Susie Lynch COOK (private).23329

Spouse: Daniel Lee TEMPLE-140692.

Thelma Mae COOK was born on 10 January 1922 in Franklin, Isle of Wight, VA.23330 She lived in VA before 1951.23331 She died in June 1993 at the age of 71 in Bridgeport, Harrison, WV.23331 Parents: Irvin L. COOK-168365 and Ruth I. MORRIS-168366.

Spouse: TEMPLE-168363.

Thomas COOK6085 appeared in the census in 1860 in Springfield, Otsego, NY.6085

Spouse: Nancy J. -37662. Children were: Charles D. COOK-818.

Tom H. COOK (private).

Spouse: Sarah FOSTER-101349. Children were: Mary Lee COOK-23406.

Veda E. (Vada) COOK was born on 25 May 1891 in TX.23319,23332,23333 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Lone Grove, Carter, OK.23319 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Lone Grove, Carter, OK.23333 Veda died on 8 April 1971 at the age of 79 in Carter Co., OK.23332 Buried in Lone Grove Cemetery, Lone Grove, OK. Name given as Sada in 1930. Her parents were from NC (father) and TX (mother). Parents: Newt COOK-73574 and UNKNOWN-73575. Parents: Jessie Newton COOK-73578 and Jenney Elizabeth PRUITT-73579.

Spouse: Joseph Elijah (Joe) TEMPLE-73564. Veda E. (Vada) COOK and Joseph Elijah (Joe) TEMPLE were married in 1921 in TX.23319 Children were: Gorden Ray (Papa) TEMPLE-73570, Carl James TEMPLE-73569, Marie J. TEMPLE-73586.

Spouse: SPEARS-73571. Veda E. (Vada) COOK and SPEARS were married before 1913 in OK.23319 Children were: Charles SPEARS-73572, Geneva SPEARS-73573.

Wayne COOK was born on 26 March 1919 in Arroll, Texas, MO.22 He died in 1920 at the age of 1 in Arroll, Texas, MO.22 Parents: John Wilson (Wilson) COOK-66748 and Bessa Fay TEMPLE-66747.

William COOK (private).

Spouse: Maureen E. TEMPLE-70644.

William COOK was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dora Ann S. TEMPLE(S)-78262. Dora Ann S. TEMPLE(S) and William COOK were married on 10 August 1887 in Henry Co., AL.23334

William COOK Sr. was born in 1810 in GA.23261 In August 1850 he was a farmer in Marion Co., MS.23261 He held the title of Sr..

Spouse: Sarah TEMPLES-152187. Sarah TEMPLES and William COOK Sr. were married on 31 January 1839 in Marion Co., MS.23335,23336 Sources vary, with some giving 1 Jan 1839, and another 31 Jan 1839. The latter is a transcription of marriage records, which I chose arbitrarily. In marriage book C, p. 19. Children were: Sara COOK-152189, Susan COOK-152190, M. COOK-152191, George S. COOK-152192, Salina COOK-152193.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-152194. Children were: William COOK Jr.-152195.

William COOK Jr. was born in 1829 in MS.23261 He held the title of Jr.. Parents: William COOK Sr.-152188 and UNKNOWN-152194.

William Dean COOK died on 2 January 1975 in Monroe, Monroe, IA.23248 Parents: Earl W. COOK-104676 and Gladys Neva (Neva) TEMPLE-42346.

William E. COOK was born in 1891 in TX.4159 He appeared in the census in February 1920 in South Fork, Clark, AR.4159

Spouse: Lillie M. -57947. Lillie M. and William E. COOK were married. Children were: Doyle M. COOK-33047.

William Grant COOK was born on 18 August 1866 in Oshkosh, Winnebago, WI. Before 1900 he was a Bookkeeper, Cook & Brown Lime Co in Oshkosh, Winnebago, WI. Between 1901 and 1906 he was a Treasurer, Southern Firebrick & Clay Co. in Chicago, Cook, IL. Between 1907 and 1920 William was a President/Treasurer, Ossian Cook Co. in Oshkosh, Winnebago, WI. Between 1908 and 1923 he was a Secretary/Treasurer, J. Roland Kay Co.. Parents: Ossian COOK-10583 and Rhoda DAY-10581.

Spouse: Letitia Gertrude LAFLIN-10585. Letitia Gertrude LAFLIN and William Grant COOK were married on 25 April 1893. Children were: Helen Rhoda COOK-10589.

Spouse: Jeannette Southworth BACON-10586. Jeannette Southworth BACON and William Grant COOK were married on 21 August 1900. Children were: Gordon Southworth COOK-10592, John Godfrey COOK-10596.

William H. COOK (private).

Spouse: Mary DIVERS-37428. Children were: William Lawrence COOK-37426.

William Lawrence COOK was born about 1880 in Peckham, Canada.22 He died after 1952 at the age of 72.22 Buried in Mt. Prospect Cemetery, Amesbury, MA. Parents: William H. COOK-37427 and Mary DIVERS-37428.

Spouse: Ethel Catherine (Ethel) TEMPLE-18384. Ethel Catherine (Ethel) TEMPLE and William Lawrence COOK were married on 19 August 1904 in Salisbury, Essex, MA.22,23337 Children were: William Ronald COOK-37429.

William Ronald COOK was born on 7 March 1906 in Amesbury, Essex, MA.22 Parents: William Lawrence COOK-37426 and Ethel Catherine (Ethel) TEMPLE-18384.

William W. COOK was born about 1844 in Granville, Washington, NY.22 Parents: Andrew S. COOK-36354 and Jane -36355.

Spouse: Cynthia TEMPLE-17270. Cynthia TEMPLE and William W. COOK were married on 27 November 1867 in Adams, Berkshire, MA.22

Zachariah D. COOK12695 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Caroline E. TEMPLE-2086. Caroline E. TEMPLE and Zachariah D. COOK were married on 20 December 1846.12695 Children were: Edwin Jacob COOK-81963.

Aaron COOKE23202,23338 was born in 1613 in Bridgeport, Dorset, England, United Kingdom. He died on 5 September 1690 at the age of 77 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA.

Spouse: Rebecca FOOTE-10539. Rebecca FOOTE and Aaron COOKE were married on 2 October 1688 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA.23338

Spouse: UNKNOWN-27734. UNKNOWN and Aaron COOKE were married about 1635. Children were: Captain Aaron COOK-23966.

Charles Maynard COOKE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Helen Lesley TEMPLE-162632. Helen Lesley TEMPLE and Charles Maynard COOKE were married on 30 April 1913 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.23339

Charlotte COOKE23340 died before 1903.

Spouse: Luther SMITH-110502. Charlotte COOKE and Luther SMITH were married before 1840. Children were: Sarah J. SMITH-43240.

Ellen F. COOKE was born on 28 October 1927.23341 She lived in MD before 1951.23342 She lived in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD in 1997.23343 Ellen died on 17 July 1997 at the age of 69 in Camden City, Kershaw, SC.23341 Place of death requires proof. Buried in Cedars Cemetery, Camden, SC. She may have married James R. Temple, based on timing and location in Camden, SC.

Spouse: TEMPLE-174208. Children were: Charles TEMPLE-174210, Edgar TEMPLE-174211, James TEMPLE-174212.

George W. COOKE (private).

Spouse: Marietta FINK-96992. Children were: Lester M. COOKE-96990.

Hazel Virginia COOKE was born on 14 December 1925 in Reidsville, Rockingham, NC.23344,23345 She died on 22 December 2002 at the age of 77.23345 Parents: Roy F. COOKE-101241 and Eva E. TEMPLE-55390.

Irving L. COOKE (private).

Spouse: Ruth I. MORRIS-98960. Children were: Thelma Mae COOKE-66650.

Larry J. COOKE was born on 7 March 1931 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.23346,23347 He died on 30 November 1993 at the age of 62.23347 Parents: Lester M. COOKE-96990 and Tillie TEMPLE-21590.

Lester M. COOKE was born in 1900 in Concord, Cabarrus, NC.23348,23349 Gave 1902 in 1930. In 1922 he was a printer in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.23348 In April 1930 he was a printer in Walker, Kent, MI.23349 In April 1940 Lester was a printer in Walker, Kent, MI.23346 He died. His parents were both from NC in 1930. Parents: George W. COOKE-96991 and Marietta FINK-96992.

Spouse: Tillie TEMPLE-21590. Tillie TEMPLE and Lester M. COOKE were married on 26 August 1922 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.23348 Children were: Robert Conley COOKE-96993, Mary L. COOKE-96994, Larry J. COOKE-96995.

Mary L. COOKE was born in 1925 in Kent Co., MI.23349 Parents: Lester M. COOKE-96990 and Tillie TEMPLE-21590.

Robert Conley COOKE was born on 9 October 1923 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.23349,23350 He died on 5 September 1992 at the age of 68.23350 Parents: Lester M. COOKE-96990 and Tillie TEMPLE-21590.

Roy F. COOKE23351 was born in 1904 in NC.23344 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Reidsville, Rockingham, NC.23344 He died.

Spouse: Eva E. TEMPLE-55390. Eva E. TEMPLE and Roy F. COOKE were married about 1924.23344 Children were: Hazel Virginia COOKE-101242.

Thelma Mae COOKE was born on 10 January 1924 in Franklin City, VA.23352,23353 Parents: Irving L. COOKE-98959 and Ruth I. MORRIS-98960.

Spouse: Robert Eugene (Bob) TEMPLE-66648. Thelma Mae COOKE and Robert Eugene (Bob) TEMPLE were married on 16 April 1948 in Colonial Heights, Colonial Heights, VA.23352 They23352 were divorced on 23 July 1982 in Colonial Heights, Colonial Heights, VA.23353 Divorce granted to Robert on the basis of one year separation, They had separated on 1 Jul 1980. Children were: Donna Lee TEMPLE-66651.

Bertha A. COOKINGHAM23354,23355 died.

Spouse: John H. CROWE-108127. Bertha A. COOKINGHAM and John H. CROWE were married before 1924. Children were: Ruth Adelaide CROWE-18931.

Ivernia COOKINGHAM died.

Spouse: John ABRAHAMSON-112970. Ivernia COOKINGHAM and John ABRAHAMSON were married before 1931. Children were: Lillian Marie ABRAHAMSON-91550.

Connie Joanne COOKLIN (private). Parents: Rolland Dale COOKLIN-66996 and Karma Jean TEMPLE-66985.

Rolland Dale COOKLIN7515 was born in 1926 in Calhoun Co., IA.23356 He served in the military in 1950.23356 He gave his occupation as "soldier" when he married Karma Jean Temple. He lived in Gowrie, Webster, IA in July 1950.23356 Parents: Theodore Henry COOKLIN-67006 and Edith Matilda BOOTHE-67007.

Spouse: Karma Jean TEMPLE-66985. Karma Jean TEMPLE and Rolland Dale COOKLIN were married on 5 July 1950 in Gowrie, Webster, IA.23356 This was a first marriage for both. Children were: Connie Joanne COOKLIN-66998, Sheryl Lea COOKLIN-66999.

Sheryl Lea COOKLIN (private). Parents: Rolland Dale COOKLIN-66996 and Karma Jean TEMPLE-66985.

Theodore Henry COOKLIN7515 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Edith Matilda BOOTHE-67007. Edith Matilda BOOTHE and Theodore Henry COOKLIN were married before 1926. Children were: Rolland Dale COOKLIN-66996.

Arthur K. COOKSEY23357,23358 died.

Spouse: Emma EVANS-62766. Emma EVANS and Arthur K. COOKSEY were married before 1905. Children were: Mary Elizabeth COOKSEY-62764.

Delores COOKSEY (private). Parents: Henry Grady COOKSEY-69938 and Myrtle Irene TEMPLE-60905.

Grady M. COOKSEY (private). Parents: Henry Grady COOKSEY-69938 and Myrtle Irene TEMPLE-60905.

Henry Grady COOKSEY23359 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Myrtle Irene TEMPLE-60905. Myrtle Irene TEMPLE and Henry Grady COOKSEY were married in 1922 in GA.23359,23360 Children were: Delores COOKSEY-69939, Grady M. COOKSEY-69940, Kataryn Irene COOKSEY-69941.

Kataryn Irene COOKSEY (private). Parents: Henry Grady COOKSEY-69938 and Myrtle Irene TEMPLE-60905.

Mary Elizabeth COOKSEY23358,23361 was born on 13 August 1905 in North Lewisburg, Champaign, OH.23357,23358,23362,23363 In December 1930 she was a stenographer in North Lewisburg, Champaign, OH.23358 She died on 15 January 1969 at the age of 63 in Springfield, Clark, OH.23357,23362,23363,23364 Buried in Ferncliff Cemetery, Springfield, OH. Parents: Arthur K. COOKSEY-62765 and Emma EVANS-62766.

Spouse: Robert B. TEMPLE-44374. Mary Elizabeth COOKSEY and Robert B. TEMPLE were married on 15 December 1930 in Champaign Co., OH.23358

Nancy COOKSEY23365 died.

Spouse: William Washington HERRINGTON-73176. Nancy COOKSEY and William Washington HERRINGTON were married. Children were: Lee H. HERRINGTON-39671, Sinine Melvina (Sinnie) HERRINGTON-42700.

Cora Ellen COOL1202 was born on 26 April 1865 in Humboldt, Brown, WI. Parents: James COOL-13638 and Clarissa A. (Clara) TEMPLE-13116.

Ella COOL1202 was born on 13 July 1863 in Stiles, Oconto, WI. She died on 17 February 1864 at the age of 0 in Stiles, Oconto, WI. Parents: James COOL-13638 and Clarissa A. (Clara) TEMPLE-13116.

James COOL1202 was born in 1832 in New Brunswick, Canada.12760 He appeared in the census in 1860 in Oconto Co., WI.4443 He died on 26 March 1865 at the age of 33 in Green Bay, Brown, WI.1202 Some sources give place of death as Oconto Falls, WI. Parents: John COOL-23100 and Ellen -23101.

Spouse: Clarissa A. (Clara) TEMPLE-13116. Clarissa A. (Clara) TEMPLE and James COOL were married on 13 June 1862 in Stiles, Oconto, WI.8585 Children were: Ella COOL-13640, Cora Ellen COOL-13641.

John COOL (private).

Spouse: Ellen -23101. Children were: James COOL-13638.

Charles H. COOLER (private). Parents: Roy O. COOLER-85522 and Grace L. TEMPLE-85515.

Donald COOLER (private). Parents: Roy O. COOLER-85522 and Grace L. TEMPLE-85515.