPLE were married.

Sherman Lester (Lester) TEMPLE9549 was born on 2 June 1904 in Jordan Twp., Lycoming, PA.13888,21100,21104,74438,123100,123101,123102 He claimed Franklin Twp. in Lycoming Co. in his WWII draft registration. He put the date in 1903 in his WWII draft registration, but it is in 1904 on his grave marker. He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Wolf Twp., Lycoming, PA.13888 In January 1920 he was a farm laborer in Moreland Twp., Muncy, Lycoming, PA.74438 Sherman lived in Turbotville, Northumberland, PA in 1927.93609 In April 1930 he was a farm laborer in Anthony, Montour, PA.21100 He lived Rural Delivery in Opp, Lycoming, PA in June 1939.74440 Sherman appeared in the census in April 1940 in Moreland Twp., Muncy, Lycoming, PA.21104 He lived Muncy Rural Delivery # 1 in Moreland Twp., Muncy, Lycoming, PA in February 1942.123102 He lived in Montoursville, Lycoming, PA before 1971.123100,123103 Sherman died on 1 June 1971 at the age of 66 in Williamsport, Lycoming, PA.123100,123101,123103 Died of undisclosed causes in Divine Providence Hospital, Williamsport. Buried in Twin Hills Memorial Park, Muncy, PA. Parents: Samuel Henry (Henry) TEMPLE-22850 and Sarah M. (Sallie) SONES-22829.

Spouse: Emma Viola PFLEEGER-22843. Emma Viola PFLEEGER and Sherman Lester (Lester) TEMPLE were married about 1929 in PA. Children were: Francis James (Frank) PFLEEGER-45103, George Eugene TEMPLE-45104, Betty Lois TEMPLE-22849.

Sherman Oscar (Sherman) TEMPLE9549 was born on 6 September 1896 in Muncy Valley, Davidson, Sullivan, PA.8689,8690,9292,71536,71537,71538,71540,71541,71542 He claimed Lycoming Co., PA, in his WWII draft registration. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Jordan Twp., Lycoming, PA.8689 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Davidson, Sullivan, PA.8690 Sherman lived 217 Linden Street in Lock Haven, Clinton, PA in 1918.71540 In January 1920 he was a barber in Lock Haven, Clinton, PA.71536 In April 1930 he was a barber in Bald Eagle Twp., Clinton, PA.71537 Sherman lived in Lock Haven, Clinton, PA in 1937.107561 He was the informant on his father's death certificate. In April 1940 he was a barber in Bald Eagle Twp., Clinton, PA.71538 In 1942 he was a barber in Lock Haven, Clinton, PA.71541 In 1946 Sherman was a proprietor of The Clintonian restaurant in Mill Hall, Clinton, PA.39670 After having been a barber for 28 years, he bought the restaurant in 1946. He lived in Mill Hall, Clinton, PA in 1949.71542 He died on 19 February 1949 at the age of 52 in Lock Haven, Clinton, PA.39670,71542,123104 Died in the Private Hospital of peritonitis following an abscessed appendix. He had been a patient since 8 Feb. Burried in Sunnyside Cemetery, Clinton Co., PA. His parents were both from PA. Parents: John Lloyd (John) TEMPLE-22916 and Martha Jane ALLEN-22918.

Spouse: Harriet Margaret SELFE-41134. Harriet Margaret SELFE and Sherman Oscar (Sherman) TEMPLE were married in 1917 in PA.71537 Children were: Ella Jane TEMPLE-41135, Lawrence Herbert (Lawrence) TEMPLE-44976, Charles Larue TEMPLE-44977, June Enna TEMPLE-44978, Elaine S. TEMPLE-44979, Gerald Sherman TEMPLE-44980, Patricia Harriet TEMPLE-87717, Amy Loraine TEMPLE-92326, Thyra TEMPLE-87718, Roderick TEMPLE-87719, TEMPLE-92333.

Sheronda Renice TEMPLE (private).84592 Parents: Patricia Ann TEMPLE-141021.

Sherree TEMPLE (private). Parents: Billy Joe TEMPLE-62658 and Margaret Carol (Carol) BONER-62667.

Spouse: Cary CANTRELL-123761.