Lelia Mae YOUNG67095 was born on 23 November 1872 in MS.67097,134633 She died on 9 September 1893 at the age of 20 in Florence, Lauderdale, AL.67097,134633 Buried in Florence Cemetery, Florence, AL. Probably died of childbirth complications. No issue. Parents: L.P. YOUNG-31102.

Spouse: William Eppes (William) TEMPLE-22320. Lelia Mae YOUNG and William Eppes (William) TEMPLE were married on 17 February 1892 in Florence, Lauderdale, AL.67097 This marriage comes from an authoritative secondary source, but seems to be confused in other sources with the marriage of William Elijah Temple and Lillian M. Young on the same date, but in Lee Co., MS. Children were: Lelia Mae TEMPLE-80863.

Lillian L. YOUNG was born in 1917.11293 Parents: Thomas Henry (Thomas) YOUNG Sr.-66115 and Emma Bell TEMPLES-34077.

Lillian M. YOUNG40837 was born (date unknown). This marriage comes from an ordinarily reliable source, but may be confused with a marriage in other reliable secondary sources which have William Eppes Temple marrying Lelia Young on this date, but in Florence, AL.

Spouse: William Elijah TEMPLE-19190. Lillian M. YOUNG and William Elijah TEMPLE were married on 17 February 1892 in Lee Co., MS.40837

Linda YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Mitchel Roby PEARSON-14935.

Lorena G. YOUNG70637 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William O. SCARBRO-121096. Lorena G. YOUNG and William O. SCARBRO were married before 1921. Children were: Charlotte Maxine (Charlotte) SCARBRO-113848.

Loretta L. YOUNG (private).134634

Spouse: Emil E. ECKSTROM-160843.

Louise YOUNG111593 was born in 1915 in AL. Parents: James Martin YOUNG Sr.-78269 and Lillie TEMPLE-53345.

Louise YOUNG24106 was born on 14 November 1931.56207 She died on 23 November 2017 at the age of 86 in Cartersville, Bartow, GA.56207 Buried in Oak Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Rydal, GA. Parents: Calvin Cicero YOUNG-115999 and Bonnie Eva MC BEE-116000.

Spouse: Joshua (Billy) TEMPLES-42190. Louise YOUNG and Joshua (Billy) TEMPLES were married on 22 January 1949 in Bartow Co., GA.24106 Children were: Gary TEMPLES-70393, Don TEMPLES-70395, Joan TEMPLES-70397.

Spouse: Roy MC EVER-116001. Louise YOUNG and Roy MC EVER were married.

Lowry YOUNG (private). Parents: Grady Callaham YOUNG-45288 and Zedora (Dora) TEMPLE-45287.

Maitland V. YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Jane Ann CARLEY-100029. Children were: Clarence Richard YOUNG-100027.

Margaret YOUNG (private). Parents: Roscoe Augustus YOUNG-39536 and Jean MORGAN-39537.

Spouse: G.R. MORTENSON-39539. Children were: Diana MORTENSON-39540.

Margaret J. YOUNG was born in KY.134010 She died.

Spouse: Jesse WILES-106872. Margaret J. YOUNG and Jesse WILES were married before 1867. Children were: Ellen E. (Ella) WILES-51249.

Martha Ann YOUNG (private).130286

Spouse: Alton Andrew TEMPLES-157404. Children were: John Jeremy TEMPLES-157406, Joseph Andrew TEMPLES-157407.

Martha L. YOUNG24911 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Samuel M. MIDDLETON-68488. Martha L. YOUNG and Samuel M. MIDDLETON were married before 1879. Children were: Arcania Lucretia (Connie\Camie) MIDDLETON-19160.

Mary YOUNG (private).

Spouse: William (Ross) CRUMRINE-68682. Children were: Lydia Adalena (Ada) CRUMRINE-25262.

Mary YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Jonathan CAYO-96467. Children were: George CAYO-96466.

Mary YOUNG148,1227,105606 was born in October 1851 in Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.13409,42833,43265,74688,79396,80358,81254,87690 She immigrated in 1854.80358 She was naturalized in 1867.80358 Mary appeared in the census in June 1870 in Pittsfield, Brown, WI.74688 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Menominee, Menominee, MI.81254 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Stephenson, Menominee, MI.79396 In April 1910 Mary was a farmer in Stephenson, Menominee, MI.13409 She lived 922 Nineteenth Street in Washington, DC in 1919.134635 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Washington, DC.80358 Mary appeared in the census in April 1930 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.43264 She died on 5 December 1936 at the age of 85 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI.134636 She died in the home of her daughter Sarah in Milwaukee of unspecified causes. Buried in in Oconto Falls, WI. By 1910, she had had 12 children, 9 of whom survived. Her parents were from Canada (father) and the Irish Free State (mother). Maiden name given as Jung in her son Jesse's death records. Parents: Frank YOUNG-13644 and Catherine -13645.

Spouse: Charles W. TEMPLE-13117. Mary YOUNG and Charles W. TEMPLE were married on 4 July 1866 in Green Bay, Brown, WI.1227,5057,87690 Children were: Frank TEMPLE-13643, Charles L. TEMPLE-50833, William Edmund TEMPLE-50821, Sarah TEMPLE-48668, Ida TEMPLE-96759, Allen Joseph TEMPLE-49039, TEMPLE-94683, Albert TEMPLE-44418, Jesse C. (Jack) TEMPLE-48667, Jettie Edith TEMPLE-94681, Clifford Earl TEMPLE-44419.

Mary Alice YOUNG was born on 20 March 1920 in Bloomington, Monroe, IN.29875,131462,132248 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Bloomington, Monroe, IN.132248 She lived 1224 South Fess Street in Bloomington, Monroe, IN in 1992.132250 Mary died on 21 November 2011 at the age of 91 in Bloomington, Monroe, IN.29875,131462 Died of pneumonia due to congestive heart failure. Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Bloomington, IN. Parents: Glenn YOUNG-81512 and Lucille HAYS-81513.

Spouse: William Earl (Earl) TEMPLES-47048. Mary Alice YOUNG and William Earl (Earl) TEMPLES were married before April 1940. Children were: Neva Jo TEMPLES-81514, Phillip E. TEMPLES-81515, Joyce Ann TEMPLES-81516.

Mary Ann YOUNG (private).

Spouse: George Harvey PARKER-7379.

Mary Ann YOUNG was born on 9 June 1855 in MA.106975,106976,106977,134637 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Brockton, Plymouth, MA.106977 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Brockton, Plymouth, MA.106976 Mary appeared in the census in January 1920 in Brockton, Plymouth, MA.106975 She died in 1934 at the age of 79 in Brockton, Plymouth, MA.134638 Buried in Melrose Cemetery, Brockton, MA. Her parents were both from MA. She had no children by 1910.

Spouse: John E. TEMPLE-6229. Mary Ann YOUNG and John E. TEMPLE were married in 1883 in Nantucket, Nantucket, MA.106976,106977

Mary Jane YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Judson SNOOK-25930. Children were: Freeman Milo SNOOK-5136.

Matilda YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Nathaniel P. REMICK-36478. Children were: Joseph A. REMICK-17446.

Melba YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Joe TEMPLE-146225. Children were: Deborah Anita TEMPLE-146227.

Melisie YOUNG was born in 1864 in Washington Co., VA.9702 She lived 295 Irving Street in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH in June 1905.9702 Parents: Stokley YOUNG-178303 and Caroline ARMSTRONG-178304.

Spouse: RUSSELL-178305. Melisie YOUNG and RUSSELL were married about 1883.

Spouse: Charles C. TEMPEL-178298. Melisie YOUNG and Charles C. TEMPEL were married on 27 June 1905 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.9702

Melvia E. YOUNG was born on 17 March 1938 in Hillsboro, Montgomery, IL.100095

Spouse: Harold Wilbur TEMPLE Sr.-98352. Melvia E. YOUNG and Harold Wilbur TEMPLE Sr. were married on 9 July 1956.100095

Morring YOUNG was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William TEMPLE-186020. Morring YOUNG and William TEMPLE were married in September 1879 in Raleigh, Wake, NC.126774

Myrtle YOUNG was born in 1904 in AL.111593 Parents: James Martin YOUNG Sr.-78269 and Lillie TEMPLE-53345.

Norman Franklin YOUNG (private).92714 Parents: Norman Edward TEMPLE-44380 and Thelma Roberta VAN KIRK-76032.

Ocie YOUNG was born in 1887.119619 She lived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK in 1906.119619

Spouse: Richard TEMPLE-173131. Ocie YOUNG and Richard TEMPLE were married.119619 There was no minister's return.

Ocie YOUNG was born in 1891 in AR.61735 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK.61735 Parents: Amos YOUNG-184150 and UNKNOWN-184151.

Spouse: Richard TEMPLE-184148. Ocie YOUNG and Richard TEMPLE were married on 1 October 1906 in Oklahoma Co., OK.119620 Recorded in Oklahoma County Marriage Book 9, p. 602. They could not be found in 1900, 1910 or 1920 censuses.

Peggy YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Bennie REYNOLDS-75429. Children were: Christopher Neal REYNOLDS-75428.

Philip Chalmers YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Anne S. TABB-82241. Children were: Betty Payton YOUNG-82239.

Phillip Eugene YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Bettie Annette TEMPLE-165120.

Philona Jane (Philona) YOUNG2061 was born on 27 January 1848 in Franklin Co., MS.83221,88271 Gave her age as 20 in the 1870 census. She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Meadville, Franklin, MS.88271 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Franklin Co., MS.83221 Philona died on 22 April 1889 at the age of 41. Her parents were both born in MS. Given in marriage records as Felena. Parents: Elijah YOUNG-19759 and Mary PATE-19760.

Spouse: William Rankin (Rankin) TEMPLE-19990. Philona Jane (Philona) YOUNG and William Rankin (Rankin) TEMPLE were married on 20 January 1866 in Franklin Co., MS.2061,53651,83954 The Elijah Young Family Bible gives 2 Jan, where Temple People Vol. 1 gives 20 Jan. Certified transcript of marriage records gives 20 Jan 1866, in marriage book 4, p. 396.. Children were: James Henry (James) TEMPLE-19993, Christopher R. (Kit) TEMPLE-19994, M.J. TEMPLE-19995, Asa W. (Acie\Asie) TEMPLE-19996, Elijah Franklin TEMPLE-19997, Nancy Lucrea TEMPLE-19998, Jesse TEMPLE-19999, Sarah TEMPLE-20000.

Richard E. YOUNG49976 died.

Spouse: Susan KINNAMON-118956. Susan KINNAMON and Richard E. YOUNG were married before 1914. Children were: Ruby M. YOUNG-118954.

Robert A. YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Marlene Blanche BIRD-165540.

Roger YOUNG (private). Parents: YOUNG-181379 and Rebecca LIDDELL-YOUNG-181377.

Roscoe Augustus YOUNG (private). Parents: James Newton YOUNG-39535 and Ida Elizabeth FRANKLIN-39534.

Spouse: Jean MORGAN-39537. Children were: Margaret YOUNG-39538.

Royal YOUNG was born in 1921.609 He lived in Chicago, Cook, IL in 1943.609 He died. He may be Royal E. Young, son of Harvey A. and Eva J. Young, of Suffield, Portage, OH, in 1940.

Spouse: Maxine TEMPLE-50466. Maxine TEMPLE and Royal YOUNG were married on 20 November 1943 in Sikeston, Scott, MO.115518

Ruby YOUNG1417 died.

Spouse: Sod ROBINSON-115167. Ruby YOUNG and Sod ROBINSON were married before 1936. Children were: Betty Jean ROBINSON-115166.

Ruby M. YOUNG was born on 4 August 1914 in IL.49976,134639 She claimed Ulyonett, IL, which could not be found. She lived in IL before 1951.134640 She died in July 1996 at the age of 81 in Tucson, Pima, AZ.134639,134640 Buried with Everett Temple in South Lawn Memorial Cemetery, Tucson, AZ. Parents: Richard E. YOUNG-118955 and Susan KINNAMON-118956.

Spouse: Everett Alson (Everett) TEMPLE-43115. Ruby M. YOUNG and Everett Alson (Everett) TEMPLE were married before 13 May 1964.49976

Spouse: CROSBY-118957.

Ruth YOUNG7817 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John ADAMS-100956. Ruth YOUNG and John ADAMS were married before 1919. Children were: Bonita Kay ADAMS-69274.

Sally YOUNG71358 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John Amos SEAL-99016. Sally YOUNG and John Amos SEAL were married before 1910. Children were: Charles William SEAL-99014.

Samuel M. YOUNG (private).111693

Spouse: Linda L. TEMPLE-147037.

Sarah YOUNG25147 died.

Spouse: Ferry WALTON-118191. Sarah YOUNG and Ferry WALTON were married before 1882. Children were: Edward Northam WALTON-105638.

Sarah E. YOUNG was born on 15 July 1849 in Amite Co., MS.8993 Her son Albert claimed she was from LA in 1920. She died on 23 May 1868 at the age of 18 in Franklin Co., MS.134641,134642 Buried in Providence Cemetery, Franklin, MS. Parents: Elijah YOUNG-19759 and Mary PATE-19760.

Spouse: Benjamin Franklin TEMPLE-19183. Sarah E. YOUNG and Benjamin Franklin TEMPLE were married on 2 February 1866 in Franklin Co., MS.53589,83954 In marriage book 4, p. 408A. Children were: Albert Hiram (Albert) TEMPLE-20031, Sarah Adeline (Adaliza) TEMPLE-19761.

Sarah Elizabeth YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Benjamin WILKINSON-40887. Children were: John Whaley WILKINSON-40455.

Shubel C. YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Lydia Marie LANE-13479. Children were: Agnes Nancy (Agnes) YOUNG-1743.

Sophia YOUNG38796 was born in 1824 in Canada.38797 She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Porter, Porter, IN.38797

Spouse: Josephus GREGG-59364. Sophia YOUNG and Josephus GREGG were married. Children were: Louise A. GREGG-729.

Stephen YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Lois Elaine BUCHANNAN-111051. Children were: Heather Rene YOUNG-111734.