Richard PUFFER was born on 14 March 1657 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA.54131 He died on 3 August 1723 at the age of 66 in Wrentham, Norfolk, MA.66447 Parents: James PUFFER-36821 and Mary LUDDEN-36822.

Spouse: Ruth EVERETT-36825. Ruth EVERETT and Richard PUFFER were married on 23 March 1681 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA.32731 Children were: William PUFFER-36826.

Samuel Read PUFFER was born on 21 October 1773 in Westminster, Worcester, MA.66448 He died on 22 March 1854 at the age of 80 in South Westminster, Worcester, MA.66448 By act of legislature, he legally dropped his middle name in 1827. Parents: Josiah PUFFER-36813 and Mary READ-36814.

Spouse: Rebecca TEMPLE-36810. Rebecca TEMPLE and Samuel Read PUFFER were married on 9 December 1844 in Westminster, Worcester, MA.17387,66448 Vital Records of Westminster incorrectly identifies her as Elizabeth, daughter of Jonathan and Rebecca Temple. The records, however, indicate an age of 65, which is the age of Rebecca (daughter) at this time. She was also the only one to have married a BROOKS, and therefore the only one to be eligible to be the widow Brooks, as listed in the Vital Records.

Spouse: Polly WOOD-36816. Polly WOOD and Samuel Read PUFFER were married on 6 November 1801.66448

William PUFFER was born on 17 July 1686 in Wrentham, Norfolk, MA.32731 He died in 1754 at the age of 68 in Medway, Norfolk, MA.66449 Parents: Richard PUFFER-36823 and Ruth EVERETT-36825.

Spouse: Elizabeth GUILD-36828. Elizabeth GUILD and William PUFFER were married on 25 May 1710 in Wrentham, Norfolk, MA.39267 Children were: William PUFFER-36829.

William PUFFER was born on 9 March 1712 in Wrentham, Norfolk, MA.39267 He died on 7 October 1792 at the age of 80 in Medway, Norfolk, MA.66450 Parents: William PUFFER-36826 and Elizabeth GUILD-36828.

Spouse: Rebecca WARE-36830. Rebecca WARE and William PUFFER were married on 30 August 1733 in Wrentham, Norfolk, MA.66450 Children were: William PUFFER-36831.

William PUFFER was born on 24 April 1734 in Wrentham, Norfolk, MA.66450 He died on 15 January 1809 at the age of 74 in Monson, Hampden, MA.66451 Parents: William PUFFER-36829 and Rebecca WARE-36830.

Spouse: Mary WETHERELL-36832. Mary WETHERELL and William PUFFER were married in February 1753 in Norton, Bristol, MA.66451 Intention filed 27 Feb 1753. Children were: Lt. Job PUFFER-36833.

George PUFLET (private).

Spouse: Carol BOX-150109. Children were: George PUFLET Jr.-150113.

George PUFLET Jr. (private). Parents: George PUFLET-150110 and Carol BOX-150109.

Annie J. PUGH71 was born in March 1878.

Spouse: Eli Jessie HORTON-14238. Annie J. PUGH and Eli Jessie HORTON were married on 28 December 1898 in Grove Hill, Clarke, AL. Children were: Massie J. HORTON-14652.

Axeth (Axey) PUGH71 was born on 21 February 1826. She died on 18 January 1860 at the age of 33 in Clarke Co., AL. Buried in Bashi, Clarke, AL. Parents: Rezin PUGH-15328 and Elizabeth JACKSON-15329.

Spouse: Ennis Loftin WHITE-14081. Axeth (Axey) PUGH and Ennis Loftin WHITE were married on 24 March 1845 in Clarke Co., AL. Children were: John B. WHITE-15280, Henry B. WHITE-15281, Jessarine WHITE-15287, Rezin Pugh WHITE-15748, Emma Jane WHITE-15283.

Brenda PUGH (private).66452

Spouse: Dr. Don K. TEMPLE-160818.

Brenda Joyce PUGH (private).

Spouse: Dr. Donald Kelly (Don) TEMPLE-24147. Children were: Donald Mc Rae (Mac) TEMPLE-62204, Tara Leigh TEMPLE-62205, Bruce TEMPLE-114200, Teresa Nell TEMPLE-114201, Donna TEMPLE-114203.

Claude PUGH (private).

Spouse: Eula Vivian WHITE-15408.

Elijah PUGH Jr.71 died. Buried in Elam Cemetery, Clarke, AL.

Spouse: Sarah N. WHITE-15502. Sarah N. WHITE and Elijah PUGH Jr. were married on 20 March 1846 in Clarke Co., AL.

Laurie Lynn PUGH (private).

Spouse: MOORE-165777.

Spouse: John Michael TEMPLE-143977.

Lewis A. PUGH was born in 1917 in CO.66453 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in San Antonio Twp., Los Angeles, CA.66453 He died.

Spouse: Thirza Louise M. TEMPLE-55813. Thirza Louise M. TEMPLE and Lewis A. PUGH were married on 8 September 1938 in Denver, Denver, CO.66454 Children were: Richard L. PUGH-108280.

Louise PUGH71 was born about 1916.

Spouse: William Norman WHITE-15320. Louise PUGH and William Norman WHITE were married about 1933. Children were: Norma Joyce WHITE-15961.

Lucretia PUGH (private).

Spouse: James HIATT-29789. Children were: Ruth HIETT-29788.

Mary PUGH (private).

Spouse: R.M. TEMPLE-169812. Children were: Oliver TEMPLE-169811.

Mary E. PUGH148,11388 was born in 1845 in TN.66455,66456 She lived in St. Clair Co., IL in 1869.609 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Belleville, St. Clair, IL.66456 Mary appeared in the census in June 1880 in St. Clair Co., IL.66455 She lived in St. Clair Co., IL in 1882.14544 She died.66457 St. Louis marriage records give her surname as Pugh, whereas others give Jenkins. I suspect she might be the sister of Henry Jenkins, who would then have married her sister-in-law, Eleanor Temple, sister of Francis B. Temple. However, since her name in her marriage papers was Pugh, and she was given as a "Miss," it is unlikely that she had a marriage prior to the one with Francis Temple.

Spouse: Francis B. (Frank) TEMPLE-26608. Mary E. PUGH and Francis B. (Frank) TEMPLE were married on 5 July 1869 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.609,11388,66458 Children were: Viola Lydia (Viola) TEMPLE-48732.

Spouse: Hiram BLAIR-77167. Mary E. PUGH and Hiram BLAIR were married on 19 April 1882 in Jackson Co., MO.14544

Mary Octavia PUGH71 was born in March 1869.

Spouse: Eli Samuel HORTON-14220. Mary Octavia PUGH and Eli Samuel HORTON were married on 17 July 1887 in Clarke Co., AL. Children were: Eura (Ercie) HORTON-14193, Henry HORTON-14219, Davis HORTON-14217, Dewey HORTON-14216, Charles HORTON-15398, Bessie HORTON-15399.

Mattie Mae PUGH was born on 15 September 1922 in Gateswood, Baldwin, AL.66459 She lived in FL before 1951.66460 She died on 3 September 2002 at the age of 79 in Pensacola, Escambia, FL.66460 Parents: Oscar E. PUGH-169518 and Addie M. DENHAM-169519.

Spouse: Herman Allen TEMPLE-143927. Mattie Mae PUGH and Herman Allen TEMPLE were married before June 1944 in Escambia Co., FL.66459,66461

Spouse: BARKER-169520.

Oscar E. PUGH (private).

Spouse: Addie M. DENHAM-169519. Children were: Mattie Mae PUGH-164942.

Rezin PUGH (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth JACKSON-15329. Children were: Axeth (Axey) PUGH-14792.

Richard L. PUGH (private).66453 Parents: Lewis A. PUGH-108279 and Thirza Louise M. TEMPLE-55813.

Vernon PUGH (private).

Spouse: Necie WHITE-15406.

Scott PUGLIESE (private).

Spouse: Cynthia Anne TEMPLE-4807.

Scott Matthew PUGLIESE (private).

Spouse: Cynthia Ann TEMPLE-165580.

Charles W. PULFORD was born in 1862.4544 Parents: Woodward PULFORD-6977 and Harriet Rosina PARKER-6974.

Spouse: Corintha STEEL-9323. Children were: Phra PULFORD-9324.

Ethel PULFORD was born in 1898.4544 Parents: Orlie Joseph PULFORD-9322 and Ora BAILEY-9327.

Eva Rosalia PULFORD was born in 1864.4544 Parents: Woodward PULFORD-6977 and Harriet Rosina PARKER-6974.

Spouse: J. P. KELLY-9325.

Fred Gordon PULFORD was born in 1902.4544 Parents: Orlie Joseph PULFORD-9322 and Ora BAILEY-9327.

Hollie O. PULFORD was born in 1905.4544 Parents: Orlie Joseph PULFORD-9322 and Ora BAILEY-9327.

Horton W. PULFORD was born in 1903.4544 Parents: Orlie Joseph PULFORD-9322 and Ora BAILEY-9327.

Minnie PULFORD was born in 1867.4544 She died in 1906 at the age of 39.4544 Parents: Woodward PULFORD-6977 and Harriet Rosina PARKER-6974.

Spouse: Ralph IRISH-9326.

Minnie Orilla PULFORD was born in 1900.4544 Parents: Orlie Joseph PULFORD-9322 and Ora BAILEY-9327.

Orlie Joseph PULFORD was born in 1870.4544 Parents: Woodward PULFORD-6977 and Harriet Rosina PARKER-6974.

Spouse: Ora BAILEY-9327. Ora BAILEY and Orlie Joseph PULFORD were married in 1897.4544 Children were: Ethel PULFORD-9328, Minnie Orilla PULFORD-9329, Fred Gordon PULFORD-9330, Horton W. PULFORD-9331, Hollie O. PULFORD-9332.

Phra PULFORD was born in 1904.4544 Parents: Charles W. PULFORD-9319 and Corintha STEEL-9323.

Woodward PULFORD was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Harriet Rosina PARKER-6974. Harriet Rosina PARKER and Woodward PULFORD were married in 1861.4544 Children were: Charles W. PULFORD-9319, Eva Rosalia PULFORD-9320, Minnie PULFORD-9321, Orlie Joseph PULFORD-9322.

Carol Ann PULIAFICO (private).

Spouse: Paul David GJELTEMA-4767.

Cyrenus PULLEN (private).

Spouse: Emma FREEMAN-77751. Children were: Lee Stanley PULLEN-61144.

Lee Stanley PULLEN was born on 2 May 1890.66462 He lived in Auburn, Androscoggin, ME in 1912.4396 He died in October 1963 at the age of 73 in ME.66462 He seems to have appeared in 1920 in Augusta, ME, but his wife then was Lizzie E, they were both from ME and ae 27, and had a daughter named Elsie, ae 4. It is not clear what happened to Gladys. Parents: Cyrenus PULLEN-77750 and Emma FREEMAN-77751.

Spouse: Gladys M. TEMPLE-48574. Gladys M. TEMPLE and Lee Stanley PULLEN were married on 22 February 1912 in Auburn, Androscoggin, ME.4099,4396

Catharine PULLER (private).

Spouse: Archibald (Archer) THOMAS-129703. Children were: Wilson C. THOMAS-129702.

PULLIAM (private).

Spouse: Casenia Celia (Carrie) TEMPLE-20747.

Alan L. PULLIAM (private).10150

Spouse: Cherrie A. AUGUSTINE-146640.

Arthur W. PULLIAM was born in 1918.35830 He died in 2005 at the age of 87.35830

Spouse: Mary Jane TEMPLE-48229. Mary Jane TEMPLE and Arthur W. PULLIAM were married before October 1943.66463

Maudell PULLIAM (private).

Spouse: Ernest TEMPLE-141810.

Ella Rajean PULLIN (private).

Spouse: Timothy Francis TEMPLES-66367. Children were: Brittney Lanee TEMPLES-109863.

Frances Clarinda PULLMAN was born on 20 December 1892 in IL.66464,66465,66466 She lived in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL in 1918.66467 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL.66464 Frances appeared in the census in April 1930 in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL.66465 She lived RR 1 in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL in 1942.66468 She died on 1 June 1978 at the age of 85 in Winnebago, Winnebago, IL.15012,66466,66469 Buried in Middle Creek Cemetery, Winnebago, IL. Her parents were from NY (father) and IL (mother). Parents: Rozelle Nicholas PULLMAN-98010 and Julia Elizabeth BLY-98011.

Spouse: Elbert Jonathan TEMPLE-91096. Frances Clarinda PULLMAN and Elbert Jonathan TEMPLE were married on 12 September 1915 in Conroe, Montgomery, TX.66465,66470,66471,66472 Children were: Thomas Elbert TEMPLE-91098, John Henry TEMPLE-91099, Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-91103, Charles Pullman TEMPLE-91104, William Warren TEMPLE-91105.

Rozelle Nicholas PULLMAN15012 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Julia Elizabeth BLY-98011. Julia Elizabeth BLY and Rozelle Nicholas PULLMAN were married before 1892. Children were: Frances Clarinda PULLMAN-91097.

Redden PUMPHREY49119 was born about 1765 in Anne Arundel Co., MD.1951 He moved about 1773 in Pitt Co., NC.1951 He moved before 1830 in Thomas Co., GA.1951 Redden moved between 1840 and 1850 in Decatur Co., GA.1951 He died in 1857 at the age of 92 in Decatur Co., GA.1951 Parents: Sylvanus PUMPHREY-138474 and Susannah LIAMS-138475.

Spouse: Lydia BRALEY-138472. Lydia BRALEY and Redden PUMPHREY were married about 1805 in Pitt Co., NC.1951

Spouse: Elizabeth -138473. Elizabeth and Redden PUMPHREY were married about 1835.1951

Spouse: Matilda TEMPLE-129500. Matilda TEMPLE and Redden PUMPHREY were married on 25 November 1823 in Jones Co., GA.8465,16322,49119,66473