Aileen P. YOUNG (private).8887

Spouse: Millard Dee (Millard) TEMPLE Jr.-91569.

Aileen Patricia YOUNG was born on 28 September 1953 in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia.127347 She lived in TX in 1976.127348 She died on 1 September 2004 at the age of 50.127348

Spouse: TEMPLE-171155.

Spouse: WARD-171157.

Alice YOUNG was born in 1839 in England, United Kingdom.4895 In August 1870 she was a music teacher in Troy, Rensselaer, NY.4895 Apparently unmarried. Parents: YOUNG-135561 and Mennenia TEMPLE-135560.

Amos YOUNG was born in 1854 in TN.57756

Spouse: UNKNOWN-126527. UNKNOWN and Amos YOUNG were married. Children were: Ocie YOUNG-126525.

Andrew M. YOUNG was born in May 1916 in MO.5573 Parents: YOUNG-133125 and Sophia TEMPLE-133124.

Anna YOUNG (private). Parents: Grady Callaham YOUNG-45288 and Zedora (Dora) TEMPLE-45287.

Anna YOUNG was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Abram TEMPLE-127577. Anna YOUNG and Abram TEMPLE were married on 26 February 1880 in Davidson Co., TN.74738

Anna YOUNG47134 was born in 1823 in Prussia.47135

Spouse: Christopher KLEIN-176888. Anna YOUNG and Christopher KLEIN were married before November 1858. Children were: Arvilla (Sadie) KLEIN-141504.

Anna Elizabeth (Anna) YOUNG was born on 23 December 1866 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.5869,31146,39194,47822,81567,81568 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Maury Co., TN.31146,81568 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.81567 Anna appeared in the census in January 1920 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.5869 She died on 16 February 1922 at the age of 55 in Williamson Co., TN.10850,39194,127349 Died of a uremic coma coupled with chronic nephritis. Buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Franklin, TN. Given as Etta May in 1900. By 1900, she had had 2 children, both of whom survived, which remained true in 1910. Her parents were both from TN in 1900. Parents: Jince W. YOUNG-47951 and Sarah HAWK-91289.

Spouse: Charles Grant (Charlie) TEMPLE-47936. Anna Elizabeth (Anna) YOUNG and Charles Grant (Charlie) TEMPLE were married on 10 September 1890 in Williamson Co., TN.6952,81567,81568,81572 Children were: Etta May TEMPLE-47938, Jessie Day TEMPLE-47939.

Augusta S. YOUNG22 was born in 1845 in Manchester, Hillsborough, NH.7078 In June 1880 she was a shoe factory worker in Lynn, Essex, MA.39306 She died. Parents: David YOUNG-110505 and Sophronia -110506.

Spouse: Charles W. TEMPLE-3471. Augusta S. YOUNG and Charles W. TEMPLE were married before 1879.

Spouse: James M. HALL-110507. Augusta S. YOUNG and James M. HALL were married on 26 October 1887 in Manchester, Hillsborough, NH.7078 This was his first and her 3rd marriage. Other than her marriage to Charles Temple, I do not know of her other husband.

Barbara YOUNG (private).

Spouse: James RICHMOND-72217. Children were: John George RICHMOND-72216.

Barbara Ann YOUNG (private).75067

Spouse: Al Ray TEMPLE-172310. Children were: David Alan TEMPLE-172518, Beth Ann TEMPLE-172537.

Ben YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Kathleen TEMPLE-103485.

Benjamin F. YOUNG80645 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Catherine TEMPLE-128999. Catherine TEMPLE and Benjamin F. YOUNG were married on 27 April 1824 in Wilkinson Co., MS.80645,80646,80647 In marriage book C, p. 68.

Betty Jean YOUNG127350 was born on 6 May 1921 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.17912 She lived 5104 Irvington Place in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1942.82835 In 1942 she was a dental assistant in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.82835 Betty died on 2 October 2011 at the age of 90 in Nampa, Canyon, ID.93 Parents: Hal YOUNG-39646 and Betty Coral MC ALPINE-39647.

Spouse: Clair Arthur (Clair) TEMPLE-39635. Betty Jean YOUNG and Clair Arthur (Clair) TEMPLE were married on 10 October 1942 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.17912,17913,82835 Children were: Cary Arthur (Cary) TEMPLE-39648, Judith Ann TEMPLE-39649.

Betty Payton YOUNG was born on 26 January 1914 in Lexington, Lafayette, MO.72769,127351 She lived in Lexington, Lafayette, MO in 1936.594 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Lexington, Lafayette, MO.72769 Betty died on 1 January 2002 at the age of 87 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.72771,73879 Buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Lexington, MO. Parents: Philip Chalmers YOUNG-82240 and Anne S. TABB-82241.

Spouse: Frederick Forrest (Forrest) TEMPEL-82226. Betty Payton YOUNG and Frederick Forrest (Forrest) TEMPEL were married on 2 May 1936 in Lexington, Lafayette, MO.594 Children were: William Chalmers TEMPEL-82242.

Bonnie Sue YOUNG (private).109327 Parents: Charles Henry YOUNG-40984.

Spouse: Michael Arthur TEMPLE-40982.

Calvin Cicero YOUNG52653 died.

Spouse: Bonnie Eva MC BEE-116000. Bonnie Eva MC BEE and Calvin Cicero YOUNG were married before November 1931. Children were: Louise YOUNG-70392.

Candy YOUNG (private). Parents: YOUNG-115394 and Connie BOMBOY-115390.

Carl YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Judie TEMPLE-90585.

Carl Lewis YOUNG52928 was born on 20 January 1883 in Du Quoin, Perry, IL.79029 Date is calculated from his age of 27y4m27d on his marriage return of 16 Jun 1910. In June 1910 he was a railroader in Portland, Multnomah, OR.79029 He died. His parents were both from IL in 1910.

Spouse: Bertha Dell TEMPLE-24487. Bertha Dell TEMPLE and Carl Lewis YOUNG were married on 16 June 1910 in Portland, Multnomah, OR.79029

Carl Lewis YOUNG was born in 1889 in MO.79030 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Porterville, Tulare, CA.79030 His parents were from MO (father) and IN (mother) in 1920.

Spouse: Bertha Dell TEMPLE-142578. Bertha Dell TEMPLE and Carl Lewis YOUNG were married on 1 June 1910 in Multnomah Co., OR.79031

Carol Ann YOUNG (private).22 Parents: Thomas YOUNG-43566 and Adah MORSE-43567.

Spouse: James Dean (James) TEMPLE-4818.

Spouse: James Leroy ELLISON-96411.

Carol Jean YOUNG (private).

Spouse: SULLENS-164014.

Spouse: Jerry Rudolph (Jerry) TEMPLE-155534.

Charles YOUNG was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Rosalie TEMPLE-173245. Rosalie TEMPLE and Charles YOUNG were married in 1903 in NJ.114869

Charles Franklin YOUNG109680 died in 1922. Parents: Chauncey Russell YOUNG-67612 and Minnie Belle TEMPLE-43339.

Charles Henry YOUNG (private).

Children were: Bonnie Sue YOUNG-40983.

Chauncey Joshua YOUNG109680 was born in 1906. He died in 1956 at the age of 50. Parents: Chauncey Russell YOUNG-67612 and Minnie Belle TEMPLE-43339.

Chauncey Russell YOUNG was born on 26 August 1866 in IN.109680 He lived in Mc Pherson Co., KS in 1890.109682 He died on 22 January 1938 at the age of 71 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK.109680 Parents: George B. YOUNG-67613 and Mary Jane PALMER-67614.

Spouse: Minnie Belle TEMPLE-43339. Minnie Belle TEMPLE and Chauncey Russell YOUNG were married on 9 March 1890 in Mc Pherson, Mc Pherson, KS.109682 Children were: George Warren YOUNG-67615, Florence Belle YOUNG-67616, Hattie Mae YOUNG-67617, Fronia Eleanor YOUNG-67618, Chauncey Joshua YOUNG-67619, Charles Franklin YOUNG-67620, Claude Rufus YOUNG-67621.

Clara Elizabeth YOUNG (private).34522

Spouse: Frank L. GEORGE-75545. Children were: Lucy Young (Lucy) GEORGE-75544.

Clarence G. YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Mabel CARGILL-38843. Children were: Virginia Lucille YOUNG-3603.

Clarence Richard YOUNG was born in 1879 in Picton, Prince Edward, Ontario, Canada.81674 He lived in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada in 1908.81674 He died. Parents: Maitland V. YOUNG-100028 and Jane Ann CARLEY-100029.

Spouse: Miriam Lucille TEMPLE-100026. Miriam Lucille TEMPLE and Clarence Richard YOUNG were married on 16 May 1908 in York Co., Ontario, Canada.81674 Children were: Harold Richard YOUNG-100031, Josephine Temple YOUNG-100032.

Claude Rufus YOUNG (private). Parents: Chauncey Russell YOUNG-67612 and Minnie Belle TEMPLE-43339.

Conrad YOUNG (private). Parents: Grady Callaham YOUNG-45288 and Zedora (Dora) TEMPLE-45287.

Dale B. YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Rebecca A. TEMPLE-174709.

David YOUNG7078 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sophronia -110506. Sophronia and David YOUNG were married before 1845. Children were: Augusta S. YOUNG-37949.

Dora YOUNG15331 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: TEMPLE-178731. Dora YOUNG and TEMPLE were married before 1929. Children were: Cloria TEMPLE-164659.

Dorothy YOUNG (private). Parents: Grady Callaham YOUNG-45288 and Zedora (Dora) TEMPLE-45287.

Dorothy YOUNG was born in MT.54176

Spouse: Alfred MEDEAN-113002. Dorothy YOUNG and Alfred MEDEAN were married before 1945. Children were: Gary Russell MEDEAN-72849.

Duke A. YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Rebecca D. TEMPLE-164216.

Earl Thomas YOUNG70 was born on 29 July 1922.

Spouse: Laura Mae HORTON-14245. Laura Mae HORTON and Earl Thomas YOUNG were married on 17 October 1943. Children were: Edna Earle YOUNG-14289, Thomas David YOUNG-14290.

Edna Earle YOUNG (private). Parents: Earl Thomas YOUNG-14256 and Laura Mae HORTON-14245.

Spouse: Ronald Wayne MONTGOMERY-14079.

Edwin B. YOUNG49113 died.

Spouse: Sarah J. LEE-118626. Sarah J. LEE and Edwin B. YOUNG were married before 1898.49113 Children were: Edwin L. YOUNG-118624.

Edwin L. YOUNG was born on 18 June 1898 in Richfield, Summit, OH.49113 In March 1920 he was a garage proprietor in Richfield, Summit, OH.49113 He died. Parents: Edwin B. YOUNG-118625 and Sarah J. LEE-118626.

Spouse: Ruth A. TEMPLE-44784. Ruth A. TEMPLE and Edwin L. YOUNG were married on 9 March 1920 in Springfield, Clark, OH.49113

Elijah YOUNG (private).

Spouse: Mary PATE-19760. Children were: Philona Jane (Philona) YOUNG-19992, Sarah E. YOUNG-19758.

Elizabeth YOUNG was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Valentine TEMPLES-156175. Elizabeth YOUNG and Valentine TEMPLES were married on 31 October 1867 in Monroe Co., IN.124998

Elmer Ray YOUNG3372 died before 2000.

Spouse: Naomi Ione MUHS-122110. Naomi Ione MUHS and Elmer Ray YOUNG were married before 1927. Children were: Irene Josephine (Irene) -105605, Jeanette L. YOUNG-122111.

Between 1846 and 1964 Emily Grace (Emily) YOUNG81194 was a clerk in the tax claims bureau in Easton, Northampton, PA.86785 She was born on 5 January 1892 in Easton, Northampton, PA.81193,127352,127353 She was Quaker about 1917 in New York City, New York, NY.81194 She was received at the New York Meeting by request on 9 Jul 1917. Emily appeared in the census in January 1920 in Swarthmore Twp., Delaware, PA.81193 She died on 21 October 1964 at the age of 72 in Easton, Northampton, PA.86785,127353 Died of a heart seizure while at work at the Northampton County Courthouse in Easton, PA. Buries in Northampton Memorial Shrine, Easton, PA. Her parents were both from PA. Parents: George P. YOUNG-29458 and Mary Amanda FRICK-29459.

Spouse: Charles Brinton (Charles) TEMPLE-24214. Emily Grace (Emily) YOUNG and Charles Brinton (Charles) TEMPLE were married on 1 August 1917 in Lansdowne, Delaware, PA.2856,81194 The calculation from the 1930 claims for date of first marriage put the date in 1912. They2856,81194 were divorced before 1926. Children were: Edward Brinton TEMPLE II-41204.

Emma June YOUNG87050 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Albert VAN KIRK-81758. Emma June YOUNG and Albert VAN KIRK were married before 1919. Children were: Thelma Roberta VAN KIRK-76032.

Etta Mary YOUNG was born on 22 November 1872 in Waterboro, York, ME.22,422,4053,82646,82647 She lived in Shapleigh, York, ME in 1889.121439 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Waterboro, York, ME.82647 Etta appeared in the census in April 1910 in Sanford, York, ME.82646 In what may be an enumerator error, her husband was enumerated as a weaver, and she as a worsted mill foreman. She died on 3 February 1914 at the age of 41 in Springvale, York, ME.22,422 Died of erysipelas of face. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Springvale, ME. Appears as Mary in 1910. Her parents were both from ME in 1910, but her mother was from NH in 1900. By 1910, she had had 2 children, both of whom survived. Parents: Hiram YOUNG-43268 and Mary M. HAM-43269.

Spouse: William M. (Willie) TEMPLE-43258. Etta Mary YOUNG and William M. (Willie) TEMPLE were married on 6 December 1889 in Wakefield, Carroll, NH.4053,9272,82647,121439 Children were: Peirce Wilber (Percy) TEMPLE-43233, Chester Forrest TEMPLE-43245.