Samuel T. DANFORTH19905,25555 was born in 1806 in Williamstown, Berkshire, MA.25559 He died about 1881 at the age of 75.24349

Spouse: Almira TEMPLE-1300. Almira TEMPLE and Samuel T. DANFORTH were married on 7 April 1852 in Adams, Berkshire, MA.19905,25559 This was his second and her first marriage.

Spouse: Cynthia CRANDALL-18683. Cynthia CRANDALL and Samuel T. DANFORTH were married before 1852. Children were: Amanda C. DANFORTH-1862.

DANGBAR (private).

Spouse: Delores Jean TEMPLE-101381.

Bessie Lonelle DANGERFIELD (private).676

Spouse: Ronald Ray TEMPLE-140027. Children were: Brandon Charles TEMPLE-158576.

Roberta DANGLE (private).

Spouse: Charles A. FISHER-168575. Children were: Lillian Marie FISHER-148700.

James Garfield DANGLER Jr. (private). Parents: James Garfield DANGLER Sr.-121357 and Mary Lee TEMPLE-121356.

James Garfield DANGLER Sr.25560 was born in 1942. He died in 2016 at the age of 74.

Spouse: Mary Lee TEMPLE-121356. Mary Lee TEMPLE and James Garfield DANGLER Sr. were married. Children were: James Garfield DANGLER Jr.-121360.

DANIEL25561 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Rawson (Ross) RADER-94450. DANIEL and Rawson (Ross) RADER were married before 1878. Children were: Estella Martha RADER-90386.

DANIEL20435 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Minnie May CATT-55308. Minnie May CATT and DANIEL were married before April 1943.20435

DANIEL (private).

Spouse: Shirlia TEMPLE-151360.

DANIEL (private).

Spouse: Eunice Mae WEBB-170149.

Alvin Royce DANIEL was born on 3 October 1913 in Prince George Co., VA.25562 Parents: Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL-22165 and Eva Victoria TEMPLE-22162.

Blanche Ellen DANIEL was born on 26 April 1898.25562 Parents: Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL-22165 and Eva Victoria TEMPLE-22162.

Charles John William DANIEL25563,25564 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Laura Neil TEMPLES-161729. Laura Neil TEMPLES and Charles John William DANIEL were married before October 1952. Children were: Robert Wesley DANIEL-161731.

Clora DANIEL was born (date unknown).

Spouse: I. TEMPLE-127081. Clora DANIEL and I. TEMPLE were married on 25 October 1893 in Bell Co., TX.25565

Spouse: Fred SCOTT-127083. Clora DANIEL and Fred SCOTT were married on 22 January 1911 in Bell Co., TX.25566

Dennis William DANIEL (private).

Spouse: Teresa Ann TEMPLE-144775.

Eddye Eugenia (Polly) DANIEL4551 was born on 12 September 1914 in Pelham, Mitchell, GA.25567,25568,25569 She died on 20 November 1976 at the age of 62 in Richmond City, VA.25567,25569 Died of cardiorespiratory arrest. Buried in Sunset Memorial Park, Richmond, VA. She was a teacher of American History.25568 Her middle name was Engenia in her daughter Margaret's marriage to Charles Sharman, but also appears as Virginia in other sources. Parents: Winston Eugene DANIEL-98746 and Annie Wade JONES-98747.

Spouse: Theodore Edward (Edward) TEMPLE Sr.-22169. Eddye Eugenia (Polly) DANIEL and Theodore Edward (Edward) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 20 February 1941 in Hopewell Co., VA.25570 Children were: Margaret Ann TEMPLE-63347, Theodore Edward TEMPLE Jr.-63348.

Elizabeth DANIEL (private).

Spouse: William Snead SORRELLS-70498. Children were: J.S. SORRELLS-70497.

Ella Frances DANIEL was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joseph Johnson HALEY-24397. Ella Frances DANIEL and Joseph Johnson HALEY were married before 1893. Children were: Nannie Mae (Nannie) HALEY-20058.

Ethel Zuline DANIEL (private).

Spouse: Wesley Thomas PARTIN Sr.-99232. Children were: Wesley Thomas (Tommy) PARTIN Jr.-98415.

Frank DANIEL (private).

Spouse: Emily Kathryn SCHNEIDER-100826. Children were: Joan M. DANIEL-100824.

Gertrude DANIEL was born on 10 February 1904 in Wausau, Washington, FL.19510,25571,25572,25573,25574 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Chipley, Washington, FL.25572 She lived in Washington Co., FL on 1 April 1935.25573 Gertrude appeared in the census in April 1940 in Washington Co., FL.25573 She lived in Chipley, Washington, FL in October 1940.25575 She lived in TX before 1951.25576 Gertrude died on 13 April 1997 at the age of 93 in Panama City Beach, Bay, FL.19510,25576,25577 Although she has a marker in Glenwood Cemetery, Chipley, FL, ther eis no death date and she may be buried elsewhere. Parents: Tallie Lafayette DANIEL-70066 and Hester Ann WACHOB-70067.

Spouse: Liddon K. KENT-56066. Gertrude DANIEL and Liddon K. KENT were married about 1923.25571 Children were: Paul L. KENT-56068, Marvelle KENT-56070, Leon Wallace KENT-56069.

Spouse: Quincy Craydon (Quincy) TEMPLES-53304. Gertrude DANIEL and Quincy Craydon (Quincy) TEMPLES were married on 2 July 1938 in FL.25571,25578 Children were: Paul L. KENT-56068, Marvelle KENT-56070, Leon Wallace KENT-56069, Charles Quincy (Charles) TEMPLES-56067, Andrea TEMPLES-56071, Joan TEMPLES-124172.

Gertrude Elizabeth DANIEL was born on 13 April 1909.25562 Parents: Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL-22165 and Eva Victoria TEMPLE-22162.

Gladys Temple DANIEL was born on 23 June 1900.25562 Parents: Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL-22165 and Eva Victoria TEMPLE-22162.

Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL4551 was born on 9 July 1874.25562 He died on 11 March 1939 at the age of 64.25562 Parents: James Edward DANIEL-61845 and Ellen W. MOODY-61846.

Spouse: Eva Victoria TEMPLE-22162. Eva Victoria TEMPLE and Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL were married on 10 June 1896.25562 Children were: Blanche Ellen DANIEL-61856, Gladys Temple DANIEL-61853, James Andrew DANIEL-61850, William Henry DANIEL-61852, Gertrude Elizabeth DANIEL-61849, Virginia Eva DANIEL-61848, Alvin Royce DANIEL-61847, Marshall DANIEL-61855, John Wilson DANIEL-61851, Isaac DANIEL-61854.

Irella J.M. DANIEL13494 was born in 1836. She died in 1896 at the age of 60.

Spouse: William Peter BIRCHETT-121939. Irella J.M. DANIEL and William Peter BIRCHETT were married before 1867. Children were: Martha L. (Mattie) BIRCHETT-45491.

Isaac DANIEL was born on 1 April 1920.25562 Parents: Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL-22165 and Eva Victoria TEMPLE-22162.

James Andrew DANIEL was born on 10 October 1902 in Prince George Co., VA.25562,25579 He died in November 1967 at the age of 65.25579 Parents: Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL-22165 and Eva Victoria TEMPLE-22162.

James Edward DANIEL was born on 1 August 1842.25562

Spouse: Ellen W. MOODY-61846. Ellen W. MOODY and James Edward DANIEL were married. Children were: Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL-22165.

Joan M. DANIEL (private).25580 Parents: Frank DANIEL-100825 and Emily Kathryn SCHNEIDER-100826.

Spouse: Leo Gillis TEMPLES Jr.-45926.

John Morris DANIEL (private).

Spouse: Doris Marie TEMPLE-39422.

John Wilson DANIEL was born on 22 April 1915.25562 Parents: Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL-22165 and Eva Victoria TEMPLE-22162.

Joseph Pascal DANIEL (private).

Spouse: Lajan Ruth HOGAN-74035. Children were: Kelly Jedonne HENRICKS-52826.

Louis Broaddus DANIEL was born on 6 April 1899.25581 He lived in NC before 1951.25581 He died in February 1980 at the age of 80 in New Bern, Craven, NC.25581

Spouse: Christine TEMPLE-17249. Christine TEMPLE and Louis Broaddus DANIEL were married on 9 July 1925 in Dillon, Dillon, SC.25582

Marshall DANIEL was born on 22 August 1917.25562 Parents: Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL-22165 and Eva Victoria TEMPLE-22162.

Martha Ann DANIEL70 was born on 4 July 1928 in Abilene, Taylor, TX.

Spouse: Alonzo Debonneville (Lonnie) BOGGS-14348. Martha Ann DANIEL and Alonzo Debonneville (Lonnie) BOGGS were married on 24 December 1946 in Abilene, Taylor, TX. Children were: Jane Ella BOGGS-15074, James Hugh BOGGS-15075.

Martin L. DANIEL was born on 3 September 1916 in Tarrant Co., TX.25583 He died on 5 December 1973 at the age of 57.25583

Spouse: Dorothy TEMPLE-149115. Dorothy TEMPLE and Martin L. DANIEL were married.

Mary DANIEL died on 14 August 2012 in Neshoba Co., MS.25584 Buried in Cedarlawn Cemetery, Philadelphia, MS.

Spouse: TEMPLE-156609.

Mary Jane (Pollie) DANIEL (private).

Spouse: Benjamin W. (Ben) TIPPETT-44804. Children were: Jennie Ethel (Jennie) TIPPETT-44803.

Mary S. DANIEL4792 was born (date unknown). Parents: William DANIEL-33508.

Spouse: John Herbert TEMPLE-22392. Mary S. DANIEL and John Herbert TEMPLE were married about 1822. Children were: Roberta TEMPLE-22401.

Natalie Suzanne DANIEL (private). Parents: William Grover DANIEL-111862 and Margaret Ann "Peggy" FROMME-111930.

Robert Wesley DANIEL (private).25563,25564 Parents: Charles John William DANIEL-161730 and Laura Neil TEMPLES-161729.

Tallie Lafayette DANIEL25574,25585 died.

Spouse: Hester Ann WACHOB-70067. Hester Ann WACHOB and Tallie Lafayette DANIEL were married before 1904. Children were: Gertrude DANIEL-56065.

Virginia Eva DANIEL was born on 9 July 1911 in Prince George Co., VA.25562,25586 She died on 19 December 1988 at the age of 77.25586 Parents: Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL-22165 and Eva Victoria TEMPLE-22162.

William DANIEL (private).

Children were: Mary S. DANIEL-22400.

William Grover DANIEL (private).

Spouse: Margaret Ann "Peggy" FROMME-111930. Children were: Natalie Suzanne DANIEL-111861.

William Henry DANIEL was born on 19 February 1907.25562 Parents: Henry Wallace (Harry) DANIEL-22165 and Eva Victoria TEMPLE-22162.

Winston Eugene DANIEL25570 died before 1941.

Spouse: Annie Wade JONES-98747. Annie Wade JONES and Winston Eugene DANIEL were married before 1914. Children were: Eddye Eugenia (Polly) DANIEL-22171.

Catherine E.T. DANIELL was born in November 1899 in WA.206,20440 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Parkland, Pierce, WA.206 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Parkland, Pierce, WA.20440 Catherine died. Parents: Charles H. DANIELL-53541 and Alice Evarts TEMPLE-32012.

Charles H. DANIELL was born in September 1870 in Canada.206 He immigrated in 1882.206 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Parkland, Pierce, WA.206 Surname given as Donell in 1900 and marriage papers, but also appears as Daniel.

Spouse: Alice Evarts TEMPLE-32012. Alice Evarts TEMPLE and Charles H. DANIELL were married on 26 June 1897 in Parkland, Pierce, WA.206,25587 They206,25587 were married on 29 July 1903 in Pierce Co., WA.25588 For some unknown reason, they remarried. Children were: Catherine E.T. DANIELL-53542.

DANIELS was born in TX.25589

Spouse: Katie ROWE-45734. Katie ROWE and DANIELS were married before 1915. Children were: Ben M. DANIELS-45736.